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It’s Holiday Time!

Invite GFS Marketplace to your

Holiday Party! We make entertaining easy

Serve your guests restaurant-quality food that is delicious and convenient! Our friendly staff is always on hand to help you plan the perfect party—whether you need product suggestions or quantity calculations—we make planning a party easy.

Visit for tips that will make your celebration one to remember! recipes • presentation tips • and more!

GFS Marketplace ®

Party Planning Solutions for All Your Needs With GFS Marketplace®, planning for the holidays has never been easier. There are many factors that make a celebration great; below are a few questions to consider that will help you plan your event.

Let’s Get Started

All the Little Details

• How many people are you expecting? If it’s a small group, consider a family-style meal. A larger group would make a buffet-style meal more appropriate.

• What time is the party? Food choices may vary based on the time of day. Quiche, fruits, and juices are great for brunch, while sandwiches and finger foods are better for afternoon parties.

• Do you plan on cooking and serving everything yourself? To make sure you have time to mingle with your guests, you might want to ask family or friends to serve. If your guest list is more than you feel comfortable serving, consider hiring a caterer. • What is your budget? Don’t forget that your food menu may require other incidentals, such as tents, linens, tables, and chairs.

Plan the Perfect Menu • Is the party casual or elegant? Everything from appetizers to drinks will be decided by the tone of the party. • What type of food are you planning to serve? Consider breakfast, appetizers and hors d’oeuvres, a full meal, or maybe a dessert-only menu. • Are there any special accommodations that you need to make for your guests? Make sure to ask if anyone has food allergies, or special dietary needs. • What is the age mix of your group? A wide age range may dictate the type of food you serve. For instance, children might like pizza bites, mini hot dogs, or macaroni and cheese. • How will the food be served? Buffet or sit down? Make sure you have a good mix of handheld foods, or think about sit-down dinner menus—do you have the appropriate dinnerware, linens, or table décor? Visit for more great tips and menu ideas from GFS Marketplace!

• Will the party be held indoors or outside? Your food, décor, and time of the party can revolve around the setting. • Will you need to keep the food hot or cold for periods of time? If so, where or how will this be done? Consider chafer sets, outlet locations, and if you’ll have enough refrigerator space. • What type of extras do you need? Decide if you’ll use disposables, or rent tableware, linens, or tents. Also, don’t forget your servingware like bowls, serving spoons, and dishes!

“GFS Marketplace has been my favorite store for about three years. They have the best selection for me, offering several choices of each product, which makes my shopping experience fast and easy. You get high-quality food, which is not always offered at other stores, at competitive prices.”

Stephanie P., Louisville, Kentucky

Easy solutions your holiday party! Delight your guests with restaurant-quality food products that will leave them believing the whole party was catered. Best of all, you save time and money with easy-to-prepare items in value-sized packaging that stretches your food dollar and satisfies everyone!

Hot and Convenient

Keeping It Easy

If You Like to Create

Heat-and-serve prepared items eliminate all the prep work for you! Our wide selection includes everything from meatballs, cocktail franks, mini hor d’oeuvres, breaded appetizers, and egg rolls, to our many prepared entrÊes like pulled pork, chicken, and fajita meat.

Quick and easy solutions like delicious cheesecakes, brownies, shrimp, croissants and rolls, cream puffs, and more! We also have pre-made veggie trays, ready-toserve fruit, and meat and cheese cube trays.

If you prefer to make your own dishes, we have fine ingredients available from fresh produce and dairy to delectable seasonings, spices, and sauces. Display your favorite creation with one of our many serving trays, bowls, or dishes.

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Pre-cooked meatballs made with a tantalizing blend of the freshest, leanest beef and savory spices. Add one of our sauces to make it a meal!

Step up the elegance with our succulent and savory prime rib. Pre-cooked for your convenience.

Party Favorites Handheld foods like tasty egg rolls and soy sauce are a finger-licking party favorite!

Trays and Treats with a Twist Customize your party trays with quality meats, cheeses, fruits, and mini desserts. Choose your favorites to show your creative flair!

Always in season!

Sensational Seafood Ready-to-serve shrimp always make a great appetizer or main dish. Choose from peeled and deveined, peeled and un-deveined, EZ Peel®, or shell on.

Mini quiche and hors d’oeuvres are a party staple—always easy and irresistibly tasty!

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Tasty Appetizers Mushrooms, chicken wings, cheese sticks, and onion rings are available for pop-in-your-mouth convenience! Treat your guests to tempting desserts with our smooth and creamy cheesecakes. Serve the same quality desserts that are used in fine restaurants!

Ready-To-Serve Party Trays Ready-to-serve party trays are a quick and convenient solution. Choose from veggie trays; meat, cheese, and cracker trays; and shrimp rings. These quality items are available at a value you can appreciate.

