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relate to my research questions. Quotations and ideas from ‘the voice-resource-bank’ can also strike/touch and serve as reminders for further explorations and creation of meaning.

6.5. Summing up The dialogical process will develop through a spiral of dialogues, drawing my attention to what strikes me, touches me, gives resonance or reminds me (or Meercat) of earlier experiences. The aim is to create space for different voices, to explore and evolve meaning. The process will evolve, by an alternation between mainly five types of dialogues: 1. Research Dialogues: conversations between Meercat and me, about earlier conversations/dialogue/reflections (as described below). 2. My Reflections on Research Dialogues: my understanding of what Meercat wants me to hear. 3. My Reflections with ’another’s voice in mind’: my inner dialogues with voices from the voice-resource-bank. 4. ‘How to go on’ reflections: my reflections on the process so far, and thoughts about how to go on in the proceeding process. 5. Therapy Conversations.

6.6. Ethical implications I know I can’t ’give’ Meercat a voice, but I will do my best to contribute to a space where her voice is heard. My idea is that to talk, listen, acknowledge and reflect together has an empowering effect, therefore this research project is not just following a method, but it also reflects a therapeutic position and hence an ethical stance.

I will be mindful towards Meercat’s involvement through the process. When I choose to invite a client to participate8 in an action research process, I will be cautious of our relationship and how we are positioned towards each other. I will try to be as self-reflexive and relational reflexive as possible (Burnham, 1993) during our work together. I am both the responsible therapist, and researcher, who is doing a research as part of my master degree, while Meercat, is both client and participant in the research process. I think it is important, throughout the project, to emphasize that therapist/client relationship is the highest context. Meercat should feel free to choose at any time what position she wants to be in, co-researcher or client.


Dialogical Action Research  

Dialogical Action Research - About therapeutic listening, creating space for voices to emerge and to be heard

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