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17th October 2016

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Issue 1

17th October 2016

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Issue 1

Letter from the Editor Welcome to the first edition of the Greenwich Free School Newspaper! This newspaper is the first of its kind at GFS, and I am very excited to see it flourish week by week. Along with the Sub-Editor, we have pieced together this very exciting first edition of the paper and hope that enjoy reading it just as much as we enjoyed making it! But first for some information on what makes up this newspaper. The GFS Newspaper is part of the Student Union, a broader, more effective form of GFS Voice. Student Union is split into four sections: Raising and Giving; Student Leadership; Sports Captains; and finally the GFS Newspaper. Now, the name GFS Newspaper isn’t what Lauren and I had hoped for in the name for our newspaper, so we are opening up the floor to suggestions for names from anybody who would like to make one. So if you have a good idea for what we should call our newspaper, please tell Lauren, Ms Ngakane or myself. Happy Reading! Giacomo Bognolo Editor of the GFS Newspaper

Letter from the Sub Editor I am so excited for the first issue of the school newspaper. I have had a lot of fun editing the newspaper with the Editor and I am glad that we can now share the work of everyone in the newspaper committee as well as your achievements and other articles. Enjoy! Lauren Boakye Sub-Editor

Black History Month 17th October 2016

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Issue 1

Black History Month is an important social event which is celebrated around the world. At GFS, students learn about significant figures who have stood up for black rights in America, but that’s not the whole story. Whilst these figures are significant and important, there is more to Black History Month than just a figurehead. Black History Month is about celebrating all the lives affected by the advancement of black rights across the globe, from being discriminated against to being free independent citizens. And that is exactly what we plan to celebrate at the Black History Month festival! There will be singing, dancing, speeches, poems, fashion and more at this incredible event! Our students have been hard at work organising this event, designing posters, writing and rehearsing their speeches, practising their dances and preparing their poems, with the Raising and Giving Society organising the whole event. Tickets will cost £3 per adult/child or the group package which is £10 for 4 people. The event will take place on the 20th October 2016 from 6:30pm-8:30pm. The proceeds from this event will all be donated to a charity called HEDUKS (Healthcare and Education for Disabled and underprivileged Kids in Africa) which will then donate it to a school for disabled children in Cameroon called Kikaikelaki, which Miss Ayunifor (the new head of MFL) has donated money to. Furthermore, there will also be the option for students to come dressed in cultural clothes from any culture, as well as the option for pupils to wear all black! The fee for this is £1, which will be paid at morning line-up. This will be a great opportunity to show off your roots, and also get out of uniform for a day! As Editor of the Student Newspaper, I have seen how hard the Raising and Giving Society has worked on this incredible event, with the President, Rashida, and the Vice-President of Raising, Ashleigh, and the Vice-President of Giving, Nathan, dedicating an immense amount of time towards the Black History Month event. Miss Ayunifor has also dedicated a huge amount of time to this event, and has helped set it up, using the experience of this event at her previous school as a basis for GFS’s take on it, so that it is guaranteed to be a huge success. 17th October 2016

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Issue 1

By Giacomo Bognolo

Everything Apple Apple.Brought to life in 1976 by Steve Jobs and has been thriving ever since. From the first generation of iPhones in 2007 to the revolutionary invention of the iPhone 7 in the September of 2016.With this Apple have released a brand new operating system, IOS 10, which has said to be the best yet. To accompany the iPhone, the second series of the Apple Watch which was also released in 2016 is the perfect companion which has some amazing features. In this Techno Time review we will be exploring the wonders of these apple products. iPhone 7 Price range: ÂŁ599-ÂŁ799 The price varies due to the different storage capacity options (32GB, 128GB & 256GB).

17th October 2016

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Issue 1

Design The IPhone 7 comes in silver, gold, rose gold, black and jet black. The colour ‘jet black’ is a new colour which Apple introduced with the iPhone 7. The screen is still 4.7 inches with a 1334 x 750 resolution display and has a 25% brightness boost. Previously the iPhone had a headphone jack for ear pods but Apple have removed the headphone jack (so that the iPhone could be thinner at 7.1mm) and have provided ear pods with a lighting cable connector (so that you can use the charging port to use the ear pods). However Apple is going to release “Air pods” which are wireless ear pods. Air pods are quite expensive as they market for £159.

