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BAU TRADE FAIR 2015 · MUNICH · 19 - 24 JANUARY 2015 World’s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems


Dear customers and trade fair visitors, GEZE. We care about solutions. That's our motto for BAU 2015. Because we want to provide more than premium products and services. GEZE is focussed on solutions that meet the individual requirements of our customers and partners. Our system expertise of many years is crucial in this respect. Because only when product solutions can be combined and they communicate intelligently with each other do users benefit from customised solutions. One of our trade fair highlights is a flexible system component: the new Powerturn swing door drive moves even particularly large and heavy doors. It also provides an innovative function as an effortless manual opener. It can be combined with other products, such as GEZE door control units or motor locks, to create a wide range of systems. For example, a security interlocking door system that combines safety and security in line with specific sector requirements: precise fitting, compatible and design-oriented. The jury for the Plus X Award recently awarded GEZE the “Best Design Brand 2014/15” prize in the Construction Materials group. Once again, another award confirmed the company's innovativeness: the “Top Innovator 2014” seal of quality. You are certain to be impressed by our futuristic system solutions for door, window and safety technology. And also our comprehensive service portfolio. We look forward to meeting you!

Best wishes,

Andrea Alexandra Alber Strategy & Marketing Director

Imprint: GEZE GmbH Reinhold-Vöster-Straße 21-29 71229 Leonberg Germany Telephone: +49 7152-203-0 Fax: +49 7152-203-310 Email: info.de@geze.com www.geze.com




Powerturn swing door drive 06 Powerdrive sliding door system 08 Powerdrive airtight 08 Powerdrive hermetic 08 Security interlocking door system 10 Freeswing door closer TS 5000 and Boxer EFS 14 New application for parallel-opening vent windows 16 Slimchain chain drive 18 Powerchain chain drive 18 Spindle drive E 250 NT 18 KNX IQ box 19 Modular BUS control unit MBZ 300 20 Emergency power control units THZ and THZ Comfort 21 MSW with fine-framed leaves 22 SmartGuide roller carriages 24 Manual sliding wall system base construction 24 Modular fixed panel profile 25

GEZE LIVING SOLUTIONS 26 System solution for entrance doors 28 ECturn Inside swing door drive 28 GEZE SecuLogic GCER 100 access control system 30 ActiveStop double sided draw-in damping 32 Levolan 120 sliding door system 34 Rollan 40 NT SoftStop sliding door fitting 36 ECchain chain drive 38 Pendulo all-glass wall system 40

GEZE SERVICE SOLUTIONS 42 GEZE Customer Solutions 44 GEZE Project Management 45 GEZE SystemShop 46 GEZE Service 48





Intelligent solutions for complex structures Whether in hospitals, commercial buildings or airports: reliable ­building management systems are required wherever large numbers of p ­ eople enter and exit. GEZE system solutions provide safety and comfort ­specifically ­tailored to the relevant requirements – precisely fitting and compatible.





Universal Design creates freedom Convenience for everyone, high functionality and diversity of design: the new Powerturn swing door drive adds genuine value for architects, building operators and sub-contractors: for the design as well as for accessibility and installation. As a flexible component the new drive can be installed in various system solutions.

Robust specialist and true team player Powerturn swing door drive Prestigious entrance areas, multifunctional security doors or reliable emergency exits: the Powerturn swing door drive is a clever solution for all installation situations and whatever the mode of operation, making it a perfect example of “Universal Design made in Germany”. It even opens large heavy doors with leaf widths of up to 1,600 millimetres or leaf weights of up to 300 kg and, thanks to its height of just seven centimetres, it fits perfectly in every design. The drive is also a flexible and future-proof system component. Whether in combination with door control units such as the GEZE TZ 320, which is used to monitor emergency exits, as fresh air opening in smoke and heat extraction systems or for natural ventilation as well as part of a complex security interlocking door system (see page 10 in this brochure): the new GEZE swing door drive is not only a “robust” specialist but also a true team player. The Powerturn's one drive system also allows for six different types of installation. This reduces warehousing costs and simplifies the installation process for sub-contractors thanks to the GEZE Smart fix installation system.


AT A GLANCE: Powerturn swing door drive • • • • • • • • • •

for single and double-leaf swing doors Smart swing function for easy manual access for leaf widths of up to 1.6 m or leaf weights of up to 300 kg approved for heavy, fire protection doors three-stage gear safe opening and closing under adverse conditions (wind, draught, etc.) optimised roller guide rail quick and easy installation low overall height of only seven centimetres integrated smoke switch for the Powerturn F/R version

EASY MANUAL ACCESSIBILITY IN EVERY SITUATION THE NEW SMART SWING FUNCTION The fully automatic Powerturn swing door drive makes manual passing through the door child's play. This is possible thanks to the mode of operation of the energy accumulator. The spring that ensures a safe closing of the drive in case of fire is once pre-tensioned and then retained in this position. Afterwards, it must not be permanently moved when people pass through the door. Even heavy doors with a strong closing spring can be manually opened by everyone without using much force. But the drive always remains “master of the situation” and closes the door as safely as usual in case of fire. Moreover, the Smart swing function also reduces energy costs in the "permanently open" position as well as during operation.




