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Vol 2.10 | October 2016

LET'S BRUNCH BIG BRUNCH G.H. Mumm cordially invites you to Nairobi's biggest brunch event!

CASH CROP A behind-the-scenes peak at the filming of the first episode of Fearless Chef

BUT FIRST, CHAMPAGNE! Annabel Onyango wants to drink 1. champagne daily










BELOVED BRUNCH Weeks seem shorter, meetings feel longer and if you’re anything like me you barely ever manage to hit the bottom of your ridiculous inbox. Given our insane work loads I honestly don’t think there’s anything quite as essential as a lazy weekend afternoon spent indulging in an elaborate brunch spread with friends while sipping on cocktails.


owntime can be a luxury for us working folk in the

lieve it is an absolute necessity. Nairobi has quickly caught onto the worldwide trend of brunching, so in true EatOut fashion, we decided to take things a step further. This month, we have partnered with G.H. Mumm to entice you into spending two solid days brunching like the fabulous foodies you are! On the 29th and 30th of October The Big Brunch is set to sweep through Nairobi with over 15 participating outlets serving up delectable brunch menus accompanied by G.H. Mumm champagne. Yes darling, buy a champagne

the second with compliments of the EatOut and G.H. Mumm team! I adore brunch and have done since I was young. I clearly remember taking our brunch duties very seriously on Saturday mornings. Mine was to jazz up the baked beans, my sister and brother were often on bacon and toast duty (which on occasions led chat) and my parents… Well, they’d snuggle in bed, be served like royalty and shout out for seconds! Brunch has now evolved into the perfect excuse for mid-morning cocktail induced giggles. If your idea of the perfect weekend involves rolling out of your bed at noon to meet

friends over a glorious plate of Instagram-worthy eggs while easing into the afternoon one drink after another then The Big Brunch is something you don’t want to miss! This month we invite some of our closest friends of Yummy Magazine to elaborate on their shared love of brunch. The result is possibly the most tempting spread and the start of a growing brunch movement! On page 32 Susan Wong compares the hypchampagne to falling in love which I, the hopeless romantic that I am, could not agree with more. Charity Keita continues to be inspired as she eats her way through Italy on page 25 and our Wine Chic(k) declares her

on page 44. With all this to read and more, we hope this edition will give you every reason to partake in drawn-out brunch dates with friends and family this month and toast to the good life Champagne! Happy Brunching!

Michelle Slater General Manager



NEWS & EVENTS Every month we bring you news and the best upcoming events in Nairobi’s food scene



OFFALY GOOD Charity Keita discovers cafes are called bars in Italy and boozy


brunches aren’t exactly ‘a thing’ in Italy

Chef Kiran Jethwa shares with us a behind-the-scenes look at his trip to Bolivia for his National Geographic show, Fearless Chef.


THE ULTIMATE WEEKEND? Chef Ray discusses the brunch culture from the perspective of a leading chef and shares a delicious brunch recipe


BONNE BOULANGERIE We meet with the head pastry chef of Le Grenier à Pain, Chef Agnes Ooko to learn what it takes


BRUNCH THYME Susan Wong visits About Thyme and falls in love with brunch: good people, good food, great service and bubbly champagne.


DARE WIN CELEBRATE We sit down with Damien Souchet, G.H. Mumm Brand Ambassador to learn about G.H. Mumm in Kenya and what it means to ‘Dare Win Celebrate’

40 GET BAKED We get a behind the scenes look at one of Nairobi’s well-known


bakeries, Bella Luna and learned a bit about their history and the bagel making process

THE BIG BRUNCH G.H. Mumm and EatOut Kenya are inviting you for a weekend of great food and flowing champagne and some of Nairobi’s leading brunch restaurants.


