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'GULLEY' OL' BOY PACIFIC COLLEGE OVER-SUBSCRIBES 'TRUCKER'S' LIFE AT P. C. AGAIN FOR UNITED WAR WORK CAMPAIGN i VERY INTERESTING Former Basket Ball Star Visits Northwest Student Division Assigns $300.00 as Quota; Success Due Mrr Marshall, Ex-Prof., Tells of the College Again; Speaks in • t o Management of Harold Lee and Loyalty of Students. In- His Work and that of Other Chapel. i fluenza Does Not Hinder. P. C. Men in France. The man who would be the A quota of $300 was assigned to made harder by the ban, for no governor of a state in the meetings could be held, and none Pacific College as her share in the United States has just driven United War Work Campaign held of the splendid publicity material The committee up and will have lunch with us, I the middle of November. Although could be used. suppose, so Willy 'best hunt up a school was closed during the time went right ahead, though, and sent necktie and coat—very uncomfortout communications by mail; and of the drive on account of the inable but sometimes useful articles. then, during the week of the drive, fluenza ban, the college as usual Hardly a day passes but someone went over the quota, and exceeded canvassed all those who could be comes to visit and stay from one to seen personally, and reached the all expectations by raising nearly rest by mail. The splendid result fifteen days. It's all right if they $400. of this work was that not $300 work but if not- -well, there is no The week school closed, Miss alone was raised, but $365 was place like home for them. Dinsdale. the Associate Director of Our family is increasing again; pledged through the college comthe Student Campaign in Oretjoli, have another hotel and the bagvisited the college and got the work mittee, and $18 through other comgage rustler has to move his worldstarted. She spoke in chapel, and mittees, making a total $383 from ly effects to the new domicile. the college. afterwards, at a meeting of some of Some wonderful sacrifices were Little things like that don't worry j the representative students, cxme any more. Only nave one pair iji.iiiieii CiVe teniuicaime s oi I lie nutUe, as would be supposed Iroin of socks and a tooth brush to move. j college campaign. At this meeting the fact that, self supporting stuOne of the A. R. C. officials was ! Harold Lee was appointed Direc'or dents gave nearly as big an average looking over this district and we I of the drive in the college; Olive ! gift as the average of a whole famGIRLS! SEE YOUR! ily outside. Of course many of the drove him around. It was very inSELVES AS OTHERS ; Johnson was appointed Treasurer; j students were able to work and teresting and at times exciting. I and Irene Hodgin was made Publicearn the money to pay during the We-drove over the highest road in A is Anne—awful nice girl, don't I ity Chairman. France and visited some of the anThe quota for the colleges of the period of enforced vacation, but you see? As the many to whom it seemed impossible cient and historic spots. 'Northwest was $100,000, and PaQuiet and modest and sweet as can head of the trip was familiar with to give, made sacrifices and gave. c i f i c ' s share of this was $300. The be. the country and knew all the roads Student Division accepted no light Only a very few did not "have a Never obtrusive nor overly bold. part in the work, and that is their it was easy for me. We saw the task, for some of the larger colleges Some call Anne Silver, but say, tomb of Lieutenant Lavern, the drew large quotas. That accepted loss. she's pure gold. castle of the Black Prince, catheIn other colleges, the spirit of by the University of Washington dral built by Charlemagne, and any A is for Anna who's dear as can be; was $18,500, just the quota of all service is also manifest in a strikamount of pretty country. A very distinguished giggler is she. Yamhill county. O. A. C. was ex- ing way, and although the students The roads were built by NapoButtons for dress trimming must be pected to raise $9,000 and the U. of accepted a heavy burden, more than their per capita share, and al- leon and though he had many in good taste O. was given a quota of $5,400. faults, one thing sure, he was an For she has eighty-seven on her Although class work had been though the student class is not engineer. wealthy, their leaders are expectnew waist. stopped before the committee had In one place we drove for three gotten started, they were informed ing great things, and these are beC is for Clara, our basket ball hours up a grade that varied only ing done, and Pacific has more that the quota would be expected, star. the last quarter of a mile at the influenza or not. The work was than done her share. Better at this game than most girls top and then coasted on the other by far. side for nearly the same length of LYCEUM COURSE PLANNED She's good to look at, she has quite STUDENT OFFICERS ELECTED time. an air You can read In history of forFrom her neat little feet to her sunmonasteries There will be a Lyceum Course tified churches and A called meeting of the Associshiny hair. ated Student Body of P. C. was held given at the college again this Comlnusd on Page 4 year. It was thought al the end of B is Idr Emma M. lludsin you Tuesday. November 19. to fill sevlast year that this would not be aderal vacancies in the offices of that know. ANOTHER GENEROUS GIFT Harold Hlnshaw. visable on account of the war conShe came to the College a long time organization. ditions, but the demand was great who was President last year, is now ago. Pacific College has just received and since the armistice has been Eye like an eagle and voice soft as doing clerical work at Camp Lewis. signed a course has been arranged. an adttion of $15,000 to its endowHarold N. Lee was elected to fill satin, ment from the estate of Anna Mary Mary Pennington was Bess Gearhart Morrison, an imPilots the little prep kids through his place. chosen Vice President to take t h e personator and entertainer of sur- E. Mann, of Portland. The mother their Latin. place of Ralph Knight, who is now passing excellence, will appear on of Mrs. Mann was one of the earliest Friends in the Pacific NorthF is a charming young lady named in France in lie-construction work. Saturday evening. west and this gift was made in her Frances, Harold Lee was elected Debate Manhonor. The college was Included Face like a flower, demure maiden ager to take the place of Ezra Hinin Mrs. Mann's will for the amount glances; shaw. The vacancies on the Cres- Circulation Manager, were filled by Graceful and beautiful, dainty, se- cent staff caused by the absence the election of Cassius Carter and ' but some years ago it was put in this year of Alfred Haworth, Busi- Hariett Hodgin. Vernon Bush was ! the form of a note, which has just rene. J been paid. ness Manager, and Howard Elliott, chosen Yell Leader. continued on Page 3

