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Learning Change Project Learning to Act Social Change Giorgio Bertini February, 2012

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Introduction Theories Biology of Cognition & Autopoiesis Complexity, Systems & Networks Actor Network Theory Complex Network Theory Cultural Historical Activity Theory Curiosity & Discovery Learning Rhizo-nomadic Learning Collective Intelligence Viable System Model

Biology of Cognition & Autopoiesis Maturana views language as the archetypal illustration of a human consensual domain. Linguistic interaction is a venue for action, coupling the cognitive domains of two or more actors. This is reflected in Maturana's preference for discussing "languaging" (an activity) as opposed to "language" (a symbolic schema).

Complexity, Systems & Networks

Actor Network Theory ANT concern with how actors and organisations mobile, juxtapose and hold together the bits and pieces out of which they are composed. Cultures work as networks, with objects and people as acting and being acted on to create culture.

Collective Intelligence

Complex Network Theory Social networks are social structures composed of groups of people, which are connected by one or more types of relationships such as friendship, kinship, common interests or shared knowledge. Complex Neyworks ‌

Curiosity & Discovery Learning

Rhizo-nomadic Learning

Cultural Historical Activity Theory

Viable System Model

Learning Change Activity System

Local Conversations

Action Learning

Learning Paths - Snowden

Learning Change Spiral

Social Learning Spirals

Group Dynamics

Learning within Group

Learning System

Learning Networks

The Dance of Learning Change

Social Learning

Social Learning Spirals

Social Change

Social Change Spirals


Nomadic Learning

Learner Activities

Metasystem Overview

System Recursivity & Viability

Learning Change Metasystem Research ● ●

Learning Facilitation

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