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CoreClarity® In-Powering People & Teams™ Program • • •

Do you want to easily identify an individual’s core talents? Are your employees actively engaged and productive each and every day? Would you like to utilize the full potential of your team? The CoreClarity® In-Powering People & Teams™ Program is designed for you!

An individual’s core talents are those recurring patterns of thought, feeling and behavior that are determined by the basic ‘hard-wiring’ of the brain. CoreClarity® provides a disciplined approach to identifying and understanding an individual's core talents and how those innate competencies affect daily decisions, career choices, learning preferences and motivations, as well as how they drive personal and professional relationships. At the group level – whether a leadership team, work group, branch office or company - the collective strengths of the individuals determine the potential competitive advantage of the group. CoreClarity® shows you how to tap into this powerful, yet often latent, reserve of talent. The CoreClarity® Program is offered in two or three phases to maximize learning potential: Strengths Philosophy In a one hour optional session, CoreClarity® introduces Strengths Philosophy, how talents are developed, and ways they can work for and/or against a person. All participants receive the book Now, Discover Your Strengths by Buckingham and Clifton, and are instructed to take the web-based Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment. Individual Focus CoreClarity® analyzes assessment results and provides clear and visually stimulating charts depicting each individual’s unique combination of talents. During four hours of content presentation, discussion, and exercises, participants gain awareness of their own and other’s individual talents, and their greatest potential areas of improvement. Group Competitive Advantage In the next four hour session, CoreClarity® provides content on the practical application of talents, points out areas of group synergy and potential conflict, and shows how integration of the CoreClarity® Framework can result in increased productivity. Exercises centered on maximizing the talents of the team in various scenarios give participants a chance to tap into the power of strength-based assignments. By using the CoreClarity® propriety software, customized analysis, and the In-Powering Program, you and your employees will: ¾ Identify, define and understand your own innate talents, as well as those of others ¾ Increase the ability to understand and manage interpersonal relationships and the dynamics of group interactions ¾ Map your organization's competitive advantage based on the innate potential of the collective group ¾ Raise productivity and improve the bottom line by increasing the percentage of engaged workforce CoreClarity, Inc. P.O. Box 863692 Plano, TX 75086-3692

(972) 612-0413

Why Are Strengths So Important? The Gallup Organization Employee Engagement Index consistently indicates less than 30% of the U.S. workforce is “Engaged” in their work. According to Gallup, these employees work with passion, feel connected to their employers and are responsible for the innovation and growth of the business. They are using their natural talents on a daily basis and are up to ten times more productive than the average worker.

Engaged Not engaged

29% 17%

Actively Disengaged


The average worker - just over half of the workforce Gallup U.S. Workforce Engagement Poll, is “Not Engaged” in their work. They are just showing April 2005 up and going through the motions, putting time - but no energy or passion - into the job. These workers are doing what it takes to get by, but are not moving the company forward. The remainder of the workforce is “Actively Disengaged” – the proverbial square peg trying to fit into a round hole. These employees miss an average of 3.5 days more than the rest of the workforce and they detract from the productivity of the others.

The rewards for moving just 1% of the “Not Engaged” workers into the “Engaged” category: 60%



50% 40%

40% Not engaged 54%



20% 10%

Engaged 29%

Not engaged 53%


Actively Disengaged 17%

Engaged 30%

Actively Disengaged 17%

10% 0%


# Employees 25 100 500 1,000

Percentage Increase 1% 1% 1% 1%

Increased Productivity* $40,000 $160,000 $800,000 $1.6 million

*Based on $40,000 average comp package and estimate that engaged employees are five times as productive as not engaged employees.

Let CoreClarity® give you a clearer and deeper understanding of how individual talents can positively impact employee engagement, personal and professional growth and relationships, and corporate success.

CoreClarity, Inc. P.O. Box 863692 Plano, TX 75086-3692

(972) 612-0413

CoreClarity - In Powering People and Teams  

A strength's-based discover program for individuals and teams wanting to maximize their performance.

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