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REENEY SAYS NO $5,000 CAMPAIGN PETRI-FORBES COMRALPH KNIGHT PLACEJJKE PARIS BACK AS SENIOR PANY AT LYCEUM WELL ONDER WAY Interesting to see History in the Making. November 15, 1918. Dear Friend For a long time I've been intending to write both to you and Mr. Woodward but somehow one finds that they don't have a great deal of time to write over here in France, even if things are not quite as lively as they were in America. Of course the days are always full as we always have lots of things to do and at night since we all live in one large building men keep coming into the room to lalk as everyone has the problem of finding a way to spend the evening, and by bed tinie one don't get many letters written. 1 was very glad to hear from you just yesterday and know that Pacific was getting along as well as she is under the conditions that war lias brought about. I'm sure that when conditions become settled (hat she will continue to grow ax she has been growing in the past. Since 1 left the U. S. A. on April 30 I've been seeing quite a bit of country. Colcord and I are here together. Also Iienson is here now but he is going to leave in a few days for some of the region that suffered from the effects of the fighting near Verdun. When I first arrived in France I stayed about Paris for the first month and spent most of the time working at the Chateau hospital at Malabry, but between trips to get my papers fixed up to come down here and various things I h* i a fine! chance to see a large part of Paris and the old Royal palaces at Versailles, which are wonderful. Paris is certainly a very interesting and quaint old place and to be able to see the old places where history was actually made was something I never expected to see or perhaps T would have applied myself a little harder at the history. There was plenty of excitement going on while I was there. There were air raids nearly every night and the big guns of the Germans that shot seventy miles were landing in the city all the time, about a shell every five minutes. It certainly was a curious sensation to say the least. One could hear the boom of a shell and it would sound as if it were just, around the corner Continued on pnvc 4

Emmett Gulley Goes to Boise Splendid Musical Concert Pleases j Will Finish College Before Going to France People Valley, Idaho A large and appreciative audience Emmett W. Gulley, who has been conducting the campaign for the ' listened to an enjoyable concert $5,000 war-time deficiency fund of ! last Friday evening by the PetriPacific College, has departed for Forbes Concert Company, as the Greanleaf, Idaho, where Boise Val- second number of the College Lyley Quarterly Meeting is to be the ceum Course. The members of the company, last of those which he is to canvass i nthe interest of this fund. He has Mr. Paul Petri, tenor, Mrs. Petri, organized the campaign in all the pianist, and Miss Winifred Forbes, three quarterly meetings of the 1. violinist, are heads of their respecWillamette Valley, and was work- 1 tive departments in the Ellisoning on the fourth thousand of the White Conservatory of Music in $5,000 fund when he left. The rest Portland. Mr. Petri has a voice of of the canvass in this part of the flexibility and power, and Miss yearly meeting is to be completed Forbes is more than usually talentby the local people, and it is hoped ed as a violinist. But perhaps the that the whole amount will be most enjoyable part of the enterraised before the end of the year. tainment was furnished by Mrs. Rosedale meeting of Salem Quarter- Petri, who with her explanations ly meeting was the first one "over and interpretations of the music, Ihe top." Chester A. Hadley, one of hei skillful accompaniments, her arthe students of the college this tistic piano solo work and her year, who is pastor of that meeting, charming personality delighted the finished the matter up in short or- Audience. Mr. Petri sang two groups of der, making the total one-third over songs that were very much apprethat meeting's quota. | d a t e d , the first a group of ballads o including one in Italian, one in IT'S YOU, JUST YOU French and two old English ballads,, "Drink to Me Only With If you wnnt to be in the kind of a Thine Eyes." and "The Pretty, school. Pretty Creature." The second a Like the kind of a school you like, group of negro songs, "The Banjo You needn't slip your suit in a grip Song," "Two Lovers and Lizette," And start on a long, long hike; "Mighty Like a Rose." You'll only find what you left beMiss Forbes' most enjoyable numhind, bers were "Dreams," by Schuman, For there's nothing that's really and her Gypsy Music. new. i Mrs. Petri played Liszt's TranIt's a knock at yourself when you scription of the Quartet from Rigoknock your school— letto and "Music Box" by Liodori. It isn't the school, it's you! -o Real schools are not made by those FLU INTERRUPTS COLLEGE AGAIN afraid Lest somebody else gets ahead. Pacific has aagin been closed by When everyone works and nobody the authorities because of the shirks, You can raise a school from the spread of the Spanish influenza. The disease has become more prevadead. And if, while you make you person- lent in Newberg and especially in the college than it has been at any al stake. Your neighbors can make one, time before. The college was ahead I of the state in prevention this time, too, Your school will be what you want however, as regular classes had been discontinued before the college was to see— ! ordered closed by the health officer. It isn't the school, it's you! Until last Wednesday it was —Exchange. thought that the school might eso cape an entire shut-down by leavToo bad about the hint to the ing off regular classes and thus wise! Since "those" people stayed avoiding gatherings. Lessons had away from the register they've gotten the flu. Continued on Page 8