Rev. Emmett Gulley, '17, exBasket Ball star, fusser, V. M. leader. Crescent man. etc.. visited on the campus No\ ember 18. Mr. Galley spoke in chape) in the morning and instead of advising the students to make use of their opportunities, he told them to make their opportunities. Since finishing school Mr. Gulley has been married to Miss Zoe Hibbs, ex '19. He spent several months in the Hartford Theological Seminary and has since then become quite important in Quakerdom. He expects to leave for Mexico in a few weeks where lie will engage in Mission work. Mrs fr.nU^v willflpr*nr»n**»»yhU" '? she can obtain her passport. o- -




Entered as second-class mail matter a t the post-office at Newberg, Ore. Published Semi-Monthly during the college year by the Student Body of Pacific College, Newberg, Oregon, M. Irene Hodgin Editor Harold Lee Assistant Editor Cassius Carter Business Manager Walter Cook ..... Asst. Business Mgr. Harriett Hodgin Circulation Mgr. Reporters— Mary Pennington, Esther Terrell, Flora Campnell, Cecil Pearson, Carroll Tamplin, Margaret Hodson, Murray Gregory. 'feims, $1.00 the Year in Advance. Single Copy 10c.






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The Y. W. C. A. treasurer, Anna Mills, was the leader at the meeting held November 20. After the scripture reading by Clara Calkins, Miss Mills presented the system of finance employed by the Association. Pledge cards for systematic giving were then signed, after j which Miss Sutton spoke of the ' needs of the newly awakened woj men of India and China, which we can help to fill through our for! elgn secretaries.

positions are kind h e a r t y They | fiREAT m s H L E g T U R | R m m are courteous and not selfish. Tbey are not rude, but mannerly. The Nephew of David Lloyd-Georgt to Be person who lives to serve himself Here Soon in Lyceum. will never have a chance to serve others for he will be too busy thinking of his own desires. This same, person may want to hpld' positions which involve the welfare of others but he is never allowed to, for his fellow students know that he will act in terms of self and not with the idea of others first.

