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THE GAZETTE, Grand Forks, B.C., Wednesday, March 30,

2011 1B

2B THE GAZETTE, Grand Forks, B.C., Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Featuring ads designed by local school kids

Hard work pays off for Pee Wee reps All the practicing and sacrifice leads to third-place finish at provincials in Chetwynd TERRY CORLEY Submitted

Fielding a team with 12 players, head coach Shane Gorman (back centre) and the Grand Forks Pee Wee rep team made it all the way to the provincials in Chetwynd, B.C. and took third place. ARNE PETRYSHEN PHOTO

250-368-9148 or 1-800-355-7352

Mackenzie, Zachary & Emma, Grade 5, Hutton elementary

Rosalie and Mackenzie B., Grade 6, Hutton Elementary


In September, 12 boys stepped up and said that they were prepared to work hard, face the challenges and make a Pee Wee rep hockey team. None of them really knew just how much work it would be. For seven long months, they have practiced, participated in dryland and fundraising events as well as team-building activities. They played in scheduled league, tournament and exhibition games. The boys also maintained school grades, played on school teams and completed other obligations, such as household chores and paper routes. All season the boys completed these activities will little, to no complaints. They had fun working as a group as well as winning the trip to see the Vancouver Canucks. However they also gave up the opportunity to participate in family activities and spend time with friends or just have a week-

end off. They began to develop an understanding of just what it takes to make a successful team, not only for themselves but their families as well. They came to practices and games even when they felt unwell or hurt because they had made a commitment to the team. As the season progressed, it became a commitment to the community of Grand Forks and all their supporters as well. One of the goals the teams set at the beginning of the season was to attend the Tier 4 Provincials in Chetwynd, B.C. On March 23, the Grand Forks Pee Wee Rep Bruins achieved that goal and placed third overall at provincials – a fitting reward for all their dedication throughout the season. You are a great group of guys. The team was made up of the following players: Wyatt Barwick, Lynden Corley, Tieren Dolan, Evan Gorman, Josh Hammett, Kolby Horne, Nate Klassen, Alexei McGill, Jorrin McIver, Chase McKay, Cruz Tasker and Bryden Thomas

1021 Central Ave Grand Forks • 250-442-8258

THE GAZETTE, Grand Forks, B.C., Wednesday, March 30,


2011 3B

Featuring ads designed by local school kids

Making learning personal MICHAEL STRUKOFF Submitted

The B.C. education system has been one of the five top performing systems in the world. The Boundary School District has exceeded provincial graduation rates every year for the past five years. Nevertheless, everyone recognizes that the students entering our schools have a very different childhood experience than children just 10 years ago. Our children experience the Internet, different entertainment media, video games on demand, social media like Facebook and Twitter, cell phones, ever changing home technology and more families have both parents working or they are single parent homes. The work world they will be facing is equally different. The System is Strong: Why Innovate? Ours is a strong education system, characterized by success and innovation. However, our experience, our students and our data suggest that there is a mismatch between the type of education we are providing in B.C. and the world in which we are providing it, particularly at the secondary level. To expand on that: Our curriculum is too content heavy and requires teachers to move too quickly through too many outcomes. As we modernize instruction and assessment we must explore ways to downsize curriculum. Also, our curriculum does not specifically

address the skills of the 21st century, as de- one could work up to their own level and improve at their own rate.” scribed by experts such as Tony Wagner. - “I really enjoy the way teachers make There is widespread agreement that what we teach must be relevant and im- school interesting and fun by doing things portant to learners. This will take changes out of the ordinary…more hands-on things to not only what we teach, but how we that would capture student’s attention.” The Province teach it. of B.C. and School What are students District 51 (Boundlooking for: ary) has embarked - Fairness, underon exploring how to standing, encouragemeet these changing ment, and recognition. needs and maintain - Time given to get to know them on a per‘Personalized learning’ is a the high standard of education for our sonal level and explalearning experience that is students. nations that help them The concept of learn. engaging and meaningful . . . “personalized learn- Flexibility in asing” may be the way signments, extended to meet this chaltimelines for complelenge. tion of work, increased relevance, and recogPersonalized Learning Defined nition of students’ out-of-school commit“Personalized learning” is a learning ments. experience that is engaging and meaning- Being given choices. - Opportunities for active learning ful, where a student’s knowledge, skills through experiments, games, projects and and attitudes are enhanced in lasting ways that are relevant to the learner’s current group work. - Novelty and variety in the work and future contexts. Personalized learning provides stuthey’re asked to do. dents with capacity in 21st century skills - Being challenged. - “What would make school better is if including: 1. Social, societal and environmental reeveryone had their own individual learning program because in a class some peo- sponsibility 2. Critical thinking, problem solving ple are smart and some like me aren’t …. I think that would be easier because every and personal initiative