Heat and Serve Sides

There’s more time for your family and guests with these ready-to-go side dishes. Simply heat and serve to deliciously compliment your entrée.

Menu Wizard Computerized Menu Planner

Plan your menu in


easy ways

Custom Requests Are

Quick & Free

Our free Menu Wizard menu planner helps you determine exactly how much food to buy for your party size. You don’t have to worry about having enough food! 1. Select from dozens of our favorite pre-built menus. Choose from an Italian buffet, dessert bar, bridal brunch, or many other options.

- or -

2. Create your own menu! A Store Associate can help you walk through the store with a handheld scanner and calculate your costs on the spot.

Looking for something special? Looking for that special cut of meat or exotic seafood for that special occasion? We can Express Order what you need.

Want more than you see on the shelf? Through our Express Order program, you can get as much as you need by the case.

Selecting The Right Products Saves You Time ITEM

Portion Guide




Plan on an average of 1 lb. of food per person.


3 lb. can

Approx. 300 servings

4 ounce portions of 4 food groups equals 1 pound per person.


12 oz.

Approx. 133 servings


200 ct.

Approx. 200 servings


5 gal.

Approx. 106 servings


64 oz.

Approx. 128 servings


1 gal.

Approx. 250 servings


1 gal.

Approx. 250 servings

Salad Dressings

1 gal.

Approx. 64 servings

4 ounces of Meat Examples: Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef, Meatballs, Chicken, or Fish *For a sit-down meal, 6–8 oz. of an entrée is recommended.

4 ounces of a Potato or Salad Examples: Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Macaroni Salad, or Scalloped or Au Gratin Potatoes

4 ounces of Another Vegetable Examples: Green Beans, Carrots, Corn, or Mixed Vegetables



4 ounces of Dessert



Approx. 8 servings

Sheet Cakes

12" x 16" tray

Approx. 36 servings

Examples: Pies, Cakes, Mixed Fruit, Puddings, Gelatin, or Ice Cream


12" x 16" tray

Approx. 48 servings


12 lb. avg.

Approx. 32 servings

Prime Rib

12 lb. avg.

Approx. 19 servings

Split Top Round

8 lb. avg.

Approx. 21 servings


5 lb.

Approx. 13 servings

Turkey Breast

8 lb. avg.

Approx. 21 servings


5 lb.

Approx. 13 servings

Chicken Wings

5 lb.

Approx. 15–20 servings

Cocktail Franks

3.33 lb.

Approx. 50 servings


10 lb.

Approx. 50–60 servings

Meats - Sliced

2 lb.

Approx. 8 servings

Cheese - Sliced

5 lb.

Approx. 80 servings

Cheese - Cubed

1 lb.

Approx. 15 servings

Dill Pickle Spears

.5 gal.

Approx. 25 servings

Number of People to be Served

Pounds of Each Food Group

20 People

5 lb.

40 People

10 lb.

60 People

15 lb.

80 People

20 lb.


Hors d’Oeuvres

Sliced Meats & Cheese

Relish/Cheese Tray

100 People

25 lb.

120 People

30 lb.

160 People

40 lb.

Med. Black Olives

#10 can

Approx. 60 servings

50 lb.

Relish Pack

5 lb.

Approx. 25 servings

Stuffed Man. Olives

.5 gal.

Approx. 100 servings

Vegetable/Spinach Dip

2.75 lb.

Approx. 44 servings

Canned Fruits & Veg.

#10 can

Approx. 27 servings

Gelatin Molds

4 lb.

Approx. 16 servings

Lettuce Salad

3 lb.

Approx. 21 servings

Mixed Fruit (frozen)

5 lb.

Approx. 20 servings

• Anticipate which items will be most popular, and serve more than suggested. For example, shellfish appetizers are always popular, so serve as many as your budget allows.

Ready-Made Salads

10 lb.

Approx. 40 servings

Hot Sides

3 lb.

Approx. 12 servings


2 lb.

Approx. 32 servings

• The more choices you offer, the smaller your calculation of individual portions should be.

Chip Dip

3 lb.

Approx. 48 servings

Nacho Cheese

#10 can

Approx. 50 servings

Nacho Chips

3 lb.

Approx. 48 servings

Potato Chips

3 lb.

Approx. 48 servings

200 People

The above numbers are based on average consumption.

Side Dishes

Here are some tips for estimating portions for your event. • Always round your estimates up, not down.

• Add “bulk” items to your menu. For a sit-down dinner, have plenty of bread to fill in any hungry spots. When hosting a cocktail party, nuts, olives, pretzels, etc. provide security that you’ll have enough for all without extra work.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


If for any reason you find that a product doesn’t meet your expectations, bring it back for a full refund.


For a location near you, visit our Web site at Our Customer Service Team can assist you Mon.–Fri. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST toll-free at 1(800) 968-6525.

It's Holiday Time  

Holiday Party Planning Guide

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