We are sorry this issue of the The friends of Mary Cook Filch, Crescent has been delayed, however "11, and Roy Fitch, '10, of Washit has been impossible to publish ington, D. ('., were grieved to hear it sooner on account of the influof their deaths from Influenza'. enza, closing of school, financial — o— — troubles, etc. We hope to put the Crescent out twice a month during 'LET'S CROWN HIM I he remainder of the school year. WITH SQUASH PIE"

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Yes, there is a new addition to English language. This expression, "Let's crown him with The influenza ban broke right squash pie," really has an origin into school, and in the middle of worth knowing. Just listen, it all the term; class work was discontin- came about in this manner: ued for four weeks. There is a defOne of the boys w a s living all inite amount of work to be covered alone. He had no cook at home Arthur Walwyn Evan*. in a college year, and the problem and the dining room at Kanyon Arthur Walwyn Evans, nephew of Milliners now i«, h o w - a r e w e going to make Hall had been closed, so his cup- David Lloyd-George, son of the great up this time that we have lorit, and board wa< bare and he knew not • Welsh revivalist, will he here soon so accomplish the work. what to do. The poor lad was de-i on the Lyceum' course and his lecture o*':-*c-*<'*c-«'C>*'>e":>*':>*-:'».«-r*':'» In the meeting of the joint com- veloping a "lean and hungry look," ! will be one of the longest remembered » « • » • • • > • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • mittee of the faculty and student which really was sad to see. There •ven^s of the season. He is undoubtbody last Friday to consider this, was a heroine though. She saw theI edly ope pf the most brilliant men it. was decided to shorten the time wan face and noticed the pale who have come upon the A f r i c a n , Musical Merchandise for final examinations, and cut out cheeks and was touched. As a re- platform in the last decade. He contrasts in telling comparison* the review before them, and short- sult the lad's heart and appetite PIANOS the weakness and strength of America j en all the vacations. What time were greatly rejoiced by receiving from a Welshman's viewpoint Often Music, Stationery, Etc. was not made up by these changes a beautifully baked squash pie. he hits hard but he hits a constructive was to be i.,.ide up by more inten504 1JRST NEWBERG Thus it all came about that this blow. In the opinion of press and pubsive work in class, or by going a heroine used squash pie to crown lic tills great Welsh orator is contrib•••••••••••••••••••••<•••• few Saturdays; whichever seemed her hero. Since then the expres- uting the sanest criticism and the most satisfactory to the students. sion, "we'll crown 'em with squash most fervent tribute to our country o >••*•<••••••«•••••••••••*••• No matter what way it is decided pie," or "let's crown him with a that has been heard in many years, • to make up the time. It rests on us squash pie" Has been used quite to do the work, and it is we that freely. Miss Mary M'inthorn, '06, was 5= : receive the benefit or loss from such married last August to William 6, work. Let us give our hearty coWord has been received that Strench. Since graduating from • 808 FIRST STREET operation in any way that seems Ethelyn Armstrong is improving Pacific College Mrs. Strench has best, for if we do not make up the slowly and that her recovery seems taken advanced work both at the lost time we have lost something more hopeful. that will make all our future work University of Iowa and at Columbia o harder for us. University, New York. Last year • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • * • • • • • • Last Wednesday Olive Johnson she taught Domestic Science and gave all new members of the Tref'Dr.Vhos.W.JCesterX The courteous student is one to ian a hearty welcome to the Society Art in the High School at Ketchi- \ be envied. The young man or wo- in a unique exposition of t h e word can, Alaska. Mr. Strench is the \ PHYSICIAN AND \ man who is purposely rude does not Trefian. head of the emigration department deserve respect or admiration. \ .SURGEON | The Trefians should by all means at Ketchican, Most students enter college with appoint Mary Pennington "Poet * Ofpi"? if! tp* Dixan Building I the expectation of being popular Trefianate." Her original Trefian % NEWBERG, ORKGQN I and of being intrusted with impor- alphabet made everyone feel at Pres. Pennington spent part of tant offices. This of course is very home immediately, and was very his vacation with Rev. Carter and j natural for the normal student. clever. Rev. Miller at the coast fishing fori - » * * * * * * * * * * * * > • • * * • * • . • * * * • Why i s it that some of these people If Pauline Terrell likes to play as salmon. They reported a fine time I J f become prominent and well liked well as the girls enjoy hearing her and brought plenty of salmon home, J" and others not? Stop and ask she will be called upon often. with them. Being very industrious J yourself the question, "Are our of- Though almost extemporaneous her gentlemen and of a saving, econom-1 J f ficials courteous or discourteous, instrumental solo wa.s greatly apical disposition they went so far as I * JIWILfR are they mannerly or not?" Al- preciated. to can some of their salmon while « most without exception you will \ After the program several of the at the coast, It hasn't spoiled yet. * Eye Sight Specialist find that the college men and wo- girls took part in general criticism. Rev. Carter also made another trip, ' * a»en w ho have attained these high Miss Sutton, the society critic, led. taking Prof. Perisho with him. \ .