BUT FIRST, CHAMPAGNE! drinking champagne daily and she wants to be one of them

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#SunGold Escape Winner Elijah Chemobo and EatOut GM Michelle Slater

The winner of our #SunGoldEscape during the Nairobi Pizza Festival 2016 is Elijah Chemobo! With the help of SunGold Lite, Elijah won three nights for two at Medina Palms and a roundtrip flight for two courtesy of Jambojet. This month, you can win brunch for two inclusive of two glasses of champagne each at Fairmont The Norfolk during The Big Brunch weekend on 29th & 30th October! Simply write to and tell us what’s your favourite way to enjoy brunch and why.






AFTER 40 The new After 40 Hotel located in the CBD has panoramic views of the city streets and international cuisine After 40 Hotel is a modern hotel conveniently located at the heart of Nairobi's bustling CBD with panoramic views of the city streets. After 40 Hotels are well known for their international cuisine which emphasise the use of organic ingredients. Their locally sourced products ensure that every meal prepared is nutritious with a vast Ă la carte menu loaded with oven grilled and oven baked vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

CONNECT COFFEE Coffee lovers rejoice! A new quality cafe has opened

their own blends!

GOLDEN TULIP Great Views of the +254 and Continental cuisine at Tulip restaurant! Indulge in some Chinese and Indian cuisine the newly opened 254 Restaurant. Located at the Golden Tulip Hotel on 65 Muthithi Road, Westlands, this new restaurant promises enchanting views of the city while serving classic Chinese and Indian meals. Also at Golden Tulip Hotel is Tulip restaurant with delicious



CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES Get Down With Kool & The Gang! Celebrate the good times with two-time Grammy Award winners, Kool & the Gang! Performing live in Nairobi on November 13th at KICC, the iconic group known for their hit singles, Celebration, Get Down On It, and Fresh among others, promise a show like none other. Revel in the music of your youth and get ready to boogey!

JACK & GRILL Jack Daniel’s Brothers of the Grill is back for a Second Edition! of meat and great live entertainment, then this is for you! The Jack Daniel’s Brothers Of The Grill is back on October 29th at the Nairobi Arboretum. Get your tickets for Ksh 2,000 inclusive of food and drink vouchers and enjoy a day of fun and whisky.

WHITE AFFAIR Don Your Finest White Robes and go on an Adventure With Diner en Blanc Dîner en Blanc is back! If you missed last year’s swanky event, this is your chance to sign up for the second annual event, happening on 26th November. Held at an exclusive undisclosed location, only revealed at the last moment, Diner en Blanc brings together kindred spirits in celebration of good food and great company. Register now ples who have purchased their tickets, will receive a complimentary bottle of JP Chennet Ice Edition. You also stand a chance to win a 7 night cruise to any destination courtesy of Holiday Bazaar LTD. If you would love to be a part of this glamours and exclusive event, sign up by visiting









Jack Daniel's celebrates Kenya’s Barbecue culture with the biggest barbecue event yet.


n June 18th 2016, serendipity came to all whiskey and barbecue lovers in the form of Jack Daniel’s Brothers of the Grill, Music and Barbecue Festival. It took place at the lush Arboretum Park in Nairobi and attracted over 500 guests. People started streaming in at 3PM and were not only met with great music and that incredible barbecue smell, but also received several meal and drinks vouchers so that they could sample as much food and drink as they desired. Ten of Nairobi’s most popular restaurants participated, they included: Carnivore, Coco Jambo, Y-Not Barbecue, Monikos Kitchen, Havana, Party Hog, Orwas Kitchen, Privee, Road House Grill and Mel’s Kitchen. The restaurants served large portions of a variety of delicious Jackaccompaniments. On top of tasty barbecue meals, Jack Daniel’s