IOS 10 has brought some amazing new features which make our lives easier and are pretty cool. 17th October 2016

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Issue 1

IOS 10 brings new features to the messaging app. When using imessage, the messaging app now allows users to:

Convert words into emojis Add animations to text bubbles Handwriting capabilities and personalisation Fullscreen iMessage animations Images or text can be concealed behind an invisible message also known as “invisible ink� Tapback feature to quickly and visually respond to a message New stickers on iMessage speech bubbles Search for images and videos in the messaging app Website preview in Messages iOS 10 also has added to 3d touch which was first seen in iPhone 6s. 3d touch allows users to access information from inside an application. Also 3d touch allows users to complete quick tasks. For example in the camera app you can take a selfie, 17th October 2016

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Issue 1

record video, record slo-mo, take a photo, take panorama or record time lapse. The emojis in iOS 10 have changed as well and Apple has added some new emojis. There is more of a variety so you can express how you feel. Other features The iPhone 7 has a new home button and a longer battery life. It is 2x as fast as iPhone 6 and it is water resistant. This is a new edition to iPhones as previously iPhones were not water resistant.

Apple Watch series 2 Price range: ÂŁ369-ÂŁ1,299 The price varies due to the different straps and the type of metal it is made from. The Apple Watch comes in 4 different editions, Sports (which is a standard apple watch with a sports strap and aluminium case), Nike+, Hermes and Edition. There 17th October 2016

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Issue 1

are two case size options (38mm and 48mm) which also add to how much it will cost. In series 2 a brand new operation system has been issued (watch os 3).

Apple Watch Nike+ The Nike+ Apple Watch is collaboration with Nike and Apple which have created an Apple Watch which can be used to enhance your exercise experience. This Apple Watch has an exclusive Nike sports band which wasn’t in series 1 of the Apple Watch. This Apple Watch features a built in GPS which tracks pace, distance and route so that users can run without an iPhone. With the brightest display that Apple has ever made it makes much easier to see the screen, no matter the weather. It is also water resistant up to 50 metres which is excellent for swimming. The vibrant coloured, two-tone, lightweight band, which is available in 4 different colours, has better ventilation and sweat management than the previous Apple Watch sport band. This Apple Watch 17th October 2016

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Issue 1

features two exclusive watch faces which are only available on this Apple Watch. Apple watch Edition The Apple Watch edition is very stylish and a new edition to the Apple watch family as it wasn't featured in series 1 of the Apple Watch. This Apple Watch is plated with white ceramic with a ‘cloud’ sports band. The 38mm version costs £1,249 and the 42mm version cost £1,249. In series 1 of the Apple Watch, Edition Watches cost up to £17,000 and were plated with 18 carat gold. Apple Watch Hermés Apple Watch Hermés is collaboration with a Paris Fashion brand Hermés. This edition is only available in series 2 of the Apple watch. The professional, stylish wrist strap, which is available in 3 different designs, is exclusive to these watches (unless you purchase the wrist strap separately). The Apple Watch is quite expensive reaching as high as £1,549 which is the most expensive watch in the Apple Watch series 2 range.

Apple Watch Sports

17th October 2016

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Issue 1

This Apple Watch is a standard Apple Watch which is plated with an aluminium case. The light weight bands are available in different vivid colours which suit every mood. There are many different combinations of aluminium cases and straps which can be personalised for everyone. By Lauren Boakye and Archie Wilson

Sports Section Photo taken by Madison McDermott

17th October 2016

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Issue 1

HOUSE SPORTS Greenwich Free School’s Year 8 Sancho boys in for a challenging fixture in a house sports game against Nightingale. Upcoming: Volleyball Competitions and year 7 and 8s sports athletics.

