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Elefsina (Eleusis) Elefsina (Eleusis) is a city of Greece, in Attica, about 18 km northwest of central Athens, in the Triassic plain, shore of the Saronic Gulf, at its northern end. It is the seat of the administration of West Attica Prefecture.

History â—?

First settlements date back to 2000 BC C., during the Mycenaean period in a large walled area. In the eighth century B.C. it became a Panhellenic sanctuary. Pisistratus surrounded the people and the sanctuary with a large wall. Many other public buildings were erected later.

Mitology â—?

According to Pausanias. The city owes its name to the eponymous hero Eleusis. Triptolemus was the founder of the mysteries of Eleusis.

Eleusinian mysteries. â—?

The Eleusinian Mysteries were annual initiation rites to worship the farm goddesses Demeter and Persephone. They were celebrated in Eleusis. Of all the rites celebrated in ancient times, they were considered the most important.

Mysteries of Eleusis, Part 1 â—?

The mysteries were based on a myth starring Demeter. Her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped by Hades, the god of death and the underworld. He neglected his duties while searching for his daughter, and as a consequence the earth was frozen and people starved. During this time Demeter taught the secrets of agriculture to Triptolemus.

Mysteries of Eleusis,Part 2 â—?

Demeter finally reunited with her daughter and the earth came to life. Unfortunately, Persephone could not remain in the land of the living indefinitely because he had eaten a few seeds of a pomegranate that Hades had given her, and those who try the food of the dead can not return.

Mysteries of Eleusis,Part 3 â—?

Agreement was reached whereby Persephone stayed with Hades for one third of the year (winter), because the Greeks divided the year in three seasons: winter, spring and summer, and with his mother the next eight months. The Eleusinian Mysteries celebrated Persephone's return.



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The Mysteries of Eleusis  

The Mysteries of Eleusis