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I will like to thank all those who have contributed to this dissertation in so many ways:

Most of all I will of course thank Meercat, who has travelled with me through the journey this action process has been. Carina, Mariken and Mikkel for their love and genuinely interest in all their mother’s talks and obsessions. My patient husband Carsten, who is the best dialogue partner any woman could wish for. And my father, Gerdt Henrik who inspires and challenges me, and has helped translate this paper from Norwegian to English.

I will also like to thank Susan Lang for having trust in me, my other tutors and colleague students at KCC for all their collaboration during the two last years, and John Shotter for inspiration. Jenny Sharp for transcriptions and Leslie Ong for creating a safe working space, and both for being members of a very supporting team. Thanks also to Margaret Banfield for reading through the draft, and tidying up the language.

Anne Hedvig Vedeler London, 6. May, 2004


Dialogical Action Research  

Dialogical Action Research - About therapeutic listening, creating space for voices to emerge and to be heard

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