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SOCIETY Helen Scott, a member of last year's F r e s h m a n class, was surprised Hallowe'en evening when a group of her girl friends dropped in to help her celebrate her b i r t h d a y . Helen Mendenh 11, Mary Pennington, Anna Mills, M a r g a r et Hodson and Esther T e n ell spent a delightful evening, in which gossip, giggles and eats played a prominent part. Mary Penning:on was hostess the evening of November n i n t h a t an Informul and jolly party of girls. T h e guests weie nuiorTuined with stringed solos aiid duets. Original and dc'liciouH lofroslinients were served to Helwi 'Mendenhall, Mildred Ferguson, llcl'ii Stott, E s t h e r Terrell, Anna Mill.;, .vkugaret Hodsou, Bertha May, Mr. anil Mrs. Pennington. Pauline Terrell e n t e r t a i n e d with a Rook party T h u r s d a y , November 7. Tlwisc prevent wem Harriett Hodgin. Both LWilsen, Pauline Terrell, Harold Paulseii. Waller Cook and Horace Terrell. Refreshments of popcorn and apples were served. Calvin Blair, '04, a Sergeant in Battery " E . " ii9lli Artillery, is now in France, Em melt G.illcy, '17. spent Novombor 17 and i s in Ne.wberg on his way lo Mexico where he will be in Mission work. A wedding of interest to many of the friends of Delbeit Replogle, '16, and R u t h i l i n s h a w , ex ' I S , took place ^at the F r t e u d s -church September a. According to the custom of Friends Uiey were united in marriage immediately following the service. Mr. and Airs. Replogle left the same day for Seattle where they spent a couple weeks with relatives and friends before going to their home in t h e far north. Word has been icceived t h a t they have now reached their home at Noorvjk, Alaska, where Mr. Reploglo will have c h a r g e of the Government S t a tion.