based cocktails at two dedicated bars for revelers to enjoy. The participating restaurants were also competing for several titles that were awarded later in the evening. These included the Judges Prize which was to be based on a panel of expert foodies, as well as the people’s choice award which was based on a tallying of votes by the festivalgoers. Coco Jambo claimed the Judge’s Prize, and Privee won runners up in this category, while Y-not Barbecue claimed the People’s Choice Award, followed closely by Monikos Kitchen. As champions, both Coco Jambo and Y-Not BBQ earned exclusive Jack Daniel'sbranded BBQ equipment, full bragging rights as winners of Kenya’s biggest barbecue event so far and the chance to defend their titles at the next event. Along with the fantastic food and drinks, event goers enjoyed music by Baino Band and renowned Disc-Jockey, DJ Adrian. Jack Daniel’s has sponsored


similar events in the United States, kind in the country. “Kenyans have a strong Nyama Choma culture and so it only seemed natural for us to have a BBQ event here. It was very exciting to see each team’s passion and dedication. We hope to do this again and see the competition getting hotter every time, while maintaining a friendly atmosphere” said Jack Daniel’s Kenya Representative, Maximilien Photiou. The festival was a crowd favourite and is clearly not to be missed. With the next one on October 29th, will the champions keep their titles or will new challengers topple them? The heat is on! Attendees will enjoy the highest quality of meat provided by Farmer’s Choice and the competing restaurants will be focusing on preparing delicious aged prime beef from Farmer’s Choice halal option, choice cuts. It’s bound to once again be a great time! Don’t say you weren’t told.



1 - Everything tastes better with Jack 2 - Coco Jambo, taking home the prize 3 - Privee taking the peoples award 4 - Chilly? Don’t worry, Jack will keep you warm. 5 - Jack is a ‘legs’ sort of guy. Are you?




CASH CROP Kiran Jethwa is the Chef & Co-Owner of Nairobi’s award winning Seven Restaurants Ltd which specialise in seafood. His TV show, the Fearless Chef, has aired in over 100 countries on National Geographic and is now hitting the UK TV screens on Channel 4.


The Fearless Chef, sees Kiran travel to remote and spectacular corners of the planet to discover the world’s neys that test more than just his taste buds. This month he travels to Bolivia to research the coca leaf which, despite being used to make the illegal narcotic cocaine, is in its natural form totally legal and an important part of Bolivia’s vibrant food scene. I watch my guide Eddy lock his loin-

he zips across the valley is incredible Maybe the crew are right: the chances of me soiling my pants are incredibly high. Never mind, too late to look back now, I hook myself up and step into the void. As I gather speed, I shriek like a 12-year-old girl. Half way across, however, my fear becomes elation as I experience one of the biggest rushes of my life. Such a thrilling


sensation: the minute it is over I want to go again. And I would, were it not for the small matter of getting the coca leaves we painstakingly harvested to La Paz before they wilt. show The Fearless Chef and we are in Bolivia. My tour of the country

am introduced to the delights of a traditional bull penis broth. The crew of course waits until I am halfway through my bowl before telling me what it is I am eating. Despite the shock of knowing I have just tucked into the reproductive organ of a dead promise myself to try my hand at it meal of the episode. The main purpose of our trip to caleros who harvest coca leaves from there one must embark on a breathtaking four-hour journey over the edge of the Andes to a valley which is crisscrossed by an intricate spider web of precarious zip lines. Upon my arrival, I am introduced to Eddy and Don Ignacio, the ingenious and arguably crazy pioneers of the aptly named Yungus Skyway. The zip line consists of a harness— basically a kikoy you wrap around your waist, a pulley fashioned from old car bearings, a safety pin and a bit of old electrical wire, all hooked up to a precarious zip line that spans a 500 meter-wide valley with 300 meter drops. Needless to say the whole getup is not 100% safe and over the years not everyone has survived the ride. To get back to La Paz after our coca harvesting session on the near vertical drops of Eddy’s plantation, we must use ‘the road of death’, one of the most dangerous roads on the planet. Imagine the Mahi Mahiu escarpment road, with drops three times the height, a road half the size and no tarmac. After a terrifying and