3. Collaboration across networks and leading by influence 4. Agility and adaptability 5. Effective oral and written communication 6. Accessing, critically analyzing and synthesizing information 7. Curiosity and imagination 8. Awareness of and capacity to embrace diversity and multiculturalism Personalized learning environments ensure that students are covering necessary content in subject areas, but with fewer knowledge-level outcomes in recognition of the ability of students to access information instantly online. This reduction in required content allows for more project-based, interdisciplinary, inquiry-style learning. Research and our experience tell us that this type of learning is best facilitated when students can work in small learning communities, where they work with teams of teachers who co-ordinate and facilitate inquiry projects that are co-designed with students. Still, for the learning environment to be truly personalized it may be that students will continue to work through core outcomes in areas such as math discretely and lock-step. The best approach for each learner will be determined by the teacher and student, supported by the parent as possible. Look for the invitation from the school district to participate in the discussions on personal learning.

Justus and Coralee, Grade 5, Chrisitna Lake Elementary

Jared & Matt, Grade 5, Perley Elementary


250-442-2704 • Grand Forks Campus • 486-72nd Ave

4B THE GAZETTE, Grand Forks, B.C., Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SALUTE TO YOUTH Salter a valued addition at library LIZANNE EASTWOOD

317 Market Ave Grand Forks • 250-442-0897

Owen & James, Grade 5, Perley Elementary


Jaclyn Salter has been working as a volunteer at the library for two years and her enthusiasm is infectious. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Kianda & Olivia, Grade 5, Perley Elementary

Kaylon and Talon, Grade 5, Hutton Elementary

1815 Central Ave, Grand Forks • 250-442-2242

Jaclyn Salter has been working as a teen volunteer at the Grand Forks library for almost two years. She always approaches her shift with a smile on her face and readily does whatever is asked of her. Her enthusiasm for books, libraries and people shines in all she does. Whenever she is asked to contribute to a library event – preparing a snack, setting up decorations, playing Xbox Kinect 360 with young patrons – Jaclyn does so willingly. I have known Jaclyn for a few years and have always been extremely impressed by her level of maturity, her thoughtfulness and her caring attitude towards others and her community. She attended a program I helped facilitate called A Girl’s Eye View, and the following year she was asked to return as a teen mentor for the younger girls. Her contribution to the program was outstanding. Jaclyn is also active on GFSS’ student advisory council, the youth PAC, she played for the Kootenay Gold U14 basketball team at the BC Summer Games 2010 and her favourite classes are science and band. But wait, there’s more! Jaclyn has also had short stories published in Gems of the Okanagan 2009, 2010 and 2011 editions. Jaclyn is a very civic-minded young woman and I predict we will continue to hear positive things about her in the future. Jaclyn, you rock!

441 Central Ave, Grand Forks • 250-442-2778

THE GAZETTE, Grand Forks, B.C., Wednesday, March 30,

2011 5B


KARL YU Gazette Editor

American Senator Alan K. Simpson went on a tirade recently on Fox News blasting the youth of today. He essentially said that children are ungrateful these days and are negatively influenced by rap music and singled out rappers Snoop Dogg and Eminem. Perhaps Simpson didn’t hear about Wanda Garrison’s Grade 5-6 class at Perley Elementary, who held a St. Patrick’s Day bake sale to benefit the victims of the recent tragedies in Japan. “We had been discussing the concept and responsibilities of being a global citizen,” Garrison said. “On March 15, we were doing our daily current events discussion and students

Kyra & Alex, Grade 6, Perley Elementary

Perley’s Global Citizens were presenting their homework on what was happening in Japan and one of the students said that we should do something.” She asked the class what other students would be interested in doing the sale and pretty soon, all the hands in the class were raised. Garrison said that it was largely a student initiative as her students wrote a newsletter to parents – asking for their help with baked goods – made posters advertising the sale, made a presentation to every class in the school about the sale and ran the sale as well. “I was there to supervise and help a little bit with the money,” Garrison said. The Grade 5-6 teacher said that over $300 was raised at the sale and all the proceeds will be given to the Canadian Red Cross.

