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RayMedi Case Study

RayMedi helps Modern Computers expand retail operations and increase profitability.

CUSTOMER Modern Computers is the leading technology enabler in South India that offers innovative and extensive range of technology products and services to consumers and enterprises in the region. Modern Computers is currently operating 20 retail outlets in and around Chennai covering a total of approximately 30000 sq ft retail space. Number of retail outlets for Modern Computers has been growing at a rapid pace.

BUSINESS OVERVIEW AND CHALLENGES Modern Computers is an innovator in their field of operations. They wanted to increase their presence at a rapid pace based on the marked demands. Their business model was based on market intelligence that allowed them to expand in the suburban region as opposed to within the city to address a market that was waiting to be tapped. There were a number of technological limitations that affected Modern Computers from competing very effectively. Some of the challenges were: Lack of dashboard-level visibility into performance indicators they were doing it through time-consuming excel applications

Data that was available with the customer was not updated completely, resulting in untrustworthy data that cannot be utilized They did not have centralized data processing and easier access to information was not possible Details on customer buying and behaviour trends was not captured in any form The combination of these challenges translated into real problems for their management. Coupled with that, Modern computers' retail operation was growing at a rapid pace and was not easy to maintain and managing the total operations remained an issue. Towards addressing these challenges, Modern Computers wanted a retail solution that will allow them to run their operations smoothly and enhance their decision making ability.

BUSINESS NEED Towards addressing their existing challenges, Modern Computers wanted a solution that can address the following: Management visibility to solid, realtime data from every level of the business that will aid in making strategic decisions Sales team visibility to information such as sales by product and other trends Customer service personnel to track transactional information in real-time Intelligent transactional workflow that takes into account weekly offers and daily offers Customer buying and behavioural trends for promotions at a later point in time


Managing the total retail operations across all the branches was a huge issue. For connecting the whole operations, we deployed RayMedi solution, and now, I am viewing every single transaction from my desktop through online billing solution. K. Gopinath, CEO, Modern Computers

Why RayMedi? The criteria that Modern Computers had towards choosing the solution were this: The solution should be a good fit to the majority of their requirements It should be a good fit for their scalability requirements The solution should be user friendly The solution can be adapted to meet any additional requirements that they foresee in the future RayMedi suite of solutions was appropriate for each of their evaluation criteria and was the right fit for their needs. RayMedi helps them streamline their business operations and be tter manage products, processes, transactions and business relationships.

RayMedi Solution Initially, the customer was using standalone accounting software in all of their locations and it was too

cumbersome for them to operate with the limitations that it offered, for it doesn't allow serial number tracking, integration with CRM, and dashboard reporting. They wanted a better solution that would allow them to meet their needs and at the same time, be appropriate for their growing requirements. Hence RayMedi was chosen as the solution of choice. Some of the salient features of RayMedi Solution that was implemented for Modern Computers are: Extremely user friendly system through web 2.0 style integration that allows for better user adoption and better benefits for the customer There is very little difference between using RayMedi application and using a office business productivity tool in terms of simplicity Integration adapter ensures that purchase/sales details are pushed to the CRM, which helps our customers in targeted and point promotions Tracking of details is possible through usage of serial numbers, address, phone numbers, purchase date, model and any other captured information

For the initial set of 11 outlets, implementation was done by the professional services team of RayMedi. This implementation took us 4 weeks for all the 11 outlets and subsequent addition of stores can be done in a matter of few days. After the initial 11 outlets, customer's team is able to carry out the implementation themselves - solution is so user friendly that this is made possible Centralized reporting and availability of information across all branches Implementation of the following solutions from the RayMedi suite was carried out: RayMedi Retail POS RayMedi Head Quarters RayMedi NetTrade RayMedi Service Manager RayMedi Retail POS is implemented at all the retail outlets along with Ray Medi NetTrade. RayMedi Head Quarters and Service Manager were implemented at the head office which provides them with the centralized view of all the locations.

Store DB


RayMedi RPOS

Counter 3

Store 1

Counter 2 Counter 1

RayMedi Deployment Architecture

Warehouse DB

RayMedi HQ Server

RayMedi RPOS


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Warehouse Server

Client 2 Client 1


Store DB


RayMedi RPOS

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Counter 2 Counter 1

Store 2


There is a lot of money that is left on the table for retailers as they do not have real-time visibility to data. RayMedi helps streamline operations across retail locations that allows for better decision making and increased profitability. Kumar Vembu, CEO, GoFrugal Technologies

RayMedi Retail POS - Key Features

RayMedi Service Manager - Key Features

Order management - Taking order from any location and delivering it from warehouse

Real-time availability of information

Delivery tracking and damage management Flexible and comprehensive inventory classification, specific to each department Optimized inventory management matching supply and demand Schemes and offer management Accurate business closing with no margin for errors Support for multi-location stores 100% audit of all operations

RayMedi Head Quarters Key Features

Service manager for customer service executives

Availability of customer information which can be tracked by various parameters like address, phone number etc.

Success Implementation of RayMedi suite of solutions allowed our customer to derive the following benefits: Availability of real-time data and management of operating costs by the management Availability of transactions in real-time to analyze and understand product sales, customer trends and habits for the sales people Monitoring and managing outlet margins, shrinkage, loss prevention, and labour costs by outlet heads Overall, this has made our customer focus on their core strengths, which is procuring and selling of technology products. With the increased depth in data quality, predictability of our customer's forecasting has improved. It has also optimized their supply chain, and coupled with targeted promotions has impacted their bottom-line positively.

Secure, easy to use web-based platform Comprehensive rights management allowing users to view only information that are considered appropriate for them to view Comprehensive report features including dashboard view, and exporting to excel/html/pdf formats Inbuilt business intelligence that helps in decision making Financial accounting and auditing

About GoFrugal GoFrugal Technologies specializes in retail, retail distribution and supply chain management solutions. GoFrugal solutions integrate computing, Web 2.0, mobile and SMS technologies to provide comprehensive automation and collaboration among the entire trade and supply chain ecosystem including suppliers, customers, partners, service providers, franchise, franchisor among others. GoFrugal was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Chennai. GoFrugal has more than 8000 customers across India with sales offices in 30 locations.

RayMedi NetTrade Key Features Secure EDI based transactions for transfer of data Multiple automated communication options like ftp/http/email/direct dialup Intelligent data routing and data banking

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