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10 Steps How to create value on your real estate property by Consultant-Analyst Christos Voulgaris 1.First get know your asset well (property value-future value-city expansion-city future development -public transportation and area benefits on health and sport areas. 2.get know your real values ( city plan value-goverment district value on your area ) 3.Change your real estate value with update data from city's architecture government designs 4.Be more bureaucratic and analyse everything about your property 5.If your property is for rental give benefits and goodies for example free wifi internet to person that will rent your property. 6.Learn the law about future property frontiers against your neighboors 7.Secure your frontiers fast 8.Look for any government retribution because of city or utilies companies projects in your area 9.Always have a good consultant for example a real estate agent 10.Always take advantage of the latest law updates that affects your property Christos Voulgaris


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10 steps how to create value on your real estate property  
10 steps how to create value on your real estate property