Who says there is not a Senior man in Pacific College? You do? Well, you are mistaken! There is ONE. Ralph Knight returned to P. C. Monday, December 16th, 1918. Was it a surprise? Well, I guess it was! Nobody knew that he was coining back until he arrived. After leaving home Ralph started for, and arrived at Haverford Camp, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From Haverford Camp he went to the Rosedale Fruit Farm, which is conducted by the Friends Service Committee. Rosedale Farm occupies a space of about two hundred fifty acres. The greater part of this is covered with apple and pear trees. Rosedale is about thirty miles from Philadelphia. Ralph says his chief occupation was to make apple butter, althougl he did pick a few pears (pairs). After spending about two month-on the farm he went to the Emergency Hospital for three weeks. One of these he spent in work. The other two, he furnished work for others by catching the flu. While in Philadelphia, he visited the Independence Hall and Benjamin Franklin's grave in Trinity Churchyard, and examined the place where it is said that Evangeline found Gabriel. Among the many other things he experienced was a visit to the great city of New York. He went there for the specific purpose of getting his passport validated. He failed in this effort, however. He then visited Swarthmore College, where he received a hearty welcome. On Sunday, December 8th, he took a trip to Valley Forge, which is about twenty-three miles northwest of Philadelphia. There is a magnificent park set off where George Washington's forces spent the awful winter of 1777. In this park still remains the house which served as Washington's private office while there. It is a small house of three rooms. In one of these rooms hangs Washington's hat and coat, his private sword, and brace of pistols. Since he was unable to secure his passport Knight has returned with the intention of graduating this year and then trying again for his passport.


THE CRESCENT. Entered as second-class mail matter at the post-office at Newberg, Ore.


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! She knew that the flu would coni