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w r i t i n g for pay, E s t h e r Terrell e n t e r t a i n e d Mar- | cial features were gossip, singing Her best work is all done for n i c k g a r e t Hodson, Irene Hodgin, Cas- i and pumpkin pie. els (Nichols) they say. sius Carter and Harold Lee F r i d a y Beth Paulsen, H a r r i e t t Hodgin, — M a r y P e n n i n g t on '20. evening, November 15, with a P a u l i n e Terrell, Delight Carter, fudge p a r t y . Horace Terrell and Waltei Cook One stormy S a t u r d a y evening a spent the evening ut the C a r t e r 13. HOLDS THE MIRROR UP TO NATURE group of girls blew into the F e r g u - home Wednesday, November son home at the invitation of Miss I Front all accounts they had a hila-1 Keynote of the Succeie ef Dramatic Mildred. Each girl had her work, rious time, singing, playing games, I interpreter, Beee Gearhart Morrison. which proved to be mostly k n i t t i n g . and performing s t u n t s familiar to Simple refreshments The conversation was frequently Prepdom. punctuated with such exclamations were served. Owing to the absence of Olive os, "Can someone tell me w h e t h e r 1 kuit or purl n e x t ? " • "Oh, I've Ramsey and Ha^el Bear, Anna Mills diopped a s t i t c h , " etc. Music from a n d Irene Hodgin have been elected t h e victrola filled the lulls in the to fill their offices as Secretary and conversation. A delicious luncheon Treasurer of t h e Y. W. C. A. wag served with Hallowe'en decbMarie* Hester, R e t a Hansen and lations. Covers were laid for the M a r g a r e t Niell were Welcomed into following: Irene Hodgin, Helen membership in t h e Y . ' W. a t t h e Mendenhall, Mary Pennington , meeting held November '20. E s t h e r Terrell. Margaret Hodson, n Mildred Ferguson. Irene Hodgin, materially assisted by Zip, entertained informally, E s t h e r Terrell, Margaret Hodson, Harold Leo, Cassius Carter, Wednesday evening, November 6. Games and popular music occupied the g r e a t e r p a r t of itlie evening. Popcorn, fruit salad and sandwiches were served about the open fire. T h e d e p a r t u r e of the guests was somewhat delayed by t h e episode of the finger bowl. Immediately upon the r e t u r n of Olive Johnson from the enforced " F l u vacation, " Louise Hodgin entertained the Senior class a t dinner. The Y. M. nomination committee appointed the following men to fill the vacancies in t h e Y. M. executive committee: President. Cecil Pear son; Vice President, Harold Lee; Secretary, Cassius C a r t e r ; Treasurer. W a l t e r Cook. The Y. M. meeting on November 20 was given a n o t h e r talk about Seabeck. T h |s time Harold Lee gave an account of the meetings, study and sermons that took the time there. T h e Bible Study classes studied Fosdick's new book, " T h e Meaning of F a i t h , " and t h e Mission Study classes took work from " T h e Call to the World T a s k " by J. Lovell Murray, On F r i d a y evening.. October 4, in the parlors of Kanyon Hall occurred the Y.. M. and Y. W , reception for the new students. The rooms were tastefully decorated with a u t u m n leaves and rose h a w s . The guests were welcomed a t the door by Olive Johnson, the President of t h e Y. W. C. A. A program of music and speeches was given d u r i n g t h e early p a r t of t h e evening. Prof. Lewis sang, Harold Lee, Olive Johnson, Miss Lewis and Mr. Harvey W r i g h t made short speeches of welcome on behalf pf th,e Y, M. 0. A.„ Y. W. C. A., t h e F a c u l t y , and t h e Alumni r e spectively Some lively games were played after which g r a p e juice and wafers were served. The evening was made more enjoyable by t h e presence of some of t h e later alum ni members. Lieutenant Sewell Newhouse, home on a ten days' furlough, was also present and told some i n t e r e s t i n g experiences. A lively evening was spent at t h e Hodgin home one Saturday d u r i n g Vacation by the Dorm. boys. Spe-

GIRLS SEE YOUR. _ SELVES AS OTHERS Uoutiiiueil from Page c >'«W o u l d n ' t she m a k e a delightful May Queen? H is for Helen with soft downward glance, A maiden worth while, young man, here's your chance! If you think she is quiet and not of your kind, Just wait, she's a terrible c u t - u p , you'll find. J is Miss Johnson who teaches alone In P. C. School of Commerce which she calls her own. Dresses her hair til it always looks swell; Such a wonderful voice, have you heard Mary y e l l ( L ) ? L is a lady we all love, Louise; E a r n e s t and honest and anxious to please. Careful she's not to shock Mrs. Grundy. But sometimes don't tell it- she fishes on Sunday.