Phoenix Alpine Ski Society 8000 Phoenix Ski Hill, Greenwood BC 250-442-5870

Isabell, Grade 5, Perley Elementary

Riley & Aidan, Grade 5, Perley Elementary

Sunshine Valley Little People’s Centre

Grand Forks Fire Department 7214 - 2nd Street, Grand Forks • 250-442-3612

978 – 72nd Avenue 250-442-5314

Boundary 7320 – 4th St. (Boundary Mall) 250-442-5152

6B THE GAZETTE, Grand Forks, B.C., Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Austin and Damien, Grade 5, Christina Lake Elementary

Baking to the ‘Max’ 6391 – Hwy 3 • 250-442-0507 Mechanic Shop: 250-442-3828

Max Nicholson is the person behind Alaythia Cakes and Cupcakes. Only 14-years-old, he also is an honour student at Grand Forks Secondary School and runs his baking business on his own.


Danté & Ryan, Grade 5, Perley Elementary

Elizabeth & Amanda, Grade 5, Christina Lake Elementary

Redi Electric Select Office Products 254 Market Ave, Grand Forks • 250-442-2466

7920 Donaldson Drive, Grand Forks 250-442-2082

THE GAZETTE, Grand Forks, B.C., Wednesday, March 30,


2011 7B

Featuring ads designed by local school kids

Thate contributing across the board nuts and it seems that, that’s what they need, a teacher to show them how to do that.” “If people just go and give them food, they While Amanda Thate has made headlines for won’t know how to get food in the future.” her music and play with the Grand Forks SecShe said she saw the boy a few days later and ondary (GFSS) senior girls’ basketball team, she he was energized. has done so much more. Thate also volunteers as a youth leader at the In last-August, with her grandmother, she Gospel Chapel in Grand Forks where she helps went to the Dominican with the local youth group Republic to do some and has also worked as a charity work with the math tutor at her high school. less fortunate. “I help tutor kids younger “We helped with a than me but they don’t show group from Pennsylup all the time,” she says with vania to build a school a laugh.” It’s been wonderful what’s down there and my Recently, she won the grandma and I also happened in her life and it’s like chance to open for councooked for the worktry star Roy Clark in a KBS so many things have come ers and the best part of radio and Grand Forks together for her it was getting to meet Credit Union-sponsored with the locals and see contest and she helped how they lived,” she exthe GFSS Wolves take the plains. Kootenay AA championship “We got to go down to the really poor parts and earn a berth at the provincial AA championof Santa Domingo and we got to go into their ship in Kamloops. homes and it was really cool.” She received an honourable mention All-Star She tells a story about a little boy that she met, at the provincials and the team was voted most that hadn’t eaten in three days – his mother didn’t sportsmanlike. have enough money to buy food – and helping But Thate also does things to help others too. them consisted of telling them to take advantage “Amanda’s been a dream daughter right from of their surroundings. birth but as a mom, you still don’t know what “They were living in the middle of the your baby girl is going to grow up to become,” jungle with all these fruit trees and there are wild explains mother Monica. chickens going around and all these different “It’s been wonderful what’s happened in kinds of wild animals,” Thate recollects. her life and it’s like so many things have come “They don’t know how to get their together for her.” own food, to go cut down some cocoIt’s been quite a year so far for Amanda.


Gazette Editor

Monica Thate (right) is proud of all that daughter Amanda has accomplished. In the past year, Amanda has done charity work in the Dominican Republic, helped the GFSS senior girls hoops team win and helped with a local youth group.


Hailey & Lee, Grade 5, Hutton Elementary

B&F Sales and Service 7370 - 4th Street, Grand Forks • 250-442-5560

7466 - 2nd Street, Grand Forks • 250-442-3555

8B THE GAZETTE, Grand Forks, B.C., Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Featuring ads designed by local school kids

Like a phoenix racing down a mountain Phoenix Mountain Racers wrap up a very successful season PHOENIX MOUNTAIN RACERS Submitted

The Phoenix Mountain Racers are wrapping up what has turned out to be a very successful season. This year, 24 racers participated in the program, which teaches basic skiing techniques and skills in as many different snow conditions and terrain as possible. Building on last year’s success, this season went remarkably well for the club. Coach Andrew McKinlay worked in partnership with Coach Bill Ahrens throughout the season. “Both Bill and Andrew have extensive experience in racing and were happy to commit the time and resources and we were so happy to have them,” says President Ken Makortoff. “They were an integral part of the Racers this year. Obviously, we couldn’t have done it without them.” The racers hosted a highly successful race early on in the season and then travelled to Salmo, Red Mountain and Nelson. The zone finals took place at

