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Performance trials proving the potential of Rovabio® Advance to save three percent AME and dAA

energy level of the diet, a consistent improvement of three percent AME, three percent dAA and P and Ca availability has been proven. Many trials evaluating the performance and carcass parameters of broilers based on reformulated diets for a reduction in nutrient level confirm that, with the addition of Rovabio® Advance, AME and dAA content in feed can be reduced by three percent, ensuring the same performance (FCR and BWG) compared with a positive control diet (see graphics). Thus, Rovabio® Advance is the only feedase, the perfect combination of enzymes, to improve the availability of all nutrients of the feed, whatever the type of diet.

Unique benefits

The product is now authorised in most parts of the world

and is available in different forms (powder at 50g/MT of feed or liquid at 100 to 200mL/MT) to fit various feedmill applications. “This is a major innovation for the feed industry, leading to an unmatched reduction of costs and reduction of nutrient losses,” says Frank Chmitelin, Vice-President of Global Sales and Marketing Director. With a potential to replace three percent of the AME and digestible amino acids, Adisseo offers the possibility to decrease the feed cost by €12/MT of feed treated with Rovabio® Advance. In a feedmill producing 100,000 MT of broiler or turkey feed per year, Rovabio® Advance generates an extra margin of at least €300,000 per year compared to former generations of NSP enzymes.

The future today! Introducing a new generation of pellet mills, with intelligent roller control.

The future of feed mill technology is here today. Introducing the CU Dynamic pellet mill, facilitating an optimized operation and production rate. The motor-operated roller adjustment represents more efficiency and real savings on maintenance. The intelligent active roller slip control virtually eliminates downtime caused by roller slip: a major leap forward in pellet mill technology. If you’re looking for an example of future-proof and state of the art technology from Van Aarsen you need look no further than the CU Dynamic pellet mill.

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