Bees Gearhart Morrison Many interpreters of literature fail to learn the cardinal lesson that true greatness lies in simplicity and the* absolute fidelity to nature Is the distinguishing mark of the artist. This great lesson Bess Gearhart Morrison learned in the refining school of eaperionoe. As a result her impersonations tak e on a character wholly separate and a p a r t from the ordinary impersonation. The men and women she portrays are human folks with human faults. She holds the mirror up to Nature. H e r understanding tmt sympathy are wonderful; h e r ability to touch and keep in tune with Iter the heartstrings of h e r hearers Is almost uncanny. Mrs. Morrison is OOBV ing soon on the Lyceum course and in her coming a real opportunity presents itself. Every lover of Interpretatlve a r t shonld hear her.

M is for Margaret of Trefian fame, Who has such a very e n l i g h t e n i n g name; Ask Peg, " W h a t ' s your n a m e ? " not a word will she say; Margaret, Oh, see! ' we wont give you away, VISIT 0 Is for Olive so prim and sedate. Her job is to keep Prexy Penning^ | ton s t r a i g h t . H e r cheek h a s a blush t h a t flames 5 and 10c Store up like a flambeau e Whenever you joke h e r a b o u t WALLACE & SON, 716 First St e whether or not her favorite apo ple's t h e Rambo. » • • • • • • • • • • » • • • • • • » • » • » • < • T's for Miss Terrell with motto, "Cash o n l y . " Since our new pa-tor came s h e ' s , never lonely. F U L L L I N E OF : In money m a t t e r s she's surely not : rash. : She w a n t s h e r bills to be all paid PROMPT DELIVERY by Cash. R is for R e t a who comes from Van- , FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES f •eeeeee>*••••••«•••••••••• couver; We don't know her well b u t we » » » • • • • • • • • » • • • » • • • • • * » • • • surely approve her. t FOR MADE TO M E A S U R E t Cheerful and pleasant and always t SUITS | sedate, Glad you oame, Reta, if you did ar- • Wall Paper, Picture Frames, • rive late. • Cleaning and Pressing go to • 1 is Irene, our editor sweet; She s u r e puts out a well balanced sheet. • 706 First Stree t % Her skill w i t h t h e pen comes from




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The Trefians elected their officers for the following semester. Margaret Hodson will be the new President: Pauline Terrell, Vice President; Mary Elliott, Secretary; Harriett Hodgin, Chairman of the Membership Committee. Further election of officers was postponed until after the new members had been received into the society. All of the officers except Marshal were appointed by a unanimous vote. The race(?) for the office of Marshal was won by Olive i X Johnson. Mary Pennington w a s elected Chairman of the Social Com- o mittee. Miss Mary Johnson will be the new Faculty Adviser; Miss Mary Sutton, Critic; Helen Hester, Treasurer; Helen Mendenhall, Crescent Reporter.