tinue to spread. And she worried about it. She knew it would spread till we all Published Semi-Monthly during- the colKeep Newberg girls at work, not girls in other cities were quite dead, lege year by the Student Body of And she worried about it. Pacific College, Newberg, I School would be closed and home Oregon. we'd return, M. Irene Hodgin Editor To wait till our fever began hot to Harold Lee Assistant Editor burn— on the crossing you would have recCHRISTMAS, 1918 Cassius Carter Business Manager O dear me! she knew it would soon ognized this supposedly freakish Walter Cook Asst. Business Mgr. be her turn, Master, born 'neath the Star of object to be Hickie Newton hunting Harriett Hodgin Circulation Mgr. And she worried about it. Wonder; for a lost button. He found It. Reporters—Mary Pennington, Esther lio, we have listened so long, so o Terrell, Flora Campbell, Cecil Pearson, long. ••••«••••«"•*••• MISS HOLGATE VISITS Y. W. Carroll Tamplin, Margaret Hodson, Over the din of the cannons' thunder Murray Gregory. To hear the sound of the seraphs' Miss Eleanor Holgate, the Y. W. ! song. Student Secretary of the Northwest, Teims, $1.00 the Year in Advance. Nexf Door to Telephone Office 4 Master, under the dun clouds was on the campus December 11. * Single Copy 10c. streaming She talked to all the girls at 10:10, % CONSULTATION FREE • Over a mad world, spread afar, in the morning and had a special THIS CHRISTMAS SEASON • Neglect Your Shoes a n d We % Long have looked to see it gleaming conference meeting with the Y. W. I Both Lose 1 Cabinet at the close of the seventh j » The Christmas time of 1918 Is the' For us again, Thy Holy Star. period. During the day she met the j »•»•»•»<•»»•»<>•*••»•••••••••»< most blessed one the world has ever j known since the birth of Christ. Lord of the hopes of hearts unnum- individual girls in the Y. W. room, j Miss Holgate gave a very inspir- j bered, Perhaps the casual observer would Grant us Thy grace upon this day ing message to all the girls in the not consider this the case for the usual Christmas hilarity is lacking When the clouds of horror that morning. She urged the girls to "fly" and not always stay down have encumbered, this year. The spirit of Christmas Under Thy great Star shred away; where they could not get the broad is in the people's hearts and they are giving quietly but with deep- The gods of iron and of blood are view of life. She emphasized tlifi fact that now in the period of recrumbled, felt gladness. Their gifts, though i We have the smartest probably very simple ones (for all i The chants of their maddened construction the girls have a wonand most up-to-date derful service to give. She urged priesthood cease; true Americans have been striving to give their best to France, Bel-! Lord, on earth renewed and humbled them not to get restless but to finstyles in gium and Armenia) embody the] Hear we Thy hymn, whose word ish their school work for then the is "Peace!" true spirit of Christmas giving. ] | tasks would be waiting and they This is really what Christmas should ] I would be ready to undertake them. mean. Our gifts should be rated Child, of the hidden manger holy, At the Cabinet Conference the according to the spirit behind them! Joy burns keen in the tears we date for the Y. W. Summer Confer1 rather than for their value in dollars shed ence was discussed. The Pacific and cents. This Christmas season As we turn once more to Thy cradle girls recommended that the Conf ershould and will be remembered for lowly i ence be held in September. its sincerity and love and not for j• Milliners Over the graves of our myriad o—-— its noisy hilarity and glaring brildead, ALUMNI NOTES liancy. For the light of the great Star still Is burning Gladys Hannon '16 will soon be » » » • • • • • • » • • • » » • • » » » • • » • • • The seraphs' song- may it never a member of the Army Nurses j THE INFLUENZA AND YOU cease— Corps. Miss Hannon was accepted It's no disgrace if you have the Sweet, so sweet, on our dulled ears as a nurse but because of the arminfluenza but listen, it is a disgrace yearning Musical Merchandise % istice she has not been called yet. if you expose other people to it! "Good will to man—and on earth Laura Hammer '11 expects to PIANOS X You are trespassing on the rights Peace!" start for Philadelphia soon, where of other people If you make it dan—Dean Collins, in Oregon Voter. she will take some work preparing ' % Music, Stationery, Etc. * gerous for them. If you have ino herself for Re-construction work in * 504 FIRST NEWBERG 1 fluenza in your home, it's your busFrance. IF YOU HAD BEEN THERE ••••••••••.>••*•••••••'••••• iness to stay there if you have been A little daughter, Mary Ellen, j exposed to it. It is a criminal of••»•••••••••**•••••»•••••* arrived at the home of Mr. and fence to disregard the quarantine One dark and stormy night not law. You may think that there is long ago, if one had been near a Mrs. W. C. Woodward December 13. Victor Rees '12 left Newberg sevonly one chance in ten that you certain street crossing of Newberg, eral days ago for Ithaca, New York, could transport the germs but if he might have seen a very grotesque you do, it may cost a life. What though somewhat amusing sight. where he will spend some time with right have you to endanger other When you first approached this his brother, Professor Ralph W. • 808 FIRST STREET Rees '07, of Cornell University. peoples lives? particular place, you might have C. J. Hoskins '07 who recently Think again! It is a disgrace if seen dimly a queerly shaped quadwent to Redmond with his family. you have the influenza, that is, if ruped pacing back and forth across to spend the winter, has been of- • • • • • • • < you caught it through carelessness. the street on all fours. If you f ered a position as deputy by O. P. | The public has been well informed should have happened to have courHoff who will assume the duties of in regard to the method of preven- age to go a little nearer, you would State Treasurer the first of the tion and in most cases the proper have noticed that it did not resemyear. Mr. Hoskins wants to remain care will keep it away. You expose ble any known specimen of a quadin Eastern Oregon during the winyourself everytime you board a train ruped. It walked on its knees and PHYSICIAN AND ter and consequently it is likely or street car; every time you are in fore paws. Its body was not large SURQE0N that his brother, H. M. Hoskins '99, | a crowd and every time you disre- and it had glass eyes. Just when assistant cashier in the United Office in the Dixan Building J gard the laws of nature concerning you would have been ready to run, States National Bank will take the ' NEWBERG, OREGON % the care of the body. Why get it a car might have come around the corner, and when it threw Its light place in the office of the State through carelessness? Treasurer until spring, ' • * • • /••»«!>»>