More reliability in everyday hospital life Operating theatres, intensive care units and laboratory rooms are among the most sensitive areas in a hospital with regard to hygiene. Clean environments are also required in research facilities or chemical production sites. Automatic door systems are important assistants when the aim is to quickly make paths accessible while keeping bacteria out. The GEZE Powerdrive sliding door system is the professional for large, heavy door leaves and large opening widths. The system solution is available in an airtight and hermetic version.

For airtight antiseptic rooms For sterilised areas Powerdrive airtight

Powerdrive hermetic

The GEZE airtight sliding door system, Powerdrive airtight, is the special purpose solution for use in clean room areas: for example, in hospitals, clinics, in semiconductor manufacturing facilities and production rooms in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The seal on both vertical sides of the sliding door system consists of special EPDM seals made using anti-bacterial material. These are integrated into both the vertical and the horizontal door leaf profiles.

The hermetic version, Powerdrive hermetic, ensures optimal hygiene in sterile areas, such as entrances to laboratories or to operating theatres in hospitals. The automatic sliding door system establishes a hermetic seal with the perimeter profile in the last part of its closing process. This is made possible by a combination of sliding movement, vertical advance and height adjustment, whereby the door approaches the frame and the floor with a stroke of up to 20 millimetres and an inclination of 45 degrees. The hermetic seal with the perimeter profile of the door opening as well as the floor is established by pushing together special seals that are attached to the perimeter of the door leaf. In the bottom part of the door leaf, the shaped profile glides on two leaders that help to improve the hermetic seal.

AT A GLANCE: Powerdrive sliding door system • • • • • • • •


for large heavy door leaves and large opening widths available in the “airtight” and “hermetic” versions can be combined with emergency exit systems or access control systems FR version: emergency exit function with low-maintenance dual-motor technology automatic adaptation of the door behaviour to the access frequencies can be integrated into building management systems via CAN bus independent error detection and protocol setting available in different surface materials




Restrictive rooms need intelligent systems So that only the people who are permitted can get in: many sectors apply stringent access rules to certain rooms. For example in • data processing centres • clean rooms • protected areas of a company • certain airport areas • bank branches or divisions • pharmacies

Whether for safety, hygiene or confidentiality ­reasons: in these as in many other sectors, an intelligent system is needed which grants access only to authorised persons. And not least one that leads quickly outside if there is any danger. Reliable, controlled and safe.

Customised safety and security GEZE security interlocking door system Different requirements demand customised solutions – for example separating people in specific areas or the possibility of transferring sensitive materials safely. The GEZE security interlocking door system allows the most diverse scenarios to be realised. Whether materials are transported or people are separated – all scenarios have one thing in common: the safety of persons in the security interlocking door system is guaranteed at all times because in the event of danger it serves as a safe escape route from the building.


AT A GLANCE: Security interlocking door system • • • • •

flexible modular system with several options (e.g. single and double-leaf doors, manual and barrier-free escape route solutions) targeted separation of individuals reliable access control automatic locking of doors after closing secure escape route in case of danger



One solution - numerous versions: the security interlocking door system


GCMU 524

The intelligent access control is managed via a web browser that requires no additional software to be installed

Powerturn F/R

Automatic swing door drive for single and double-leaf doors, which provides high drive performance for leaf widths of up to 1.6 metres or leaf weights of up to 300 kilograms

GCDU 200

Switch unit as an interface between the GCMU 524 and the access readers on the door

GC 152 FTV 320

Escape door lock which in combination with the TZ 320 provides the dual functionality of access control and a safe escape route

TZ 320

Door control unit to control and monitor one or more emergency exits with a network function

GCVR 200


IQ lock AUT

Integrated all-glass system for a range of indoor and outdoor applications


Smoke detector for use on hold-open systems

RFID reader for non-contact identification

Self-locking panic lock for double-leaf doors




Flexible designs for barrier-free fire proof doors Fire proof doors need to close reliably in an emergency – but often have to ensure accessibility in everyday use. The new TS 5000 freeswing door closer range and the integrated Boxer EFS version can be tailored to meet specific requirements and can be used for leaf widths of up to 1,400 mm.

