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UNDERSTATED ELEGANCE Don’t be afraid of a fine dining experience, urges Susan Wong, who thoroughly appreciated the impeccable service, exquisite meal and fuss-free atmosphere while dining at Sikia restaurant earlier this month


he first exceptional fine dining experience I had was on the second date with my freckly interest at the time. He had booked a table at one of Toronto’s leading restaurants for the last thirty-five years where their signature Coconut Cream Pie is hands-down, the best dessert in the city. I reveled in the fine dining experience whereas my date struggled to be himself and seemed like he was suffocating from our surroundings. Needless to say, that was our last meeting. The thought of fine dining usually conjures up ideas of tablecloths so thick that they could double-up as curtains, chandeliered dining rooms, a battalion of waiters waiting to serve your every need, formal Frenchstyle service with multiple plates and several glasses, dishes served under shiny silver domes, and how expensive the entire evening will cost. Some people might even go as far as saying that the fine dining experience is quite square. Well, dining at Sikia is far from being square. Also, you’ll be paying for more than just a thick tablecloth or a

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