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We can expect more from new generation NSP enzymes


by Caroline Marandon, Enzyme Product Manager EAME, Adisseo

hanks to an extensive research program achieved by its experts in bioengineering and monogastric nutrition, Adisseo found a solution to get more from NSP enzymes. With Rovabio® Advance, the first “Feedase”, the total digestibility of feed vegetable fraction is improved by 3 percent whatever the type of diet. This article is the opportunity to come back to the mode of action of NSP enzymes and explain why we can expect more nutrients, especially from corn, thanks to innovation. When NSP enzymes were introduced to poultry feed about 20 years ago, the main objective was to reduce digesta viscosity induced by winter cereals. By degrading non-starch polysaccharides, NSP enzymes could also save a significant amount of energy, so the reformulation approach began with

significant feed cost savings. So for the last 15 years, the link between NSP enzymes and energy cost savings is well established in the mindset of nutritionists. Today we know that NSP enzymes could do more, in terms of digestibility enhancement, beyond the only energy criteria. Current products, especially multi-enzymes can already increase the digestibility of amino acids but there are still biological limiting factor that make nutritionists quite conservative when it comes to amino acid reformulation with NSP enzymes. And yet, the challenge of tomorrow is the supply of amino-acids. Now the new generation of NSP enzymes is available: The newly launched NSP enzyme from Adisseo, Rovabio® Advance, allows to extract more from the feed again!

Increasing digestibility of feed by removing the cage effect of NSPs

We always talk about NSPs in grains without knowing exactly

Figure 1: The by-products of NSP degradation then may have some positive effect on the lower gut, but on the first stage, the priority is to open the cells and get the maximum of what is inside

42 | June 2016 - Milling and Grain

JUN 2016 - Milling and Grain magazine  
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