Reliable closing - easy opening Freeswing door closer TS 5000 and Boxer EFS GEZE freeswing door closers ensure that once a door has been opened it can be passed through without additional force being necessary, since the door closer remains under an electrical bias voltage. In the event of a fire, the pre-load triggers and the door closes automatically. The integrated GEZE Boxer EFS freeswing door closer and the entire TS 5000 freeswing door closer range can be used on barrier-free fire proof doors with a closer size of up to EN 6, i.e. up to a door leaf width of 1,400 millimetres. All GEZE freeswing door closers also have a comfort hold-open function as standard. This allows the door to be locked in the open position at the end of the freeswing area. It enables environmental influences, such as draught, to be taken into account in order to prevent the doors from closing inadvertently – the closing function in the event of fire remains unaffected.

AT A GLANCE: Freeswing door closer range TS 5000 EFS / RFS 3-6 (also for double-leaf doors) • closing force can be set from EN 3 to EN 6 (up to 1,400 mm leaf width) • comfort hold-open function at the end of the freeswing area as standard • inconspicuous, easy-to-install electrical connection • cable connection using a simple plug connection is possible after installing the door closer • easy retrofitting of the comfort hold-open function Integrated freeswing door closer Boxer EFS 4-6 (also for double-leaf doors) • closing force can be set from EN 4 to EN 6 (up to 1,400 mm leaf width) • comfort hold-open function at the end of the freeswing area as standard • spindle extension by 4 or 8 mm possible using accessories • flexible extension reduces storage requirements, as only one version is required • simple door fabrication thanks to compact installation dimensions (leaf widths from 600 mm)





Safe smoke removal, flexible ventilation Whether solutions for reliable smoke and heat extraction (RWA), comfortable ventilation or even customised special solutions for modern building envelope designs: as a system provider and specialist for individual solutions in window technology, GEZE automates window elements of different sizes, weights, shapes and opening types for various areas of application.

Special solution for glass façades New application for parallel-opening vent windows Uniform glass façades frequently define the appearance of modern prestigious buildings. GEZE offers a new application for parallel-opening vent windows in façades in order to maintain the façade appearance even when windows are open, while also considering the safety aspects. These windows can be automated using RWA chain drives Slimchain and Powerchain, regardless of whether they are light or heavy. All drives are positioned on the internal frame or are integrated into the frame. Up to four drives can be moved synchronously. The entire casement moves outward in parallel when opening. This ensures that the appearance of a glass façade is not impaired, e.g., by disruptive reflections of tilted windows. At the same time, the parallel opening of the windows ensures an efficient air exchange. Cool air is supplied from below and warm, stale air is discharged from above.

AT A GLANCE: Application for parallel-opening vent windows • no interference with the façade design • efficient air exchange • for large, heavy window and façade elements • automation with the RWA chain drives Slimchain and Powerchain • drives are positioned on the internal frame or are integrated into the frame • up to four drives can be moved synchronously • circulating ventilation function • suitable for naturally controlled ventilation concepts • day-to-day ventilation can be controlled using sensors

The circulating ventilation function ensures significantly higher air exchange rates than other types of windows for the same opening width. Day-to-day ventilation can be controlled using sensors that are connected to the building management system.

CUSTOMISED WINDOW PROTECTION INDIVIDUAL SOLUTIONS FROM GEZE Open and close automatic windows safely: to prevent hands from getting caught, GEZE fits the safety measures required depending on the place of installation and usage. It does this using sensors or protective bars – each as a customised solution.

16 16

Picture credits: Schüco International KG




Slim all-rounder

Genuine power package

Slimchain chain drive

Powerchain chain drive

The Slimchain chain drive is available in the 300, 500 and 800 millimetre stroke versions with adjustable intermediate lengths. This means that it can be adjusted to different window sizes and opening requirements. “Slim” and compact, the Slimchain can be discreetly incorporated into façades. It is suitable for both natural ventilation as well as for use in smoke and heat extraction systems and in SHEVs in line with EN 12101-2.

Ideal for heavy façade windows and for use on skylights and skylight domes: the Powerchain chain drive is a real power pack and is available in the 600, 800 and 1,200 millimetre stroke versions. It fulfils all the requirements for very large opening widths. Tensile forces and forces of pressure of up to 600 N give it the necessary power to open large, heavy windows quickly and safely. In smoke and heat extraction cases, the Powerchain achieves high opening speeds.

Large application range Spindle drive E 250 NT

AT A GLANCE: Slimchain, Powerchain and E 250 NT

The E 250 NT spindle drive is used for safe smoke and heat extraction as well as smoke dissipation. It can also be used for everyday ventilation. It is available in eight stroke versions. It reaches its maximum opening speed in less than 55 seconds up to a stroke length of 500 millimetres. The drive fulfils diverse requirements, such as for tensile forces and forces of pressure or opening widths. Diverse adjustment options increase ease of use.


