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Comprehensive on-demand testing life cycle management

WHY ZEPHYR? Every software development team has faced a critical go/no go decision about releasing their software due to quality issues. Factors contributing to this conundrum include but are not limited to distributed teams, a myriad of best of breed tools that don't integrate and reports that are out of date the minute the report has been run. Zephyr's SaaS and On-Premise solutions assist project teams, departments and entire organizations in making tough decisions. Any investment in Zephyr's affordable subscription based model will provide an ROI within months because the solution enables organizations to manage their test departments more efficiently while boosting productivity and visibility.

The Most Flexible Test Management System Get it

Announcing Zephyr 3.0  

Zephyr is based around the concept of Desktops & Dashboards. Every role in a Software Department has a customized Testing Desktop with relev...

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