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Issue 12


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Issue 12


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Issue 12


Editor’s Letter


onths ago, in preparation for this issue, I found myself constantly drawn to and preoccupied reading Sports Illustrated magazines, Victoria's Secret catalogs and swimwear look books. I flipped through the pages countless times, and eventually became inspired enough to seize the opportunity to showcase now in this issue an image of swimwear with a different dimension closer to reality, enhanced by the persona of whoever is wearing it. With this goal in mind, finding the ideal swimsuit cover girl proved to be quite a challenge. But having found her, I consider this a great personal achievement as I had to grapple with the issue of objectification of women in media which we at GEV have always been careful to present in a proper way to our readers. So without further ado, here is a woman of character and substance, whom I believe epitomizes the essence of an achiever with a vision, undaunted by the stereotypes attributed to gender, class, or physical attributes. I met Marisa Churchill for the first time two years ago, at the Women’s Power Strategy Conference where she and I were both invited speakers. It was truly an honor to be part of such a laudable event. Joined by a number of local leaders, inspirational speakers and familiar role models, it was such a gratifying experience being able to collectively empower and inspire teenagers and national scholars of Girls Inc. It was a memorable day where we discussed their roles, status, and value to their families, their community and possibly to the country in the future. With the inputs shared by Marisa, myself and the rest, the conference organizers were able to make these young women realize their potentials as individuals, thereby empowering them to aspire for and claim a bright and successful future ahead.

From then on, I have known Marisa from a different perspective and have followed her career and journey since. Here is a Food Network and Bravo Top Chef celebrity who constantly downplays the fame bestowed on her, and fastidiously pursues her volunteer work oblivious of her celebrity. As an immigrant myself, I also value how she advocates and elevates her culture with the cuisine she prepares. As a dessert aficionado, Marisa ranks high in my list of creative talented chefs. I did not have to give up my love for dessert but rather learned from her ways I could enjoy my treats while cutting down the calories and fat; all without sacrificing any of the flavor. Marisa helped me achieve a much healthier food lifestyle which hopefully will enable me to achieve that desired body figure. Come dive into this issue with us then, as we make a splash and celebrate and reminiscence one of summertime’s acknowledged tradition.

Kaye Cloutman

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Photography by Vincent Gotti


Cover Story



White open blazer and fit tailored shorts by Jesus Romero

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Issue 12


Iluvy Greek Cut Floral Dress by Rebecca Cahua | $90


Conchita Print Classic String Bikini by Mia Marcelle Swimwear Top $96 | Bottom $96

Issue 12


Esther French Cut One Piece Swimsuit $ 107 | Black Waist Cape $60 by Rebecca Cahua


Moorea Twist Bandeau Bikini by Mia Marcelle Swimwear Top $62.95 | Bottom $62.95

Issue 12


White classic sheer coverall by Jesus Romero


Hana Deep-Brown Bikini by Mia Marcelle Swimwear Top $69.95 | Bottom $69.95

Issue 12


SWEET, SEXY & SIZZLIN’ HOT! Diving into the world of Marisa Churchill... Q

Is it really possible to bake your way to a slim body?

Yes! But the key is being mindful of what you bake. Depriving oneself is not a good way to lose weight, at least that was never something that worked for me. Sometimes you think you are being healthy by baking something gluten free, or eating something that's reduced fat, but often these items are loaded with fats or sugars. Healthy baking and using healthy ingredients is key. It's really no different than cooking. The difference is that cutting the fat and calories in baking (and having it still taste good) is more complicated than cutting down on fat and calories when cooking. How do you cook without guilt? Cooking without guilt is quite easy for me. I grew up eating the foods my Greek grandmother would make. A traditional Mediterranean diet consists of lots of vegetables, fruit, olive oil instead of butter, and fresh fish. I tend to eat a lot of leafy greens, lentils, Greek yogurt and salmon. Using these kinds of ingredients is a great (and flavorful) way to cook without guilt!


What are your edible guilty pleasures?


What are your favorite ingredients to use during summer?

I always say everything in moderation, so there's nothing that I won't eat...I just try not to indulge too much everyday. When I do indulge it's often with ice cream or cheese. Cheese is always a bit dangerous for me because I typically indulge more with cheese when I'm traveling. The stinkier the cheese the better. I inevitably end up stuffing cheese into my suitcase. After that everything smells like old gym socks for weeks, but it's always worth it!

Greek yogurt and berries. I really love Greek yogurt, and used to make it when I was little with my grandmother. Lately, with the warm weather, I've been obsessed with using it to make popsicles. I love using it because it's such a diverse ingredi-

ent. It even freezes really well. In fact, just recently I made several batches of PB&J popsicles with it. It sounds counter intuitive that the main ingredient in a PB&J popsicle would be yogurt, but the yogurt really balanced out the popsicles and gave them the perfect texture and flavor. They were a big hit. At first I felt guilty that I was eating so many of them. But then I reminded myself that it wasn't ice cream. I make them without sugar, only honey and fresh berries, plus the Greek yogurt (which is naturally high in protein). Now I'm basically combining the yogurt with every summer fruit you can think of, from peaches to blackberries, and making popsicles. Maybe that should be my next book?


When it comes to women on TV – who are your favorites and why?

I've started to do some cooking appearances on The Talk and I really respect the five women hosting the show (Sharon Osborne, Aisha Tyler, Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, and and Sheryl Underwood). The reason I like them so much is because they aren't afraid to be funny and to voice their opinion, even if it's controversial. A perfect example of what sets them apart, on one episode they were discussing Miley Cyrus performing on stage in her bra and panties and whether or not it was part of the "performance" or simply a cheap ploy to gain attention. Well, Sheryl Underwood decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to test the theory out herself, and the next thing you know she's sitting in her hosting chair wearing her bra and panties. Now if you're familiar with Sheryl Underwood, you know that she's a comedian. Needless to say this was a perfectly timed joke, and got a great laugh from everyone. But I don't think there's another TV host who would have dared to turn themselves into a joke like that. It might sound silly to say that my favorite people on TV are the people who know how to laugh at themselves, but sometimes in life (and especially in the professional kitchen) that exactly what you have to do.



Cupcakes have successfully transformed and crossed over to the gourmet section for quite a number of years now. What are your thoughts about this and how do you keep up with the trend? For me, the cupcake is like the little engine that could. Who knew that one little cake would manage to go so far? I have to admit that when the cupcake trend hit 10 years ago I never would have imagined that it would still be going strong a decade later. Of course, in food (as in fashion) you have to be creative and reinvent in order to keep a trend going. So in that sense I'm not surprised to see cupcakes becoming more inventive and sophisticated. Where it will go next, who knows? I recently made a batch of cupcakes that incorporated Pop Rocks, and it was a hit. Maybe we'll see more playful ingredients being incorporated?


What is your favorite fashion moment?


What is your food forecast for this year in terms of pastries?

Oh boy, this is a tough one for me. I wish I was more fashion savvy. I love clothes and fashion but it's not my strong point. I usually run around in workout clothes. So I think I could do with some fashion help myself! I don't know that this can be counted as a fashion moment per say, but about six years ago I worked with the Rivera brothers on a food & fashion event. The chefs worked with clothing designers to create edible outfits. It was a great group of chefs, including myself, Hubert Keller, Elizabeth Falkner (who at that time owned Citizen Cake). It was a really cool event, and I'd love to see something like that happen again!

Tea is a big trend in general this year. People are starting to focus on tea the way they once focused on coffee. Tea is definitely making it's way back into the pastry kitchen as well! I've seen teas popping up more and more in desserts. In fact, I recently collaborated with Mastiha Shop (they have shops in Greece, Paris, Dubai and New York) on a new line of products called "Mamades" and one of the products we developed was a chamomile tea shortbread. So tea infused desserts aren't just showing up in restaurants, they're also coming soon to supermarket shelves near you!


currently have a new Sweet & Skinny cookbook that is being released in Greece, as well as a second Sweet & Skinny cookbook that will (hopefully) be out soon in the US. I just signed a deal with Green Olive Films to do a TV show called My Sweet & Skinny Life. It's part healthy baking and part reality. It shows how I develop my lighter recipes and gluten free recipes, where I get my inspiration (primarily from my Mediterranean heritage), etc. The show will start airing in Greece and Cyprus in October, and you'll be able to see vignettes of the show on in the US as well. I have a few other projects that I'm working on, so we'll see where things take me next. At the moment I'm just really grateful for and enjoying where I'm at. If readers wish to keep up with me online they can follow me on Twitter or Facebook

Issue 12


Marisa Churchill’s

Peanut Butter & Jelly Popsicles Makes 6

Ingredients  1 heaping cup of berries (such as blackberries or strawberries)  1 tablespoon water  2 tablespoon honey, divided use  2/3 cup reduced fat plain Greek yogurt (I use Fage)  ¼ cup smooth natural peanut butter  ¼ teaspoon coarse sea salt

Procedure  Place the berries, water and one tablespoon of honey into a stainless steel pot and cook over medium heat. Stir occasionally to break up the berries. Cook until the mixture is thick and syrupy, about 10 minutes.

BUY THE BOOK! Illustrated with vibrant finished and in-process food photographs throughout, Sweet & Skinny will help you make desserts that everyone will love, for any occasion.

$18.99 | ISBN 9780307953377 240 pages | Published by Clarkson Potter

For those who are trying to lose weight, have dietary restrictions, or are simply looking to cut or decrease sugar, Sweet & Skinny offers a path to eating healthier and baking simpler by lowering fat and cooking smart, with everything in moderation.

 In the meantime, place the yogurt, peanut butter, salt, and remaining tablespoon of honey into a food processor, blend until thoroughly combined. Transfer the mixture to a piping bag or bowl.  Once cooked, place the berry mixture into the same food processor (no need to clean the food processor first). Blend the berries into a puree. Place the peanut butter mixture into the bottom of the six popsicle molds. Give the molds several firm taps on the counter to release any air pockets. Divide the berry mixture evenly over the top, and tap the molds again.  Place the popsicle sticks into the center of each popsicle and transfer the popsicles to the freezer. Freeze for at least 6 hours before unmolding.


Discover Earth-Friendly & Luxury Lodging in Yountville

Bardessono Restaurant | Spa | Hotel

Issue 12



he Bardessono is a newly defined experience in hospitality that combines luxury green living with a modern aesthetic. This 62-room hotel models hospitality after the enduring expressions of land and family that fostered and sustained the original Bardessono farmstead. More than simple warmth and welcome, the Bardessono is built upon the possibility of an intelligent exchange between traveler and host. Service, surroundings and intention define an experience every guest will come to know as uniquely their own. Bardessono opened in February 2009 in Napa Valley’s “walking village” of Yountville on the 6-acre, 80-year-old Bardessono family homestead. The hotel earned Platinum LEED Certification in 2010. Bardessono was acquired by Benchmark Hospitality in 2011. The hotel is managed by Jim Treadway. Urban planner turned eco-developer, Phil Sherburne worked with Cello-Maudru Construction, a company that recycles 93% of their waste during site preparation and building process, and sawyer, Evan Shively of West Marin’s Arborica to create a hotel committed to community and green building. Together, the hotel was built with 100,000 sq. ft. of salvaged wood for doors, flooring, and the walls of the contemporary guest rooms, spa, restaurant and event space.

Environmental Initiatives • Heating and Cooling: Each building’s flat roof is fitted with a concealed photovoltaic solar collector and reflective material. A 200-kilowatt solar energy system provides 40 % of Bardessono’s electrical energy requirement. 82 300-ft. geothermal wells were drilled to work with a specially developed ground source heat pump system to heat and cool rooms and heat domestic water – up to 68 degrees heating and down to 68 degrees cooling. Motion sensors determine room occupancy, turning off lights and electrical devices, dropping shades, and allowing more temperature variation in the room while guests are away. • Lighting: LED and fluorescent lamps are used throughout the property and the motion sensors extinguish lights when rooms are unoccupied. Exterior uplighting is minimized to reduce nighttime light pollution. • Low Water Use: Low water flow fixtures, dual flush toilets and waterless urinals are used. Outdoors, drought-resistant landscaping prevails, serviced by an efficient drip irrigation system. All grey and black water is treated and recycled for irrigation uses by the Town of Yountville.



ur philosophy here in Lucy Restaurant is, “what grows in the garden is what goes on to your plate”. We’ve got thirty one different types of tomatoes, over twenty kinds of peppers and chilies as well as all the summer fruits, berries and melons. We also are the gardeners here and that’s what separates us from other restaurants. We’re the ones digging, vining and planting your food on a daily basis.

Photos by Leonid Malashenok & Tanya Matveeva Issue 12



estled within Yountville’s ecochic Bardessono hotel and spa, Lucy Restaurant & Bar offers seasonal, ingredient-driven fare that leverages the local bounty of Napa Valley. Three star chef Victor Scargle grows his own produce in the onsite culinary garden, and maintains close relationships with the region’s best farmers, allowing him access to the freshest products possible. Lucy’s sleek, contemporary design is in step with Bardessono’s modern aesthetic; its clean angles, earth tone color palette, and urban vibe serves as the perfect canvas for Scargle’s elegant, inspired interpretations of classic flavors. • Lucy Bar and Lounge features a full-bar serving an array of artisanal spirits. The extensive wine list highlights renowned small producers from around the world and many organic, sustainable and biodynamic vintners. • Lucy’s Garden: On site culinary garden, tended by Chef Victor Scargle, provides fruits and vegetables for Lucy Restaurant and Bar.

LUCY GARDEN TRIO of garden grown carrots, greens, and tomatoes paired with the 2013 Handwritten Wines’ The Author, a proprietary white wine from the Napa Valley.


Issue 12


Chef Victor Scargle’s

Ingredients from the garden... Tomato Ancho Jus for Antelope          

5# Roma Tomatoes cored and rough chopped 2ea Yellow onions (medium size) julienned 2ea Fennel bulb cored and sliced thin ½t Baking soda Kosher salt Black pepper 4ea Ancho peppers (seeds removed) ¼ C Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2bu Basil 2T Sugar


Place onions and fennel in a roundoux with extra virgin olive oil on low heat.


Sweat for five minutes and add tomatoes and sweat until onions and fennel are tender and tomatoes have broken down.


Be sure to add salt and pepper throughout the cooking process.


Once vegetables have broken down add baking soda and food mill.


Put back on the stove and simmer with ancho peppers and basil for 20 minutes.



Strain through large handled wood strainer and cool until needed.

3. 4.

Lucy Garden Ratatouille       

1ea 1ea 1ea 1ea 1ea ½ ea 1T

    

1T 1t 1t ¼C ¼C

Eggplant Japanese Red Bell Pepper small dice Yellow Bell Pepper small dice Yellow crookneck squash small dice Zuchinni small dice Red onion small dice Tomato paste or sundried tomato puree (In summer substitute heirloom tomato concasse) Reggiano cheese grated Marjoram julienne (slice thin) Lemon thyme finely chopped Basil leaves julienne (slice thin) Grapeseed oil


5. 6.

7. 8. 9.