My fear becomes elation as I experience one of the biggest rushes of my life. and emotionally draining trip with what feels like countless near death experiences, we eventually arrive back to La Paz. Following a quick trip to the local coca market where “campesinas” (peasant ladies) in pretty bowler hats sell their wares displayed on colourful stripey blankets, we reward our toils with a meal at an upmarket restaurant that has coca leaf on the menu. A delicious meal of Llama meat (widely eaten in this part of the world and very similar to beef dumplings) and roasted vegetables is the perfect end to our dangerous day. Our trip concludes with a laborious cooking sequence shoot on a rooftop overlooking La Paz. Cooking sequences are some of the most like me who is used to moving fast, it is excruciating crew mess with your rhythm. Six hours later the is sun is setting on a picturesque La Paz and I am serve my meal of bull penis soup cooked in a giant pumpkin, coca marinated grilled Llama and a charred jalapeño salsa with coca dumplings. My Bolivian friends who join me to eat assure me it is all delicious. Which is of course the greatest praise of all and the only one that really matters.








French Polynesia. Besides the exotic name, the beach, coral reefs and luscious setting, the over-the-water bungalows on stilts fascinate me.

What is your morning routine? a pretty early start; I usually wake up at 5AM. I start my day with a large glass of warm water.

What’s your favourite place to visit locally (in Kenya)? I have many favourite spots. I’m a sucker for

catch-up on my emails and have various meetings. Mid-morning means it’s time for my mug of Kahawa, which might just be the best part of my morning.

my list. Over the past two years, especially working with Jambojet I’ve grown very fond of

What’s your favourite way to have your coffee? I absolutely love Zanzibar or Malindi Macchiato.

What are your top 3 tips for frequent travellers? Why leave planning for the last minute? Book early and be organised. For holidaymakers, look up festivals at your destination, try out local, authentic food and visit places that the locals frequent. Travelling is much more fun if you explore, are adventurous and take walking tours that give you a very good feel of the place. Don’t be

Pair that with an outdoor setting such as a garden and my family and friends, and there you

If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? It would probably be Bora Bora Islands in

ery, putting Samburu high up on my list too.



OFFALLY GOOD As she settles into the humdrum of Florentine life, Charity Keita discovers that cafes are called bars in Italy, that she hasn't exactly fallen in love with the local breakfast culture but that Italians knock up a mean matumbo sandwich.


talians don't believe in brunch. Breakfasts too are a fairly

cappuccino and a cornetto (an Italian pastry similar but not to be confused with its far more delicious and buttery cousin the French croissant) down at the bar will and do not touch food until lunch. Some insist that a fetta biscottata (a dry and brittle piece of bread which feels like sandpaper in the mouth) is a healthy option. Butter is viewed with suspicion and the mere mention of eggs, sausage and bacon elicits disgusted faces followed by the sounds of dry retching. The concept of sipping on Bloody Marys at midday is considered the preserve of only the most voracious of alcoholics. I have now had to adapt myself to a life of no brunches and afternoon Bloody Marys. I have,

though, had the opportunity to try some amazing twists on my beloved Bloody Mary: there’s been freshly picked and grilled tomatoes, there's been an exciting anchovy sauce called colatura di alici and there's been the discovery of bacon infused vodka. Yes, you heard me right: a vodka infusion made by rendering the fattiest of guanciale (cheek) bacon, pouring it into a bottle of vodka, vigorously shaking it for no less that ten minutes and then placing it upright in the freezer overnight to allow the fat to separate and solidify. The results are pure decadent bacon glory. Do not, I repeat, do not, try this with Kenyan bacon. Here in Florence, if I were to cook my ideal brunch, there is one ingredient that would absolutely have to be included: lampredotto. Lampredotto is a Florentine dish

stomach of a cow. What, you thought Italians only feasted on sausage, steaks, cold cuts and cheese? Turns out that up and down the peninsula

When in Florence: •

recipes than you can shake a stick at. From the Roman rigatoni con la pajata, a pasta dish made with the intestine of a suckling veal/lamb that has not creamy milky goodness, to panino con la meuza, Sicilian kidney sandwiches, and the elusive poppa cotta, steamed cows’ breasts (which I have not yet had the courage to try), it turns out part of what they call the tradition of cucina povera (paupers’ cuisine) and it’s surprisingly good. willing to share a brunch of bacon infused Bloody Mary, cow stomach on toast and scrambled eggs with me. I just mustn't give up the search!

