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Health Safety


Making employee health and safety your highest priority lobal Industries, Inc recently announced that two of their divisions were honoured at the annual conference of the Great Plains Safety and Health Organisation. MFS/York/Stormor was named as a silver award winner. Additionally, Nebraska Engineering Company (NECO) was named a bronze award winner for their continued efforts and improvements in creating a safe work environment for their employees.

Global safety priorities

At Global Industries, Inc. safety is the highest priority, and that message is continually communicated and reinforced throughout the company and its various divisions. Global Industries has always taken the position that safety is not just for manufacturing employees to practice or upper management to be concerned about. It is a function that everyone is responsible for, and this message is continually reinforced through ongoing training and education that includes, but is not limited to the following actions and processes:


Frequent safety training is scheduled at all Global facilities, and encompasses all levels of employment. Manufacturing personnel sit alongside upper level managers when attending these in-depth training sessions so all employees understand the importance of safety and the proper safety requirements and procedures at every installation.


Weekly Safety calls are conducted with all facilities and the Global Vice President of Manufacturing to review any safety56 | December 2015 - Milling and Grain

related matters and discuss any changes in procedures or policies to insure and/or enhance employee safety. Comprehensive internal safety audits are conducted annually at all facilities by the divisional safety coordinators and the Global Vice President of Manufacturing. Voluntary Department of Labor safety audits are conducted approximately every three years. Every division and corporate meeting begins with a report on safety – There are no exceptions! All meetings. Active employee safety committees, made up of employees from all departments and levels, have been created at each Global facility Safety competitions in conjunction with governmental Safety and Health Organisations are held at all Global facilities. Safety investigations and specific safety communications are spread across the entire company when an incident occurs to prevent any “like and similar” incidents. A safety coordinator is on site at each facility, reporting to the Division General Manager and the Corporate Vice President of Manufacturing Safety Business Operating System in place with discrete metrics and goals for each Division.

Dec 2015 - Milling and Grain magazine  
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