To cook the ratatouille saute each item separately to make sure they are cooked perfectly. This can be done by sautéing over medium heat in enough grapeseed oil to coat the bottom of the pan. Season each item with salt and black pepper as well. Remove from the pan and place on a paper towel to absorb excess oil. Each item should have a slight bite to it when ready. When cooking red onions once they have slight caramelization add tomato product to them and cook until the raw tomato flavor is gone. Once all items are cooked combine in one pan and reheat. Finish with herbs, cheese and adjust seasoning one final time. Serve warm


Chef Victor Scargle’s

Summer Berry Panna Cotta Pickled Red Strawberries        1.

1c 1/2c 1c 1pc 6pc 3 2#

water champagne vin sugar vanilla bean pink peppercorn sprig lime/lemon thyme red strawberries

Combine all ingredients except strawberries in a pot Dissolve sugar, chill Add to Cryovac bag with strawberries and seal 95% Let sit for 15 minutes Remove and reduce the liquid to loose syrup consistency

2. 3. 4. 5.

Pickled White Strawberries        

1. 2. 3.

Vanilla Panna Cotta 1c cider vin 1/2c water 1T salt 1/2c sugar 1pc serrano sliced thin 1T black peppercorn 2 sprig of lemon verbena White strawberries (these are red berries that haven not fully ripened yet) Dissolve sugar in liquids Add liquid to Cryovac bag and add strawberries. Seal at 95% and steam 212 for 4 minutes

Strawberry Crunch Tuille     1. 2. 3. 4.

200g 60g 125g 125g

sugar flour strawberry puree melted butter

In this order in a bowl Melt the butter add to sugar flour and puree mix whisk in by hand dissolving sugar Chill Bake at 350 4 minutes top oven fan 3 just until a little color hits the sides Issue 12


     1. 2. 3.

450g 200g 2 7 900g

cream sugar vanilla beans Gelatin sheets buttermilk

Heat first set of ingredients to dissolve sugar and gelatin Strain warm liquid over buttermilk Set up in fridge


All Fired Up for

A Step Back in Time‌ and Into The Present

By Beverly Zeiss Assisted by Erin Eckert

Photos courtesy of Mountain Winery

Issue 12




ucked away in the serene hills of Saratoga, California, lies a hidden gem that is both a spectacular winery and a concert venue with breathtaking views.

In the fall of 1878, Paul Masson, an ambitious young Frenchman, arrived in San Francisco. Born in Burgundy to a family of well-established winemakers, Masson grew up surrounded by some of the finest wineries and vineyards in the world. Good fortune, or perhaps destiny, led him to the winery of Charles Lefranc, located a days journey south in the Santa Clara Valley. Lefranc, a French expatriate, was a highly respected vintner but it would be his collaboration with Masson that helped to put California wine on the world map. Using a transplanting technique known as grafting, Masson and Lefranc experimented with the "Mission" vines planted by the Franciscan Padres years before and the vines from Lefranc's vineyard, grown from clippings retrieved from France. The outcome of their endeavor was a selection of fine wines that turned the two men into local celebrities. Soon they were spending their evenings socializing with some of the most famous and wealthy people in San Francisco. These elegant parties provided Masson with a new business idea. He predicted that a city as sophisticated as San Francisco would be a receptive market for a fine; locally grown champagne… he would be proven right! In 1888, Masson secured a place in a winemaking dynasty by marrying Lefranc's oldest daughter, Louise. The company, known for so many years as Maison Lefranc, became The Lefranc Masson Wine Co. Masson was now free to pursue his "Champagne Dream" with new vigor, even spending his honeymoon in Champagne, France. Masson's champagne won countless awards throughout the years. The prestigious Paris Award, which he won at the Paris Expo of 1900, did not go unnoticed by the French press. Suddenly the entire world knew about Paul Masson Champagne of California. A few years later, with a label of his own and a successful champagne business, Masson decided to build his own winery. In the small, secluded town of Saratoga, he found the perfect location, La Cresta, Paul's "Vineyard in the Sky" was completed in 1905. A year later the winery's cellar lay in ruins, a casualty of the great San Francisco earthquake. By 1907, a new wine cellar stood in its place. A 12th Century Spanish portal that Masson had cunningly "acquired" from the rubble of the old St. Patrick's Cathedral in San Jose added a distinct new feature. These were good times for Masson, who celebrated his success with grand soirees at the Chateau where wine flowed freely and fine food was served in copious amounts. By 1919 however, the well had literally run dry; Prohibition was the law of the land. During these

Issue 12


"dry" years Masson was permitted to produce sacramental wines, however profits were minimal.
By the time of repeal in 1933, Masson, now a widower had lost most of his fortune and much of the passion that had distinguished him from many winemakers of the region. In 1936, he sold his winery to Martin Ray. As a tribute, Ray, who had fond childhood memories of working at the winery, preserved the Masson name as well as Masson's commitment to excellent wine making. Even during retirement, Masson found it difficult to stay away from La Cresta. At times, according to Martin Ray, it was difficult to know who the real owner was. Masson died at his home in San Jose on October 22, 1943. He was 82 years old. In 1958, a concert bowl was constructed and the now famous Concert Summer Series began. World-class music and breathtaking scenery have consistently proven to be a crowd- pleasing combination. Today, the Spanish portal provides a dramatic backdrop to the stage where performers such as Diana Ross, Ringo, Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson and Ray Charles have performed. The famous Summer Concert Series continues to entertain local crowds and the property remains a popular choice for weddings, corporate meetings and company retreats. Some of the concert-goers want to start the evening, by having a tail-gating party in the lower parking area. But the majority of other guests have chosen to enjoy the pre-concert dining at one of the fabulous restaurants on the Winery grounds. We had the pleasure of experiencing the cuisines of The Chateau Deck and The Backstage Brasserie on the Winery Deck. The Chateau Deck is the winery’s most elegant dining option. Guests will enjoy an exquisite three-course meal, thoughtfully prepared with seasonal California ingredients by Executive Chef David Sidoti and his culinary team. The dining area affords sublime panoramic views of the South Bay.


hef David is a dream to chat with. He was born in Rochester, New York and grew up working at his father’s Italian restaurant. He went to the New York Culinary Institute, then spent some time at the Country Club of Virginia, where he cooked for the President. He has been at Mountain Winery for 7 years. Chef David kept us laughing with his great sense of humor. But it’s all work when it comes to having to serve up to three hundred three-course meals in an hour and a half on the Chateau Deck at every concert. Timing is of the utmost importance, as the guests simply cannot miss the opening act. Sometimes they have only 45 minutes and they like to cook everything to order and consistency counts. “It can be challenging, but that’s what makes it fun!” states Chef David. He says he even takes his work home, “I eat it, sleep it and dream it…oh, I forgot to order the zucchini!” That’s a real love of the job. He manages the menus of all five restaurants at the Winery, so he is a busy man to say the least! They have taken the restaurant into the direction of a Mediterra-

nean-style Bistro. Because many of the guests attend several of the concerts during the run, they have chosen to change the menu mid-season to make it more inviting, and of course this allows for utilizing the freshest seasonal ingredients. Although there are a few items that always remain on the menu, as they are crowd favorites and would be sorely missed.


ourse One began with the Ahi Tuna and Shrimp. Sesame crusted Ahi, poached shrimp, whipped Edamame beans, micro bean and sprout salad drizzled with citrus soy glaze and miso cream. We watched as Chef David carefully arranged the layers with the hands of a skilled artist. The flavors were brilliant and is one of their best selling starters, the second most popular being the Caprese Ravioli. Italian parsley pasta filled with fresh mozzarella, creamy ricotta, tomato and sweet basil with roasted yellow tomato sauce and basil-infused California olive oil. One of the biggest crowd pleasers of Course Two is the Braised Short Rib. Tender meat served off the bone in it’s own braising sauce, accented with Mountain Winery’s own Cabernet. Served with roasted sweet carrots, shallot and wilted chard and griddled potato gnocchi. Course Three gives you the option of some decadent desserts including Lemon Curd and Berry Parfait, Chocolate Mousse Torte, Cannoli Cheesecake and the ever-popular Salted Caramel Mango Flan.

Portrait and wine bottle images courtesy of Trisha Leeper Photography



guarantee you will not leave this dining experience with anything less than ultimate flavors and a full tummy….and incredible service as well! The Backstage Brasserie on the Winery Deck is situated on a large patio just above the concert bowl, this restaurant features California comfort cuisine, inspired by the flavors of Italy. The two-course, prix-fixe dining experience is brought to life by Executive Sous Chef, Joseph Quicke. Dessert is an optional addition. Diners can enjoy the sights of the amphitheater and lush vineyards, while savoring a superb meal. We were excited to find out Chef Joseph was born in London, but then moved to Saratoga at a very young age. He is a local Silicon Valley boy and went to Saratoga High School. After Culinary School, the Mountain Winery was the first place he applied, and has been there off and on for seven years. Like Chef David, he is very passionate about his job. It was fun watching him create some of their signature dishes. A Course One favorite is the Mediterranean Salad. Assorted greens tossed with Feta cheese, Bermuda onion, plum tomatoes, cucumber, Klamath olives, baked chick peas topped with red wine vinaigrette. Also, the Italian Meatballs are a must, created with house-made beef, pork and veal, baked until tender, topped with San Marzano tomato sauce and fresh basil chiffonade. Yum!

The off-concert season does not bring them any rest. The Mountain Winery is able to tent most of the venues and they produce corporate events for many Fortune 500 companies like Google, Facebook and Apple. They have the ability to serve sometimes 5,000 people with 5-6 buffets and 5-7 action stations at one time! Chef David and Chef Joe would like to give a big shout out to their local purveyors, who send them a hot sheet each week with the best produce that’s good right now and what can be challenging, such as asparagus because of the drought, which is affecting them greatly.


hey are very conscientious as to where their ingredients come from. They only want the freshest and the best for their customers. They get their bread freshly baked daily from Acme Bread in Berkley, their garlic from Christopher Ranch in Gilroy and their mushrooms from Monterey Mushrooms. They use hormone-free beef from nearby Harris Ranch and their seafood comes fresh daily from All Seas Seafood, which is certified and organic. They abide by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sustainable Seafood Guide and serve only fish on the “not endangered” list. Their vendor relationships are very important to them.

I asked them a few personal questions like what kind of music they liked? David said he was more “old school” and enjoys groups such as Foreigner, The one stand-out Second Course dish Journey and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Joe on the everyone returns for is the Pork Osso other hand enjoys soul music and lisBuco. Tender Braised pork, falling off tens to Aloe Blacc. the bone. fresh Parppadelle pasta and David plays the piano and is self-taught, confit of carrot, Mountain Winery and is teaching his 13 year-old daughter Cabernet and braised fennel tomato sauce. It actually appeared to be able to play. Joe plays the drums and guitar. to feed four people. When I say it’s a When asked if they always have music playing in the kitchen, it was “no…it’s all huge portion, it’s HUGE… and utterly work”. However the music in their delectable! restaurants consists of artists that are playing concerts at the Winery during Course Three includes such fabulous offerings as the Tiramisu, Mixed Berry the season. After they are finished in Zabaglione and the Strawberry Panna the kitchen for the evening, they sometimes go out and stand in back and Cotta. watch the rest of the concert. But most Chef Joe conjured up a delicious crepe of the time they are extremely dish from their on-site Creperie, which tired….and just want to go home and was filled with strawberries, whipped enjoy a nice glass of Mountain Winery Merlot! cream and Nutella. Fantastico!

Issue 12



The Mountain Winery presents

By Annabelle Marceno Pericin Photography by Matthew Brandalise


he Mountain Winery has special memories for me. The first time I saw Boz Scaggs was at this very same venue and I became a regular Summer Concert attendee sinece. In the 90’s I listened to pop groups like Fleetwood Mac to jazz legend Dave Brubeck. That was 15 years ago and the opportunity to see Boz Scaggs perform at this special venue had me excited to go back once again. Rich in history, the Mountain Winery was built in Saratoga in 1905 by Frenchman Paul Masson known for his California Champagne. Nestled in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, wine and music partnered in 1958 when the concert bowl was constructed and the now famous Concert Summer Series began.

Issue 12


The concert bowl and the eating venues have since changed the last time I visited the Mountain Winery and I explored the new additions. The concert bowl now seats up to 2500 and the Mountain Winery offers several different dining venues for concert goers from casual, light fare to two or three course fixed meals with breathtaking views of the South Bay.

What a way to welcome the evening’s show. Underneath a summer starry night, singer, songwriter, and guitarist Boz Scaggs showcased his most recent R&B album in five years, Memphis with classic blues and jazz vibes including his best selling hits “Lido Shuffle," “Lowdown” and “Georgia”.

I got to experience The Backstage Brasserie on the Winery Deck which overlooks the concert bowl. This restaurant features California comfort cuisine, inspired by the flavors of Italy. The two-course, prix-fixe menu is brought to life by Executive Sous Chef, Joseph Quicke. My meal started with an order of Italian Meatballs, house made from beef, pork and veal with a San Marzano tomato sauce, and a fresh basil chiffonade followed by a Chicken Picatta Scampi. A lightly battered chicken breast with scampi style prawns, roasted trio of potatoes, italian squash tower, and a lemon caper butter sauce. Dinner was accompanied by a 2009 Mountain Winery Reserve Sauvignon Blanc. While dining on the patio, I enjoyed listening to Los Lobos jam to “Donna” and “We Belong Together”.

His unique voice and style still delivers hits. Performing in front of the historic ivy-covered winery building that provides a dramatic stage backdrop, Scaggs didn’t disappoint the full house in the concert bowl. It took 15 years to get me back to the Mountain Winery, I plan on not missing out for the next 15!


SUMMER GLAMNESS Photography by Vincent Gotti Lighting Director Christian Thomas Stylist Allison Cartagena MUA Pearl Cabalan Hairstyling Alexandra Palero Swimwear Designer Rebecca Cahua Model Khloe Andria Elkins (Stars Model Management) Post digital work Mariel L. Montaner

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photography by vincent gotti

Issue 12


designer spotlight


Issue 12


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Issue 12


designer spotlight

Models: Khloe Andria Elkins (Stars Model Management) Sydny Furuichi and Lia Vanatta (Halvorson Model Management HAIR: Alisher Akhunzhanov Make-Up Artist: Ozzie Mendoza Fashion Stylist: Allison Cartagena Fashion Designer: Ana Cecilia Ortega BTS Video: Stephen Tonti Photographer’s Assistant and Lighting: Christian Thomas Associate Producer: Debra Furuichi Location: Los Altos Nursery 63

#SUMMER Photography by Angelo Palazzo Model Rebecca Campos Hair Joseph Rene Salon Hair Assistant Vanessa B. MUA Jenny Gomez Stylist Shannon Luis Featured Designs Bubululu Malibu Car provided by Yu Li Photographer’s Assistant Paula Tripodi Location: Marina Del Rey, California

Issue 12



Issue 12



Issue 12



BOHEMIAN Photography by Christian Thomas

Creative Director: Vincent Gotti Stylists: Annabelle Pavlakis and Lukas Plato Hair: Teresa Song / Lukas Plato MUA Teresa Song Model: Veronica Boyer Featured designs by Heathers and Harlots Location: Moss Beach, Half Moon Bay California Top: stylists own. Palazzo My Heart pants $52

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photography by vincent gotti styled by allison cartagena 83

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thalassa bottom This amazing top can be worn in two stylish ways; wrap around and tie in back, or tie in the front center for a long gorgeous bow. Melibeach Swimwear

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sexy maxi cover-up This look only serves to tease. With a high slit and fluid fit, this cover up trumps all others. It's amazing how what we wear portrays how we feel. $59 Purpuratta NYC

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sweet ruffle bright coral bikini top & bottom This triangle bikini top is embellished with elegant ruffles to add a touch of sweetness for a fun, feminine and flirty look. Pairs perfectly with Sweet Ruffle Bikini Bottom.

