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F “we’ve got the tools to make it.” Going forward, Mr Cave also added that they do have other options such as Form Fill and Seal type products and products in boxes. “Where we are different to many is that we use very high quality strong flour with Canadian. If consumers are going to go to the trouble to make bread at home they will want it to be very good quality – otherwise why bother?” said Mr Wright. But the type of flour that they use isn’t the only method that Wright’s are using to ensure that their customers are opening their ovens to great results, every time.

Home baking club

According to David Wright, their customers should be rewarded with a “guaranteed good result,” and “a wow factor,” otherwise our customers just wouldn’t bake their own products. One way that Wrights are ensuring that this remains the case is by establishing their own home baking club. Wright’s home baking club, currently enjoys a combined membership in excess of over 150,000 keen home bakers. “So it is happening out there,” added Mr Wright, “people are interested in home baking, it clearly is very popular.” The home baking club is currently operated by two people in the sales office, who “take calls and get people signed up.” Members can expect a calendar, a recipe book and a wealth of shared information, and they are there to help with any queries. “The idea was always that we wanted to have a relationship with the consumer, not just with the retailer,” Mr Wright said. By talking directly to the consumer and by supporting their baking concerns, David Wright believes they are building up brand loyalty and that by interacting so reliably with their customer base, Wright’s “have got half a chance of hanging on to them.”


Much of G R Wright and Sons Ltd product ranges now seem to be geared towards the premium markets. However, much of what we saw on our visit to both Wright’s sites reflects both David Wright’s and Alan Cave’s dedication to delivering the wow factor to their customer base with handfuls of efficiency and buckets full of pride. Whether they are preparing a massive order for a baking leviathan like Warburtons, or a small bag of scone mix for a

48 | March 2016 - Milling and Grain

Above: the recently built 12 000 square foot warehouse at Ponders End Below: Wrights also produce a range of speciality bread and cake mixes all now made in their new purpose built factory at nearby Delta Park

member of their baking club, it is very evident that Wright’s dedication to attending to every detail is present throughout their entire production process. Right from lorry to loaf, the quality can be seen and experienced. Although it is undeniable that Wright’s do have a very rich history, their future also looks incredibly exciting. With the continued success of their pre packaged or “value added” facility at Delta Park, Wright’s definitely have the tools, the space and the knowledge to see them well for many more years to come.

Mar 2016 - Milling and Grain magazine  
Mar 2016 - Milling and Grain magazine