How the football leagues in the school look like now: Leagues Teams ( Year 7 Boys ) Nightingale 7 Boys Waugh 7 Boys 17th October 2016

Positions 1st 2nd Page | 12

Issue 1

Harrison 7 Boys Sancho 7 Boys Teams (Years 8 Girls) Harrison 8 Girls Nightingale 8 Girls Sancho 8 Girls Waugh 8 Girls Team(Year 7 Girls) Nightingale Harrison Waugh Sancho

# 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 0 1 1 1 2

Team GP W Man. City 7 6 Tottenham 7 5 Arsenal 7 5 Liverpool 7 5 Everton 7 4 Man United 7 4 Chelsea 7 4 Crystal Palace 7 3 West Brom 7 2

3rd 4th Positions 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Positions 1st 1st 1st 4th

D 0 2 1 1 2 1 1 2 3

Standings L GFGA GD PTS 1 18 7 11 18 0 12 3 9 17 1 16 7 9 16 1 1810 8 16 1 11 5 6 14 2 13 8 5 13 2 12 9 3 13 2 11 8 3 11 2 8 7 1 9


7 2 3 2 7 6 1



7 2 2 3 1213 -1 8

Leicester City 7 2 2 3 8 11 -3 8

17th October 2016

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Issue 1

1 3 1 4 1 5 1 6 1 7 1 8 1 9 2 0


7 2 2 3 6 11 -5 8

Burnley FC

7 2 1 4 5 9 -4 7

Hull City

7 2 1 4 7 14 -7 7

Middlesbrough 7 1 3 3 7 10 -3 6 Swansea City

7 1 1 5 6 12 -6 4

West Ham

7 1 1 5 8 17 -9 4

Stoke City

7 0 3 4 5 16-11 3


7 0 2 5 6 13 -7 2

“House Sports has got off to a blistering start under the guidance of our Sports Captains Lulu Ayodele and Rueben Odulawa. Whilst completing the Sports Leaders course during Enrichment, and gaining valuable skills in how to organise and lead groups of students in sporting activities, Lulu and Rueben have led all the House Football competition`s. Next week the Year 8 boys take part in their competition. House Cross Country has also been happening in core PE lessons, with some fantastic performances and demonstrations of all the school values. Special mentions must go to Josh Perry (Year 9) for his incredible growth shown to complete the course, Alimamy Mansaray (Year 9) for not only winning the Year 9 competition by a considerable margin, but completing another lap to try to break 17th October 2016

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Issue 1

the school 1 lap record, and Banita Sira (Year 8) for her training over the holidays every day to maintain her excellent level of fitness. The current standing in the House Sports competition is as follows: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Harrison 466 pts Sancho 408 pts Waugh 381 pts Nightingale 356pts “

Ms Gould.

GFS INTERVIEWS The GFS Sports section has been out and about the school trying to find an answer to why Sports is so useful for young athletes. Here are some words from Mr Scafe: And not only did Mr Scafe have a say, so did Mr Eurasie: ‘Sports will boost your fitness and is fun to all playing depending how long you do it, I believe that fitness is crucial when playing games like football! Therefore, that is why young athletes should get interested in sports!” By Zak Jama, James Philpot and Travis Cruse

17th October 2016

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Issue 1

Photo taken by Madison McDermott

Health section Why shoud you eat fruit and veg?

17th October 2016

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Issue 1

Fruits and vegetables provide health benefits and are important for the prevention of illnesses. Vegetables are rich in vitamin A and C which is good because vitamin C helps the bone, blood vessels, connective tissues and skin, as on the other hand, vitamin A helps the digestive system. A Fact for Teachers Did you know that apples have high carbohydrate, vitamin, and mineral content which means they have the perfect storm of nutrition to help you stay energized all day? How can sports benefit you? Playing sports helps you gain skills that can best be acquired on a court, track, field or life skills. Some of the health benefits of playing sports include the efficient functioning of the heart, controlled diabetes, lower cholesterol levels, improved blood circulation, lower hypertension, and lower stress levels. It helps in weight management, the toning of muscles and the strengthening of bones. Playing sports is a favourite activity for many people around the world. It provides us with enjoyment and also freshens up our mind. However, playing sports is actually more than mere running, jumping, or kicking a ball on the field. Indulging 17th October 2016

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Issue 1

in sports helps our body to function smoothly and more efficiently. Sports involve the activity of each and every muscle of our body. This strengthens the body and promotes good health. How to keep a healthy diet? It is important to keep a healthy diet to restrain diabetes or high cholesterol levels. A variety of food is needed in the diet because different foods contain the different substances that are needed for health. These are nutrients, water and fibre. A healthy diet is made up from a variety and balance of different foods and drinks, as depicted in the Eat well Guide Fruit and vegetables are part of a healthy, balanced diet and can help us stay healthy. It's important that we eat enough of them. Evidence shows there are significant health benefits to getting at least five 80g portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables every day. That's five portions of fruit and veg in total, not five portions of each. “Importance of five a day� Five reasons to eat five portions of fruit and veg 1.

