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Lifting Women from Oppression to Opportunity

Twelve weeks. That is the number of weeks teenage girls miss from school each year in developing countries. Why? Because of their menstrual cycle. A lack of hygiene products force young women out of school, work and daily life for five days every month. It may be hard for us to imagine, but these girls have no choice but to resort to whatever means are available: dirty rags, tree leaves, bark or newspaper. Many are forced to stand above a hole or sit on a mound of dirt for hours at a time. In some developing countries, 30% of high school girls drop out because of this issue. And, for working women, 24% miss 45 days of work annually because of their menstrual cycle. This is a challenging situation for millions of women around the world.

For adolescent girls in the western world, their menstrual cycle can be a cause of embarrassment and anxiety. In developing countries, it means a loss of self-esteem, education, income and freedom. It is devastating. Being forced out of school and work leaves these young women vulnerable. Violence, exploitation, abuse and prostitution await them. It takes decades to change a culture; but we can help now!

Gleaning For The World’s WINGS program is the solution. Through the production of sustainable feminine hygiene kits, each woman has the supplies she needs for up to three years. That is an extra nine months of education, income and freedom! Join us in helping these women regain their lives and future.

Each Kit Includes: Pictorial instruction sheet Two pairs of undergarments Two moisture barriers Eight reusable liners Two bars of soap Two washcloths Two one-gallon resealable bags Contents of each kit

You Can Make a Difference! $15 Donation = 1 Kit $75 Donation = 5 Kits $150 Donation = 10 Kits $300 Donation = 20 Kits $600 Donation = 40 Kits

For more information, visit us at WWW.GFTW.ORG/WINGS

P.O. Box 645 Concord, VA 24538 1-877-913-9212

Lifting Women From Oppression to Opportunity