Summit Lake in early March. While the racers improved immensely over the season, under the careful guidance of McKinlay and Ahrens, the real success story has been the overwhelming support of the community. “Bron and Sons, Unifab Industries, Roxul Inc, Area D Director Irene Perepolkin and the Grand Forks Legion (Branch #59) all stepped up to the plate in a big way,” says Makortoff. “It is through their support that this club was finally able to buy much needed racing pinnies, medals and ribbons for race participants, provide ongoing support for our coaches and purchase hoodies for the kids. “A big thank you to all of you – this just speaks volumes about our community.” The Phoenix Mountain Racers thank Coach McKinlay, Coach Ahrens, the Phoenix Mountain staff and of course, their parents who came out to every practice and race to support this Club For more information on the Phoenix Mountain Racers, contact Jennifer Wetmore at 250 444 7777.

Speed racers This year, 24 racers took part in the Phoenix Mountain Racers program. They had the chance to learn basic skiing techniques and try out a number of different snow conditions and terrain. Building on last year’s success, this season went remarkably well for the club. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Ebony, Grade 5, Christina Lake Elementary

Haley and Logan, Grade 4, Christina Lake Elementary

375 Industrial Drive • 250-442-5225

7320 – 4th Street, Grand Forks • 250-310-0001


THE GAZETTE, Grand Forks, B.C., Wednesday, March 30,

2011 9B

Featuring ads designed by local school kids

Neither rain, nor snow, nor heat . . . I have had the privilege of overseeing them for several years and I believe that if all of us took the exIn this day and age it is said that ecution of our jobs as seriously as the norm for young people seems they do, there would be no proverto be sitting in front of a TV play- bial “pink slips.” Once in a while there is an ing games or watching something “oops,” as that will not betthey are ter them. learning, but I’m not sure they make no who it is that excuses, they says this, but we say, “OK lets here at the Gazette fix it,” and off certainly do not think that way. They are learning life-long they go. someWe employ 19 skills such as responsibility, oneAs who is young boys and girls in our group diligence and how to interact directionally challenged, of Advertiser dewith the public even with livery people and GPS, I know I must say that that it is not they, for the most easy to read maps and many of part, do a pretty good job. As the saying goes, “Neither our homes do not have the address rain nor snow nor heat nor cold” or numbers on them. It can be difficult for a new something like that, will keep the carrier to not miss someone who papers from being delivered. For most of our carriers this is would like a paper or perhaps deliver to someone who chose not to their first job. They are learning life-long skills receive it. In conclusion, I would like to such as responsibility, diligence and how to interact with the pub- thank all the Joe and Jill Publics for lic, accepting direction and prop- your patience and friendly smiles. erly relaying information back to To our carriers a big THUMBS up for a job well done. the office.


Some of the West Kootenay Advertiser carriers: Kieran, .Phoenix, Lizzy and Jacob (L to R on bench) with Ian and Josh (L to R back row). Despite the weather, these children ensure that newspapers reach the doorsteps of people in Grand Forks.


7486 – 2nd Street, Grand Forks • 250-442-8233

Emma, Grade 6 & Isabell, Grade 5, Perley Elementary

Olivia and Cleo, Grde 5, Hutton Elementary


Kettle River Veterinary Services #5 – 7480 4th Street, Grand Forks • 250-442-3799

10B THE GAZETTE, Grand Forks, B.C., Wednesday, March 3, 2011

SALUTE TO YOUTH Victoria, Grade 5, Haley, Grade 4, and Elijah, Grade 4, Christina Lake Elementary

337 Market Ave., Grand Forks 250-442-1214

Kootenay AA champions For the first time in over 30 years, the Grand Forks Secondary School senior girls basketball team punched a ticket to the AA provincial championships, held in Kamloops earlier in March. They earned the berth by taking the Kootenay AA girls title, defeating the David Thompson Lakers from Invermere by a final of 67-40. ARNE PETRYSHEN PHOTO