Fruit and vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals, including folate, vitamin C and potassium.

17th October 2016

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Issue 1


They're an excellent source of dietary fibre, which can help to maintain a healthy gut and prevent constipation and other digestion problems. A diet high in fibre can also reduce your risk of bowel cancer.

3. They can help to reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and some cancers. 4. Fruit and vegetables contribute to a healthy, balanced diet. 5.

Fruit and vegetables taste delicious and there's so much variety to choose from.

Fruit and vegetables are also usually low in fat and calories (provided you don't fry them or roast them in lots of oil). That's why eating them can help you maintain a healthy weight and keep your heart healthy. To get the most out of your 5 A DAY, your five portions should include a variety of fruit and vegetables. This is because different fruits and vegetables contain different combinations of fibre, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Almost all fruit and vegetables count towards your 5 A DAY. They can be fresh, frozen, canned, dried or juiced. Potatoes, yams and cassava don't count, because they mainly contribute starch to the diet.

17th October 2016

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Issue 1

Can food and exercise help you? Sports, exercise and even help you live. Percentages show us that a lack of exercise cause as many deaths as smoking. Over 30% of cancer can be prevented by avoiding tobacco, alcohol, having a healthy diet and physical activity. Food facts! One can of soda a day can increase your chance of type 2 diabetes by 22% which is really bad. Skin cancer occurs more than lung cancer because of indoor tanning beds than smoking. On average people, the ones that argue more live longer, by doing so the tension increases immunity and boost their health. Half an hour of exercise or physical activity every 6 days can reduce 40% of a risk of dying. Broccoli has twice the amount of vitamin C than an orange. Broccoli has almost the same amount of calcium in milk. Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, which is good for the prostate and building the immune system. They contain fatty acids that kill parasites. Exercise Facts! Exercise, like walking can reduce the chance of a person of getting breast cancer by 25%.Eating meat can increase your body’s biological age. You can 17th October 2016

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Issue 1

lose 20% more fat by exercising in the morning with an empty stomach. Exercise can boost your brainpower. Working out sharpens your memory by increasing the production of cells that are responsible for learning and memory. If you exercise 45 minutes a week it will you from aging. A scientist cracked his knuckles for 50 years to prove that it doesn’t cause arthritis. By Danny Huynh-Nguyen and Josh On

Fashion Fashion before wasn’t taken seriously, people wore things that made them feel shy and 17th October 2016

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Issue 1

unconfident. Over time, people started developing ideas about how clothes should hug the body and loads of ideas that have come out from different people all over the world. These ideas have now been developed, created and sold to many shops. Brands like Jimmy Choo, Ralph Lauren, Nike, True Religion, Versace, Gucci, Burberry and loads more that now have become extremely popular.

Victoria Beckam Inspiration to Fashion Victoria Beckham is an English businesswoman, fashion designer, model, singer and still manages to raise 4 children. Victoria launched her career in 1993 when she became a member of the Spice Girls. Victoria began her career as a singer but her true passion lied in fashion. She designed her own line of Jeans VB Rocks for Rock and Republic in 2004. Next she started her own book on fashion advice ‘That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between’ in 2006. Victoria then 17th October 2016

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Issue 1

further established herself by launching her on designer sunglasses range followed by her own line of jeans.

