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the interperation of fragments

artistic and poetic revelation of expression

GEORGE FREDERICK NASH artist | designer | poet

artist statement:

FRAGMENTS OF WHOLENESS One lovely day, my wife shared with me a statement by Erskine Peters. “Although I understand that I am a biological and cultural fragment of Africans, Europeans, and Native Americans, I have no problem with wholeness due to being made of fragments. That’s because I perceive the axis of my being to be the human essence, not the ethnic or racial essence. Those first generations of my African ancestors, who experienced fragmentation and dispossession, were self-sacrificing and philosophical enough to frame a legacy for me (us) upon which we could establish and maintain a sense of wholeness and human integrity while under siege. If we’re too foolish to use the sacrifices that they turned into a legacy of wisdom for sustaining our wholeness, a legacy passed on in the spirituals, the folktales, the blues, jazz, gospel and all – then that’s our fault! It’s our fault if we opt for nothingness after all the torment and hell those earlier generations went through.” This statement speaks to the very essence of my work. It helped me to understand fragments of my wholeness. These fragments provide inspiration to explore expression. Everyday, I attempt to interpret the fragments of my journey. Always trying to understand the way I draw, paint, print, design, photograph or rip paper. I am, just now, realizing how important my experiences and influences are to my existence. Struggling with the personal acceptance, my work allows me to discover and explore me. These fragments help me to respect the legacy my ancestors struggled to build for me. Through contemporary expression, I present my interpretation of fragments of wholeness.

Contact George Frederick Nash 1018 Cumberland St. Apt. 16 Little Rock, AR 72202 T. 501.850.5948 E. W.


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George Frederick Nash | 7

Growing up in the delta,

George “Frederick” Nash

was around many creative influences. Some people may think that the delta has no creative inspiration. But Frederick’s artistic spirit was sensitive to the beautiful landscape. Observing the rows in a cotton field, playing the keys of an organ or drawing feathers of a bird are some of the things that inspires Frederick’s expression. They have allowed him at an early age to explore his creative passion. One of his first influential experiences in artistic expression is the day his mother gave him a sketch pad and some pencils. He found unlimited possibilities in drawing what he sees. The exploration of his home town Dumas, Arkansas, provided a world of inspiration. From the gravel roads to the cotton gins to the John Deere Tractors, Frederick discovered how life flows poetically. Being the second oldest of 4 siblings, Frederick was consistently trying to find his own voice. He was always experimenting with different creative disciplines. Frederick was privileged to express his musical voice through the piano and organ. He was

1995 to start his professional career. He worked for several printing companies. There he learned about the ins and outs of the print business. He also learned about building effective communications, product development and customer relationships. These experiences provide a foundation for Frederick to start his own firm. Visual Engineering – A Graphic Design Studio was the firm Frederick started in 2003. While in business, Frederick worked with such clients as Premier Funeral Home, AC Dixon & Associates, Murphy Marketing, Harlem Lyrics, BCD, Geoff Duran, Triple B Events & Services, Courtney Marketing & PR and MCG Records. Frederick also designed and developed several successmagazines. Frederick realizes that his experiences ful print In 2008, Frederick decided and influences are simple fragments that to go back into the work force. He landed a job with Perfect 10 make up his wholeness. Satellite where he is currently employed. He serves as production associate in allowed to explore his scientific voice through scicharge of catalog design and layout. While workence and computers. And he discovered his abing here, Frederick has received the 2010 Visionary stract voice through poetry. But the one creative Award for marketing and employee of the month for voice that stayed constant was the visual arts. September 2010. This job gives him an opportunity After graduating from Dumas High School, to learn about the corporate environment. The enviFrederick attended Arkansas Tech University where ronment at this company fosters innovative thinking he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic in leveraging effective design. Design. While attending there, he was exposed to How do you express diversity? How do you be many things that help build his creative intelligence. original? How do you interpret inspiration?…These Printmaking, graphic design, photography and are questions Frederick finds challenging. He is sculpture are avenues that he used to explore his consistently trying to understand the process of his passionate thinking. They were pathways for him creativity. Looking for new and old ways to express to discover artists such as Jackson Pollock, Georgia his voice, Frederick realizes that his experiences and O’ Keeffe, Andy Warhol and Jacob Lawrence. They influences are simple fragments that make up his have influenced Frederick’s creative prospective. wholeness. One can easily determine that he emFrederick moved to Little Rock, Arkansas in braces his passion for creative expression. 8 |

artist resume:


• Arkansas Tech University • Bachelor of Arts • Russellville, AR • December 16, 1995 • Dumas High School • Diploma • Dumas, AR • May 17, 1991 Professional Training • Next Level Training Network • Entrepreneur Program • September 16, 2002 • Kinkos • Digital Printing Concepts • January 27, 1998 • US Screen Printing Institute • Dark T-shirt Printing • August 1996


• 2007, The Rebirth of Interpretation, Medium Art Gallery • Little Rock, AR • 2002, Recent Works, Dumas Community Theater • Dumas, AR • 2001, Prints, Gallery 26 • Little Rock, AR • 1999, Prints, The Hot Springs Arts Center • Hot Springs, AR • 1999, Recent Works, Gallery 26 • Little Rock, AR • 1996, Genesis, Arkansas River Valley Art Center • Russellville, AR


• 2011, Fragments of Wholeness, Gallery 26, Little Rock, AR • 2010, The Christmas Show, Gallery 26 • Little Rock, AR (Also, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2007,2008) • 2009, Little Rock Art Week, Peabody Hotel • Little Rock, AR • 1997, The Home Show, UALR • Little Rock, AR • 1997, Under Pressure, Arkansas Arts Council • Little Rock, AR • 1995, Student Art Exhibit, Dean Hall, Arkansas Tech University • Russellville, AR • 1995, Student Art Exhibit, Arkansas River Valley Art Center, • Russellville, AR • 1995, Arts in the Park, Sponsored by ARVAC • Russellville, AR • 1995, Senior Art Exhibit, Witherspoon Hall, Arkansas Tech University • Russellville, AR


• 1996, Small Works on Paper, Arkansas Artists Registry Arkansas Arts Council, Traveling exhibits throughout Arkansas • 1995, Collegiate Competition, Honorable Mention Arkansas River Valley Art Center • Russellville, AR • 1994, Collegiate Competition, Honorable Mention Arkansas River Valley Art Center • Russellville, AR • 1993, Collegiate Competition, Arkansas River Valley Art Center • Russellville, AR


• 2010 – Perfect 10 Visionary Award for Marketing • 2010 – Perfect 10 Employee of the Month for September • 2004 - ACCSD Outstanding Brochure Award • 2002 - Next Level Training Network Best Motivator Award • 1998 - Kinko’s Digital Printing Concept Award • 1996 - Agricola Service Award Outstanding Cover Design • 1991 - Dumas High School Art Award | 9

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This collection is featured in the poetry book “The Gathering of My Leaves”. It is a series of compositions that is inspired by the leaf. “The Painting of My Leaves” is a journey through the emotions of the spirit. | 11

title: Strange Cargo | Medium: Digital Mix Media

12 |

title: Butterfly flow | Medium: Digital Mix Media | 13

title: Relevant Rhythm | Medium: Digital Mix Media

14 |

title: Family Tree | Medium: Digital Mix Media | 15

16 |

PANIO STORIES “Piano Stories” is a collection of work that is inspired by the piano. It is an instrument I grew up playing. One of the first songs I learned to play was “Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross”. It was the opening song to Sunday school. This experience inspired the artwork “Sunday’s First Song”. | 17

title: Orginal Tone | Medium: Acrylic 18 |

title: Butterfly Note | Medium: Charcoal on Torn paper | 19

title: Sunday’s First Note | Medium: Acrylic on Torn Paper 20 |

title: Abstract Truth | Medium: Digital Print on Torn paper | 21

by: George Frederick Nash

Like water that runs down the river vine, I can only flow in one distinctive mind. Flowing with rhythm, color and passion, Creating moments of vivid attraction. Attracting souls of a passionate nature, Who yearn to experience life with rich flavor. Experiencing the trinity of life, Taking no part in the world’s strife. So I create For those who want to partake, In the essence of timeless existence, Building connections with no human resistance. One line, In one time, Living to be free. To be distinctively me.

George Frederick Nash - A Portfolio of Expression  

This publication highlights some of Frederick's work. It showcases his passionate style and point of view. The painting of my leaves and p...

George Frederick Nash - A Portfolio of Expression  

This publication highlights some of Frederick's work. It showcases his passionate style and point of view. The painting of my leaves and p...