• versatile application for controlling RWA and ventilation windows • distinguish between alarm mode (quick and maximum opening) and ventilation mode (slow and quiet opening) • stroke length and speed can be configured • quick and easy to install thanks to the GEZE Smart fix installation system • can be combined with locking drives • can be ordered complete including consoles in any RAL window colour

EFFICIENT BUILDING OPERATION NEW GEZE KNX IQ BOX KNX is a standardised and established bus technology for home and building system. Various components such as heating, lighting, shutters or ventilation can be linked and automated throughout an entire building. The KNX IQ box interface enables dialogue between the intelligent GEZE window drives and other KNX-capable components in a building system, such as push buttons and sensors. This makes it possible to integrate windows directly into the KNX system for controlled natural ventilation. In contrast to simple bus actuators, the KNX IQ box provides access to the drive intelligence which, for example, makes it possible to control and monitor the window position: for more efficiency and safety in building operation.




Configurable according to customers' wishes

For more safety

Modular BUS control unit MBZ 300

Emergency power control units THZ and THZ Comfort

The modular bus control unit MBZ 300 is a central control unit that manages, coordinates and monitors all connected opening systems and components during the smoke and heat extraction process. It also controls day-to-day ventilation.

AT A GLANCE: The MBZ 300 modular BUS control unit • • •

flexible modular design for various functions, performance classes and sizes can easily be expanded even complex smoke and heat extraction systems can be mapped using PC software • can be configured as an individual solution ex-works • can control SHEVs depending on the wind direction in accordance with European standard EN 12101-2 • can be installed for optimal cable guidance in the building as a central control unit or can be decentralised in the form of several networked controls


GEZE RWA solutions also ensure safety wherever only smoke dissipation is required under building law, e.g. in staircases. The THZ and the THZ Comfort emergency power control units can also be discreetly installed in narrow staircases. They make it possible to connect a complete smoke dissipation solution and can be used for day-to-day ventilation. Various parameters can be adapted to the building conditions. Three potential-free status contacts, “Alarm”, “Fault” and “Window open” also facilitate the reporting of the window status regardless of location. A caretaker can immediately respond in the event of a fault. The signals can also be forwarded, e.g. to the fire brigade. Wind or rain sensors can be connected to the control unit without the use of additional modules – this means that windows also close reliably in rain or during strong wind.

AT A GLANCE: Emergency power control units THZ and THZ Comfort • • • • • •

THZ: plastic casing THZ Comfort: metal casing with integrated RWA and vent switches compact staircase control units with output power of 3.4 A up to 8 RWA buttons, 10 smoke detectors, vent switches, weather sensors can be connected easy connecting possibilities to the building management system customised by adjusting the parameters




Transparent room designs Whether modern, design-oriented all-glass solutions in sophisticated shop fittings or elegant glass walls, such as in offices: GEZE glass systems provide maximum transparency as well as simple and flexible installation.

Clear solution for shop fitting MSW with fine-framed leaves The new manual sliding wall system (MSW) with fine-framed leaves with insulation glass provides an improved energy balance. While conventional products with insulation glass restrict your view with solid frame profiles, the MSW with fine-framed leaves and the minimum profile width of only 30 millimetres can be used with insulation glass panels with optimal transparency. Manual sliding wall systems with fine-framed leaves are therefore ideal for use in shop fitting. Another advantage is the pleasant room climate in the vicinity of the partition. Silicon and brush seals fitted on both sides reduce draughts around the edges of the panels. The tried and tested modular manual sliding wall system is used for the tracks and the locking components, featuring curve technology that provides maximum ease of use.


AT A GLANCE: MSW with fine-framed leaves • • • •

improved energy balance with insulation glass in MSW systems nearly unrestricted view due to the use of sleek frame profiles pleasant room climate thanks to silicon and brush seals ideal for entrance solutions in shop fitting





Easy and user-friendly

Safe solution with structural approval

SmartGuide roller carriages

Manual sliding wall system base construction

The new SmartGuide roller carriages allow all MSW versions to be implemented without impairing running comfort. The “smart” carriage ensures that all leaves run in the desired, adjustable direction, rather than just in one predetermined direction. The guide switch for a variable guide side is integrated into the roller carriage and the signal is emitted by a release device in the manual sliding wall system track. This means that the leaf no longer needs to be guided manually. The SmartGuide roller carriage is compatible with all manual sliding wall system versions. This means that stacking areas with release situation and multiple successively arranged stacking areas can be implemented with unrestricted sliding comfort – even systems without a swing door end panel can be easily and comfortably implemented.

It covers virtually every application: the new manual sliding wall system base construction allows MSW systems to be suspended in line with their structural profile. It can be fastened directly to the track of the relevant MSW and does not require an additional profile. As a modular system, it adapts flexibly to various building situations. The time-consuming creation of your own designs and improvised solutions are no longer necessary. Structural approvals and calculations are also no longer required as the GEZE product already has structural approval. This facilitates planning and increases legal certainty.



