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Swan Flour Mills Hull

New Flour Warehouse, Swan Mills

of a single sieve purifier. The scalping was done on the third floor with Simons rotary sieves working on the first and second break chops and Simon’s double horizontal centrifugals on the third and fourth. The flour dressing was all done on 40 three-sheet Simon centrifugals on the top floor, placed two high, giving a very neat arrangement. The system of milling might have been regarded as a long one, but it was longest in break roll surface and purification. The view of the four grades of flour, and the divisions being made, proved not only was the machinery perfect, but also well handled. The wheat-cleaning house, or ‘grain laundry’ as it was called was very interesting. There were two large Simon washers and three Simon whizzers, two Simon rotary separators, a divider for feeding cylinders with equal streams of wheat, Simon’s dustless milling separator, 24 cylinders, four columns of conditioning apparatus, with hot and cold air fans and air heater. There were also two “Monitor” scourers and two “Victor “ brush machines. An unusual novelty in the department was the covering on one of the Simon whizzers. It was apparently very difficult to describe, but basically the edges of the perforations were such that whatever water passed them could never enter the internal casing again. It was patented to Messrs Henry Simon Ltd of Manchester. The report suggested that millers who had trouble with whizzer covers should see this one. The floors of the new warehouse, 144 feet long by 44 feet wide, were of maple and were put together with secret nailing, the surface being quite nail-less and the boards would not splinter like those made from red wood. The provender mill was as spacious as an ordinary ten-sack flourmill, and contained eight pair of millstones and oat rolls.

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(Two Complete Flour Mills) On the instructions of the Directors of Jas Bowman and Sons Ltd following the cessation of flour milling to concentrate on their food ingredients business Piecemeal (subject to conditions of sale and unless sold previously)

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• Heat Treatment Plant (Supplied by Buhler and commissioned late 2000) Capacity up to 1.9TPH and 16,000 tonnes per annum. • Roller Mills, Sifters, Bran Finishers, Purifiers, Screeners, Plan Sifters Impact Mills, Scourers, Pneumatic Lift Systems, Weighers, Dampener Dryer/Cooler, Decorticator, Entoleters/Disrupters, Hammermills by Buhler/ Satake/Simon etc • Modern Flour Blending Plant including Buhler Three Tonne Ribbon Mixer • Cleaning Plant including:- Disc & Gravity Separators, De-Stoners Concentrator, Indented Cylinder, Stabiliser & Steamer, Cylinder Separator Table & Paddy Separators • Sack Packing Equipment, Palletiser, Silos/Bins, Conveyors, Mill Spares & Equipment etc etc Bidding: Closes from 11am Wednesday 4 and Thursday 5 October 2017 View:

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