Cara Delevingne: -Fashion ModelCara Delevingne models for many companies like Burberry, Vogue, Victoria Secret and many other magazines. She then wanted to purse her career even further by doing other things she loved doing such as: singing and acting. Cara became a very high fashion model at a young age. Through time, Cara dated and became friends with some celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and many more. She was also known for her funny poses 17th October 2016

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Issue 1

and expressions she did on camera. She also became the top envy for great eyebrows among women. Sadly, she outgrew modelling because it did not flow with who she was and is a non-flexible and straight-laced world to be in. She had enough power and a massive and dedicated following from millions of fans, who wanted her to star in a movie and she did… She started acting films like ‘Suicide Squad’ ‘Paper Towns’ and others. She also started performing with singers live on stage and she really enjoys it! Kanye West: -Inspiration to FashionKanye West's influence on how men dress today is undeniable, from the beginning to current day, where his obsession lies more with plucking the coolest trends off the runways of Haider Ackermann, Raf Simons, Balmain, and Givenchy. West is rarely the very first to do something in music or fashion, but he takes the best trends that were bubbling below the mainstream and enshrines them on the top of a Yeezus-sized mountain. While there were plenty of rappers before West who were interested in style, few have tried to present a women's collection during Paris Fashion Week. He collaborated with Louis Vuitton, Nike and Adidas. You could easily argue he has made it cool for a generation of men to be interested in style and fashion. By Georgia Galabova and Macy Pavey 17th October 2016

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Issue 1

“Locker room talk” Recently Donald Trump’s ‘locker room talk’ was shared with the whole nation, where he had said that because of his power he could essentially grab a woman in any inappropriate area, he had also said women want him because of how powerful he is so he can do whatever he wanted with them. A lot of the girls in the session were deeply heartbroken and disgusted by Donald Trump’s comment and felt like this would permit other men to touch women in inappropriate ways because ‘Trump did it’. We also spoke about pick up artists, they are men who train other men on how to get a woman and manipulate them. We learnt about a particular pick up artist named, Roosh V he believed only men should own private properties, they should never take advice from women and the idea of women being put on earth to ‘push papers in the office’. I believe these views are a form of misogyny, however there are thousands of men around the world who listen to this man, go to his seminars and talks to gain information on how to get a woman (he eventually 17th October 2016

Page | 25

Issue 1

became banned from entering Australia), there are thousands of pick up artists today ‘training men’ and I think this is why feminists are getting further and further away from achieving the equality they are seeking. In the last five years 11,000 cases of honour killings were reported in the UK. Honour killings are homicides of a family member by another member of the family due to marrying outside their culture and beliefs/sex outside marriage/refusing to enter an arranged marriage. Every 7 seconds a girl under the age of 15 are getting married. This conference helped me realise that the struggles I believe I am facing today are not struggles when being compared to girls who are forced into marriages with older men and being killed by theirso-called loved ones because they have refused to follow the conventions of their culture. Although, I would not call myself a feminist I love the concept of empowering women: old or young, to fight for their rights and make a stand. -Lulu Ayodele, 10 Nightingale

International day of the child 17th October 2016

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Issue 1

On the 11th October, the Greenwich Free School joined Eltham Hill to celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child. “How can one affect change in the world when only half of it is invited or feel welcome to participate in the conversation?”- Emma Watson This day was to show that the female gender deserves equal rights just like males do. On the day we had many different guest speakers, including Caroline Criado-Perez: a feminist activist and journalist, and Lesley Burges: a volunteer speaker for Amnesty International. There were a range of workshops to choose from, from people such as Piek Up Artists where we discussed how certain men abuse or take advantage of women to others like Women in Theatre where we learnt about different women actors.

-Nigella Kabengele, 10 Nightingale Teacher Banta We decided to manage a sub-section of the student newspaper revolving around the side of teachers we don’t normally see. Teacher Banta will be a monthly section of the newspaper where we will interview teachers about things not many people know about them. -Mr Knight17th October 2016

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Issue 1

When is your birthday? “I won’t tell you the year but the date is the 18th of January.”

Have you got any Secret Skills? “I like climbing but apart from that I consider myself as a quite boring person.”

What is your opinion on drugs and alcohol? “I have a strong view about drugs. There is now a fairly strong body of evidence to support the claim that taking drugs in adolescence will lead to long-term mental health issues such a psychosis and schizophrenia.”

What is your opinion on Donald Trump? “I think he is an extremely dangerous individual who appears to be gaming the system and is intent on destroying the American democratic process. It would be very sad if he got elected as president!”

What was your favourite show as a kid? “I can’t really remember as I was not allowed to watch TV from the age of 7-18 as I was in boarding school.” By Emiliano Sanchez and Milo Palmer-Brown

17th October 2016

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Issue 1

17th October 2016

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