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only from specialist retailers Lawalu has succeeded in establishing a reputation and a unique design within a very short space of time. Clever products for newly born babies have made Lawalu one of the most popular ‘Made in Germany’ newcomer brands in the sector. Be it in solid wood or friendly, contrasting colours – Lawalu delights parents in a stylish and yet natural way. Lawalu also combines Geuther‘s longstanding experience with the vigour of a fresh and modern brand. During the development of new products, Lawalu designers always pose the following questions: How can the product be optimally integrated into its new home? How do the products feel in day to day use? How does the child feel about it? And how does the product promote the parent–child relationship? Lawalu is also so successful because, with a passion for detail, the designers succeed in channelling all their personal experience and emotions associated with children into their products. We hope you enjoy


may 04 betty 06 magic 08 seat inserts 10 monami 12 lenny 14 ameli 16 octogon 18 euro•parc 20 safety guard 22 easylock light 24 alu star 26 fini 28 trixi 30 aqualino 31 nappy changing pads 32 minibike 2in1 34 vinyls & fabrics 36 international 38 03










nurseries have just got friendlier may Contemporary and chic, May is not only cheerful and a source of contrast thanks to the trend-setting white, it also delights with its linear form. Long, modest metal handles roundoff the modern and discreetly elegant look. Featuring three drawers and two shelves, the complementary shelf unit offers plenty of storage room and surfaces for accessories and toys. The doors and drawers are also equipped with the convenient Soft-Close system, which affords silent, spring-cushioned closing. Thanks to its integrated conversion rails, the cot can later be converted into a child’s bed, meaning that the enchanting May furniture combination can also be used later on in your child’s life.


Child´s bed Art. no. 1176 KB incl. removable side panels, 70 x 140 cm


Wall shelf Art. no. 1176 WR W 90 x H 31 x L 20 cm


Nappy changing chest Art. no. 1176 WK 3 drawers W 108 x H 89 x L 75 cm


Wardrobe, three piece Art. no. 1176 S3 W 133 x H 193 x L 54,5 cm



High shelf unit Art. no. 1176 HR W 45,5 x H 193 x L 54,5 cm



love at first sight betty

At the start toddlers only really feel safe if they are near their mum, which inevitably turns into sleepless torture for everyone at night in bed, with parents ending up feeling exhausted in the

Art. no. 1123 incl. aerated cold foam mattress, 45 x 90 cm, adjustable from 41,5 - 57,5 cm Colours: natural, white

long-term. For precisely this predicament, help is at hand in the form of Betty, the perfect solution for both parents and child. Betty enables your baby to fall asleep quietly near mum and still be in its own little nest, where the child can be immediately comforted, cuddled or fed when the situation arises. Betty comes in white or natural and is individually adjustable to fit the height of the parents’ bed. And if mum and dad are not quite ready for an instant cuddle, Betty can be closed using the pull-up gate and placed where needed to provide the perfect safe haven.

Bed set Art. no. 4161 comprising: cot liner and bed linen 35 x 40 - 80 x 80 cm Material: 322 (white, elephant), 324 (ornament), 326 (white, rabbit)



magic Magic certainly lives up to its name, because it not only looks enchanting, it is also impresses with a magical functionality that leaves nothing to be desired. Equipped with a three-point harness and thanks to the small, almost invisible castors, as if by magic your child can be safely transported from the dining table to the playground and back without actually leaving the chair. According to desire, the child can sit with a play tray anywhere in the room or feel

Art. no. 2385 Seat, back and footrest made from plywood Colours: natural, white, colonial, clay

like a real grown up at the dining table using the sliding yoke! Made of solid beech wood, Magic constantly grows to meet requirements: the foot rest, seat, rail and play tray can be individually adjusted to fit the child and for the really tiny tots there is a matching washable and wipeable seat downsizer. Highly functional and well-designed: that’s Magic without the wizardry.