Melibeach Swimwear Top $63 Bottom $63 Models: Katie Brinskele, Cruz Coronado & Jessica Trollinger Courtesy of MyElite Model Management MUA: Ozzie Mendoza Hair: Alisher Akhunzhanov Jewelry Sandra Cartagena Lighting Specialist: Christian Thomas Post Digital Work: Viktoria Sharp

Issue 12


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Morning Workout SHORTS: NIKE SHOES: NEW BALANCE Issue 12





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bike, bean & bottle in wine country Be inspired by the stories of the world of wine as you bike through Sonoma Valley, stopping to taste and learn along the way - a great way to experience wine country. Relax in our very cool new coffee and wine bar, Bean & Bottle, or pack up snacks to take on your journey. Complimentary wine tasting coupons will get you on your way!

The Bike, Bean & Bottle Package Cottage Room • $40 Credit at Bean & Bottle • Breakfast for Two at Carneros Restaurant •

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6 Issue 12




Photography by Vincent Gotti Lighting Director Christian Thomas Stylist Allison Cartagena MUA Pearl Cabalan Hairstyling Alexandra Palero Model Khloe Andria Elkins (Stars Model Management) Lingerie Purpuratta NYC



A HINT OF GLOW By Josette Vigil-Jelveh Photography by Christian Thomas

Radiant Skin


resh radiant looking skin is one simple step away. Get glowing by dusting an illuminating powder on top of cheekbones, center of forehead and the bridge of the nose. We love MAC Cosmetics Truth in Light Illuminating powder as well as Cle’ De Peau Beaute’ Luminizing face Enhancer in Gold. $95

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Style Trends Beachy textured hair Ever wonder why a day at the beach enhances your natural waves and gives your hair volume and texture? Mists of saltwater are carried through the air and flow through your strands. This combination adds volume and separation of the hair making fine hair seem fuller and enhances natural waves. Give your flat iron a rest and bring on the waves. There are amazing products that simulate a day by the sea. Lightly mist on dry or wet hair, run your fingers through your tresses and fluff the hair with the gentle air flow of a blow-dryer. Our favorite products are, Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray $25 and Alterna Bamboo Boho Waves. $22

Summer Beauty Essentials Protect Shield and protect your skin against the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays and prevent premature aging. My go to Sun Block? Super Goop Sunscreen. Despite the playful name, this award winning sunblock performs by offering ultimate protection, yet is sheer and light. without parabens, sulfates and phthalates. $19

Hydrate Instantly combat the drying effect of sun and travel. Give thirsty skin a topical “drink of water”. Easily plump fine lines with the ingredient hyaluronic acid. Found in many serums and many brands, my favorite Peter Thomas Roth’s VIZ 1000 $65



Models Ursula Bahamondes and Michelle Miller (HMM Model Management)



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Dress Adrianna Papell


Ozzie and Alisher made me look so glam! Check out their top beauty tips to achieve this look for yourselves too.

TOP Zara Mid-rise Jeans Current/Elliott





Photo by Vincent Gotti

Ozzie Mendoza

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Alisher Akhunzanov


his summer season is all about effortless updos, loose bouncy curls and waves. There are 3 tools that I like using to create a curl: 1. Round Brush. 2. Curling iron. 3. Flat iron. YES, a flat iron! For most of my Caucasian clients with fine hair, I only use a round brush. It creates beautiful bouncy curls with lots of volume. Note that the volume appears natural you do not want to create an outdated look from the 80s with lots of teasing. That look is not in, except perhaps for a special occasion such as pageant etc. For Asian clients I like to use my 1 ¼” curling iron which creates beautiful curl with lots of body or flat iron for smoother curls. For my African-American clients I only use flat iron to silk out the hair and create the curl with one motion by simply twisting the flat iron. In any case a dry shampoo is a must. It is not necessary to shampoo the hair every day - it strips out the natural oils and makes hair appear dull and dry. And hey, do you want to keep your hairstyle? Use the dry shampoo instead. I recommend to shampoo only once or twice a week. You will see a fantastic difference.



Maggie Kombogiannis


My best beach accessory this summer is the Flora Bella Lila Raffia Cowboy Hat from Nordstrom. - Maggie

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Issue 12




Maggie’s Top Summer Picks


Anthropologie | BCBG Max Azria | Cole Haan | Free People | Gucci H&M | Hot Tamales | Kate Spade | Lululemon Athletica | Pizza Antica | Sino Sur La Table | Ted Baker | To m my Bah ama | Vintage Win e Bar | Yar d H o u se 70 Shops • 20 Restaurants • 9 Spas & Salons • 1 Hotel

SANTANAROW.COM 377 Santana Row, San Jose, CA 95128 At The Corner of Stevens Creek and Winchester Boulevards | Concierge 408.551.4611

a little slice of heaven...

MUDBRICK VINEYARD & RESTAURANT By John Benedict Gotingco Photos by Vincent Gotti & VM Gotingco


welve miles off Auckland city in the Hauraki Gulf lies majestic Waiheke Island. The island’s name is derived from the Maori language, which translates to 'island of trickling waters' in English. Easily accessible by ferry boat or, for the more opulent traveler, helicopter, the island boasts thirty six square miles of lush greenery, scenic beaches and famed vineyards. Due to the plethora of winemakers who thrive on Waiheke, it is unsurprising that the island has earned its fitting title as New Zealand's island of wine.

This photo courtesy of Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant

A week after my mother’s tragic passing, my siblings and I were graciously invited by the proprietors of one of the most famous destinations on Waiheke Island, Mudbrick Vineyard and Restaurant, for a day of solace and recreation. They offered us a respite from our travails, a haven wherein we could seek refuge from the ominous week we endured, an invitation which we heartily accepted. The vineyard was established in 1992 by gentleman planter and certified accountant Nicholas Jones and his partner Robyn. Originally born out of the idea as a means of escape from the prosaic, day-to-day humdrum of accounting, the venture has grown in both size and reputation in the two decades of its existence. Indeed it has become one of the premier attractions of the island not just for wine connoisseurs and bon viveurs, but also for ordinary vacationers as evidenced by the regular tour busses which patronize the establishment. Since its inception, the business has steadily evolved. As demand increased, the main winery moved to nearby Shepherds Point spanning twenty acres of fertile grape growing soil. The original site which we toured has been turned into a showcase wine tasting cellar, bistro and haute cuisine gourmet restaurant. After taking the thirty-minute ferry boat ride from downtown Auckland, Mudbrick Vineyard is a convenient five-minute drive from the island’s bustling main Issue 12


Head chef Matthias Schmitt tends to their edible gardens on a daily basis.

The Gotingco siblings (John Benedict, Bea & VM) with Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant owner Robyn Jones.

port, all within a mile of Oneroa, the island town center. Driving to the site or catching a taxi is the recommended mode of travel as the area is not serviced by public busses. Turning into the vineyard’s entrance, a short stone and gravel avenue led us to the premises main structure. Ensconced on a hillside, the original wine cellar and owner’s cottage-turnedrestaurant is framed by a sea of Lavender, immaculately coifed hedges and lovingly maintained gardens. The wine cellar and Cotswold cottage itself is built of Mudbrick, in Tudor revival style, from which the vineyard draws its name. The location offers breathtaking panoramic views of the vineyard grounds, Waiheke Island, Auckland city and the Hauraki Gulf, so it’s unsurprising that the Vineyard is such a popular venue for weddings, a special place for your special day. Rustic, charming and inspiring, the premises are a reflection of owners Nick and Robyn's passionate spirit and a manifestation of the meticulous work they set forth since the outset. First we toured Mudbrick’s original wine cellar, long since retired for its original purpose, ingeniously retrofitted into a wine tasting area and a boutique. The aptly named Tom French, cellar manager and jack-of-all-trades was a living encyclopedia of wine and conducted an impromptu class regarding the many wine varieties the vineyard produced. Due to Waiheke islands’ warm maritime climate and ancient soil structures, the area is well suited to growing Bordeaux wine varieties and we were treated to a tasting session of the Vineyards Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet franc

and Malbec Wines. We also sampled the whites which were grown on Waiheke Island namely Chardonnay and Viognier. Although Chardonnay accounted for much of Waiheke's white wine production, I thoroughly enjoyed Mudbrick's Viognier. Mudbrick's 2013 Viognier blend was the first by their new Winemaker, Patrick Newton, who’s produced a more restrained style that took the award for Viognier in the wine awards of Auckland's Royal Easter show, which is New Zealand's oldest running wine competition.


fter our wine tasting session we proceeded to the main cottage to meet one of the owners Robyn Jones. She went over the Vineyards history and what inspired her to start the business. Robyn was such a lovely lady and gracious host, the epitome of elegance and effortless chic. We were very grateful for her invitation to tour their property and to partake in the fruits of their labor. She invited us for lunch in the vineyards restaurant to sample the menu. The restaurant itself is located in the cottage's converted patio. Rustic yet sophisticated, the restaurant is situated so as to enable the diners to enjoy not only the sumptuous cuisine on offer but also to take in the resplendent views of the harbor beyond. The large roaring hearth by the wall completed the subtly luxurious ambience. For lunch, we were treated to a battery of selections from the main restaurant’s à la carte menu. Head Chef Matthias Schmidt, a native of Germany, successfully draws on European and

Asian influences to devise a delectable menu of contemporary fusion cooking. Our Cornish maître D', Jason, and servers Gina and Candice regaled us and gave us plenty of information regarding the restaurant and the dishes upon which we feasted. To open proceedings, we were treated to goat cheese and yogurt ice cream on an almond and granola base served with dried apricots topped by black truffle cream and baby cabbage leaves. This was complimented by a flute of the vineyard’s méthode traditionelle sparkling wine. Some diners may find it surprising that a usual dessert item such as ice cream is served as an hors d'oeuvre, however the juxtaposition of the sourness of the goat cheese yogurt ice cream and the earthy flavors of the almond, granola and baby cabbage leaves gives the dish an eclectic flavor making it work exceptionally well. The methode traditionelle sparkling wine itself was superb, but also served to give the dish another dimension of flavor. We were then served four dishes of Entrees; Wild Venison 'Black Forest', Fresh Waiheke Island oysters, Mudbrick Potager Salad and Te Matuku bay oyster and squid. The Venison was done medium rare, as is the best way of cooking game meat, retaining its natural flavor. The accompanying duck liver creme, chocolate ganache, eau de vie and boiled cherries complemented the venison, giving it a unique and varied element. The Oysters, farmed fresh from the crystal clear


This photo courtesy of Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant

Poussin Vallee D'Auge with Apple, Calvados, Shitake, Hollandaise and Amaretti. Three’s company. Mudbrick’s superb dining crew Maitre d' Jason Collins and delightful servers Candice and Gina.

waters of Te Matuku bay in the island, were enjoyed with or without the accompanying raspberry vinaigrette. Consumed as it was, the oysters truly give oneself an appreciation of Earth’s bounty in all of its glory. The Potager salad was sourced from different types of lettuce grown from the Vineyards extensive garden. This was as fresh as fresh gets and I reveled in its simple down-to-earth zest. For the oyster and squid dish, the oysters were crumbed and deep fried while the squid was pan seared in batter served with a smoked eel Panna cotta sitting on baby cabbage leaves. The crunch of the oysters and squid coupled with the Panna cotta's distinct character ensured our taste buds were well and truly whet for what was to come next.

with Atlantic scallops, Yuzi and dumplings showed oriental influences in Matthias's cooking style. Finally The Poussin served with apple, Hollandaise and Shitake was homage to classic Cuisine Française. As we dined with the sound of logs splitting on the hearth, we were joined by vintner Patrick Newton, whose youth and vibrancy belied his years of experience in the industry. He offered us the best wine pairings to go with our meals, shared his vast knowledge and gifted us a bottle of the vineyards special 2013 Velvet.

For dessert, we were treated to a platter of the restaurants popular petits fours which was a fitting way to close the gustatory tour de force we had just enjoyed. The impressive plating served to enhance the taste of or the main course, we sam- every piece and highlighted the Gerpled four of the recommend- man precision chef Schmidt applies to ed items on the menu; fish of his work. Every spoonful of dessert the day, wild boar sausage was sinful and could cause diners to with braised beef cheek, merino head off for confession after their lamb loin and Poussin Vallee D'Auge. meals. The dishes illustrated Herr Schmidt’s unique expression of culinary imagi- After lunch, we were able to spend nation and cooking influences from the rest of our time on the wine celaround the world. The lamb loin, lars outside patio in reflection, sipping cooked medium, was served with a on a glass of Rosé, whilst admiring the base of Garam Masala exhibiting sunset on the harbor beyond. How I clear Indian influences in its prepara- wished my mother was with us at the tion. The wild boar sausage served Vineyard, she was a lover of wine, with braised beef cheek was a take food and life. But as the remaining on traditional English pub grub. King vestiges of light started to dissipate, fish was the fish of the day, served the sun hit the water at the perfect


Issue 12


angle that illuminated all before us, and then I knew she was with us in spirit. I could imagine her smiling warmly from the heavens, nodding in approval. What had been a somber few days was happily broken up by getting to enjoy this little slice of heaven, Mudbrick Vineyard.

Mudbrick Vineyard and Restaurant's Pièce de rÊsistance Petit Fours.


ROBYN JONES On challenges and rewards... I think the biggest reward was a common goal, of feeling like you had a shared challenge, and that you were in this “boots and all”. The struggle of a start up had such a pioneering feel, we would collapse into a chair at the end of the day, tired to the bone from physical work, and it would seem so primal, basic and satisfying, cooking a simple dinner and feeling like you had just gotten a little bit further along the path of your destiny that day. There were many positive challenges, and the negative challenges came after we were successful. We realized that our personalities were completely different, and perhaps what we wanted out of life varied more than we realized. It was difficult not to take work home with you and discuss it 24/7.

Her favorite thing about the Waiheke Islands this time of the year... The Light. Its the most clear fresh air, crisp, clean, pure and exhilarating. The clouds and colour of the sea at this time of year has an alIssue 12


most dreamy, meditational quality. August is approaching the end of winter, September heralds spring. Waiheke has very mild winters, but I like the clothing of winter, its not too drastic in this part of the world! But I do enjoy wearing stockings, scarves, and I must confess I have quite the collection of eclectic coats. Red Lipstick can be worn unashamedly as it contrasts with the cold just perfectly! September of course is the time when new growth shoots, and suddenly the plants wake up and begin their march skyward, there's so much to do in the gardens in September and October.

Straight from the garden... It began from a desire to grow unusual things. From this it became a visual fantasy. I’ve learned so much about plants, their medicinal and edible qualities, their colour and texture and habitat. I’ve had many failures, but that's the joy of the journey. When I arrive at work in the morning I often meet a chef in the garden cutting herbs for the day. The scent invades our nostrils as we stop to have a chat. I look at that little bunch of thyme in my chefs clenched fist and I think… that's real, that's organic, that's intense, its had the real sun smiling on it from an unpolluted sky, its free range thyme as it were, not force grown or fed anything unnatural and no battery hot house!! I get enormous satisfaction from that.