Try a lampredotto sandwich at one of the many food trucks dotted around the city. One in particular, in the Borgo San Frediano area, enjoys an eclectic array of customers: from families, to Japanese tourists and construction workers on their lunch break, it's an ideal place to people watch while you munch. Visit Ganzo, the studentrun “culinary laboratory” associated to the Apicius International School of Hospitality. Enjoy tasting menus, themed dinners or creative light lunches for a fraction of a regular upmarket restaurant price, all served up by delightful English-speaking food and wine school students.



Shakshuka Serves 3

THE ULTIMATE WEEKEND? As a chef, Chef Ray doesn’t indulge in brunch very often but he does cook brunches frequently and shares an easy egg recipe that you’re sure to love.


runch is all about the luxury of sleeping in, then spending the rest of the day reading the papers, catching up with friends and family over a plate of deliciously decadent Eggs Benny and drinking bottomless mimosas. Or so I’m told. I’m a Chef. We’re usually cooking brunch but rarely eating it. The last time I did brunch was in 2011. Brunch is the school to go to the amusement park with your friends. Something that appeals to the rebellious child inside us all by throwing out the established daily routine of set meal times hurriedly consumed in between work meetings and school runs. The restaurant industry has


played a big role in encouraging this increasingly blurred line between breakfast and lunch, where suddenly, it becomes acceptable to eat eggs at 3pm and start drinking at 10am. The meal has spread like a virus and what used to be a yearly Easter Sunday or Mother’s Day celebration of a late has now become an all day, every day occurrence and twice on Sundays.

Chinese and Lebanese food with a full English roast beef dinner to the more natural, organic and nutrient packed smoothie bowl and egg white

Whether you brunch at home or

at a restaurant, early or late, boozy or sober, the brunch menu is often a matter of personal taste. Whatever the mood, no brunch is complete without eggs. Some say Eggs Benedict is the best brunch egg dish ever invented. Certainly it could only have been inspired by the hangover. And hangovers make people do desperate things. My ideal brunch dish is a little less traditional. Shakshuka is the Middle Eastern take on coddled/ baked eggs. When making this dish do a good egg makes. Buy local, organic eggs with luscious marigold yolks laid by healthy happy hens in open pastures. You will actually see and

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

6 eggs 1 can crushed tomatoes 3 tbsp olive oil 1 large onion, thinly sliced 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 bell pepper, seeded and thinly sliced 1 tsp cumin 1 tsp sweet paprika ¼ tsp ground chilli Salt and pepper, to taste Large handful chopped spinach Chopped coriander Feta

Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium to low heat. Add the onions and pepper and cook until soft, about 15 minutes. Add the garlic and cook for another couple of minutes then stir in the cumin, paprika and chilli. Cook this out for 1 minute then pour in the tomatoes and season. Simmer for 10 minutes then stir in the spinach. Make six wells with the back of your spoon in the tomato mixture to make an indentation for the eggs to sit in. Gently crack eggs into each space. Season and bake in oven until eggs are just set, 7 to 10 minutes. Sprinkle with herbs and feta before serving. Serve with some lightly toasted pitta bread.