Eating and play tray Art. no. 0085SB Colours: natural, white, colonial, clay

well-designed and functional 09


seat inserts

for „small occupants“

Art. no. 4731 Vinyl: 29

seat inserts Getting started is difficult – thus sitting in a high chair also needs to be learned. Seat inserts provide a soft, gentle start at lofty heights: on the one hand they adapt the seat to the mini-dimensions of the “first-time sitter“ to an

Art. no. 4733 Vinyl: 29

optimum degree and on the other hand they prevent Junior from sliding out – and last but not least they are extremely comfortable! It is of course self-evident that all seat inserts are either wipeable (film) or washable – for, as is well-

Art. no. 4737 Fabric: 329

known, every beginning is difficult, particularly when learning to eat by yourself!

Art. no. 4732 Vinyl: 29



Art. no. 2221 101,5 x 72,5 cm, height 70 cm, inside dimensions 96,5 x 67 cm, Can be taken apart; padded floor can be adjusted to 3 different heights, 4 carpet castors Colours - vinyls: natural - 29, 32 colonial - 30 white - 29

Bumper (no picture) Art. no. 2232 LB for Art. no. 2221 Fabrics: 130, 132, 329

monami One moment here, next moment somewhere else – family life just doesn‘t stick in any one


place. So it‘s good that Monami follows you around! With its light weight and easy-running castors, Monami can be moved in no time to the place where you need it – as a safe area for your child to explore and play in. The padded floor

follows you around without a problem

can be adjusted to three different heights, the corners have been safely rounded off and the slats are made of massive beech wood. Monami comes in natural beech or in dark colonial style, and so will fit in easily whatever the decor.

Art. no. 2223 101,5 x 101,5 cm, height 70 cm, inside dim. 96,5 x 96,5 cm, Can be taken apart; padded floor can be adjusted to 3 different heights, 4 carpet castors Colours - vinyls: natural - 29, 32 colonial - 30 white - 29


Bumper (no picture) Art. no. 2234 LB for Art. no. 2223 Fabrics: 130, 132, 329




quite small when needed Bumper (no picture) Art. no. 2267 LB / 2269 LB Fabrics: 132, 329

lenny When you fold it together, Lenny fits into any car boot. Or it can be stashed in the utility room or left behind the door until the next time you need it. Lenny makes safety a top priority. The rails and prominent bars are made of massive beech, the floor is padded and can be adjusted to three different heights. The easy-running castors can be immobilised with a brake lock.

Art. no. 2269 101,5 x 92 cm, height 71 cm, inside dimensions 97 x 88 cm, foldable; padded floor can be adjusted to 3 different heights, 4 carpet castors Colours - vinyls: natural - 29, 32 white - 29


Art. no. 2267 101,5 x 77,5 cm, height 71 cm, inside dim. 97 x 73,5 cm, foldable; padded floor can be adjusted to 3 different heights, 4 carpet castors Colours - vinyls: natural - 29, 32 white - 29

ameli 16


can disappear in no time ameli A new design that is really quite smart – Ameli

Bumper (no picture) Art. no. 2260 LB Fabrics: 122, 131, 132, 329

folds up in a twinkling, and the floor goes with it! Not only does that save you a few tedious operations, Ameli also disappears as a complete unit. So when you set it up again, you won‘t have to search for missing parts. Notwithstanding the instant disappearance principle, Ameli is stable and safe in practical terms. The floor can be adjusted to two different heights. The slats and rounded bars are made of massive beech. The easy-running castors can be immobilised with a brake lock.

Art. no. 2260 106,5 x 90 cm, height 75 cm, inside dimensions 101 x 85 cm foldable with bottom; padded floor can be adjusted to 2 different heights, 4 carpet castors Colours - vinyls: natural - 27, 29, 31, 32 white - 27, 29, 31, 32





8-sided without risk of injury

Art. no. 2278 94 x 94 cm, octogonal, height 69,5 cm, inside dimensions 89 x 89 cm, foldable; padded floor can be adjusted to 3 different heights, 4 carpet castors Colours - vinyls: natural - 10, 29, 32

octogon 8 sides and 8 corners – but there is nothing here that children would be able to bump into. This is because Octogon has been designed entirely with safety in mind. All the corners, inside and outside, are rounded off with plastic angles. The massive beech wood rails are another safety-first feature. And any falls will find a soft landing – the padded floor is adjustable to three different heights, muffles any stumbles and provides a pillow for sweet dreams. With four castors to keep it mobile, Octogon is always right there wherever it is needed.