Turning the pages to A Life At Mudbrick.. The Mudbrick is all about Love. Its one of the most romantic places one could ever visit, and it was a labour of love that created it. I would love the readers to know that its easy to create a dream, if you love what you do, and you don’t even need too much experience, as we didn’t have a lot. It took me about a year to create the book - writing, photography, interviews. It was the most wonderful experience. Suppliers and people who work in the business - how important? There would be nothing to visit without them. I love buying local if I possibly can. Waiheke is full of pioneers who carve out an artisan living, and they really enjoy their lives.

Visit Waiheke Island Fenice, the Italian word for Phoenix, is a small cafe in the heart of the main village and serves authentic Italian fare. Its my favourite spot to watch the world go by - the cocktails are so delicious there - it has an open fireplace. It’s the little spot you always want to happen upon when you’re in a new town. Another of my favourite destinations if I am on the run is Little Wai, the pies are the best I have ever tasted.


You will find local art at the Waiheke Community Art Gallery, Waiheke is full of creatives - potters, artists, sculptors, and gifted crafters. Along the main street of Oneroa is packed full of interesting artistic stores. One of my favorites is the “Upcycle” boutique which is a collective of people who have the most amazing ways with old blankets, materials… you name it they change it and give it a renewed life as a coat, a cushion, a hair tie - trust me if you found this sort of stuff in Berlin it would be three times the price and highly sought after - its a real gem! There are at least three art galleries in the main street, luxury home stores and handmade jewelry, my favorite is “Christine”, self named store


and my favourite item of hers is the tandem ring, spans two fingers, and visiting her shop is like taking a little journey back in time - fascinating. Waiheke is renowned for its breathtaking coastal walks, a must do if you’re visiting the island and are the energetic type. Some of the most beautiful scenery you will encounter on earth. The vineyards are so vast and varied on the island that it would take more than a day to see them all, and they all are so diverse that its worth spending the time to discover them all - hiring a car is essential unless you do a bus tour with the local ferry company fullers who take you to a very good selection without needing to drive. Kayaking is a beautiful way to see the coast, and even moonlight kayaking is available - just amazing. You can hire paddle boards or go on a fishing charter which is almost guaranteed to deliver you the most beautiful snapper, our local fish of the Hauraki gulf.



Meet the winemaker


What are your “green” objectives with Mudbrick and how do you plan to achieve them? For example, do you use solar power? Any great technological innovations that you are using behind the scenes, or do you find that doing everything the old-fashioned way produces the best results for you?

has so many microclimates and tends toward the tropical? Soil composition, light cycles, rainfall, etc? Absolutely! Because Waiheke Island is surrounded by water our weather changes very quickly.

In spring when flowering occurs on the vines, Waiheke gets Mudbrick Vineyard’s green objec- strong winds coming from the tives are based on the standards southwest. If those SW winds are of Sustainable Winegrowers of cool and bring rain our fruit will New Zealand (SWNZ). SWNZ has not set and we end up getting seven key areas of focus to small yields. To reduce the effect achieve sustainability for the of the winds, Mudbrick has plantNew Zealand wine industry. They ed trees around the vineyards. are soil, water, air, energy, chemicals, by-products and people. Heavy rain during the growing Mudbrick’s initiatives include dry season can increase our vegetafarming all vineyards, minimal tive growth and disease pressure, machinery use, composting the so canopy management and disvineyard to increase biodiversity ease control is vital. in the soil, native bush plantings around the properties and restor- During summer Waiheke Island ing the wetland at the winery. normally goes into drought. In In the winery the water used is 2013 there was no significant all rain water, only eco light bulbs rainfall from the start of January are used and everything that can through to mid April. Because all be recycled, is. All winery walls of the Mudbrick vineyards are are heavily insulated to maintain dry farmed, during the 2013 sumconstant temperatures. All grape mer, the vines were starting to waste is composted back onto become stressed. The vineyard the vineyard. team worked very hard to reduce yields on the blocks which were I make wine in a very simple way. struggling to ripen grapes. I don’t use any fancy techniques or add every product under the Besides your own, what are your sun just because I can. Just good favorite New Zealand wines? old fashion winemaking goes on at Mudbrick. I believe that excep- Kumeu River’s Mate’s Vineyard tional wines are made in the Chardonnay has wonderful depth vineyard. All the hard work is and complexity and is very age done by the time it gets to the worthy. winery. All I am doing in the winery is using a very light hand to The Seresin Marama is a wild produce wines that reflect the barrel fermented Sauvignon vineyards and season through Blanc from Marlborough. It is natural fermentations and minimind blowing. mal additives. Riesling from Pegasus Bay in Are there any unique challenges Waipara is outstanding to viticulture in a location which For the reds, I enjoy the Esk ValIssue 12


ley Winemakers Reserve Syrah and the Sacred Hill Helmsman Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Cabernet Franc. Both come from the Gimblett Gravels area in Hawkes Bay and both are benchmark wines. What do you find inspiring about your terroir andwhat qualities are you trying to constantly achieve from your harvests? Mudbrick Vineyard has a very unique terrior. The soil is carved from 145 million year old Jurassic Strata to produce valleys where vineyards thrive on both the flats and the north facing slopes. We have a maritime climate, where sea breezes keep the vine canopy cool during summer, and our air temperature does not fluctuate dramatically between day and night due to being surrounded by the sea. This enables the grapes to ripen to full physiological maturity and still retain acid. In the vineyard I am aiming to harvest grapes that are physiologically ripe with concentrated flavours but also with low sugars and moderate acid levels. This means extensive work is carried out on each vine during the growing season to obtain the quality levels desired. I am aiming to make wines that are balanced and elegant. They must be concentrated, low in alcohol (12.513.5% for whites and 13-14.5% for reds) and be refreshing to drink.

When I am making my wines the ultimate goal is to produce a wine that is food friendly and makes the consumer want to go back for more.


sweet and posh

CASEY’S CUPCAKES By Erin Eckert Vivacious. Sassy. Smokin’.


hese are the words that describe Casey Reinhardt and the names of her famous cupcakes. Casey Reinhardt is all glam and so are the irresistible creations she offers at Casey’s Cupcakes, in her numerous Southern California locations. She fell in love with baking while helping her great grandmother at 4 years old. During her junior year at Pepperdine University in 2009, Casey, just 22 years old, decided to follow her passion of making and decorating cupcakes. With the guidance and support of her family, she opened her first retail location at The Historic Mission Inn in Riverside, CA. In 2011, Casey went on to win “Cupcake Wars” on the Food Network with four of her specialty flavors: white chocolate cherry, white Russian, chili chocolate and lavender. From there, business took off and Casey’s Cupcakes became a nationally known brand. Walking into one of her stores is just as you would expect from the confectionary Princess, girly, pink and black with a touch of bling. Her cupcakes are like miniature gems, sometimes embellished with glitter and pearls, each perfectly wrapped in a darling box that any recipient would be sure to know there is something special inside. Casey’s Cupcakes offers in-store “Tea Parties & Tiara” experiences and “Decorate Your Own” cupcake parties. In addition to her already creative flavors, she adds seasonal additions like this summer’s “Brilliant Banana”, “Smokin’ S’mores” and “Ravishing RaspIssue 12


berry Lemonade”. She was sure to

not forget those with special dietary needs offering gluten-free, Vegan and sugar-free options as well. Casey’s Cupcakes makes custom wedding cakes and cupcakes too. They are available for private parties and corporate events, and will deliver the party to you in their adorably decorated truck, or you can order online. Casey firmly believes in giving back and has established the C.A.S.E.Y. Foundation,

Children’s Alliance for the Success and Education for Youth in need, to help children build their selfesteem by focusing on their academics and extracurricular activities. All that Casey touches is fun and cheerful. I look forward to her expansion throughout the U.S. so we can all indulge in the sweet love in every bite of Casey’s Cupcakes.


Q&A with Casey Reinhardt How did you go from MTV’s “Laguna Beach: The Real OC” to cupcakes? I have always loved cupcakes, and used to bake with my grandmother as a child, so that came naturally. When I was in high school, I was approached by the producers to appear in “Laguna Beach: The Real OC” as the “New Girl”. It was such a great experience and I now have a video diary of my senior year. When I was a junior in college at Pepperdine University, I was torn between going to law school or following my passion for baking. Ultimately, I decided to open my first Casey’s Cupcakes boutique in Riverside at The Historic Mission Inn Hotel & Spa which is owned by my parents, Kelly & Duane Roberts. I knew this was the right decision based on that earlier passion for baking. So really, cupcakes were my first love! Where do you get the inspiration for your unique flavors? My flavor inspirations come from so many different sources. Baking with my grandmother as a child inspires me to make classic flavors that are nostalgic for me such as Vivacious Vanilla, Grandma’s German Chocolate or Scrumptious Cinnamon Sugar. Just one taste and I am in her kitchen again. As for the exotic flavors, I am inspired by travel and unique flavor profiles. The Cupcake Wars flavors were specifically inspired by the iconic actresses they were named after; Chili Chocolate for Elizabeth Taylor, Lavender for Grace Kelly, and White Chocolate Cherry for Marilyn Monroe. Your cupcakes and wedding cakes are incredibly glamorous, Issue 12


and you are also known for your own gorgeous personal style. Who are your favorite designers? I love fashion, so this is difficult, but I would have to say that my favorite designers are Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Herve Leger, Alexander McQueen, Hermes, Valentino & Cavalli. Your parents are the owners of the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, home of your first Casey’s Cupcakes location. How are your parents involved in Casey’s Cupcakes? My parents have been incredibly supportive in terms of helping me get my business off the ground and I am so grateful for them every day! As the owners of the AAA Four Diamond, Historic Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, where the first Casey’s Cupcakes location was founded, they are brilliant business people, and are still instrumental in the success of the Casey’s Cupcakes brand. Other than cupcakes, what is your favorite dessert? My favorite right now is our Decadent Dark Chocolate CupShake…it is absolutely delicious and refreshing! People call you the Cupcake Queen – any plans to expand your stores? Absolutely. We have plans to expand both inside and beyond California! We have visitors from all over the world and my goal is to open my beautiful stores internationally. I have also trademarked Cupcake Queen with plans to expand the business with the addition cookbooks, cupcake baking ware,

cake mixes, candies to name a few. Tell us how you give back to your community? Are you involved with any charities? Giving back to my community when I am so blessed is incredibly important to me. I am personally involved in many charity events and activities, and Casey’s Cupcakes is a regular contributor to the Make A Wish Foundation, Olive Crest Children’s Foundation, CHOC among many others. I’m excited to say that we will also be involved in the upcoming Pink Party 2014 at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, a really glamorous fundraiser that raises money for Cedars-Sinai Women’s Cancer Program at the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute. In addition, I am the founder of the C.A.S.E.Y. Foundation, which stands for Children’s Alliance for the Success and Education for Youth. Tell us a bit about the C.A.S.E.Y. Foundation and what you hope to achieve? The C.A.S.E.Y. Foundation is so close to my heart. I love children so much, and hope that through this foundation I can help underprivileged children build their self -esteem by focusing on their academics and extracurricular activities.


Robert Mondavi Winery Celebrates 45 Years of Summer Concert Series

with Mindi Abair, Gerald Albright and Richard Elliot By Annabelle Marceno Pericin | Photography by Rey Del Fierro

Issue 12


he opportunity to see one of my favorite saxophone artists Dave Koz play with today’s distinguished saxophone players Mindi Abair, Gerald Albright and Richard Elliot had me heading over to the Napa Valley. This is Dave Koz’s seventh time performing at the Robert Mondavi Summer Festival. “It is always special time to have Dave Koz perform, he is a long time friend of Robert Mondavi Winery,” shares Mrs. Mondavi. Since 1969 when Mrs. Mondavi first organized a summer concert at the Robert Mondavi Winery, she pioneered the fusion of music, gastronomy and wine to be enjoyed together. 45 years later the Robert Mondavi Summer Concerts is a tradition in the Napa Valley. It has hosted today’s leading headliners including Dave Koz, Chris Botti, and legendary artists Ella Fitzgerald, Dave Brubeck, Etta James, Tony Bennett and many more over the years. Among the Robert Mondavi vineyard, concert goers start staking their up close spots on the lawn for the night’s concert. For the ultimate concert experience The Dinner Ticket includes dining at the edge of the To Kalon vineyard. I headed over to the stand up wine reception in the cellar and then was escorted to the concert venue to sit among the vineyard to enjoy a family style dinner prepared by their in house chef Jeff Mosher. A bountiful feast started with

grilled shrimp and compressed watermelon salad with mixed greens, white corn, and a lemon basil vinaigrette accompanied by a 2011 Robert Mondavi Winery Napa Valley Unoaked Chardonnay and 2012 Robert Mondavi Winery Carneros Napa Valley Pinot Noir. Braised local lamb shoulder with red wine jus was the main course accompanied by an heirloom tomato salad with fresh burrata and Anson Mills polenta with goat cheese. A 2011 Robert Mondavi Winey Oakville, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon was nicely paired with the main course. Last but not least, dessert assortments included strawberries and champagne grapes, Californian artisan cheeses, and olive oil cake with apricots and whipped cardamon marscapone. What a way to experience a memorable evening of food, wine and music at its best! As the sun slowly set behind the vineyard, Dave Koz and friends step on the stage to play an evening of hits, including songs from their Grammynominated album Summer Horns, which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Current Contemporary Jazz Albums chart. This current album is Dave Koz’s tribute to songs from the late 1960s through the ‘70s, and from bands like Sly & the Family Stone, Tower of Power, Earth Wind & Fire, Chicago, and Blood Sweat & Tears. This collaborative album shows how


influential this era was to these four highly accomplished artists and how the saxophone’s limitless possibilities as a solo instrument as well as a collaborative voice with the trumpet and trombone to a new generation. Always a showman and a gracious one to top it, Dave Koz and friends dedicated their arrangement of “Take Five” to the late Dave Brubeck who passed in 2012. Mindi Abair gave credit to the group Chicago influencing her to taking her saxophone playing to where she is today and belted out a medley including “25 or 6 To 4” and “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? Earth Wind & Fire “Reasons” inspired Richard Elliot to play saxophone as a teen and eventually became a band member of Tower of Power in the 80’s. Hearing him play “So Very Hard To Go” was nostalgic. “If James Brown could play the alto sax “I Got You (I feel Good)” would sound like Gerald Albright!” shared Dave Koz. Gerald Albright showed the crowd how it’s done. The energy of Dave Koz, Mindi Abair, Gerald Albright and Richard Elliot was so electric that I was still pumped up when they brought their performance to a close. Celebrating 45 years of the Mondavi Winery Summer Concert Series finished on a high note for me and was one of my most memorable concert performances in a while. I’m looking forward to 46.

