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Feed formulation software A review for ruminant, aquatic and poultry


by Dr Pratiksha Saxena Department of Applied Mathematics and Dr Rajkumar, Gautam Buddha University, India

he livestock and animal industries are important parts of a country’s economy. A number of industries ranging in size are based on animals and animal products. Development of these industries is directly dependent on the animals’ diets. The ingredients in the form of food consumed by animals on daily basis, are termed as an animal ration or animal feed. Formulation of animal ration is a process that involves combining different nutrient ingredients in such an efficient manner to provide sufficient

38 | October 2015 - Milling and Grain

amounts of energy and nutrition to animals at different stages of metabolism and production. This article presents a summary of feed formulation software. Content is divided into three categories: for aquatic animals, for poultry and for ruminants. A description and comparison of various software is provided, explaining the features and uses of each software.

Feed formulation

Animal ration should be formulated in such a way to fulfill the energy requirements of animals. This is one of the basic needs of livestock management and for industries based on animal yields. Different kinds of animals have various energy requirements

Oct 2015 - Milling and Grain magazine  
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