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The parish of Valadares

Work done by: Jo達o Martins

Geography Valadares is a parish in the municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia, with 4.94 km² and 10,676 inhabitants (2011). Density: 2 161.1 inhabitants/km².

The Population It consists of:  5087 men;  5589 women  < 18 -> 2009 people. (19% of the population are under age)

Valadares has 4015 families.

Limits The town of Valadares is bordered on the north by the parish of Madalena, the latter with the parish of Vilar do Paraiso, south by the parish of Gulpilhares and west to the sea.

Patron Saint The patron saint of Valadares is S. Salvador. On August 6th, we celebrate the festivities in honor of the Divine Savior.

Secundary Patron of Valadares The secondary patron of Valadares is the Lord of the Afflicted. In the first weekend of July we celebrate the feast in memory of Lord of the Afflicted.

Collectives • • • • • •

Orfeão de Valadares; Cultural and Recreational Club Império Vila Chã; Folkloric Group of Valadares; Miramar Club Valadares; Confraria Gastronómica do Velhote; Sports and Recreation Group of Fábrica Cerâmica de Valadares; • Sports and Recreation Group Groz Beckert Portuguesa; • Valadares Gaia Football Club.

Associations • Scouts - Grouping of Valadares 1306; • Mutual Aid Association of Funeral Our Lord of the Afflicted; • Volunteer Firemen Valadares.

Heraldry â&#x20AC;˘ Ceramic vase represents the ceramic industry so characteristic of Valadares and archaeological findings that were found.

Heraldry â&#x20AC;˘ Ear of corn represents fertile land of Vila ChĂŁ, famous for its corn.

Heraldry â&#x20AC;˘ Shield Taken from Vila Nova de Gaia coat of arms, where Valadares is parish.

Heraldry â&#x20AC;˘ Gear represents the industry of Valadares bathed by the sea

Heraldry â&#x20AC;˘ The blue and the white represents the sea and the foam of the waves â&#x20AC;˘ The black symbolizes the earth, steadfastness and loyalty of the people of Valadares.

Map of Valadares

Security The Municipality of Gaia set the 1st stone of the building for the Public Security Police (PSP) from Valadares, after having also started the same work in Canidelo , thus completing the coverage of the coastline in terms of security.

Roman Period The Romans also passed by Valadares, leaving several artifacts that are exposed at the Faculty of Science, in Porto.

Roman Period

Roman coins

Roman ceramics, Necropolis of Sameiro

Christian Conquest The Christian conquered lands from the Muslims, which would then belong to the monasteries. At this time, the name Villa Valadare, appeared for the first time.


Valadares has 4 public elementary schools:  EB1 School of Campolinho nº1;  EB1 School of Campolinho nº2;  EB1 School of Vila Chã;  EB1 School of Marinha.

Valadares has 8 rooms kindergarten (three public and four private). Kindergarten of Agro

Kindergarten of Campolinho

Valadares also has:  1 private college called “Casa Verde”;  An Elementary School (from 5th to the 9th grade);  A Secondary School;  Private Higher Education Institution.

Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts Cine-Teatro Eduardo Braz達o is a Portuguese public theater, in Vila Nova de Gaia. A house connected to the arts, theater, dance, music and movies, with capacity for 300 people, a project designed by architect Joaquim Massena.

Culture and Arts The Orfeão of Valadares, was founded by three important men from Valadares. They were the prof. Amadeu Santos, Dr. Ângelo Gandra and prof. Aquino de Sousa. The Orfeão promotes the art, gymnastics, ballet, music, karate and other activities.

Culture and Arts DIRECTION: FINANCIAL DIRECTOR Richard Brunner

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Ant贸nio Lopes Director of Studies Agnes Smith PORTO DIRECTOR BRITISH SCHOOL TEACHING Nancy Frederick



Industry IndĂşstrias de Valadares em 1990 1











8% 8%




1 - Food and Beverages 2 - Textiles 3 - Wood 4 - Chemicals 5 - Factory which produce metal products machinery and equipment 6 -Extraction of minerals and industrial rocks 7 - Services 8 - Others

Companies in Valadares

ď&#x192;&#x2DC; Valadares Ceramic; ď&#x192;&#x2DC; Groz Beckert;


“Tarântula” Tarântula is a Portuguese power metal band established in 1981 and ranked as one of the very first power metal bands, that has played concerts in Portugal and Germany. Members of the band are Jorge Marques (vocals), Paulo Barros (guitar), José Aguiar (bass) and Luís Barros (drums).

“Tarântula” Discography: • • • • •

Tarantula (1987) Kingdom of Lusitania (1990) Tarantula III (1993) Freedom's Call (1995) Light Beyond The Dark (1998) • Dream Maker (2001) • Metalmorphosis (2005) • Spiral of Fear (2010)

“Tarântula” Dark Age, first single from Tarantula's "Spiral of Fear" album.

Notable people of Valadares José Monteiro de Castro Portugal António Coelho Moreira Augusto Ribeiro Leal Isabel Mullier de Mesquita António Pereira “Tamanco” João Cristovão da Cunha Lima José Caetano Remeão Amadeu José dos Santos Alexandre Marta da Cruz

Notable people of Valadares Aquino de Sousa Cunha Dr. Ângelo Gandra Dr. Joaquim Gomes Ferreira Alves Luís Ferreira Alves José Domingues de Almeida Bernardino Moreira da Costa Padre José de Oliveira Alberto Pereira Isolino Vaz

Dr. Artur Gandra President of parish council of Valadares. Former director of the Orfe達o.

Sr. Vitor Martins Secretary of the parish council of Valadares.

The parish of valadares  

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