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A Merry Christmas

Margaret Mill left last S a t u r d ay t h i r t i e t h , however, to he continued m o r n i n g for P o r t l a n d where she without i n t e r r u p t i o n for t h e rest of t h e school year. This enforced vawill spend C h r i s t m a s vacation. Social Service work goes on splencation co-incides very nicely with The Third-year Preps, had a class didly these days. Though the femthe usual Christmas vacation, but inine population of t h e institution p a r t y a t t h e home of Alfred Terrell which the s t u d e n t s had decided to December 13. Lively is divided into two supposedly hos- ; F r i d a y , do without in order to m a k e up t h e tile camps, each s t r i v i n g to outdo ' games and music were enjoyed u n - work lost before. This closing of j til the refreshments of oranges, ice t h e other, all met on the n e u t r a l school will necessitate further measg r o u n d of t h e Y. W. room Wednes- cream and wafers were served. ures in t h a t direction b u t if all preday evening immediately after cautions a r e taken not over one BASKET BALL PROSPECTS school. Their energy was hen t on week should be lost. completing t h e supply of baby Several s t u d e n t s are afflicted On account of the German E x clothes on h a n d and piecing quilt with t h e influenza, but none seriblocks. Those girls who a r e unable Kaiser and t h e Spanish Influenza, | ously. On t h e last day t h a t school to a t t e nd regular meetings a r e al- ' athletics a t P. C. have not played j was held there were t h i r t e e n a b lowed to do their sewing a t home, | a prominent p a r t a s yet t h i s y e a r . ! sent, either having the disease but it is counted w i t h t h a t Oi t h e , W h a t e v e r prospects there have been j themselves, or having it in t h e fam. for basket ball have n o t been im-1 side to which they belong. ily. Since t h a t t i m e t h e n u m b e r proved by the present enforced va- j has been slightly increased, b u t it ! cation, which i n t e r r u p t s p r a c t i c e ! is hoped t h a t they will soon be on M u r r a y Gregory spent the " f l u " . seriously. A college tea m has not • the decline. Everyone is urged to been seriously considered, as t h e r e vacation with Alfred Terrell. take all possible precautions and a r e h a r d l y enough men in college I Olive Johnson left S a t u r d a y for who play t h e game to form a team. by this means enable school to beP o r t l a n d where she will visit her However, with t h e aid of academy gin a g a in on the 30 th. sister. o players a team will probably be organized when school opens soon THE SCHOOL ROMANCE Mary P e n n i n g t o n was t h e guest of Margaret Hodson Sunday, Decem- after t h e holidays. Very good m a t e r i a l for an acadber 15. Bell was t a k i n g her Hansom ( n ) emy team h a s appeared, and a quin- c h a r g e out to E h i e L While walkLcroy F r a i l e r , Calvin Thomas and tet had been formed, b u t is now ing on a Baron Lee they passed a Carl Pemberton a r e spending their hampered by t h e loss of two memWiley fruit Vender who said: vacation in Salem. bers. Bush, a last year's Prep, team '"Have a Pear-son?" man, is out of t h e game w i t h an inPeter cried out with Delight and Ralph K n i g h t has r e t u r n e d to jured shoulder, and Baron, also a asked if it was a Per-show. Just school after an absence in t h e East, last year's player, finds t h a t he then a young man named P a u l , line l i e intends to complete his college c a n n o t spare the time. and lank, greeted Bell and said to course this year. W h e t h e r basket ball is resumed P e t e r : this yea r will depend, of course, on "My name is P a u l , son." Then he when school s t a r t s . In any event, asked t h e Wiley one w h a t his Lemathletics will progress as rapidly as ons were. VISIT possible. " T h e y ' r e fifty cents in Silver,