SmartGuide roller carriage

Manual sliding wall system base construction

• • • • •

• • • •

for systems without swing leaves controls every MSW leaf in the desired direction offers unrestricted sliding comfort manual guiding at branches is no longer required a track system for all MSW versions

Flexible framing for glass walls Modular fixed panel profile

One basic profile for everything: the new modular fixed panel profile is ideal for 8, 10 and 12 millimetre glass thicknesses and is available in two different designs. The two aluminium cover profiles (clip-on covers) – either in profile design 40 or in the GEZE Pendulo all-glass wall system design (see page 40 of this brochure) – can be easily exchanged without making any changes to the basic system. This is made possible by the clamping plates that can be freely positioned in the profile and which adjust to all glass thicknesses. External components, such as glazing blocks to calibrate the glass panes, are not required. Corresponding calibration units are integrated into the clamping system. This simplifies installation, reduces storage requirements and increases safety. The clamping screws in the clamping plates are secured against unauthorised removal as these are not inserted through the basic profile.

AT A GLANCE: Modular fixed panel profile • basic profile suitable for all glass thicknesses • clamping plates can be freely positioned in the profile • calibration of the glass panes is integrated into the system • simple replacement of the clip-on covers with the same basic profile • manipulation prevention (screws cannot be removed from outside) • clip-on covers for profile design 40 are ideal for 8, 10 and 12 millimetre glass thicknesses • clip-on covers for the Pendulo profile design are ideal for glass thicknesses of 8 and 10 millimetres

modular system for flexible MSW installation simple installation with no processing of materials structural approval already included retrospective fine-tuning is also possible from below via the track




Perfect protection and comfort even for smaller buildings Smart product solutions by GEZE provide optimal safety, comfortable handling and flexible combination opportunities even in smaller buildings. For example, in private homes, retirement homes or in commercial or office buildings.





Smart comfort for entrance doors System solution consisting of a swing door drive, access control and a multi-point locking system Outstanding protection against burglary, controlled access and comfortable use: multifunctional door systems are also becoming increasingly important in the entrance areas of private houses or smaller commercial buildings. GEZE provides completely customised solutions. For example, with the ECturn Inside automatic swing door drive, a multi-point locking system and the new stand-alone SecuLogic GCER 100 access control system. This can be combined with all motor locks and multi-point locking systems on entry doors. It also fits perfectly into the world of GEZE system products and controls swing and sliding door drives, electronic door openers, panic locks and emergency exit protection.

Accessibility - inside and outside ECturn Inside swing door drive

The ECturn Inside automatic swing door drive combines accessibility and safety with optimum door design. Its compact dimensions mean that it can be integrated into the door leaf or frame of internal or external doors without affecting the appearance. That's why the automatic drive received the 2014 Interior Innovation Award from the German Design Council. The wide range of special functions such as radio push buttons, mobile radio remote control units or acoustic signals allow the system to be tailored to various requirements. ECturn Inside can be operated in low-energy and automatic modes. In low-energy mode the drive moves the swing door at reduced speed, thus fulfilling the safety level of DIN 18650 / EN 16005.


AT A GLANCE: ECturn Inside swing door drive • flexible integration into different door leaves (minimum thickness of 55 mm) or into the door frame • operation in low-energy and in automatic mode • door leaf widths of up to 1,100 mm or leaf weights of up to 125 kg • optional rechargeable battery ensures continued operation in the event of a power failure • additional sensors can be connected




Keyless protection – practical and safe SecuLogic GCER 100 access control system

Customised access control for smaller buildings: provided by the new GEZE stand-alone system. The SecuLogic GCER 100 RFID reader can be used for the controlled access of up to 100 employees, suppliers or visitors, for example in offices, shopping centres or laboratories. The use of ID cards, key rings (“tags”) and all conventional car keys is possible. Administration takes place via a master card. This saves time and money compared to conventional closing systems using keys: identification media are created and issued in the system and lost IDs are simply deleted. The access control system is installed in a secure area, while encrypted data transmission between the reader and the control unit ensures a high level of data security. The RFID reader can be used indoors and outdoors. The system solution is ideal for entry doors with multi-point locking systems and can be combined with motor locks.


AT A GLANCE: SecuLogic GCER 100 access control system • • • • • • •

access control for smaller buildings and up to 100 people ID cards, key rings (“tags”) and all conventional car keys can be used administered using a master card encrypted data transmission for high data security easy commissioning can be used inside and outside various reader installation options are possible




Room doors with intelligence ActiveStop double sided draw-in damping

The new ActiveStop double sided draw-in damping provides unique convenience for interior doors. The smart function controls the opening and closing of swing doors up to a weight of 45 kilograms. Doors with glass panels can also be easily fitted with the innovative GEZE system. The ActiveStop can be discreetly integrated into the door leaf thanks to its narrow width of only 28 millimetres and gently and safely draws in the door from a closing angle of about 25 degrees. Therefore it is virtually impossible that the door is slammed, e.g. due to a draught or inattention, and prevents associated damage to the door leaves and frames or even injuries. The ActiveStop also dampens the opening of the door: it gently draws the door to the maximum opening width, which can be flexibly adjusted between 60 and 140 degrees. This allows the door to be comfortably passed through, e.g. while carrying luggage or with a child on your arm. It also means that damaged furniture due to doors being thrown open are now a thing of the past.