Candy Ran Bi Hsin & & Alexander Yu Chu Toy

Issue 12



An Evening of Wine & Art Robert Mondavi Winery and the Workshop Residence WINE | FOOD | ART | PEOPLE | GALAS | PLACES | LAUNCHES | CONCERTS

By Tamara Gorman Strasser | Photography by Brian Wong


clever collaboration of art and wine is an experience that inspires all of the senses, and has been a routine concept at Robert Mondavi Winery. The Workshop Residence in San Francisco was a fitting venue in which to taste their silky smooth, yet powerful, 2010 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. 2010 was an interesting year and was quite a challenge for grape growers and wine makers, but they managed to beautifully craft a world-class, deep red cabernet sauvignon. The vintage is 90% from the exceptional To Kalon vineyard and 10% from Oakville, and it is altogether fresh and fruity imparting hints of wild berries, dark chocolate, and even black olive. Tannins have had the time to mature so this wine is delicious at the present time but can anticipate a long life for the wine. While sipping on the complex Cab and learning about the To Kalon terrior and it's ability to produce excellent fruit that leads to distinctive, excellent wines, we were treated to an visual art demonstration by artist-in-residence, Paolo Salvagione.

Candy Ran Bi Hsin & & Alexander Yu Chu Toy


The Music Of Chef Matt Greco







eople say “first impressions are lasting impressions” and this is certainly true about the restaurant at Wente Vineyards. Considering the history of the vineyard itself, including all its accolades and awards, creating a restaurant worthy of that pedigree was no small feat. Nestled in the shade of some grand old Oak trees you will find a truly world-class dining experience with a menu and wine list second to none in the region. The building itself is very familial and reminiscent of home, with an inviting, relaxing and casual atmosphere. At a glance you might not immediately recognize it as a restaurant. Once inside, however, you will find yourself delighted with everything about the place. The restaurant takes “farm-to-table cuisine” in a most literal sense, and Wente has its own gardens which supplies many of the ingredients for the menu which varies daily and seasonally. The dishes are all as fresh, fragrant and flavorful as you can imagine and Chef Matt Greco’s creative spirit consistently designs something new and tantalizing for your senses. While your first impression will indeed be a lasting one, you will likely find yourself visiting this restaurant as often as possible, discovering something fresh and new every single time you go.

Issue 12


Every summer for more than 25 years, The Concerts at Wente Vineyards has showcased world-renowned entertainers in the winery’s picturesque natural amphitheater. Guests enjoy pre-concert sunset dinners outdoors or in The Restaurant at Wente Vineyards. Past artists include James Taylor, Sheryl Crow, Harry Connick, Jr., John Fogerty, Ringo Starr, Willie Nelson, Diana Ross, Train, Brad Paisley, The Counting Crows and many more.


Mostly American punk. At the age of 12, I heard Minor Threat and the Descendents for the first time. I immediately had to throw out all my hair metal records. Although I have gone through phases throughout my life I have always identified with punk the most.


Do you listen to music while working in the kitchen?

Only when I am working alone. Otherwise, I find it adds a sense of chaos and a distraction during prep time.


Do you play any instruments?

I play bass guitar and acoustic guitar and back in the day I played the euphonium in concert and marching band.


Does your personal taste in music affect your choice of what plays in the restaurant?

I have no say in the music being played at the restaurant.

Q 1.

2. 3.


5. 6.



What kind of music do you like?

You've probably attended a ton of concerts - any particular standouts? 93’ tour- Bad Religion, Seaweed, and Green Day - To see three great bands share a small stage is never forgettable 93’ Fugazi for 5 bucks! 5 bucks! 94’ lollapalooza tour- Smashing Pumpkins, Beastie Boys, George Clinton, The Breeders, Nick Cave, Tribe called Quest, Green Day, Flaming Lips, Guided by Voices… WOW 94’ Weezer played the blue album acoustic in a record store in Austin, TX 95’ Jimmy Eat World at a coffee house At The Drive-In (any show)these guys were from Texas, so I saw them play all the time in small venues in Austin in the late 90’s and knew that they were something special. In 2000, they were named band of the year by Spin Magazine. The Old 97’s 2002

What are your favorite ingredients to work with during the summer?

 White corn- I always look forward to white corn. I can make about anything out of corn. One of my favorite items we always bring back every summer is a corn flan with black raspberries.  Bloody butcher flint corn- You have not had polenta until you have had polenta made from newly harvested flint corn. You can hold the corn for a year and mill it, but the best is to mill it right after harvest.  Ancho and Cayenne Peppers- I love all kind of chiles, but an Ancho or Cayenne pepper off the vine from our garden slow roasted over a wood fire is a thing of beauty. I look forward to having fermented and roasted chile preserves on hand to cook with it. We will ferment the chiles at the peak of the season in a wine barrel, which will get us through winter, and/or roast them and preserve with olive oil. If you can give a shout out to local farmers/purveyors you've worked with, who would they be and what's the best thing about working with them?


 

Fred Hemple of Baia Nicchia Farms. Given his background in Bioengineering, he is doing amazing stuff with vegetables. I look forward to his peanut pumpkin squash every year. It is very important that people support farmers like Fred. Stone Valley Farms. Their pork is great and they are very flexible with working with our needs. Shawn of Terra Bella. Shawn is a neighbor of mine and it is great see him around town. He is great at supplementing the same quality of product when our garden falls short. Olivina Olive Oil. There is not much more to say about having an olive oil company across the street from your restaurant.


Matthew Greco’s Top 10 Rodent - Mezingers I Hope This Whole Thing Didn’t Frighten You - The Hold Steady Desire - The Gaslight Anthem Stick a Toe In - Dinosaur Jr. Prophecy Temptation - Markov Service Desk - Seaweed Anything She Does - Genesis Walls - Stars Waste Away - Plushgun Dry Spell - The Descendents


Issue 12


Chef Matt Greco’s

Hawaiian Walu with tomato braised cranberry beans, olives, raisins, capers and gypsy pepper broth

ingredients 5oz portion of firm white fish (we use walu) Gypsy pepper broth (see recipe) Tomato braised cranberry beans (see recipe) Garnish with Slivers of castelvetrano olives Capers (fried in olive oil) Golden raisins (see recipe) Lemon segments Sprigs of parsley

GOLDEN RAISINS (REHYDRATED) 1C golden raisins 1/2C of golden balsamic 1/2C of riva ranch chardonnay

GYPSY PEPPER BROTH 2 sprigs of thyme 2 stems of lemongrass (from the garden) 1/2 tsp fennel seed 1/2 tsp of coriander seed 2ea shallots (sliced thin) 1pc ginger (2oz )(sliced thin) 1# of gypsy peppers (cut) 1qts of water 1/2C of EVOO 1 lemons (juiced) Salt and as you go Balance at the end with honey In a sauce pot, bloom out the feed seed, coriander seed, lemongrass, and thyme. Add the shallots, ginger, and gypsy peppers and sweat out. Add the water and bring to a boil. Blend with the EVOO and lemon juice. Season and pass through a chinois.

TOMATO BRAISED CRANBERRY BEANS 1/2lb of cleaned fresh cranberry beans 1/2lb of heirloom tomatoes (blanched, peeled, chopped) 1/4C of diced celery 1/4C of diced carrot 1/4C of diced fennel 1/4C of diced onion 1/4tsp red chili flake 1/4C of white wine (morning fog chardonnay) 1.5C of water 1/8C of olive oil

procedure To blanch the tomatoes- fill a 2 quart sauce pot half way with water and bring to a boil. Score and core the tomatoes and place in the boiling water for about 1 minute or until you start to see the skins of the tomatoes start to peel back. Remove the tomatoes from the water and let cool down or place in an ice bath. Remove the skins of the tomatoes and cut into large chunks. In a 2 quart sauce pot, on medium heat, with a little bit of olive oil bloom out the chili flake. Add the celery, carrot, fennel, and onion and sweat out. Add tomato and wine and cook down halfway. Add the water and beans and bring to a boil. Stir, cover and place in an oven at 350 degrees. Cook the beans for about 1hr to 1.5hrs or until the beans are creamy inside. Let cool down in the liquid. For each step of the cooking procedure season with a small amount of kosher salt. You will achieve a fuller flavor by seasoning this way versus a couple of times or at the end of the cooking process.


The Woolshed Pub At the Docklands

Story and Photography by Mart Limcangco Lighting assistant: Crystal Limcangco

Among the numerous pubs and bistros thriving in the city of Melbourne, one restaurant stands out from the rest, ‘The Woolshed Pub’ at the Docklands. The Woolshed Pub, with its original 19 th


century structure sits on a wharf at the central pier. Formerly a wool storage facility during the late 1800s, this Victorian-era lmost completely on the other side of the world,

building provides an insight of the past. Within its impressive

7,860 miles southeast of California is another

restored frame, the shed offers a family friendly bistro, bar and

“city by the bay” much like San Francisco. The

fire room, a loft for functions, a conservatory, 2 privacy pods and

second most populous city “down under”, Mel-

my personal favorite - a harbor view room. Stepping into the

bourne, Australia has been acclaimed by the Economic Intelli-

historic Woolshed truly conveys the experience of having been

gence Unit or EIU as the most livable city in the world for three

present during its original incarnation, minus the stocked wool of

years in a row.


Like San Francisco, Melbourne is situated on a bay in the

While San Francisco and Melbourne share many traits, there is

northernmost part of Victoria, Australia. Sharing a similar cul-

also much in contrast. The solstices, for example, are diametri-

tural diversity; love for fashion; and passion for food & wine,

cally opposite each other. As summer solstice brings longer

Melbourne too will provide the scenery for many stories which

warm days to the northern hemisphere at this time of year; win-

will tickle your tongue. The abundance of quality fresh produce

ter solstice provides shorter days and chilly winds down under.

coming from different parts of the region, mixed with creative and skillful culinary talents makes this city conducive to offer-

With my photographer’s mind, I couldn’t help but fret about the

ing a world-class dining experience to the avid gastronome.

quickly fading sunlight on a wintery afternoon while eagerly

Issue 12


awaiting my first savory spread. Then, to my immense delight, two entrées are served. Taking pleasure in the remaining daylight, I positioned my camera and froze the appealing dishes in front of me, capturing the moment and immortalizing what I was about to devour. First, I had the three cheese baked ricotta with the heirloom beetroots in halves. The mild saltiness but flavorful cheese primed my taste buds and I only craved for more. Without hesitation, I took a mouthful of the beetroot followed by the walnuts and capers. With the crisp and fruitiness of a 2012 Gioiello Chardonnay, I cleansed my palate and gazed at the reflection of the setting sun. Moving on to the second entrée ‘the beetroot cured ocean trout’, Tasmanian in origin, the rosy pink orange flesh trout served on a white plate appeared spectacular on my viewfinder. With my first slice this dish took me back to my favorite place in New Zealand, a fishing paradise called ‘Pahi’. The taste of its ocean essence and flavor made this chilly afternoon feel like summer fishing on my boat on the Pahi peninsula once again. At this time the southern breeze combined with the fading sunlight, slowly pulled me back to enjoying the wine and the fantastic view from the harbor view room of the pub. As the brightness of the city lights took over the warm glow of the sun across the Bolte Bridge, we retreated down to the warmth of the bistro. Set under warm tungsten lighting, ‘sweet corn polenta with fennel’ was served. This classic Italian comfort food dressed with artichokes, confit tomatoes and goat cheese brings out the little Italy in Melbourne. Officially the sister city of

Woolshed Pub’s salt & pepper crispy skin duck

Milan, Melbourne is a home to the largest Italian-Australian population in the continent.


Barely taking another breath, the second main arrives, ‘salt & pepper crispy skin duck with pickled cucumbers and Hoisin sauce’. Needless to say, the crispiness outside and the tenderness of the meat within can excite anyone’s fancy to take another bite. With the duck’s exquisite flavor, the sourness of the lemon and the rich taste of the hoisin sauce, this dish delivers a hint of Asia to ones’ pleasure. But the stimulation does not end here. Now, one of the best from Woolshed Pub, and definitely the hero of the night, the ‘ora king salmon’; this final main is presented to my now wide-open lens. Another superb dish prepared by Chef Catherine Kalka is the winner of the night. Bred from the pristine waters of the Marlborough sounds in New Zealand, the Ora King salmon is fused with the saffron aioli, mussels and Oyster Bay clams. The softness and creaminess of the salmon with saffron aioli makes me feel that orgasmic stimulation of my already aroused taste receptors. This peaked my unique gastronomic experience within this historic confine.


s we finished off the remains of that scrumptious repast, I couldn’t help but notice the unfailing attention rendered by our

Woolshed Pub host and hostess, Lee and Samantha. The climax does not stop here though. Chef Catherine has more hidden surprise behind the counter, immediately opening the doors of Venice; we are served Tiramisu. As I sink my teaspoon into the glass of espresso sponge and Frangelico mascarpone cream, Sam poured me an exquisite Penfolds Grandfather 1959 vintage dessert wine. Savoring the explosive flavors of the dessert topped with the chocolate hazelnut praline, I suckled on the sour cherry and to my delight a liquorish hit of fluid rushed into my throat giving me pleasure of pure satisfaction. This was followed by the house favorite ‘sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce and vanilla bean ice-cream’, but I resisted the temptation of indulging straight into it. I gripped my camera and quickly focused onto the melting ice cream above the warm butterscotch topped pudding; with the aperture wide-open and maximum sync speed, I triggered my flash taking that final shot of the night. This dish was simply to die for, having a mouthful of the ice cream and the warm pudding made it feel heavenly. This really was the perfect dessert to conclude an incredibly delicious evening of dining. This dining experience took us to places we’ve never been. And though winter has temporarily settled in across this vast continent, the Woolshed Pub at the Docklands briefly ferried us across many of the warmer places around the globe. I believe every dish tells a story, a story of the hands which prepared and served it. That said, this feast definitely displayed the efforts of the warm and lovely people of the Woolshed Pub.

Issue 12



A conversation with

Chef Catherine Kalka of Woolshed Pub What is your current Woolshed

GEV Pub food and wine/cocktail pairing obsession? Woolshed Pub, in addition to our dry aged beef and fresh seafood has an incredible range of beverage to accompany the food offerings throughout the kitchen. The front of house team are educated well on the ins and outs of our beverage list and are quite experimental with their cocktails and even their paring. Our most recent event for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival showcased a Pizzini Sangiovese with our Ora King Salmon, cloudy bay clams, mussels and fennel dish, surprising everyone including myself on how well the unlikely match worked. Matching a spirit or a cocktail to a dish works on the same principal as wine, either contrast the flavours or complement, like Woodford Reserve bourbon with our BBQ pork ribs or a mojito with the crisp fried whole flounder, green papaya salad, thai basil & tomato nam jim.

for the environment. Hopefully by being mindful of the provenance of food, and bow it was grown and harvested, this ideal will one day be the usual practice in professional and domestic kitchens, and not just a trend.

GEV What are your Favorite Dining Spots in Melbourne?