Bumper (no picture) Art. no. 2268 LB Fabrics: 110, 132, 329




Art. no. 2232 73 x 102 cm, height 77 cm inside dimensions 67,5 x 97 cm cushioned floor, height-adjustable to 3 positions, 2 carpet castors, 3 removable bars, can be folded Colours - Vinyls: natural - 29 white - 29

Bumper (no picture) Art. no. 2232 LB / 2234 LB Fabrics: 110, 132, 329


Art. no. 2234 like Art. no. 2232, 102 x 102 cm, height 77 cm inside dimensions 97 x97 cm





The older your offspring gets, the lower the cushioned play level can be positioned – until it ends up just above the floor, then three removable bars allow Junior to be as active as he or she likes. And even in cramped living conditions Euro-Parc has enough space and, if required, can be put away by being folded just once – e.g. under the bed. Two firm supporting legs provide stability and two castors mobility and two different sizes provide the optimum choice for your home.


a wealth of square and rectangles 21

door & stairway guards safety guards The door and stair gate with its practical lock and hinge mechanism securely blocks out danger and creates plenty of safe playing room for boundless fun. This classic product in natural, white or silk grey will serve you well and enable you to protect your child from everyday dangers in the best way possible. The Lawalu stair gate can be jammed or fixed in front of stairs and also in doorways. Depending on the model, the width is adjustable from 58 cm to 133 m.

Door guard Art. no. 2736 adjustment with screws inside door opening: 65,5 -105 cm adjustment with screws next to door opening: 58 -93 cm Height: 83 cm Colours: natural, white, grey Door guard Art. no. 2738 adjustment with screws inside door opening: 93,5 -133 cm adjustment with screws next to door opening: 86 -121 cm Height: 83 cm Colours: natural, white, grey


Additional clamps Art. no. 0036 ZK for conversion to a stair gate, for bars 1.5–8 cm thick



easylock light the secure lightweight

easylock light Airy and light, the Easylock Light door gate perfectly fulfils its object of keeping children safe, without intruding unduly on the decor. Quite unobtrusively, the light-coloured powder-coated steel tube system creates free spaces where tiny tots can move around without any worries. In purely technical terms, the Easylock Light is equally well adapted to big people. The lock can be opened with ease by adults, but children will not be able to get around it. Assembly is simple, non-slip and does not involve drilling. Additional clamps make it possible for the unit to be converted into a stair gate.

Easylock Light - door gate Art. no. 4765 Can be fixed in place and swings open Adjustment range 74 - 83 cm, height 75.5 cm Colour: white 1

Additional clamps for Easylock Light Art. no. 0065 ZK for converting the unit to a stair gate, for bars 1.5–8 cm thick

Door gate extensions Art. no. 0065 VS 9 cm Colour: white Art. no. 0066 VS 18 cm Colour: white


alu star



alu star design meets function

alu star This product makes an incomparable visual impression. Massive beech wood and silver aluminium form a unit in a future-oriented combination of function and design, yielding added value in terms of use. The Alu Star door gate can be swung open, fixed in place or clamped with ease – so adapting to its spatial surroundings and the functional requirements of the situation in a quite individual way. An accessory unit makes it possible for the Alu Star to be converted into a stair gate at the drop of a hat.