AT A GLANCE: ActiveStop draw-in damping • • • • • • • •

innovative convenience for room doors controlled opening and closing thanks to double sided draw-in damping narrow installation width of just 28 mm discreet integration into the door leaf for doors weighing up to 45 kg maximum door opening angle: 140 degrees door stays closed automatically, a latch catch is not required easy installation with only a single cut-out run

The damping performance provided by ActiveStop can be adjusted via a valve and adapted to every door situation. The narrow width of the draw-in damping ensures quick and easy installation in the door leaf with only a single cut-out run. Consumers receive a complete door system and only have to set the desired back check and opening angle.





Sleek design - double the strength Levolan 120 sliding door system

As the “big brother” of the Levolan 60, the Levolan 120 moves manual sliding doors in internal applications with door leaves of up to 120 kg. Its external dimensions are equivalent to those of the Plus X Award-winning Levolan 60 sliding door system, which was voted the “Best Product of 2014“ in its category. The fitting technology is completely integrated into the track, which is only 50 millimetres high. Its straight-lined appearance means that the modular system adapts to every installation situation. As an option, the Levolan SoftStop draw-in damping, which can be integrated into the track, gently and safely draws the sliding door leaf to the end position – with no risk of pinching or striking the frame. Special carrier rollers ensure an optimal load distribution and optimal running characteristics. Removal protection is automatically activated upon height adjustment of the door leaf and provides additional safety. As the clamping carriage is designed for glass thicknesses of 10 to 12.76 millimetres, the use of laminated safety glass (LSG) is also possible.

AT A GLANCE: Levolan 120 sliding door system • moves door leaves of up to 120 kg • external dimensions of only 50 x 50 mm as per the Levolan 60 system • optional draw-in damping can be integrated • fitting technology completely integrated into the track • special carrier rollers for optimal running characteristics • clamping carriage for wooden leaves as well as for glass thicknesses of 10 to 12.76 mm • easy installation using the Levolan Smart fix installation system

The Levolan Smart fix installation system makes installation quick and easy and it can be performed using only an Allen key and an open-end spanner. The carriage with the leaf can be conveniently hooked into the track and be calibrated from the front.





Customised damping The new Rollan 40 NT SoftStop sliding door fitting

Established fitting with new draw-in damping: the new Rollan 40 NT sliding door fitting system can also be fitted with a new damping as a smart sliding door solution for private residences or offices. This small draw-in damping, which has been adapted to the fitting, can be retrofitted on one or both sides of sliding doors with a leaf weight of up to 40 kilograms without much effort. No changes to the door leaf or conversions to the existing installation situation are required. Even the track does not have to be replaced in order to retrofit the new draw-in damping. This saves time and money and also increases safety. The small component dimensions also reduce the minimum leaf widths. This means that neither the specific installation situation nor the type of installation are important. Another highlight is the new function: the low initial friction means that the sliding door system can be easily opened by children and people with limited mobility and so ensures comfortable use. The new damping unit can also be easily retrofitted into existing Rollan 40 solutions.


AT A GLANCE: Rollan 40 NT SoftStop sliding door hardware • • • • •

for sliding doors with a leaf weight of up to 40 kg one sided draw-in damping kit for Rollan sliding doors damping can be retrofitted without replacing the roller carriage draw-in damping can even be installed for narrow leaf widths the system can be comfortably used with low opening force

Picture credits: Studio BE




Ventilation made easy ECchain chain drive

Whether an apartment or a house: accessibility and comfort are becoming increasingly important inside your own four walls. GEZE offers automated ventilation “with design” with the ECchain ventilation drive: as a powerful entry-level model, it can also be used on bottom-hung, side-hung and tophung windows as well as on small fanlights. The integrated stroke adjustment of the chain drive allows it to be adapted to different ventilation requirements.


AT A GLANCE: ECchain chain drive • • • • •

efficient chain drive for automatic ventilation at 230 V integrated stroke adjustment to 200 mm and 400 mm universal fixtures and consoles for all current profile systems various colours for optimal adaptation to window profiles quick and easy installation




One solution - numerous applications Pendulo all-glass wall system

Spaces without visible limitations: this is possible with the GEZE Pendulo all-glass wall system. As a transparent partition in offices, in shop fitting or at home: many different elegant solutions become a reality with the Pendulo System. What is special about the whole scenario is that the GEZE system conceals the intelligent technology, an integrated door closer, in the lower design profile. This means that the door can be opened in both directions, it offers a balanced closing movement and it swings gently back to its rest position. The planning of the GEZE all-glass wall system is also straightforward. Using the online-based Pendulo Configuration, complete solutions can be designed quickly and easily from a single source: tailored to your individual wishes. In addition, the system is installed quickly, without any time-consuming interventions in the floor, the walls or the ceiling.


