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no risk of rewetting the grain. The system is based on the making Conclusion of constant conditions under which grain storage is easy, natural, The system has demonstrated for nearly 50 years to be the safe and profit earning. most natural and cost-effective way to preserve grains, seeds and There are many direct savings and benefits related to a correct perishable granulates during storage. A low grain temperature not chilled conservation. only reduces the product vital metabolic activity but also most of The most important are: the troubles of storage without control. • Avoiding fumigation, it means operation cost savings and safer Typical users of chilled aeration are from small farms with as product. little as 100 metric tonnes storage up to the largest plants with • Less weight loss, in other words higher product output at the storing capacities of 100,000, 500,000 and even more. end of storage time. Rice mills, flour mills, feed mills, malting plants, oilseed • Higher product quality, it means a higher selling price. crushing plants and grain storage facilities can all benefit from • Higher head grains after the milling process. This point is Conserfrio® technology. especially important in the rice industry. One of the key points in the successful chilled grain conservation • Energy saving in the drying process. It is possible and safe is experience. Consergra has many decades of experience and is to store product with slightly higher moisture content if grain a pioneer in the application of chilled aeration for many products, temperature is low. A drying-cooling combination achieves with units installed in many countries all over the world. relevant energy savings. Over the years, Consergra has gained lots of experience in All of these benefits give a very quick payback of the capital the bulk preservation of products such as paddy rice in all its investment in the chillers, typically varieties and lengths, cargo rice, milled rice, maize, achieved in one or two years. wheat, barley, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, cotton Table 1: Weight loss of grain during storage Conserfrio® system is suitable seeds, beans, soybeans, green coffee beans, nuts, to Case Grain name just a few. to be used in silos (made of metal temperature To benefit both human and animal health, as or concrete, flat bottom or conical weight loss, MT well as the environment, grains and seeds must be bottom) and warehouses, not needing Product Corn responsibly treated as if they were the finished food. additional civil works. The cooling Amount 1000 MT Consergra is a Spanish company. The units need electric energy only, and Moisture 15% manufacturing plant is stablished near to Barcelona, replace traditional aeration fans. The Storage time 3 months where the machines are designed and manufactured chilled, dry air is introduced into the Chilled grain 10°C 0.5MT keeping most accurate control of all fabrication silos through existing ducts. steps. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified In warehouses, the chilled air may be Temperate grain 20°C 6 MT for the design and manufacturing of industrial and introduced through ducts placed under Non-chilled grain 30°C 9 MT agricultural machines. Conserfrio® is the registered or over floor. In both cases a ducting Non chilled grain 40°C 30 MT system must be previously installed. brand of the Consergra coolers. 86 | August 2017 - Milling and Grain

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