The Plough Hotel, Footscray – Gastro Pub with great pizza Scholars Wine Bar, North Melbourne – Great French dining with excellent selection of wine Pho Hung Vuong Saigon, Footscray – Vietnamese, great Pho Antique Bar, Elsternwick – Great range of cocktails and boutique beers Beatrix – North Melbourne – All housemade cakes and pastries

GEV What’s your current food ‘trend’? At the Woolshed Pub, we endeavor to follow the path of sustainable and ethical eating. Where possible I try and source the best produce available that has minimal impact on the environment. Most meat is grass fed, poultry organic or free-range, local seafood and fish from Australia and New Zealand fisheries that prohibit unsustainable practices. Pork is heritage or rare breed as this meat has a richer and fuller flavor with a higher fat content. We have showcased some rare breed pork at various wine and food dinners. Types including Berkshire, Tammworth and ‘Large Black’ pigs. Vegetables are local and in some cases, heirloom – tomatoes, beetroot, carrots, pumpkin and radishes. All our herbs are harvested from our own garden on the deck and balcony. Small goods, salami, ham, terrine and sausages are handmade and nitrate free. These ingredients, which have been grown with minimal intervention, additives and pesticides, have a more intense and natural flavor. Also we are confident we are offering the customer food that is not only high in natural flavor, but more healthy and better

Issue 12


I LOVE MY JOB BECAUSE... Aside from the beautiful view of the Victoria Harbour that I get to work beside every day the things I value most about the Woolshed Pub would be the great family environment, for customers but also evident in our ‘family’ team. The knowledgeable staff that helps keep our passion alive. The difference every day brings from large football crowds to elegant wine dinners or weddings and lastly being in such a developing area with great potential.

pr e s e n t s

SATURDAY,OCTOBER1 1 t h|6: 30pm t o9: 00pm

FORAGI NG ~ANCI ENT&MODERN FLAVORS FROM THEUNTAMABLEW ORLD For agi ngexper tConni eGr een,coaut horof“ TheW i l dTabl e, ”andChef SeanO’ Tool e,ownerofNapa’ scr i t i cal l yaccl ai medTORC,expl or eoneof t hecul i nar ywor l d’ shot t es tt opi csatJes s upCel l ar si nYount vi l l e,CA

For um |W i ne&FoodTast i ng|For agedAr tOpeni ng Ti cket s$65Gener al|$45Member s www. Jes s upCel l ar s . com |888. 537. 7879

WOMEN TO WATCH IN NAPA By Kaye Cloutman Photography by Tubay Yabut


ADET wine + beer bar is located between First and Franklin Alleys in downtown Napa and is the

brainchild of two food and wine industry veterans: Colleen Fleming of Kelly Fleming Wines in Calistoga and former French Laundry sommelier Aubrey Bailey. Literally meaning “trainee,” CADET reflects their desire to learn something new each day about the exceptional and approachable producers from California and beyond. CADET’s wine bottle list has over 150 selections along with 4 wines on tap, 6 beers on draft and 15-20 bottled beers. Some of the Northern California wine producers represented include Jolie Laide, Calder Wine Company and Diamond Creek Vineyards. Small bites such as charcuterie from a hand crank Italian slicer, cheeses from all over the world, pinchos, farmers’ toasts and panini’s are available to enjoy with drinks. Bailey states, “Our wine and beer list highlights wines from every region in California, not just the Napa Valley. This is a chance for people—locals and visitors alike–to explore and to discover what else is out there, what the winemakers are drinking, what historic vineyards or grape varieties are being revived, experimental beer making, etc. Basically a reminder of what California has always stood for: diversity.” Adds Fleming, “Living and working in the Napa Valley, we all like to share great food and wine discoveries at the table with colleagues and friends. We look to CADET to being that second home where our community will want to gather, learn and enjoy that sense of hospitality together.”

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Colleen Fleming & Aubrey Bailey

Q What are your go-to wines this summer? It's been pretty hot here in Napa lately so if we're not drinking ice cold Kolsch from CaliCraft or Fort Point Brewing we are definitely drinking our weight in the quintessential summer sipper - Rosé. California is offering so many totally exciting and unique rose's, from light and ethereal Copain Rosé (syrah based) to the more complex and juicy Edmunds St John Bone Jolly Gamay Rosé (which is really unique considering it's coming from one of the only gamay vineyards in California).


CADET also offers educational classes and other special events such as Industry Nights, Winemaker Events, Ladies’ Nights and Community Lunches where public service professionals such as firemen, school teachers and city workers are celebrated for their contributions to the community.

Besides your own, what are your favorite Downtown Napa spots?

Oenotri is a great spot for house-made charcuterie, wood fired pizza's and Italian wine, plus the owners are always very welcoming and generous. Angele is a classic downtown Napa restaurant, super romantic and has a very inviting bar area. Small World has been around for a long time now and does delicious and affordable falafel's for lunch.


What's been the most fun about CADET since opening a few weeks ago?

The most rewarding thing about opening Cadet has been seeing our guests get excited about the unique and unusual wines and beers we feature that you don't see in every restaurant in town or on Highway 29. The guests are really adventurous and open minded about trying different things and learning more right along with us. Our goal was to create this communal atmosphere where everyone learns and explores together simultaneously while having lots of fun and listening to great tunes.

Their Friday Night


The B-52's, 52 Girls Beck, Gamma Ray Notorious BIG, Juicy The Kills, U.R.A Fever Victory, Play It


The Roots, The Next Movement Santigold, Unstoppable Sly and the Family Stone, Keep on Dancin The Detroit Cobras on Mink Rat or Rabbit, Cha Cha Twist Fujiya & Miyagi, Knickerbocker


For more information, visit or call (707) 224-4400.



a tapas diary by kathryn holland besser

Issue 12


Madrid is a very stylish city and a culinary lover’s paradise… if you know where to look. Our visit in June employed a fairly simple strategy to eat well in Spain: 1) consult local experts; 2) avoid places that cater to tourists; and 3) trust our instincts. I should point out we are passionate about foreign travel and aim to immerse ourselves in the local culture as much as possible. We typically rent apartments or homes (as opposed to staying in hotels) because in our opinion, this is the best way to feel the heartbeat of a foreign city. Having never been to Madrid, I researched options through Airbnb and VRBO, which led us to the Madrid Boutique Suites owned by the lovely Margarita Casanova. An interior designer by trade, Marga owns a handful of charming apartments; all are tastefully decorated and well situated (just off the Plaza del Sol, in Madrid’s Latin Quarter). For meals, we took a cue from the Spanish custom of eating while standing up (tapas bars abound) and happily discovered many of Spain’s edible treasures along the way. Here’s a peek at our scrumptious journey:

wednesday 8am: My brother, Todd, and I are up in search of coffee. Having not yet adjusted to the time change, he’s been awake since 4am, narrowing down our choices using Yelp. We stroll through the Malasaña neighborhood and arrive at Toma Café. It has some really good reviews, including one from Sara B., a San Franciscan partial to Blue Bottle and Four Barrel (being from the Bay Area, these are places I frequent). I order a café con hielo (a shot of espresso and a glass with a large ice cube). Todd orders a café con leche (half espresso, half steamed milk). Both are delicious. The espresso is velvety with hints of chocolate and caramel and the milk foam art on Todd’s drink is top notch. Score one for Yelp! We head back to the apartment to pick up my husband, Paul, and teenage sons, Dane and Tate, for breakfast. Unfortunately, our next Yelp destination is surprisingly closed, but next door is an open bar. As we regroup to figure out a new plan, we luck into the best tortilla de patatas of

the trip. Café El Apolo makes a perfect version of this classic Spanish dish (‘de patatas’ distinguishes it from a plain omelet). It’s excellent. Moist, yet not soggy, it features fluffy layers of potato and egg redolent of grassy olive oil and a bit of Spanish onion. At one Euro fifty a (generous) slice, it’s an incredible bargain, too. Todd has another coffee bar for us to investigate, La Bicicleta. It’s a hipster’s paradise, straight out of Portland, Oregon: mismatched furniture, old school desks, and vintage cycling photos on the walls. The coffee is great and the boys love the cute dogs lolling about. My husband, an avid cyclist, has found his community! The hot chocolate is especially good and my crew starts experimenting with coffee/chocolate concoctions. 8pm: After some very memorable sightseeing (and a forgettable lunch), we head out in search of tapas. First stop is a bar a mere 100 feet from our apartment, Café y Tapas. We

order patatas bravas and a pitcher of sangria (my brother had sampled them the previous day). The potatoes are perfectly crisp on the outside, the sauce is nicely spicy and it’s a terrific palate warm-up for a night of small bites. We head over to the famous Mercado de San Miguel to pick up a ‘to go’ glass of sangria for our tapas crawl. However, we decline to sample the tapas at the Mercado, mostly because the pre-made offerings look a little tired and nearly everything is overpriced. Walking down a small street off the Plaza Mayor, we notice a tapas bar devoted mainly to mushrooms, El Mesón del Champiñon. Though it seems a bit touristy, the mushroom/ garlic scent coming off the grill is too enticing to ignore. Edging our way to the front (this place must be mentioned in a Japanese guidebook somewhere), we order glasses of cava, sautéed mushrooms and grilled Pa-


drón peppers. The pairing of sparkling white wine and artfullypresented vegetables is delightful and we leave temporarily sated. Our next stop is Bayres Beef, near the Plaza de Santa Ana. Bayres specializes in free range Argentinian beef. Both the entrecôte and homemade chorizo are outrageously good. We order a Malbec to accompany the quickly disappearing meat platter. It’s starting to rain a bit and we only have one umbrella. We decide to wind down with one last stop. Ana La Santa is a beautiful restaurant and serves a marvelous version of pan con tomate: slightly dense toasted bread rubbed with garlic, olive oil and fresh tomatoes. It’s a standout in a country where bread and tomatoes are ubiquitous. I order another glass of cava. My husband is craving octopus so we try their version, which is lightly fried. It’s simple, elegant and delicious.

thursday 9am: Today is Dane’s 17th birthday and he wants to start the day at Café La Bicicleta. Lucky for me, La Bicicleta is not yet open so we head over to Toma Café where I enjoy another invigorating café con hielo. Even though it’s quite small, Toma is dedicated to high quality, direct trade coffee and the baristas are very talented. We stop at Café El Apolo for more tortilla de patatas but discover it isn’t on the day’s menu. Not to worry, the sweet barista promises to make it for tomorrow…hooray! We pick up tortilla slices at another bar (they are not nearly as good) and pop into a now open, La Bicicleta. My son orders a celebratory mocha and is happy to peruse the cycling paraphernalia for sale. 2pm: Lunch today is amazing! After a delightful trip to the Maritime Museum (and a brush with members of the Spanish Royal Family), we travel north past the Puerta de Alcala to find El Cano. Even though it’s a small chain, El Cano makes a very refreshing gazpacho and the cook sends us a delightful little gift from the kitchen: seared foie gras on stewed apples. It’s world-class and a great reminder of how well foie gras pairs with anything.

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8pm: After some ‘pre-tapas’ tapas at our apartment (store bought Jamon Iberico, chorizo and some very drinkable tempranillo my husband found at the market for ten Euros), we head over to La Ccava, a British-Spanish fusion restaurant with a fun and funky décor (think Union Jack pillows, Zebra striped chairs and plaid placemats…in a cave.). La Ccava is adjacent to the previous day’s mediocre lunch spot and its charming vibe made me bookmark it for another meal. We devour a healthy salad topped with melon and feta, a delectable dish of shoestring potatoes, Jamon Iberico and fried egg, and the bartender’s specialty: mojitos! These are not ordinary mojitos; they are overflowing with fresh lime and mint. The turbinado sugar rims must have been applied with a blowtorch, too, as we can’t even nick them. Then, it’s on to desserts (emphasis on plural). Our first selection is a mango mousse topped with chocolate lattice and (edible) violet flower. It’s wonderful, yet is surpassed by the Tarta Blanca, an airy white chocolate cheesecake on a graham cracker crust topped with cinnamon. It’s possibly Dane’s favorite birthday cake ever and we polish it off in about ten seconds.

friday 9am: Our nephew, Justin, arrives from San Francisco. With only 32 hours left in Madrid, we plan to take him on a whirlwind recap of our ‘best’ discoveries. First stop is El Apolo for our made-to-order tortilla de patatas. It tastes even better than the previous version and we notice the barista is wearing make-up and has changed her hair style. Is she angling for a date with my brother? We’ll never know. The boys are eager to introduce Justin to their new favorite coffee bar and ask if we can take the order to go. Tortillas in hand, we once again head over to La Bicicleta where the never-ending appetites of teenage boys lead us to order more breakfast items post coffee. I am curious about their pan con tomate so I stand in front of the bar watching them assemble the orders. Using the hard cheese side of a box grater, the barista takes a tomato down to pulp in just a few quick strokes. He whisks in a little olive oil, crushed garlic and a bit of salt and pepper. This goes into a little bowl that is served with freshly toasted bread. Voila! A typical Spanish breakfast where you may pile spoonful’s of flavorful crushed tomato as you go. 2pm: We stumble onto another El Cano near our apartment. Tate is tempted by the grilled bacon sandwiches so we decide to stay for lunch. Sadly, there is no foie gras at this location (the other El Cano is located in a very upscale neighborhood) but they have more delightfully brisk gazpacho for me. The men cool off with imported beers. 4pm: Afternoon rain showers steer us into a number of shops; serendipitously, most are bakeries or delicatessens so I can peek at the food items for sale. We determine the dark skies overhead are a perfect setting for chocolate con churros and race to Chocolatería San Ginés amid thick raindrops. Café San Gines dates back to 1894 and is open 24 hours a day. We order at the counter and take a seat at an

outdoor table. Within minutes, our freshly made, crisp churros and thick, rich chocolate drinks arrive at the table. The rain clears and the sun comes out again; magic! 8pm: We take Justin to a few tapas bars, including Mesón del Champiñon. It is less crowded this time and we are able to spend a little time with the men behind the bar. It is clear they take great pleasure in serving their tapas and appreciate our barrage of questions (especially the boys practicing their high school Spanish). Charmed, the owner gifts us with a small ceramic wine pitcher. It’s a great souvenir to remind us of the unexpected pleasures of chatting up everyone we meet.

which is practically empty. I don’t know if the Madrileños know what to make of the hybrid menu but I hope La Ccava sticks around. The food is exquisite. We order the fish -and-chips plate repeatedly because it is just so outrageously good. The batter feels like it wouldn’t be out of place at a Thai restaurant and the lime aioli is seriously addictive. My sons prompt me to ask for the recipe and the host graciously obliges. Another culinary score for the trip! Alas, the soccer match goes against the Spanish team but the local spectators at La Ccava gracefully acknowledge the brilliant moves of the Dutch team. We order several Tarta Blancas because one is just never enough.

saturday 10am: We’ve become accustomed to later mornings by now and roll into Café La Bicicleta just as it opens for the day. Our last coffees in Madrid are bittersweet. We’ve got an early afternoon train to Sevilla to catch and a packed lunch to organize. Not to mention gather all our belongings and vacate the charming apartment that has become our ‘home away from home’ for a few days. Madrid is truly magical; its rhythms and citizens are distinctive, elegant and proud. We take a lot away with us. And I am determined to perfect a tortilla de patatas before the summer is over! You can follow my progress on my Instagram feed ( kathrynbesser).

We want to watch the World Cup match between Spain and The Netherlands so we make a beeline for La Ccava,


mon histoire d'amour avec paris by kelli daley


t 23 I have not had many opportunities to travel. Traveling to Paris has always been a dream of mine, (and what girl doesn’t dream of going to Paris!), but that’s not a trip so easily taken. When the opportunity came to me to join a study abroad program at San Jose State that would be heading to Paris and Madrid, I was determined to make it happen for myself. For many months I saved all of my hard-earned money and before I knew it I was jetting off to Paris. The students from previous years had defined the trip as a “life-changing experience.” I had no idea what they meant until I was sitting and looking up at the Eiffel Tower for the first time. I had seen it in pictures, but now there it was right in front of me! And the best part— I got there all on my own. I knew right then that anything I worked hard enough for I could achieve. For the next three weeks, I became not just a tourist, but a “temporary local.” I got to interact with the Parisians, enjoy real French cuisine, and explore all the different areas of Paris. Experiencing the different food and shops are always one of my favorite parts of going somewhere new. Here are some of my favorite spots that I think are a must for the next time you get to jet off to Paris.

