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Bentall Rowlands Storage Systems Limited talks grain storage

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ith over a century of experience in the design, quality and installation of grain storage systems, Bentall Rowlands Storage Systems Limited is a leading UK manufacturer in complete storage and processing equipment for the agricultural and industrial markets. They offer a wide range of galvanised steel silos and hoppers, water tanks, catwalks and platforms, material handling equipment, cleaning and grading and weighing and drying systems that are assembled worldwide. Their engineering and technical expertise combined with continued focus on customer satisfaction places them in a strong position to capitalise on the expanding market in storage systems. With the capabilities to design, manufacture, supply and install storage systems from an extensive range of products, they provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions, which can be designed to any specific clients’ requirements. Bentall Rowlands have designed and installed silos worldwide, including the UK, Kenya, Thailand, Germany, Holland, France, Ukraine, Malawi, New Zealand and many more.

60 | October 2016 - Milling and Grain

Kevin Groom, Technical Director stated recently that, “Our storage systems are individually designed for all clients. Each project has a bespoke design that is sure to match, if not exceed client expectations. We are extremely proud of the projects that we have undertaken in many challenging areas, proving that whatever the specification, we are sure to provide the most suitable design necessary.”

Silo Design

There are a number of reasons why each silo/project is a bespoke design and it simply comes down to the fact that not every customer or area is identical. Geographical conditions have a huge part to play in the design of silos (e.g the application of the latest Eurocode norms in Europe) as do climate conditions (influencing aeration and long term storage practices) and site limitations. As the world’s population increases we are finding that the projects are becoming closer to cities and towns. This brings with it a new dimension where we have to take into account the impact the project will have on local areas. Not only the increase in local traffic, but also dust and noise pollution is becoming more of an issue. When starting any new project, the first round of meetings with a customer always proves to be the most important. Great

OCT 2016 - Milling and Grain magazine  
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