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8.2.5. Safety Meercat seemed to feel safe in the company of a fairly quiet therapist. In this case listening seemed to enhance safety. In other cases it is conceivable that such listening would have evoked anxiety. The relationship between listening and safety is therefore a complex one, and should be considered from case to case, or more correctly from one therapy to the other, since the question of safety also is related to the therapist’s feeling safe.

8.2.6. Time Listening implies giving a client time to reflect and attend to her inner voices and dialogues. Meercat puts this point clearly. The more I talk the less Meercat has time to talk. This aspect touches also on the notion of pace. A listening stance as discussed here means following the rhythm and pace of the client.

8.2.7. Space Therapeutic listening means creating a relationship which implies a space for the unfolding of a client’s potential. It means opening up ways of expression that have not been possible or allowed in previous relationships. This space is a phenomenon not easy to describe. It is not a state in client or in therapist; it is an evolving relationship, a process co-created and negotiated continually. The present study gives examples of how important and difficult it is to keep these considerations of context in mind.

8.2.8. Attentiveness Therapeutic listening is not passive silence. It requires keen attention and a readiness to give signs of a continual interest in everything the client may express. Above all it implies curiosity on the part of a therapist, a curiosity that shows itself as an interest and an eagerness to engage with and be informed by the client. This again cannot be merely a deliberate technique but must grow out of a philosophy and an integrated attitude in the therapist. In times of stress and anxiety in the therapeutic process, this requirement is obviously not easy to fulfil.

8.3. Third Research Question What is the relationship between Meercat’s feeling of being heard and her emerging voices?


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Dialogical Action Research - About therapeutic listening, creating space for voices to emerge and to be heard

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