AT A GLANCE: Pendulo all-glass wall system • • • • • •

complete, single-source solution room partitioning with maximum transparency elegant solution for office, shop fitting or at home simple and fast planning using the configuration tool easy and straightforward installation flexible, expandable system




GEZE offers systematic service From initial project consultancy through individual solution-finding to commissioning, regular after-sales service and training: our comprehensive range of services not only guarantees reliable planning possibilities, but also reduces both effort and costs.





Creative freedom with specialised solutions

Competent support in every construction phase

GEZE Customer Solutions

GEZE Project Management

From sound advice along with the compilation of the specific requirements through construction and project handling right up to production and associated service features: With GEZE Customer Solutions, customers benefit from sophisticated, customised (special) solutions, which offer the best-possible safety and comfort. And all this from one source. A central contact person is available for all questions from the initial idea right up to commissioning; irrespective of whether the questions refer to special building requirements, applications in terms of traffic or solutions for machines and systems. GEZE customised solutions provide everything you need.

AT A GLANCE: Services from Customer Solutions • sound advice for individual requirements • national and international service • compilation of customised, cross-product (special) solutions • for buildings, ships, trains, transport vehicles or machines • coordination of the interfaces in case of specific requirements • one central contact person

We support architects at home and abroad with the implementation of varied construction projects. The international experts working at our head office in Leonberg and the project consultants in our worldwide subsidiaries are fully up to speed with local conditions and national building laws. Individual concepts and ideas can be realised that conform with all standards and guidelines. GEZE provides assistance with the development of new ideas and with designing, planning and tendering, as well as during the implementation phase. Naturally, this includes the devising of all technically feasible solutions and the coordination of the interfaces with the pre- and post-construction trades every bit as much as the creation of drawings for specific projects, door lists, wiring diagrams and much more. The "project" services provided by GEZE are supplemented by events and presentations on specific issues or on new legal developments.

AT A GLANCE: Project management services • • • • • •

support to architects for construction projects, national and international assistance with the development of new ideas from tendering right up to the implementation phase expertise about standards and guidelines coordination of the interfaces with the pre- and post-construction trades creation of project-specific drawings, door lists, wiring diagrams, etc. events and presentations on varied topics

BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING („BIM“) IS COMING! GEZE WILL BE THERE Safe and straightforward help for planning: All GEZE products are translated into the "BIM-format" of the leading CAD programmes, which includes the latest standards of the international standardisation committees: preparing a door list “at the touch of a button”. In addition to 3D data, lots of other information will be available – e.g. for quantity determination, cost control, tendering or for facility management. In addition to the visual effects, the designers will thus profit from plenty of additional functions, e.g. interfaces to leading planning tools or compatibility with production software solutions in the door industry. The solution from GEZE also takes into account distinctive country-specific features such as standards or certificates.





Quick and simple way to create an offer and an order GEZE SystemShop

The GEZE SystemShop offers the configuration and ordering of products in a user-friendly Webshop - and more. Products and GEZE system solutions can be ordered easily and conveniently or can be configured, based on specific requirements. Just a few product specifications are needed and then the shop displays the components and the accessories. The complete calculation is done online, saving users a lot of time. The SystemShop offers tender texts for downloading and creates ready-made parts lists. Customer documents, e.g. offers, orders and invoices can be accessed and orders can also be tracked. There is a technical product library with information about the complete GEZE portfolio, which is also available through the GEZE App for iPhone or iPad. Planning is also made easy for users by the numerous tools available in the GEZE SystemShop. Revolving and curved sliding doors: simple planning of complex systems The new configuration tool for revolving and curved sliding doors simplifies the planning of complex door systems for users. The smart tool can be used to configure the respective system solution in 3D. After entering the desired details, the configuration tool creates colourful 3D drawings, which can also be provided in an edited format.

Automatic Door Systems individual configuration including cable plan Automatic door systems from GEZE can be individually configured and calculated through the SystemShop. Customer offer documents with corresponding calculations can also be generated. In addition, automatic system drawings including cable plans can be created with just a few inputs about the products. An availability check offers users a quick overview as do the order and delivery tracking functions.