5 and 10c Store \

been assigned for t h e remainder of t h e week, and t h e Instructors were « v * D * O * O * v * O * O * O « O * 0 * C f * C ' * O in the college building d u r i n g t h e forenoon. However, since t h e city health officer requests t h a t people do not g a t h e r in groups, even t h a t limited schedule has been dropped and t h e assigned work is being d r n c at home. It is hoped t h a t school can be resumed by December | '? — a n d WALLACE & SON, 716 First St



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I dream of t h e A u t u m n with s t u d e n t s all back; And of W i n t e r, how often we've beaten old Mac. But t h e t h i n g t h a t comes nearest to m a k i n g me sing Is the mem'ry of dear old P. -C. in t h e Spring.

500 First St.

T h o u g h my office is busy, t h e r e ' s one t h i n g I'll tell T h a t ' l l b r i n g me out quickly—a n old college yell, F o r I'm fast g e t t i n g old and I still try to cling To the memory of dear old P . C. in t h e Spring.


Newberg, Ore.


Prescription Old s t u d e n t s , Alumni, you o u g h t to go If you w a n t a good time then you're on So begin to plan early, you'll feel like a If you make your way back to old P. C.


«-••••••••••••*••••••••••*< ••••«•<>•••••••••«

There isn't a school in t h e N o r t h w e s t like you P. C , not a college with purpose more t i u e ! As I dream in t h e firelight my memories s w i n g For t h o u g h ts of our dear old P. C. in t h e Spring.

If it isn' an Eastman it isn't a Kodak

F a c u l t y P r e s i d e n t . L . T. P e n n i n g t on Vice President R. W. Lewis Secretary E. M. Hodgin Treasurer O. Weesner S t u d e n t Affairs Committee E. M. Hodgin, A. E. W r i g h t and Gilbert S h a m b a u g h . Committee on Discipline F. W. Perisho, M. C. Sutton and R. W. Lewis. Committee on Advanced S t a n d i n g M. E. Lewis, M. L. Johnson and 0. Weesner. Excuse Officers College M. E. Lewis Commercial. . . ., M. L. Johnson Academy M. C. Sutton




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Caah only," he replied. "Don't get a n y , " whispered Bell. " T h e y have Sutt-on them and a r e Brown!" " Y o u ' r e W r i g h t , " said P a u l and c a t c h i n g up Peter, he walked S t r a i t into a r e s t a u r a n t . After h a n g i n g his h a t on a Peg, he ordered a n Olive of t h e Cook, who was singing a Carroll. Later they walked passed seme Mills which were between two Floing Brooks. Soon Paul picked Bell a and took P e t e r to ?ee a

Hen-show. W h e n they were tired they saw a Myrtle Bush and Paul said, " L e t 's Camp, Bell, h e r e . " They watched a m a n fishing with an Armstrong, get a bite and w h a t did he do b u t Oppenlander. Then Paul decided to Neill and ask Bell to Mary h i m b u t she scorned h i m as a Shambaugh. o-—• OP INTEREST TO STUDENTS

back, t h e r i g ht t r a c k ; king next Spring .


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School books, stationery, Lowneys candles, UHmeran. pboto supplies. Guaranteed development work at lowest prices THE REXALL 8TORE 30:? First St. Phone Black 100



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Continurd from P«;e One.

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and you would rush around there and everyone else would be rushing round their respective corners arid' still you wouldn't see It. I gave I up about the second time but some , of them never seemed to be satisfied i

at all.

