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Moisture Tester MT-CA The Brabender® Moisture Tester MT-CA uses the drying chamber method (compliant to ISO 712, ICC-Standard Nr. 110/1 etc.) and determines the loss in weight of the sample material, which results from drying.

PRODUCT FOCUS MARCH 2016 In every edition of Milling and Grain, we take a look at the products that will be saving you time and money in the milling process.

Its new web-based MetaBridge® software can be accessed by a simple browser log-in from any end device, e.g. from a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. From anywhere in the world, several authorized users can retrieve measurements simultaneously. Furthermore, the software allows the MT-CA to be interconnected with other USB compatible Brabender® instruments.

vibronet® dampening system vibronet® Gräf GmbH makes the impossible possible by eliminating long cereal tempering times with its patented vibration dampening technique. This scientifically proven method ensures an increase in total yield and bright flours. The German Federal Research Institute of Nutrition and Food as well as machines in operation worldwide prove optimal temper times of 4 hours for soft and 6 hours for hard wheat. A surplus of up to 1% more total yield and up to 1.6 % more white flour yield can be achieved. In feed processes, it improves flake quality and increases gelatinization. In addition, vibration dampening raises semolina output in corn- and durum milling. The vibronet® dampening system can be easily combined with the online moisture control and water dosage VIB-MMS©, the continuous scale VIB-SMW©, and the online VIB-SMC© temper time control just before the first break B1. All vibronet® equipment is designed by an experienced miller for millers to make day-today production processes easier.

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Integrated bulk logistics

En-masse elevator

Isar by Indus is the ideal solution for efficiently packaging, storing and transporting bulk goods per cubic m3. This system is also extremely suitable for storing goods for longer periods without their quality being affected. You are able to utilise your storage capacity optimally because Isar can be stacked up to four high.

The well proven Guttridge En-masse elevator is a versatile machine which can be configured in many different ways, making it ideal where material feed and factory layout restrictions apply. The all steel split box construction, with precise laser cut flanges (to provide accurate dust tight section joints) provide unrestricted flow of material. Manufactured in mild steel with painted or galvanised finish (optional stainless steel). The En-masse conveyor chain construction is single strand with welded skeleton flights of various types to suit the characteristics of the materials being handled. It is assembled with the flights projecting towards the outer wall of the casing. Product is normally conveyed on the ‘bottom’ run of the casing. This arrangement provides unrestricted flow of material at the outlet, a desirable feature in an En-masse conveyor. However, the principle of operation of the en-masse elevator precludes the machine being self cleaning, but provision of cleaning flights when required can improve the cleanliness of the enmasse elevator machine. 42 | March 2016 - Milling and Grain

Mar 2016 - Milling and Grain magazine  
Mar 2016 - Milling and Grain magazine