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Session 6

Meercat:’s a weight, it’s virtually like being paralysed with so many things, but until I get it off, out, I feel so misunderstood. I can’t seem to focus on just one thing, when there are so many….Bill has downgraded me, it’s totally untrue, really.

Anna5: I wonder Meercat, when you tell me this story, is this the only place you can talk about it?

Meercat: There is no one else.

Session 7

Meercat: Yeah. You know I’m thinking of what they [the reflecting team (my remark)] say, about is it helpful, and…I just feel that … If you can bear with me, you know I feel there is so much weight there, Anna.

Anna: Do you feel that when you talk you lift weight off your shoulders?

Meercat: Yeah, I know I have been heard. I know there is more, but I.. hm Yeah.

Anna: And you know that is absolutely OK. We just want to be sure it

Meercat: Helpful, yeah…I think it is about me feeling a better person, you know. I don’t feel like a good person, and I need to.

Session 8



Anna is me, the therapist.


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