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One day I was going across the! river and had just left the Garden j of the Tuilleries and had gotten on j | P A . C I F 1 C C O j U L E G S » Some college boys have them the bridge and a shell landed about 12 * ^ ^* * * * ^ * " ^ ^m « and some do not—If you have a block behind me. it sounded | £ Second Semester Opens February 1 0 « them make it a point to visit our Store December 7 and 9 about a foot away, just as if some- j £ N o w t h a t t h e w a r fa o v e r y o u o u g h t to] g e t into College. * one had set off a ton of powder i $ M a n y s t u f ] e n t s are planning- to enter t h e Second Semester J and see the clever little lady President of Pacific College * i n f o r m a t i o n C o n 8 u l t t h e demonstrate the Durham Du- under a stump. I didn't get scaredi J for there was no time, though I • - . „ . . . . , . - » » „ ^.nr-^n-M • plex Safety Razor. further than I ever did be- I NEWBERG OREGON j AL Razor worth $5 for only $1. jumped fore. I went back, after carefully * « H H H m w « ••••••••»»+«+»»W*>~W» Tell all the Profs, and the looking up in the sky to see that no rest of your friends about it. more were coming and there was a, IT TASTES SO GOOD Your business appreciated at hole in the rocky walk, that was is tells us That is what everybody lens as hard as a stone wall, about five 1 about our confectionery, and we feet across and six feet deep. Quite rathepsusrshcetttai hea ct, d-xqgw a neat little job! rather suspect that is why we sell One found the air raids quite inso much of it. We want you to ra»330oeocc830oooo<«>>>>:-o-. teresting aNo. Up there in the sky, j get acquainted with it too, for it is you could hear them, were planes | the best candy in town. Come in with a bunch of bombs that they } and let us introduce to a box, you were figuring on dropping on you. j wont be sorry, only when it is gone. The anti-aircraft guns shpoting up in the air and the shells bursting j PARLOR looked like a great July 4th celeNEWBERG REOON bration, only we weren't celebrat-1 ing. The French didn't let many | pass, though. They have some sure »•••»«»••••••»••<>•••»•« means of stopping them. j Right in the midst of the last German drive en Paris I left and § KILLS THE GERMS { % The store that sells Hart, Shaffwent to Dole and was there sevenJ ner & Marx Clothing, Utz & teen days and then came over here • Dunn, Florsheim and Mettleton and here I've stayed ever since. % ShoeE, Royal Worcester and We are here in the midst of some 1 Nemo Corsets. of the most beautiful country of * Perfectly Fitting Suits to Your Order A Phone White =>8 Gregory Butlin $ France, only twenty miles from the § ••»•»•»»»»•••••»•»••»»•••• Swiss border, and right in the CH>vC«^CM;.CtOOO)^>?OOCM?OOD<Ktf833 x>OQCH?000<Xr5000<.-.OOi>.'OOCK.".> mountains at an altitude of about 1,500 feet here in the valley, but it is very much higher on the tops of 2 For the easiest shave and most the hills within a quarter of a mile. NEWBERG, tREUON 0 up - to - date hoir cut, go to j Now just a little bit about what we are doing here and I'm going to bring this long letter to a close. We have here at Ornans two facAccounts of students, faculty and friends of Pacific College V Opposite Postoffice tories, one for the manufacture of invited. Interest Paid on Savings •©•©•O*tt*e*O4O#O«O*O*W*O*0 houses and one for the manufacture of windows for the houses that are made here and at Dole. Since the timber for the houses is close here o we have the factories down here rather than up where the houses are put up near the front. Not much of • New Management and New Machinery a factory, to be sure, but the best that we can provide under the conditions and as we have about fifty men here when our strength is normal, you can see we have quite a bunch here after all. Very truly yours, Henry G. Keeney. Care Mission de La Societe des Newberg's Leading Amis, 53 Rue de Rivoli, Paris, France. Over U 5. Bank Cleaning, Pressing, Dyeing, Hat J o <> Blocking and Glove Cleaning 1 JUST REMARKS A A AAAAA 4A4AAAAAAAAA AAA AAA


I King's MHIineryj New and Up-to-Date HATS For Fall and Winter


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I'm still cold and I've been sitting over this refrigerator for a whole hour. For the next lesson chapter on the ocean.

study the

jJThe Gem B a r b e r S h o p ! THREE CHAIRS AND BATH

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