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Maxi-Lift Inc.’s HD-STAX

PRODUCT FOCUS JULY 2016 In every edition of Milling and Grain, we take a look at the products that will be saving you time and money in the milling process.

The HD-STAX is Maxi-Lift Inc.’s patented, stackable elevator bucket designed for long life, more capacity, improved reliability, and optimisation of shipping and storing costs. The HD-STAX is designed to stack (nest) together, and results in almost three times more buckets per box, skid and container significantly reducing the unit cost of shipping to international destinations. The HD-STAX also features thickened wear surfaces that give the bucket fantastic durability and performance. The smooth surfaces of the bucket aid in excellent fill characteristics and smooth discharge to eliminate performance issues found with other bucket designs. The HD-STAX is available in 23 sizes from 5X4 to 18X8, and is manufactured from virgin HDPE material to meet FDA food grade standards. The HD-STAX is stocked by distributors on five continents for quick delivery around the world.

Infratec NOVA- Grain Analyser for grain and flour Infratec NOVA is the ‘best- in- class’ whole grain analyser using globally recognised near- infrared transmittance technology to simultaneously test multiple parameters (moisture, protein, oil, starch, etc) in a broad range of grain and oilseed commodities. Offering unparalleled levels of speed and usability, Infratec NOVA can test grain at rates up to 20 percent faster than other NIR solutions. True networking and identical instruments reduce instrument management work required for consistent results throughout grain receival networks. There are optional modules for flour analysis, test weight and flexible sample handling.


The following products are a select range, all relating to the grain processing and storage element of PIX AMC, which demonstrate the wide variety of useful technology and inspiring innovations on display for attendees

Mixolab, for a simple and complete control of flour quality Evaluating dough rheological performance is an essential part of flour quality control, to help ensure the smooth running of the manufacturing process and the quality of finished products. For example, water absorption determines economic performance and technological behaviour of the dough, mixing behaviour impacts its development, and starch retrogradation influences the shelf life of the finished product. The Mixolab 2 measures the dough rheological characteristics during mixing while assessing the quality of the protein network, amylase activity and starch gelatinisation and retrogradation properties, from 50g of flour. For this, the device applies a heating/cooling cycle to the dough and records the torque produced by the dough between the two blades. The Mixolab 2 also features a tool called «Profiler» that converts the curve obtained into 6 qualitative indexes for the user to quickly identify if the flour is in accordance with the specifications. 42 | July 2016 - Milling and Grain

Evidence Investigator The Evidence Investigator, the multi-analyte screening analyser from Randox Food Diagnostics, utilises patented Biochip Array Technology to ensure that the detection of mycotoxins is accurate and efficient, offering laboratories comparable results to that of LC-MS/MS. The semi-automated analyser allows the user to simultaneously screen up to 10 of the world’s most prevalent mycotoxins from a single sample of grain or feed. This offers major efficiencies in comparison to traditional methods, including minimal sample preparation and significant cost savings, without compromising on quality. The analyser uses unique image processing software to translate a light signal generated from the chemiluminescent reactions which take place on the surface of the biochip. Specialist software, designed in-house by Randox Food, then translates data into a quantifiable result per toxin. Combined with an extensive globally trusted screening portfolio, the Evidence Investigator analyser forms a powerful tool for any laboratory or testing facility.

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