La Boutique De Louise I came across this adorable boutique while wandering around in the St. Germain area. It is full of fun little gifts and trendy jewelry. They carry French jewelry designers and there I discovered one of my favorites, Anne Thomas. Anne Thomas seemed to me like the House of Harlow of France. I immediately wanted everything! I am still lusting over her cuffs and rings.

32 Rue du Dragon, 75006 Paris, France photo courtesy of Item price: $67

Issue 12



314 rue Saint Honore, 75001 Paris

I fell in love with the St. Germain area of Paris and I fell even more in love with this store I found there. It is full of fun, unique, and affordable pieces. I found dresses and skirts here that fit like a glove.

photos courtesy of

3 Rue de Buci 75006 Paris Photos courtesy of Item price: $320

Satellite While walking by this store and seeing the beautiful jewelry displayed in the window I just had to peek inside. Once inside, I was in awe of their gorgeous handmade jewelry. Everything is a bit pricey, but something that you would have forever.

Item price: $220

Dallayou I became macaroonobsessed while in Paris! This sundae with macaroons was like absolute macaroon heaven. I would fly back just to have another one of these. 2, place Edmond Rostand 75006 - Paris Photo of store front from google Macaroon sundae image my own

Cantine California Good tacos and great service aren’t always the easiest things to find in Paris, but they are easily found here!

Exquisite Edibles

Jordan Feilders, a San Francisco native, moved to Paris and helped to start the food truck revolution with Cantine California. After being so successful he opened a restaurant, which our group visited four times, never tiring of the food and atmosphere. Their fresh-pressed juices and fresh margaritas are also something that should not be missed. 46 rue de turbigo, 75003 Paris, France

Grazie This place is pricey, but worth it. Making cocktails here is an art form. I could sit all day just watching the bartenders make drinks. They will make you whatever drink you are in the mood for and make sure to get one of their pizzas to go along with it. Their pizza was the best I had in Paris. 91 boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris Photo courtesy of Claudia Candelas

Ble Sucre This little bakery has the BEST croissants I have ever had. They are perfectly buttery and flakey. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. And a tip: Avoid paying more to eat there and take your food to go to the beautiful park across the street! 7 Rue Antoine Vollon, 75012 Paris, France


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America's Most Fashionable Chocolate Dessert


reated by fashion designer Christian Siriano and James Beard Award-winning chef Andrew Carmellini, debuts at Chef Carmellini's restaurant Lafayette, Wednesday, July 9, 2014 in New York. Featuring a MAGNUM(R) Double Caramel ice cream bar, the dessert combines the finest quality ingredients with the hottest runway trends of the summer, including citrus color blocking and trending textures such as modern embroi(Photo by Jason DeCrow/Invision for MAGNUM/AP Images) (PRNewsFoto/MAGNUM Ice Cream) dered lace. Visit MAGNUM(R) on Facebook to receive a dessert recipe from Chef Carmellini you can make at home:


uiznos, known for its innovative, toasted menu, is introducing a brand-new item--Ciabatta Toasties. Made with artisan Ciabatta bread, Ciabatta Toasties deliver a highquality, delicious sandwich for a surprisingly low price. For just $3.99, guests can experience Quiznos premium ingredients, unique bread offering and toasting expertise all in one sub, making this new item truly irresistible.



Ambassador in Paradise Resort By Edgardo Lehnsherr Photography by Christian Thomas

Issue 12



he Ambassador in Paradise Resort is located in an island known as one of the world's top beach destination and famous for its powdery soft, white sands and stunning turquoise blue water, called Boracay. Alas, it is but an irresistible beauty of nature, located in the Visayan region of the Philippines. Hotelier Joop Van Der Tak of Netherlands bought a land area in this beach paradise some five years ago, making it the island's five-star hotel through his utmost dedication to provide service excellence which is a reflection of his mission and vision.

Upon my arrival in the hotel, I was welcomed by the staff with courtesy drinks and welcome leis. I thoroughly enjoyed their signature drink called the Ambajito and Belvedere Vodka.

Although Mr. Van Der Tak owns two other hotels in Holland, he stays in Boracay to personally attend to the ever-growing needs and demands of the hotel in the island. His passion on making the hotel endearing to all is evident by addressing guest patrons' concern personally. Designed with a 5-Star quality and standard of services. Accredited by the Department of Tourism as a AAA Resort and was recently honoured with 5 awards: International Quality Era Award by Business Initiative Directions of Spain - Gold Category at Geneva year 2013, Best 25 Luxury Hotels 2013 in the Philippines by Trip Advisor, Top 12 Best Rated Hotel 2012 in the Philippines and 2nd Year of a Golden Circle Award by Agoda and Ranked #1 in Boracay by The resort has 60 well-appointed rooms, elegantly designed with fine furnishings and en suite bathrooms to give their guests high class quality comfort and style, proudly equipped with their environment friendly electric and solar cars made available to the guests to bring them around the island, the use of solar panels for natural energy, and the use of bio fuel and soon the Hydrogen based power generator.

Get to know the people from Ambassador Paradise Resort GEV: How has the island evolved over the years? Joop Van Der Tak: Year after year, more and more people are enticed to visit the island, not only locals but tourists as well. Not only old timers who found Boracay as a place to go back to over and over again but new tourist as well. Known to be one of the finest beaches in Asia, Boracay has maintained the world class reputation of being one of the best tourist destinations. Though quite commercialized than a few years back, tourists never got tired of enjoying the pristine beach that Boracay has to offer. GEV: What never gets old in Boracay? Joop Van Der Tak: The beauty of the island, the culture in Boracay and the hospitality of the people. GEV: How would you describe your cuisine at Al Fresco Restaurant and what drives you to change your menu?

A memorable meal is always possible to achieve with Chef Fortune Fulgar’s dishes.

Executive Chef Fortune Fulgar: As a kitchen team the best way to describe our cuisine is to say that we infuse Pilipino cuisine to achieve the same sophistication of other international flavors. Guests all across the globe are visiting our Hotel/ Restaurant so our aim is to always provide great dishes that will suit our guests. Even if it’s not on our menu, we try everything to satisfy our guests with our creativity and ability to accommodate special requested ingredients. As a dining team we are always trying to give our guest an unforgettable experience. That must be the reason why they call us the number 1 restaurant on Boracay Island. Please feel free to come on over and try it yourself. GEV: What are your personal must-try recommended dishes here? Executive Chef Fortune Fulgar: Soup: Prawn & Lobster Bisque. Appetizer: Foi Gras D’oie, Fish Main course: Lapu Lapu and Prawns. Meat Main course: Chateaubriand (also with Foi Gras D’oie, Dessert: Chocolate Grenache Cake .

Being a seafood aficionado, I really enjoyed this perfectly executed dish of fish & prawns. It was heavenly served with rice & vegetables.


The Smoked Salmon Carpaccio's inclusion of cheese, mango & pepper in its recipe makes it more sensational. The sweetness of mango combined with cheese plus the spice of pepper can really make a shift from one distinct flavor to another while allowing one to enjoy it all at the same time.

GEV: What's the best compliment you received from a diner?

single evening and you can enjoy our Friday night champagne which gives you a 50% discount to all our sparkling Executive Chef Fortune Fulgar: A wines. Besides our dinner tables you compliment that we receive here a can also sit back and relax in one of lot is about the seafood. We always our lounge sets or even lay back on of make sure that we provide our guests our beach beds while you are watchthe freshest catch. ing a breathtaking sunset right in front of our restaurant. Lunch, dinner or a In our resort we also have a tradition- lovely buffet. A family trip, doing busial pizza oven and people can taste ness or to celebrate a very special that and they really appreciate it. occasion. Al Fresco Restaurant is truly They say it’s better than the tradiyour home in paradise. tional Italian ones. GEV: 5 Things to pack when you’re A compliment what we also really visiting Boracay? appreciate is that our kitchen is very clean. A lot of times guests are asking Niel Koggel 1: Shades. The sun out here is blinding. Especially with the us if they can see the kitchen. white sand and the clear blue Ocean. And it’s fashionable of course! GEV: Describe the overall restaurant vibe. What's on its music playlist and 2: Sun block. It’s always important to and how frequently do you host be well protected when you go out in theme party nights? the sun. Especially on an Island like Boracay. Niel Koggel: Al Fresco Restaurant in 3: Waterproof Camera. You can take the Ambassador in Paradise Resort underwater shots and bring it to the on Boracay (Tropical) Island is a very beach or in the pool. You can capture warm and peaceful restaurant with all your fun moments. direct excess to one of the finest beaches of Asia. You can try our love4: The very popular Monopod to make ly cocktails or choose your favorite your selfies. A fun way to take picdish from our very diverse menu. tures. Everyone can join and you can Candle lights, lighted trees, white rotate up to 180 degrees. sand and a romantic set-up in a perfect located restaurant can give you a magnificent experience. Live enter5: Flip-flops/Swim shorts/Bikini. It’s tainment will be there for you every always warm here so don’t even bother to bring a long sleeve or jeans! Issue 12


The Food and Beverage Operations Manager, Niel Koggel, also from the Netherlands, assures service on a five-star scale and is always on the forefront to help out guests.

Actress and surfer Mara Lopez have always considered Boracay her second home. Ambassador in Paradise Resort is also definitely one of her most favorite locations in the island.

HOW FRESH IS YOUR OLIVE OIL? When it comes to great taste in olive oil, fresh is best. You may be surprised to learn that some of the finest extra virgin olive oil is not imported, but made right here in the USA. Our authentic California Olive Ranchers use the most advanced methods to grow, harvest and press the finest, sustainably grown olives, at the peak of perfection. We press our olives within hours of harvest, to seal in our distinctive fresh taste. We invite you to join leading chefs who have decided that when it comes to fresh taste, California Olive Ranch is best. Compliments from family and friends are sure to follow.

THE NEW TASTE OF FRESH ™ For recipes and to join our online community, go to


hat’s better than a killer fashion show? A fashion show put on to support a worthy and important cause. That was the case when San Francisco fashion lovers came together for The Artful Gentleman’s second annual Suit Up For Equality runway show to

By Caity Shreve of Moi Contre La Vie

support for the Human Rights Campaign. Founded in 1980, the HRC is the largest US civil rights organization working for equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans. Not only did the proceeds from this show go to support this worthwhile organization, they’re also working together to put on the 30th Annual SF Bay Area HRC Gala & Auction on October 11th. The August 2014 runway extravaganza featured new designs from Jake Wall at Artful Gentleman, as well as collaborations with local designers Cari Borja/ Clothesmaker and Sounthavong.

the loft-space rose to a crescendo as the red tinted lighting faded and Mr. Wall took the microphone to speak a few words wearing a black & white polka dot button down paired with tuxedo pants and a black satin cummerbund. As the music began anew, dozens of models poured out of the doors and sashayed around the runway in a beautiful blur. After a swift initial walkthrough the models reemerged in groupings of three to four, showcasing the beautiful designs at a leisurely pace. The show consisted of everything from flirty day dresses to chic eveningwear to sleek suits. A fresh, modern

The frenetic energy in

Artful Gentlemen presents

take on classic cocktail, work, and evening wear for both men and women. Some of the most outstanding looks of the evening were a slinky black satin cocktail dress with an asymmetrical neckline worn by model, performer, and designer Fely Tchaco, a sherbet hued pink and orange retro-inspired Aline shift dress, and two fun, bold maxi skirt & crop top combos in black and white. And the suits… Let’s talk about the suits… From a slim fitting lipstick red suit worn sans shirt for a sexy, dramatic take on classic workwear for women to back, white, red, plaid, and grey three-piece

suits with satin lapels for the discerning gentleman. Two of the showstopping suits from the show were the floral colorblock three-piece suits worn by Pedro Giusti and Hazer Ozcan, and the white tuxedoinspired suit worn open over a black star-studded bralette on the stunning Mellissa Gray. It was a lively evening filled with daring fashion, fabulous food & cocktails, and socializing with industry insiders, designers, bloggers, editors, and style lovers - All for a great cause.

Suit Up For Equality

Photos courtesy of Julie Engelmann for Kelly Puleio Photography Issue 12



Alyssa Nicole Fall 2014 Private Collection Preview by Caity Shreve of Moi Contre La Vie Photography by Christian Thomas


fter showing a sleek, minimal, all-white collection aptly named “White Noise” for Spring 2014, San Francisco-based designer Alyssa Casares was feeling moody when it came time for the Fall 2014 collection for her brand Alyssa Nicole. Titled ‘Still Cold,’ the predominately navy and silver, 18-piece showcase was perfectly suited for the fashion-loving modern woman. Featuring rich, bold textures like wool and jacquard, the chic, ladylike collection of dresses and separates includes everything a woman needs for the Fall/Winter season. From classic pencil skirts and flattering shift dresses, to luxurious outerwear, cigarette trousers, and eveningwear. The occasional retro-inspired bell sleeved frock and mock turtleneck interspersed with the timeless styles and classic silhouettes gave the collection a youthful, modern feeling. These pieces will take you anywhere you want to go – From the office in a smart pencil skirt and blouse to an outdoor music festival in a breezy kimono-inspired maxi dress to a fun weekend getaway in flirty baby doll mini dresses & cropped pants. The Private Collection Preview was held on the rooftop of San Francisco’s Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and featured an unparalleled view of Union Square. The pieces were shown in two viewings, worn by nine models that stood on redwood stumps as the evening fog flowed into the city and created the ultimate backdrop. Gathered on the rooftop for champagne, mini macaroons, and serious Fall eye-candy were some of San Francisco’s top fashion bloggers and photographers, including Britt + Whit, Katwalk SF, PancakeSTACKER, Inspirafashion, So You Agree, Allergic To Vanilla, Work it Berk, Will Bake For Shoes, Closet Luxe, The Fancy Pants Report, and more! The designer addressed her rapt audience wearing a fitted jacquard pencil skirt, grey burn-out tee, and black peep -toe mules. “The ‘Still Cold’ collection is inspired by coldness, which I translated into color - Navy blue and the silver of starlight. Still cold. Like the stars.”