Alu Star - wood + aluminium door gate Art. no. 4758 Can be fixed in place and swings open Adjustment range 74 - 83 cm, height 81.5 cm Colour: natural/silver 1

Additional clamps for Alu Star Art. no. 0058 ZK for converting the unit to a stair gate, for bars 1.5–8 cm thick

Door gate extensions Art. no. 0058 VS 9 cm Colour: natural/silver Art. no. 0059 VS 18 cm Colour: natural/silver


fini 28

Art. no. 4867 W 58 / H 92 / L 73 height for nappy changing 85 cm Colours: aluminium/natural, aluminium/white

fini In a combination of powder-coated metal and


either beech deco or white, Fini has sharp lines and a simple design. Timeless and uncomplicated, the changing table harmonises with many different interior designs. Boasting generous surfaces under the changing table, all

a timeless design

the bits and pieces that need to be clearly visible and quickly available during nappy changing and dressing can be stored on the two shelves. And thanks to its four lockable plastic castors, when it’s no longer required, Fini can be quickly stored out of sight.



fast change

trixi Time for a nappy change? Folding down to a slender 19 cm, Trixi can be stored behind the wardrobe. When you need it, all you have to do is pull it out, set up the solid beech frame, and you‘re ready! Your little one will be nice and comfortable on the padded changing surface and will not wriggle off, thanks to the cushioned side guard. Once you have finished, you can pack Trixi away again to be stored discreetly in the background.

Art. no. 4817 foldable, pad included W 56 x H 97 (117) x L 70 (19) cm height for nappy-changing 91 cm Colours - vinyls: white - 29 natural - 29



variable jack-of-all-trades aqualino Space for cuddles on dry land and in the water: the younger children are, the more time they spend on the nappy-changing table. So that no valuable second of this intimate relationship is lost and of course for the sake of safety in particular, Aqualino has adequate integrated storage space for all the important paraphernalia – always ready, helpfully close

Art. no. 4830 incl. baby bathtub height-adjustable (39, 44 or 49 cm) adjustable depth of 29 cm from 56 – 85 cm (dimensions inside parents bathtub) Colour - vinyl: silver - 29

at hand. The extra thick cushioned changing mat also adds to those cosy moments. When at last it is bath time, the tub can be pushed out to the left or to the right, depending on where there is more space. If required the spacious baby tub can then be slid beneath the changing mat and at a later stage can even be removed completely when it is time for the big bath tub. In general Aqualino fits nearly all bath tubs – without complex assembly – and it is extremely kind to your back: the comfortable bath/nappychanging combination can be height-adjusted by up to 10 cm and depth-adjusted by up to 15 cm.



changing pads

soft and comfortable

Nappy changing pad Art. no. 5832 soft and cuddly with head protection W 52 x L 75 cm Vinyl: 29

nappy changing pads These nappy changing pads are not only especially soft; they also have a raised edge, head protection and are – just in case – washable. Which pattern suits you and your nipper best?

Nappy changing pad Art. no. 5835 soft and cuddly with head protection W 85 x L 75 cm Vinyl: 29 Nappy changer Art. no. 4814 fits childrens’ beds in every size Vinyl: 29

nappy changer With our product, any child’s bed can be made into a changing table: lay the diapering pad in the desired position on the bed and fasten it into place with the clamps – you’re done. Comfortable: The surface baby lies on and the three-sided raised edge are upholstered in soft material. Fits all standard children’s beds.


minibike 34

minibike 2in1 First on a tricycle, then on a bicycle, and before you know it your child is cycling solo! From the very outset, the Minibike 2 in 1 Bike trains your child’s sense of balance so that later on the little rascal can leave you standing. Quality crafted from birch multiplex, the 2 in 1 Bike can be Art. no. 2971 Padded seat and three-stage height adjustment from 23-27 cm, convertible from a tricycle to a bicycle Colours: green, yellow

quickly converted from a tricycle to a bicycle, while the ergonomically padded saddle can be adjusted to an individual sitting height. The robust plastic wheels with solid rubber tyres are easy to clean, meaning that the cherished pushbike can be used both indoors and outdoors.

minibike 2in1 the convertible all-rounder 35


vinyls 10








fabrics 110



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