Rebekah and Denelle, Grde 6, Hutton Elementary

Tieren & Trevor, Grade 5, Eric, Grade 6, Perley Elementary

B&F Sales and Service 7466 - 2nd Street, Grand Forks • 250-442-3555

Oasis Hair Studio & Day Spa 267 Market Ave, Grand Forks • 250-442-1259

THE GAZETTE, Grand Forks, B.C., Wednesday, March 30,

2011 11B



A salute to all those who are singing soprano NANCY GILLMOR Submitted

What can be more positive than sharing your love of music with an adoring audience? The celebrated youth vocal ensemble Sopranos & Co. gives youth 13 to18 years old the opportunity to develop foundational skills and singing experience as performing artists. Directed by Joan Thompson, a choral director of 31 years, with a doctorate in music education from UBC, this group has won enthusiastic acclaim from fans in the Koo-

tenay Boundary region and critical acclaim at Provincial Music Festival in 2005. The Sopranos & Co specializes in a cappella music drawn from a spectrum of styles – madrigals, folk songs, African freedom songs, gospel and pop ballads. This year – learning songs of the ‘60s – they again join the Grand Forks Choral Society concert April 30 and May 1 in “I Heard It Through the Grapevine.” We are so happy to have them part of our shows and I think they should be saluted for their dedication to the process of getting “show ready.”

6785 - 19th St., Grand Forks •

Bryce, Grade 5, and Hunter, Grade 4, Christina lake Elementary

Adrian and Jerad, Grade 4, Christina Lake Elementary

Tomkat Automotive

Mila, Grade 4, Christina Lake Elementary

The Sopranos & Co.

g Intro ducin t h e n ew Grandma Burger

1695 Central Ave Grand Forks • 250-442-2929

12B THE GAZETTE, Grand Forks, B.C., Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SALUTE TO YOUTH I am girl, hear me speak DEBORAH BAKER Submitted Wyatt & Cruz, Grade 6, Perley Elementary

The Girl’s Eye View Program was developed with support from The Safer Boundary Initiative. The goal of the program is to provide a safe space for girls to speak up and speak out about issues that affect them. This year, the program is running in the West Boundary in a variety of venues. It’s been a great year so far for Girls Eye View with a wide variety of sessions. 1) Heather Radford was the Fashion Director from the Yellow Door Boutique in Greenwood and the girls had an amazing evening of trying on outfits and discussing the appropriate way to dress and how the fashion industry can be harmful to your self-esteem. 2) Off to George Delisle’s woodlot to learn about sustainable forestry practices, how a tree grows, spacing, pros and cons

7007 – 27th Street Grand Forks

of clear cutting and about tree rings. 3) Julie Damore spent the evening with the girls. They discussed growing up and what that looks like through the pre-teen years. 4) The girls met at Parkview Manor and started the evening out by holding interviews with the residence at the home. Afterwards we had a great meal and made bracelets. Cathy Martinoff from the “Cats Out” Pandora Style Beads, joined us for this activity. Heather Radford from the Yellow Door also donated beads for this event. Thank you to the Kettle River Lions Club, Regional District Area E and the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy. Your generous sponsorships are greatly appreciated. I would also like to thank Carol Mitchell for working with the girls. For more information, please call Deborah Baker Literacy Outreach Coordinator for the West Boundary – 250-445-2207

The goal of Girl’s Eye View is to provide a safe space for girls to speak up. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Olivia, Grade 5, Hutton Elementary

Dawson & Josh, Grade 6, Hutton Elementary

334 Market Ave Grand Forks • 250-442-8883

Ogloff Financial Services Inc. 245 - 72nd Ave. Grand Forks 250-442-3164 •

THE GAZETTE, Grand Forks, B.C., Wednesday, March 30,

2011 13B



John Slater, M.L.A Boundary Similkameen Toll free: 1-877-652-4304

Alicia & Chloey, Grade 6, Perley Elementary

The library is a happening place for youth in our community If you haven’t been in the library lately you are missing out on some exciting new additions. We now have an area designated for teens with funky, cool and comfortable new furniture and an exciting display of young adult novels. Our graphic novel/manga collection is growing rapidly and our DVD collection has some great new documentaries highlighting social and environmental issues. We have lots of new audio books in the Playaway format and a mini MP3 player you just need to plug your earbuds into. Keep your eye out for our soon-to-be circulating e-book readers and learn how to download e-books from the library’s website. We are looking for input from teens about programs you want to see at your library. Currently we have a Jane Austen book club for teens; we read the book, watch the movie and eat pizza. We also have a new Xbox-360 Kinect and it is available, if you have