Issue 12



red carpet events

the serpentine summer party photos courtesy of Rebecca Wang Entertainment The Serpentine Summer Party is an annual fund-raiser for the galleries, helping to further their educational remit. It extends on the wide and strong support and patronage enjoyed by the galleries and has long held the reputation of being a sumptuous and glamorous evening, on a par with Ascot, Wimbledon and the Chelsea Flower Show as one of the quintessential outdoor events during Londons summer months. Co-hosts for this years party were of a particularly highpowered variety: joining Gallery Director Julia PeytonJones and Co-Director Hans Ulrich Obrist, Chairman and former Mayor of New York Michael R Bloomberg, Chairman and CEO of luxury brand Kering Francois-Henri Pinault, and international hotelier Andre Balazs. Among those attending were the Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, Tracey Emin, Bradley Cooper, Keira Knightly and her husband James Righton, Dasha Zhukova, Ben Goldsmith, Pharrell Williams, who performed a live music set, and gallery patrons and trustees including executive Hollywood film producer Rebecca Wang and international architect Zaha Hadid. Rebecca Wang at the Serpentine Summer Party

Bradley Cooper and Francois Henri Pinault Issue 12


Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie

Rebecca Wang, Bradley Cooper and Pharrell Williams

red carpet events

Cara Delevingne and Keira Knightley

AndrĂŠ Balazs, Julia PeytonJones and Hans-Ulrich Obrist

Gemma Atterton

Ben Goldsmith and Jemima Jones


red carpet events

Ladies Luncheon at Bank of the West Tennis by Genevieve Dee | photos by Drew Altizer


uly in the beautiful city of Palo Alto is an exciting time for tennis aficionados. It is the time for the Bank of the West Classic. The longest running women only tennis tournament in the world is currently in its 44th year. It is the first stop towards the US Open. The US Open is one of the four tennis majors that make up the Grand Slam. The three others are the Australian Open, the French Open and Wimbledon. Played on hard courts of Taube Family Stadium at Stanford University, this prestigious event draws top rank players from around the world with champions reading like a who’s who list of female players. This year, 5 of the Top 10 and 11 of the Top 20 seeded players are entered. Sisters Venus and Serena Williams, Agnieszka Radwanska, Dominica Cibulkova, Petra Kvitova and Angelique Kerber are playing, just to name a few. In line with the all women tournament is the Ladies Day Luncheon. Tennis Clubs of competitive, ranked and social players gathered from as far away as Modesto, Oakley and Petaluma to neighboring Los Altos, Portola Valley, San Jose and Santa Clara. Under a huge white tent with a light breeze to keep everyone cool, the ladies socialized and talked about everything tennis and more. While sipping champagne from Mumm Napa or wine from Brancott Estate and Jacob’s Creek, all enjoyed a mouth watering selection of salads and mini sandwiches provided by Celebrity Cruises. Emcee Andrew Krasny entertained with his jokes as he awarded gift

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baskets to lucky winners. From a Nespresso Vertuoline machine, sweet treats from Maria Sharapova’s Candy Line, Sugarpova, a spa package from Spoil Me Salon and Spa and tennis apparel from Venus Williams’ clothes line EleVen, Trina Turk gift certificates to mention but a few, everyone was excited and appreciative of the many, different prizes. For most, the piece de resistance was the appearance of mystery guest, Venus Williams. Modeling items form her apparel line, she charmed everyone with her poise and grace as she answered a few questions. Everyone availed of a photo opportunity with her. Later, as tennis was what everyone came for, everyone proceeded to the stadium to watch a match with a Sprinkles cupcake in hand. Promising fantastic tennis matches, The Bank of the West classic runs from July 28 August 3, 2014. For more information visit:


red carpet events

Natoma Cabana Opening Night By Genevieve Dee | Photos by Drew Altizer


n a city where summer temperatures range from 52º- 68º, Dennis Leary and Eric Passeti has figured out a way to bring the warm outdoors, indoors! Natoma Cabana, their latest venture does just that . At what was once the John Colins is now San Francisco’s newest bar. A black and white mural by graffiti artist Ian Ross decorates the entire front . Inside, high ceilings, skylights and decorative patio lighting give the place a bright, airy feel as you take in the banana and palm trees scattered around adirondack chairs while candle lit lanterns emit a warm glow. The loft allows for private, cozy conversations. Whether you’re looking for a casual drink after work in the Financial District, or, just miss that “hanging out on a rooftop with a drink in your hand” kind of feel, Natoma Cabana is the place for you. For more information, visit:

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red carpet events

Nicky Hilton’s Book Signing at Neiman Marcus SF Photos by Drew Altizer


rom red carpets and runways to front row at Fashion Week, designer and muse Nicky Hilton has earned her reputation as a style icon. Exposed to the top tier of the fashion industry from childhood, in this style guide Hilton reveals tips and tricks of the trade she has learned along the way. Never having employed a stylist, Hilton has created her own personal style. In this guide she helps you discover yours. Despite her opulent upbringing, Nicky maintains a less-is-more mindset and instructs you how to look like a million— without spending a million. Her formula for creating your signature style is as easy as 3-6-5. Consider the 3 main aspects of your lifestyle, choose 6 staple items of clothing, and identify 5 essential accessories. This simple plan will allow you to make savvy wardrobe selections that keep you on-trend and out of hoarder status, for good.

Buy the book! 159

red carpet events

Diana Lado (Gloria Ferrer Brand Ambassador and Culture Director ), Julia Roux (Gloria Ferrer Specialty Wine Sales Manager, NYC Metro) , Stefanie Bagala (Gloria Ferrer Brand Manager), Shameek Bose (amfAR Business Partnerships Manager), Paul Sevigny (celeb), in front Stefania Pia (Vogue Italia) and Sophie Aschauer (P Sevigny fiance).

Sarah Jessica Parker presenting at the amfAR Gala

Karolina Kurkova, Kenneth Cole & Catie Cole

Elsa Hosk & Valentina Zelyaeva

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Laverne Cox

Zachary Quinto

Italo Zucchelli, Francisco Costa & Alan Cumming

Fergie & Josh Duhamel

Michael Lombardo & Sarah Jessica Parker

Gloria Ferrer, Official Wine Sponsor for amfAR’s 5th Annual Inspiration Gala


loria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards is proud to be the wine sponsor for amfAR’s fifth annual Inspiration Gala presented by M·A·C Viva Glam and hosted by Actor Josh Duhamel. This is the third time that Gloria Ferrer has supported amfAR’s events. Held at The Plaza Hotel in New York City on June 10th, The Foundation for AIDS Research will be toasting the recipients of this year’s prestigious Award of Inspiration: steadfast AIDS activist HRH Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway and two companies that have made a profound impact on the state of AIDS research, Calvin Klein Collection and HBO. Longtime amfAR supporter and actress Sarah Jessica Parker will be on hand to present HBO with its award. Proceeds from the event will benefit amfAR’s life-saving AIDS research programs. Gloria Ferrer Winemaker Steven Urberg was thrilled at this opportunity to showcase their wine’s extreme versatility with food and selected the Gloria Ferrer non-vintage Blanc de Noirs and 2011 Carneros Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from the winery’s estate to be poured throughout the event and at the gala dinner.

New Order performing at the gala

The wines will be paired with an extraordinary menu created for this celebration, including Heirloom Tomato and Burrata Salad with Mozzarella Mousse, Braised Boneless Short Ribs with Sugar Snap Peas, and Parsnip Puree and Meyer Lemon Meringue Torte with Blueberry Sauce, Pink Peppercorn and Cilantro. A pioneering history and approach to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay have made Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards a leader in California sparkling wine for more than 25 years. Founded in 1983 in Sonoma, California, by the Ferrer family of Spain, Gloria Ferrer combines the best of Spanish winegrowing history with the bounty of the Carneros winegrowing region using time-honored méthode champenoise winemaking traditions and centuries-old sustainable practices. Gloria Ferrer produces the most awarded California sparkling wines that have won over 400 gold medals and received 30 outstanding 90+ point ratings in the last 5 years. Come live the Glorious Life at Zac Posen

Dinner paired with Gloria Ferrer Wines


red carpet events

The State Of American Foie Gras By Tamara Gorman Strasser Photography by Tubay Yabut

lifted. The top 25 responses and

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artisanal product in a way that poul-

The first course was a very rich foie

try from a factory farm is not.

On July 5, 2014, I attended "The State of American Foie Gras," a fun and adventurous lunch hosted by La Toque owner and Executive Chef, Ken Frank. Chef Frank is vehemently opposed to California S.B. 1520, which bans the sale of foie gras products in California, so he created this private event to provide foie gras lovers with a safe place in which to enjoy the forbidden delicacy. To keep the exclusive lunch legal, foie lovers were asked to write 100-words, pouring out their hearts, as to why the ban on foie gras should be

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protestor in sight as I pull up to La

gras parfait with cherry blossom gelee that I wanted to make last forever. Next, a foie gras terrine with brioche, stone fruit and almond; a seared foie gras with seaweed, rad-

gras with sweet corn, manjimup black truffle, celery and rye crumbs. And don't think dessert didn't include foie gras. We finished the event with a seared foie gras on pain perdu, boysenberry and caramel cremeux. Tres delicieux!


Bottlerock Napa Valley 2014 By Tamara Gorman Strasser | Photography by Rey Del Fierro


f you build it, they will come. What an appealing concept: create a music festival in wine country where guests can go winetasting and sample some of the region's best restaurants in between musical acts. Last year’s inaugural BottleRock Napa with its amazing lineup was an absolute artistic success but struggled financially. Thanks to new management at Latitude 38 Entertainment, the BottleRock name was rescued and is here to stay. Latitude 38 listened to the people and delivered. The result was this year’s successful reboot with notable headliners such as The Cure, Outkast, Weezer, Eric Church, and other exciting acts like The Fray, LL Cool J, Sublime with Rome, Heart, Smash Mouth, and more. With the impressive lineup and the blessing of beautiful spring weather, I felt transported to another world, though the unbelievable food and drink most definitely reminded me of where I was at any given moment. I don't know what the culinary choices are at other music festivals, but at BottleRock Napa there is a veritable plethora of options and libations aplenty too. Prized Napa winery tents from the likes of Schramsberg, Cakebread, and others lined the entire grounds. The centerpiece connecting all of the stages was the food tents with such local greats such as Tarla, La Condesa, and Fume Bistro. One of my favorite dishes was the pulled pork sandwich from The Thomas & Fagiani's Bar which came sprinkled with cotija cheese and a roasted pepper to garnish.

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Each day of the festival had something for everyone, delivering a variety of music for multiple generations. While I did hear some moaning by concert goers of the 90's-heavy lineup, I thoroughly enjoyed the blast from the past. With four stages, music played constantly, and I was jumping the entire time in order to catch as many acts as possible. On Friday night, the Cure played a two-and-a-half hour set in what was the first of only a handful of scheduled U.S. shows they’ll play in 2014. Robert Smith sounded just as sweet and captivating as he always did with nostalgic hits like “Just Like Heaven," and I can now cross The Cure off my concert bucket list! On Saturday, Weezer brought out my inner hipster as I sang along with the fully committed crowd knowing every word of "Beverly Hills." Later that night, Outkast's high energy brought a packed house to a thunderous climax with "Roses" and of course "Hey Ya." I felt the earth move under my feet in the VIP section. I doubt it’s possible to try everything or catch every act at this festival, but I thoroughly enjoyed making an effort! BottleRock Napa was exactly what I needed, and like a great wine---it’s only going to get better each year.




t has been a banner festival season in San Francisco so far. Cultivate festival came to Golden Gate Park for its second year, showcasing some of the best chefs, microbreweries and craftsmanship in town. I was able to meet with Minh Tsai, the “tofu master.” He runs Hodo Soy Beanery with a passion which originated in regular morning walks in Vietnam with his grandfather, and after their walk they would go to the local tofu shack for breakfast. The smell of fresh tofu has stuck with him for a lifetime. He wants to reintegrate quality tofu into the market not only as a healthy alternative, but a tasty one as well. Tofu, cooked right, can nearly taste like anything you prepare it with. It is a process; “you have to start blending flavor from the beginning, before it takes shape.” Store-bought tofu tends to reach our refrigerators when it is already too late in the production process to really capture added flavors. Meeting with Minh was a humbling experience. I had one of the greatest feel good vibes I’ve felt in a while, just being in his presence. The man has a genuine smile and a great heart. It was like standing next to an “enlightened one”, feeling yourself evolving a little just being in his presence and having a conversation with him. Why eat meat when tofu tastes this good? He was destined to become the tofu master. I’m on the Minh team, just try some of his tofu and you will see what I mean.


By Jay Huffman | Photography by Brian Wong Cortney Burns and Nick Balla are a couple in every sense of the word co-chefs as well as collaborators at Bar Tartine, and both have spent a great deal of their lives in the kitchen. “It’s in our blood.” Balla commented. They are a very humble, down to earth couple who enjoy craft brews and long walks in the Russian River Valley, indulging in cheese and wine. They like the fancy stuff, but they go all- in when it comes to the restaurant. They are known as some of the best bread makers in San Francisco. Yes, better than Boudin. In their spare time, these lovebirds created a cookbook spreading their love and joy for “hearty food that tastes good.” Their new cookbook, Bar Tartine: Techniques and Recipes “draws on time-honored processes and a core that runs through the cuisines of Central Europe, Japan and Scandanavia.” It expresses modernity in cooking and the way we eat - a must-have for the kitchen. After personally meeting with these great chefs and food providers, it was time to try some crafted brews, take in the anonymity of Golden Gate Park and enjoy the music. I am a hop-head I admit, always scouting for the perfect Pale Ale, so grabbed a Rapscallion from Social

Kitchen and Brewery and my life got that much better. In between acts, Dj Christopher Golub was on point with his selection of dance music. He kept the crowd feeling good, without having to drop top 40 hits one after another. He even played the sing-along favorites too. After that, Charli XCX took the stage in modest, notoverwrought edgy rocker gear, and belted out her famously emotive vocals expressing big ideas about life and love. You could get in the heap of things and dance or walk around with the music at a distance, but still in your ear. I was happy to be there, meet with the chefs, see their live cooking demonstrations and learn about a few great things going on within the Bay Area. Did you know that a great way to pan fry salmon is to make sure the skin is firmly placed on the pan? You leave it like this the whole time its cooking and only season it by sprinkling salt about 3 feet above the piece of fish so it spreads evenly. The idea with everyone’s food at Cultivate was to provide deliciousness in every bite using great food from great people.


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Mystic Hotel + Wingtip Partnership By Jay Huffman | Photos by Nash Bernardo


ingtip and Mystic Hotel team up to bring its high-class members unforgettable experiences. From the five star personalized service to the exquisite cuisine, this private club will always feel like a second home for the modern gentleman. The Berlinetta lounge at the Mystic Hotel hosted the kick-off party of this partnership. For those of you who have never been, it is a nice little venue tucked behind the front desk that exudes class, comfort ability and privacy. If you look to the masters for advice, such as Bogart, Grant, Stewart, Sinatra, Clooney and Draper; if you invest more than you consume, and do not mind being driven around town in a Maserati; Wing Tip may be for you. The bar held rare whiskies, the chef prepared delicious small bites, nice cigars were passed around freely, everyone was dressed top notch and an overall feel -good atmosphere was provided.

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Dress for Success SF Celebrates 9th Anniversary Photos by Drew Altizer


ashionistas and philanthropists alike attended Dress for Success San Francisco Annual Fashion Gala, Success: You Wear It Well, on Thursday, June 19 at the historic Julia Morgan Ballroom (#DressItUpSF). Style Expert and Co-Host of nationally syndicated daytime talk show ‘The Real,� Jeannie Mai, was on hand to discuss her support of the organization and provide style insights. The event included a fashion show by Banana Republic, VIP cocktail reception, silent auction, live auction and seated dinner. Silent auction featured exclusive items such as a gift certificate with priority reservations for State Bird Provisions and a signed Giants baseball. Guests were also treated to delectable cuisine from talented local chefs, unique cocktails and fine wine from local vineyards. Vicki Liviakis, TV anchor and reporter for KRON 4 served as Mistress of Ceremonies.


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