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by Albert Middeke, President and owner of the Arnold Company “The ‘Rhino’ Railcar Vibrator Lifter removes the danger of lifting, attaching and removing heavy railcar vibrators. “Although very beneficial, railcar vibrators typically weigh between 6585lbs (30-40kg), making the task of lifting and maneuvering them quite unsafe for one person. “The Rhino is powered by a pneumatic motor which operates a smooth and powerful hydraulic system designed to safely and easily adjust the vibrator height and angle with simple joystick controls. This enables a single user to easily lift and align the railcar vibrator to attach and remove it from the railcar pocket. “The vibrator and the lifter operate off of the same pneumatic line, allowing the user to simply switch air power from the Rhino’s hydraulics to the pneumatic vibrator with the touch of a lever. Custom brackets allow the lifter to be used with either roller vibrators or piston vibrators. Email: Website:

Electro-Sensors Inc by Rick Eller, Sales and Business Development Manager, Electro-Sensors Inc “As crop production and facility automation increase, requirements for hazard monitoring systems to quickly and accurately detect and report equipment failures also increase. This is especially critical where undetected warnings or slow responsiveness may lead to catastrophic losses of human life or plant equipment. “Traditionally, bearing temperature warning and shutdown values were fixed and did not compensate for fluctuating environments or seasonal temperatures. The HazardPRO TM wireless system solves this by adding ambient sensors in combination with equipment temperature sensors to minimize false alarms while immediately notifying of legitimate warnings to ensure equipment is safely managed. “Grain elevators incorporating HazardPRO utilize ambient sensors on each side of the tail and head sections to continuously monitor temperature changes and adjust warning and shutdown set points real-time and in direct proportion with the current conditions. The resulting benefit of ambient compensation is increased plant safety with fewer invalid nuisance alarms.” Email: 4B Components Ltd

by Brian Knapp, Vice President – Electronics Division of 4B Components Ltd “The Milli-Speed is a two-wire loop powered 4-20 mA analog output sensor. It is designed to detect belt slip, belt under speed, stop motion, low speed or zero speed on bucket elevators, conveyors, airlocks, fans and other rotating machines. “The Milli-Speed is set to the machine’s normal running speed by simple magnetic calibration. During calibration, the 4-20mA linear output signal is automatically scaled for zero speed (4mA) to full speed (17mA) with over speed detection (20mA). Unlike other 4-20mA sensors, the output signal of the Milli-Speed is consistent over different shaft speeds, which eliminates PLC or DCS programming errors. “The Milli-Speed is Class II Division 1 Groups E, F & G approved for hazardous dust environments. Additionally, 4B’s SpeedMaster™ can be used to verify the calibration of the Milli-Speed to ensure that the alarm and shutdown features of your entire system are working correctly.” Email: Website:


by Scott Hudson, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, BinMaster “Simple, yet sophisticated bin monitoring that tracks real-time temperature development, grain moisture trending, early spoilage detection (CO2), and level indication can now be achieved using a single cable. “The All-in-One cable is a breakthrough advancement in grain monitoring that saves money and simplifies installation while providing precise digital reporting for a variety of silo and grain conditions. A single cable can monitor temperature, grain moisture, silo head space moisture and if desired, integrate a CO2 sensor option. It can also give an approximation of the level of grain in the silo. “Data is sent to the Crop-Protector™ Manager software for a complete overview of conditions for each silo, with a matrix view of the entire operation. The All-in-One system allows you to monitor temperature, grain moisture, spoilage protection (with optional CO2 sensor) and control of your aeration fans and roof vents from a single software. Email: www

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