MSW Configuration tool: The best result with only little effort The MSW Configuration tool in the GEZE SystemShop makes project management quick and simple. MSW systems can be configured based on just a few specifications and the user can then get automatically generated layout drawings, for example. There are even more variants available here now. The clever tool gives clear overviews of different stacking position options or even systems without pivoting panels using SmartGuide technology. Pendulo configuration tool: simple ordering, clear and quick The SystemShop configuration tool for GEZE's Pendulo manual swing door system automatically configures the corresponding system. The data entered can be shown in real time in a preview window for clearer visualisation. When all inputs have been made, the tool lists the required system components and creates all the necessary drawings, consisting of an overview drawing showing the complete system, assembly drawings for each individual glass element and a set of drawings showing all the glass parts needed for the glass order.

WinCalc: the window technology configurator

Automatic generation of the wiring diagrams for RWA systems

WinCalc takes care of the complex calculations, when it comes to constructing a complete window system time-saving, user-friendly and convenient. It is possible to make calculations for manual and electrically operated ventilation windows, RWAs as well as for SHEVs. The window profile to be used just has to be selected from a pool of SHEV-tested profiles. The profile characteristics can be tailored individually for windows that are not being used in a SHEV. The only thing that WinCalc requires the user to do is to map the desired window. The program then takes over the complete calculations and displays all usable drive solutions, resulting in an uncomplicated planning and calculation of the GEZE window technology.

When transferring the configuration results from the WinCalc control centre configuration to the SystemShop, users will now automatically receive a wiring diagram as well: completely as per the customised projectspecific details. This does not only simplify the planning process. As the plans are assigned to the respective order, they also help in accurate documentation.

Project-specific RWA control units: easy and comfortable planning With the new comfortable control unit configurator, it is now also possible to design a suitable RWA emergency power control unit quickly and easily using WinCalc. The user just has to enter the windows that are to be controlled, their group assignment and the accessories. The control unit construction in terms of the control unit type, the drive connection and in the case of the MBZ 300, also the type, quantity and sequence of the modules, is automatically created. The result is a tailormade, project-specific control unit. The complete RWA system can be shown as an overview and the required components can be entered in a parts list. Interface to the GEZE SystemShop: just one step away from creating the offer The interface to the GEZE system shop makes it easy to submit an enquiry and order for the calculated components - from the drive solution to the RWA control unit. Drives and brackets are transferred to the shop from a window design. Either the individual components or also the project-specific built control unit can be ordered from the control unit configuration

GEZEconnects parametrise automatic door systems efficiently With the help of the GEZEconnects software and a rapid Bluetooth radio transmission the automatic sliding, swing and revolving door systems from GEZE can be programmed and maintained both simply and efficiently, through a laptop or PC. The straightforward readout of fault messages allows servicing and maintenance costs to be saved. Diagnostic functions show the most important parameters of the door system in real-time. Faults can be rectified in a very short time. Additionally, all door settings can be saved as document files, applied to other systems and sent by e-mail. Also existing systems can be configured for GEZEconnects compatibility without any problem. Software updates can be carried out as downloads from the GEZE website. Service case: flexible testing of window drives The service case offers everything that is needed to be able to commission and test window drives from the GEZE IQ range on site, even without any power connection. This means that the project handover is done at the earliest possible point in time. The stroke and speed of the drives can be parametrised quickly and simply with the stand-alone solution acting as the interface between the drives and the GEZE ST 220 Service terminal. The integrated rechargeable batteries can be charged up using a 230 V connection, which also supplies the necessary energy for permanent operation. The maximum output power of 5.5 A ensures that sets with multiple drives can also be commissioned. Function tests or fault diagnostics can be carried out with the integrated ammeter. The case is not only suitable for modern GEZE RWA drives but also for 24 V drives without bus technology.



Customer support from A to Z GEZE Service

Regular servicing is essential for long-lasting, faultless functionality, longevity and the retention of value for door, window and safety systems. Customised service solutions are rated very highly at GEZE: from installation to maintenance and repairs right up to modernisation of existing systems. The complete support and maintenance of the building technology in one package is our focus. GEZE Service offers comprehensive solutions for GEZE as well as for third-party products. GEZE Service works closely with the local subsidiaries and forms a worldwide comprehensive service network along with them. Customers benefit from customised concepts for every requirement with the GEZE service packages.

AT A GLANCE: Services offered by GEZE Service • comprehensive services for installation, maintenance and servicing • services for GEZE as well as for third-party products • customised service concepts with customised packages • simple installation and flexible retrofitting with intelligent technology • flexible retrofitting of existing systems with new components • up-to-date know-how of the sector with seminars and presentations

Your experts for individual quotations and advice: GEZE Sales Services – info.de@geze.com Your experts for planning and consultation: GEZE Project Management – architekten@geze.com Your experts for maintenance and training: GEZE Service – service-info.de@geze.com



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GEZE trade fair brochure BAU 2015  

Here you can read all about the GEZE products at the trade fair BAU 2015

GEZE trade fair brochure BAU 2015  

Here you can read all about the GEZE products at the trade fair BAU 2015

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