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Why You Should Depend On Porter Cable Tools And Parts - Porter Cable 7424XP _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Benjiman Raad -

Power tools are one of the most common fixtures in homes across the country, stored and widely used in garages, worksheds, and workshops. Hardware stores these days carry an impressive selection of power tools, through which buyers can browse to their hearts' content--and there are plenty of people out there who have a deep interest in power tools, preferring certain brands over the rest and knowing exactly why it is superior to the others out in the market. Of these power tool brands, one that has stood the test of time and proven its excellence is Porter Cable. Porter Cable is backed by a rich history, having marked its centennial in 2006. The company was founded by three men--Porter, Porter, and Cable--who initially broke into the market by building tools, gradually switching to power tools eight years after the company was born.

What Is Porter Cable 7424XP

In 1926, the company launched the first portable belt sander, which made work a lot easier for sanders and signaling that Porter Cable was to become a major force in providing portable power tools. The Great Depression didn't faze Porter Cable, and as a matter of fact, it even grew further by buying up tool companies on the brink of bankruptcy.

Today, Porter Cable remains at the top of the list of the best power tool brands, borne out of its reputation for manufacturing durable products, which it has held for a century now. So it doesn't come as a surprise that many people--from those who perform professional construction jobs to those who simply use power tools for quick and simple repairs around the house--rely on Porter Cable for their power tool needs. These power tools are built to last, but you need to perform maintenance on Porter Cable parts to ensure that the tool itself remains in excellent working condition. Overuse of the power tool can run each part ragged, and will eventually call for replacement. Make sure to look at your manual to see the tool's replaceable Porter Cable parts and check out Porter Cable's website to find out where you can purchase the parts you need.

Time has tested and proven that Porter Cable's products are reliable and sturdy, but it helps to keep your power tools in good condition as well, and to replace Porter Cable parts as needed. Keep in mind that you should always use original Porter Cable parts in your tools to ensure that they work properly and eliminate any chances of malfunction.

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A belt sander is a sanding machine used for sanding down wood and other material for finishing purposes. Sanding machines are made up of an...

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