an idea for a program – a games and movie night, or maybe a dance off. Come and see the programming librarian and tell us what you would like to do, it’s your library. If you are looking for a chance to volunteer in your community and earn some community service hours for your graduation portfolio, the library is a great place to do that. It’s calm, quiet and you have a chance to really check out our collection. Don’t see what you are looking for? We welcome your feedback and input, help be a part of creating a young adult collection that rocks. Barbara Adler, slam poet extraordinaire, will be appearing at the Grand Forks Library for one night only! Thursday, March 31 at 6:30 p.m. Barbara will be regaling us with her hilarious stories accompanied by it with the accordion. She is part of a couple of bands in Vancouver – The Fugitives and Fang. She is fantastic and wants to hear what you have to share. The event will also be an open-mic night. Bring your songs, stories or jokes – anything goes! Come on in and check out your library, we definitely aren’t old-school anymore.

Lynden & Kriss, Grade 5, Perley Elementary

Check out what’s up at the public library

Xandria & Annalise, Grade 5, Perley Elementary

330 Central Ave, Grand Forks • 250-442-3515

GRAND FORKS Home Hardware (Downtown) 340-72nd Ave Grand Forks • 250-442-3135

14B THE GAZETTE, Grand Forks, B.C., Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Tylan and Kolby, Grade 4, Christina Lake Elementary

From left: Brad Pickering, Jeff Olsen (back), Cody Olsen, Tyson and Darcy Tiller are excited to be part of the Boundary Youth Soccer Association. KARL YU PHOTO

Beautiful game for Boundary CARA LEE MALANGE Submitted

There is a new groundhog in the Boundary these days. From now on we will all know that spring has arrived when hundreds of children and youth from Christina Lake to Rock Creek shed their skis and hockey sticks and take to the local fields to participate in “the beautiful game.” That’s right, this April, 267 kids making up 31 teams throughout the region will get to play in an organized league with trained coaches, trained referees, and real uniforms. That translates into over 6,000 kid hours playing soccer and a whole lot of time away from X-Box!

Reese, Grade 5, and Ryder, Grade 6, Hutton Elementary

Owen & Caitlyn, Grade 5, Perley Elementary

7007 27th Street, Grand Forks • 250-442-3840

The real story behind the Boundary Youth Soccer Association (BYSA) has been the interest and the support of the community. In particular, earlier this month, 47 coaches stepped forward to participate in up to 20 hours of coach’s training with a professional coach from the BC Soccer Association. With this training, coaches have been empowered to run fun and effective practices, support players through every stage of their soccer development and create a culture of fun, skill development and opportunity so that every child in the Boundary is able to experience the joy of this wonderful team sport. For more information about the BYSA including fee subsidies, please see

Morrissey Creek Building Supplies 250-442-2191 • 7255 Riverside Drive Grand Forks

2750 E. Almond Gardens Rd, Grand Forks 250-442-2312

THE GAZETTE, Grand Forks, B.C., Wednesday, March 30,


2011 15B

Grand Forks: 250-442-2722 1647 Central Ave


Greenwood: 250-445-6618 245 S. Copper Street

Lizzy, Grade 5, Hutton Elementary

Governor’s choice Laurel Strukoff, pictured here with SD51 school board Chair Teresa Rezansoff, was the 2010 winner of the Governor General’s Academic Medal for Grand Forks Secondary School – the award is handed out in recognition for outstanding scholastic achievement. Strukoff is currently attending UBC Okanagan where she is in the pre-pharmacy program and will continue her studies in pharmacy at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.


Flynn and Cody, Grade 4, Christina Lake Elementary

Zailey and Isabella, Grade 4, Christina Lake Elementary • 1-604-526-2298

Pro Shop: 250-447-9313 • Restaurant: 250-447-6112 Administration: 250-447-6104 230-2nd Ave Christina Lake

16B THE GAZETTE, Grand Forks, B.C., Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Featuring ads designed by local school kids

Ad designers Grade 5-6 classes from John A. Hutton (top left) and Dr. D.A. Perley (right) and the Grade 4-5 class from Christina Lake Elementary (bottom left) helped design the ads for this supplement.


Sam, Noor and John, Hutton Elementary


7990 Columbia Dr. Grand Forks • 250-442-5561

Salute to Youth  

Supplement about youth; ads by youth

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