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project partly as a collaborative project, where we have the opportunity to reflect together on what we do and to use that for further collaboration, and partly as an opportunity for me to reflect on my own practice. At this point it is important to underline that my position is different from Meercat’s. The difference between us, me being the therapist and Meercat the client, is crucial in considering the relationship between research and therapy. This inquiry is part of my MSc; I have taken the initiative to invite the client into a research project and I am committed to meet the academic standards for reporting on it. From Meercat’s position the work we do together belongs to the context of help.

Even if Meercat also is interested in collaborating to understand more about the issues in focus, this does not mean we have the same interest in the whole process. I believe it is important and useful that Meercat and I talk and negotiate what is happening between us, what is useful, not so useful and how to make it more useful. But obviously it will not be equally important for Meercat to look into the various relationships and connections between theory and practice the way I do. I will discuss these issues as we go along.

6.3. More perspectives My aim is that Meercat and I, through several research dialogues, and reflections on them, can share tentative ideas, opinions, questions and experiences. We will through an iterative spiral of dialogues reflect on action, act on reflection, while we continuously reflect in action, by which I mean to step aside and reflect on action. The ability to reflect in action is part of the dialogical process I want to create. I hope this process will enable us to make and to notice differences in our activities, and by doing so be able to coordinate our activities with each other in an intelligible way. Theses and syntheses, illuminating the research questions will through this process evolve and reflexively influence each other.

Part of this method is, through dialogues, to create polyphony of voices. The voices that appear in the process are Meercat’s voice, my voice and my voice with ‘another’s voice in mind, these last voices are presented in the literature review, as the voice-resource-bank.

6.4. Reminders I shall throughout the research process be focusing on what struck, touched, gave resonance or reminded me of earlier experience, in the different dialogues I engage in. I shall use these concepts for further inquiry, and see how the emerging dialogues may illuminate, connect and 37

Dialogical Action Research  

Dialogical Action Research - About therapeutic listening, creating space for voices to emerge and to be heard

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