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Modern meets tradition at Molino Quaglia Molino Quaglia is a modernly equipped mill that feels an obligation to both family tradition and quality.


by Thomas Ziolko, Bühler AG, Grain Milling

he northern Italian mill has been relying on Bühler as its technology partner for years. The Quaglia family owners are enthusiastic about the recently added Maia bagging station, due to its easy operation, low cleaning requirements and the new sealing system. Molino Quaglia is a special mill in several respects, beginning with the founding of the mill over a hundred years ago. At the age of 13, Antonio Quaglia left his home in northern Italy, where his parents ran their traditional mill operation since 1856, and built his own mill just south of Padua. The truly unique part: The small stonegrinding mill floated on two rafts on the Adige River (the Fuime Adige in Italian) and was driven by the water over the mill wheels.

Industrial mill

In 1937, Molino Quaglia moved from the river to solid ground in the commune of Vighizzolo d’Este. Under the guidance of Annito Quaglia, the family-operated business grew into an industrially operated mill that often stood out within the Italian milling sector because of its innovations. For instance, in 1986, Molino Quaglia was the first Italian mill to install a grain roasting facility. The siblings Lucio, Chiara and Andrea Quaglia took over the management of the family business in 1989. As the first mill in Italy, they had Molino Quaglia certified step-by-step and successively expanded the production lines.

Partnering with Bühler since 2007

In 2007, Molino Quaglia purchased its first machinery from Bühler, a Primus/Ventus grain cleaner for pre-cleaning grain that had been delivered. The Quaglias immediately noticed improvements in the production capacity as well as the flour 74 | Milling and Grain

quality. Other Bühler machinery followed, such as a Light Peeler, the high-capacity grain cleaner VEGA, a Sortex color sorter and finally several Antares roller mills. In 2011, the Quaglia siblings selected the Bühler company to deliver a new automation solution which would merge all plants in the Molino Quaglia under one central control system.

Maia bagging station

Molino Quaglia’s partnership with Bühler is continuing. Based on the good experiences they had with the machines from Bühler, Molino Quaglia decided to purchase a new Maia MWPG bagging station as part of its refurbishment of the filling station. The compact machine has been in operation at Molino Quaglia since August 2014 and is primarily used for bagging whole wheat, bran and wheat germ in 12.5 and 25 kilo bags. These products comprise about 10 percent of the company’s sales.

Gluing instead of sewing for paper and woven polypropylene bags

Molino Quaglia is using paper bags and woven polypropylene bags for its product. The customer requested from Bühler a reliable closing station where bags would be glued and not sewn shut. “The adhesive closure of the Pinch closing station has proven itself excellently,” stated Andrea Quaglia. “The main advantage of the adhesive seal compared to the sewn closure is the lower maintenance costs and easier operation.” The new station has been working with high reliability since it started up. Quaglia’s specifications have been met for sealing both paper and polypropylene bags.

Easy operation

In addition to dependability, Andrea Quaglia emphasises the easy operation and time-saving maintenance of the new bagging

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The August 2015 edition of Milling and Grain magazine

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