but it never occurred to me that the place* were still standing. I took a snap of u fifteenth century pipe organ but don't expect to have much of a picture. It was so dark 500 First St. Newberg, Ore. % in the place. • Just had a letter from Benson; he says Hinsuaw, Haworth and Hadley are in Paris. One of my old time Penn friends who was in Some college boys have them Paris when they landed said he left and some do not—If yon have them scraping paper from the walls them make it a point to visit Prescription 'Druggist g of an old building there, which the our Store December 7 and 9 RHituil Looks.Jtffttlmiers*. Lowtieyq mil- V A. R. C. is fixing to use. He seemdl*!!.'('»inTHi?.J>hoio«nippliftF. iliiaimi and see the clever little lady ed to think it was rather hard for teed development work at lowest prti'i** demonstrate the Durham DuHaworth to come to that after two T H E K E X A U . STOKK plex Safety Razor. years in California U, but they will KM'Fin* Si. Phone blued liM A. Razor worth $5 for only $1. get used to it. I spent my first Tell all the Profs, and the three months scrubbing and the rest of your friends about it. like. Your business appreciated at / Henry K. as usual has things just about in shape and will be running IT TASTES SO GOOD the main show before fall, if my That is what everybody tells us reports are correct. Ross is on about our confectionery, and we the move looking after the cows for rathepsusrshcetttai hea ct, d-x<tgw a dairy and Paul is one of the chief \ rather suspect that is why we sell actors in a baby show. Frankie so much of it. We want you to and Wright 1 know little of; saw get acquainted with it too, for it is they played in a base ball game the the best candy in town. Come in other day. and let us introduce to a box, you Our 4th and 14th of July were wont be sorry, only when it is gone. gala days. Everybody gave us boquels on the 4th; even all the Duchers and Duchesses who have PARLOR PHARMACY vC»0 come here to take the water cure NEWBERG, OREGON for the summer are anxious to showhow much they love the United X>OCK>OCK><:*'3OOOOCW>IXIOO*X>*:'O0J0 States. I was the only citizen of that far country present but they t - T i i e ^ t o r e that sells Hart, Shaffdidn't know that so the others took ner & Marx Clothing1. Utz & KILLS THE GERMS % the flowers and made the speeches Dunn, Florsheim and Mettleton while I spent the day chasing up Shoes, Royal Worcester and and down the hill after that elusive Nemo Corsets. but highly necessary article of diet, 4 A A A A A U U M M A A U A A 4 4 A A A A the "pomme de terra," and the bag-1 I Perfectly Fitting Suits to Your 0 der '6 gage of some wanderers who had O P h o n e White a8 'Gregory Bulletin X been returned from Germany. I On the 14th, as that came on Sunday, we had a concert Saturday For the easiest shave and most evening, a big feed for the family up - to - date hoir cut, go to on Sunday, and a free trip to the only picture show in town that NEWBERO, OREGON evening. Then everybody celebrated on Monday as well. X Opposite Postoffice T^ We have plenty of fresh holidays Accounts of students, faculty and friends of Pacific College in various months to keep a faculty «••«••••#•••*••«.*•<•••••••••« worrying or keep the kids worryinvited. Interest Paid on Savings ing as to whether it will be recognized. But where there is a fete day on the program about once a week, it must be 'orible. Mead is always telling me what a rotten teacher I was but then he • New Management and New Machinery can't prove it for he never studied N E W B E R G , OREGON and I always admitted the lamentable short coming. 4AA4AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Keep your reserve funds with us* Think I'll go to Russia this fall, •••< • • • • • • • • • • • • • • lots of room for teachers there. Interest paid on savings accounts o A regular course in Bible study has been worked out for the colf Newberg's Leading lege. The students are divided into j three classes held once a week dur• TAILOR ing the chapel hour. Prof. PeriOver U. S . Hank • Cleaning, Pressing, Dyeing, Hut , sho's class of younger academy stu» Blocking and Glove Cleaning 1 dents are studying the Life of ] Christ. Rev. Carter teaches the r*<ioOO<>C<*<30<X»4>>>'*~"'0':>*>X'0000 j older academy students and they are studying the History of the Apostolic Age. The college and THREE CHAIRS AND BATH 1 Office over Ferguwn'i drag alore X commercial students are led by | « Phone Black 37 302 1-2 First Si. £ j Pres. Pennington "and are studying the Social Teaching of Jesus. O0OO»O33S3a<^.>&3Ce3203SSS3S£3

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