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Designing a resilient future: Food, technology, and sustainable development



pack-Ima is among the most attractive international exhibitions for suppliers of technology and materials for processing and packaging. It will be held May 19-23 2015 at Fieramilano, Milan, Italy. Ipack-Ima is a large system exhibition showcasing the very top solutions in food and non-food sectors for industry professionals; in particular it is world renowned for its display of dry pasta technology. A rich programme of meetings, conventions and seminars will flank the global event for the duration of the five exhibition days: these events will have a common keyword, sustainability. More than 40 events have been already scheduled focusing on the main issues and trends of each business community. “Designing a Resilient Future: Food, Technology, and Sustainable Development” is the central theme of Ipack-Ima and will be developed – in concordance with “Feed the planet. Energy for life” – (the theme of the Expo 2015) - through an international convention scheduled on May 20th 2015 and organised in partnership with UNIDO and the UN Food Agencies. The main issue under discussion is sustainability, the leitmotiv of all side events to the 2015 shows, and the conference aims to enhance the possible evolution of food technologies in the future. Following a tradition of prominent chairmen who are key figures in the industries represented at the show, Ipack-Ima’s Chairmen for 2015 is Marco Pedroni, Chairman of Coop Italia (the largest retail chain in Italy, with a turnover of 13.1 billion Euros, and a 19 percent market share). In the lead up to this much anticipated event, Milling and Grain magazine spoke with both Mr Pedroni in his official capacity as Chairman and Guido Corbella, CEO of Ipack-Ima about what this must attend event has to offer. 48 | Milling and Grain

Milling and Grain talks to the President and CEO of IPACK IMA to find out why this event will be critical for the future of the milling industry by Olivia Holden, Milling and Grain

Marco Pedroni, President of Coop Italia and Ipack-Ima As chairman of Coop Italia, the largest retail chain in Italy, what do you believe to be the main consumer concerns regarding fresh food? Food production and distribution are a great opportunity for Italy’s economic system. Italy boasts an incredible variety of wine and food products and an unparalleled culinary tradition famous around the world. However, Italian companies are not equally able to organise an efficient supply chain and export this remarkable heritage; the Milan Expo is a crucial chance to make that quality leap in our agro-food system. As Italy’s leading distributor we are committed to this goal and have been putting in place partnerships centered on Italian food with other European and international retailers. Our main concern is to make good, safe food accessible to everyone. Quality and safety must be accessible to all population ranges at a fair price, including to the less wealthy in developed countries and to the poor everywhere in the world. Packaging is a fundamental part of this concept of food accessibility, safety and quality. Can you tell us a little bit about your background in the food industry and what you believe your contribution to Ipack-Ima as this year's president will be? Coop Italia is not just a distributor of consumer goods; it’s also a leading producer. Our private label with its two product lines represents 30 percent of Coop’s total sales, and is one of the key

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