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Case Study

An Excellent Retail Business Growth Story. Scripted by GoFrugal's RPOS.

CUSTOMER in focus Padmaja Supermarket is one of the leading departmental stores catering to all the daily needs of customers in Solapur, India. Padmaja was established in the year 2004 and is one of the most innovative supermarkets in the area offering promotional schemes like special discounts, and seasonal schemes for its customers. Padmaja through its innovative offerings has built an impressive customer base of 6000 that includes over 600 registered customers.


need to remove the existing technology challenges to ensure enhanced customer experiences and maximize revenues and profits. Key challenges of Padmaja were:

Padmaja Supermarket was successful in doing the hard part of attracting customers effectively but to keep them loyal was an issue as the billings touched 3000 per day. The transactions were slower and the checkout lanes weren't moving efficiently, and it was expected that customers would get impatient.

Existing software needed manual intervention/coding for existing customers, which was time consuming

It was leading Padmaja towards unsatisfactory customer experience, and they realized the need for business management software that would allow for faster checkout lanes, easier transactions and streamlined in-store management. Padmaja also realized that they

Maximize employee productivity that directly influences customer experience and revenues Automated promotion management that would seamlessly handle complex discounts Sales resources handling transactions instead of improving customer experience Efficiency between storefront and back office to be increased Need for intelligence on customer purchase behaviour

BUSINESS NEED Padmaja wanted solution to all their identified challenges, and additionally they wanted a scalable, future-proof technology platform. Their solution needs were: Real-time visibility to data from every level of the business that will aid in making strategic decisions Improve checkout rates with minimal key strokes for sales operations Information on customer buying behavior that would assist in promotions and offers Complete visibility on inventory status at any point in time Short implementation cycle and higher adoption rates

The technical support is excellent and the team is very committed. RayMedi RPOS has a vast range of features including reports, billing. The software saves times when there are too many customers in the queue for billing. The staff is comfortably able to manage cash, credit, offer coupons etc. while billing. I think we can easily realize our ROI within a quarter.


- Mr. Narendra, Manager, Padmaja Supermarket

Why RayMedi?

RayMedi Solution

RayMedi RPOS Supermarket Edition helped Padmaja in:

Padmaja did a thorough market study and wanted a partner who can offer a complete business management solution that takes care of their needs today and be able to scale up in the future as well. Padmaja wanted the solution to be easy-to-use and affordable that offers faster ROI.

GoFrugal recognized the enormous challenge of effectively managing the inventory, database, trading and accounting needs of Padmaja. GoFrugal Technologies realized that the ideal solution will be RayMedi RPOS Supermarket Edition. This is a time tested and proven comprehensive retail business management solution specially designed to overcome the challenges involved in inventory management, trading and accounting.

Managing the database of 6000 customers including 600 registered customers

GoFrugal spent time in understanding the customer's needs by studying their business model and their needs and did the implementation for them in a matter of days as opposed to weeks and months.

Identifying customer purchase history

RayMedi Supermarket edition was a perfect solution for all the needs of Padmaja. GoFrugal with robust technology, deep understanding of customer needs, and functional expertise in supermarket implementations, helped Padmaja streamline their business operations and manage transactions, processes and customer relationships better.

Managing the data of customers during promotional campaigns and helping in figuring out the success metrics of the campaigns Managing the inventory information of over 34000 products available along with supplier details Managing complex discounts, offers and promotions

Inclusion and automatic display of personal customer details like birthdays, anniversaries and other important occasions

RayMedi RPOS - Features

Secure POS

RayMedi RPOS Supermarket Edition


Customer Relationship Management SMS Alerts

Inventory Management

Promotions and Schemes

POS Accessories Touch Screen

Trading and Accounting


Mobile Application

Secure, Open Standard Messaging

RayMedi helps supermarkets maximize employee productivity by automating all their transactional needs, allowing them to improve and innovate on their customer service. This is helped further by the availability of accurate and real-time information.


- Vivek Gupta, Product Manager, GoFrugal Technologies

Results Effective customer management, improved and speedy customer service Drastic reduction in errors in the retailing process; reduced paperwork and administrative tasks Faster checkout lanes; efficient use of employee time Enterprise-scale technology at a smallbusiness price; faster ROI Better inventory management due to accurate and automatic recoding of all the inventory transactions Improved merchandizing Competing efficiently with larger players and ensuring customer loyalty This has allowed Padmaja to focus on its core strengths, which is servicing customers and improving sales as RayMedi takes care of all their transactional needs.

About GoFrugal GoFrugal Technologies specializes in retail, retail distribution and supply chain management solutions .GoFrugal solutions integrate computing, web 2.0, mobile, SMS, barcode, RFID and smart card technologies to provide comprehensive automation and collaboration among the entire trade and supply chain ecosystem, which includes suppliers, customers, partners, service providers, franchisee and franchisor among others. GoFrugal was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Chennai. GoFrugal has more than 10000 customers across India with sales offices in 30 locations.

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