Head Pastry Chef, Agnes Ooko and Myra Kivuvani



BONNE BOULANGERIE We meet the head pastry chef, Chef Agnes Ooko of Le Grenier à Pain. She tells us about her first trip out of the country to Angers, France and what it takes to become a pastry chef.


inding the Le Grenier à Pain bakery is like a treasure hunt with delicious French baked goods at the end of your journey. Located at 9 Riverside Drive in a large corporatelooking building, you’ll weave through what feels like a maze: take an elevator down to the basement, come out into a dark corridor, take a left, then a right, then follow your nose. Through two dark grey doors

bakers: two for the bakery, two for the pastry kitchen.

Pastries take patience and attention to detail; every measurement, timing and temperature needs to be exact

We are seated with Chef Agnes the lab, the only part of the kitchen not dedicated to baked goods. Chef Agnes has been in working in the pastry industry for 10 years and is close to marking a year at Le Grenier à Pain. Her love for baking and cooking started at a young age, Chef Agnes, who tells us she was inspired by her grandmother who was a trained chef, studied at Utalii College then pursued

an internship at Midlands Hotel in Nakuru. After her experience in a few hotel kitchens, she knew it was time to specialise and chose to go into chefs are like rare pearls”, Chef Agnes says of the pastry chef community in Kenya. Apparently, working in the pastry kitchen isn’t as attractive to other chefs, something which

Chef Agnes attributes to the type of work that’s done in a pastry kitchen. Pastries take patience and attention to detail; every measurement, timing and temperature needs to be exact to get the perfect product. Due to their absence in the Kenyan market, there is high demand for a well-trained pastry chef.

ingredients to create their baked goods and the results are as close to authentic French pastries as you can get here in Nairobi. “We should start exporting some of our butter to Le Grenier [in France] because I feel like our croissants here are much better than what they have there” Chef Agnes jokes.

When Chef Agnes joined the Le Grenier à Pain team, she was sent to the original Le Grenier à Pain kitchen in Angers France for a month with Chef Wallace (the head baker) for training. Although they both had previous formal training, a month in the Le Grenier a Pain kitchen allowed them to shadow and assist the Le Grenier à Pain chefs and learn unique French baking techniques. Upon their return to Nairobi, together with Myra Kivuvani, Director of Special Occasions cakes and well known

Although the lab currently consists of four employees, Chef Agnes tells us that they’re able to produce quality pastries en mass. “We are able to make as many [baked goods] as we have orders,” Chef Agnes notes, “it’s all about planning properly”. The team has made upwards of 3,000 baked goods for clients in the past. For individuals looking to grab a loaf of bread, a pain au chocolat, or a freshly baked croissant, small batches of these are made fresh daily and are available from the Greiner kitchen. As word gets around, their baked goods are in high demand so be sure to order yours, or, drop by early to pick some up.

Le Grenier à Pain in Africa right here in our backyard. Le Grenier à Pain only uses local




Enjoy fantastic brunch menus and complimentary champagne* all weekend long at the following participating restaurants.

About Thyme

Brew Bistro

Le Grenier Ă Pain

Eldama Ravine Road, Westlands 0721 850 026

Fortis Tower & Piedmont Plaza 0705 466 836, 0771 152 350

9 Riverside Drive, Westlands 0792 478 201


Capital Club (members only)

Lord Delamere Terrace

0709 20 20 21

Imperial Court, Westlands 0709 038 000

Fairmont The Norfolk, CBD 020 226 5000


Jade Restaurant


Sankara Hotel 020 420 8000

Zen Garden, Spring Valley 020 803 4445

Westgate Mall, Westlands 0726 303 030

Big Five Restaurant


The Arbor

Ole Sereni Hotel, Mombasa Road 020 390 1000

Tribe Hotel, Gigiri 020 720 000

0729 400 291



River Cafe

Concord Hotel, Parklands 0709 466 444

Radisson Blu Hotel, Upper Hill 0709 810 000

Karura Forest, Gigiri 020 203 3340

For more information visit

*Purchase a glass, cocktail or bottle of G.H. Mumm champagne and receive a second with compliments from the EatOut & G.H. Mumm team






BRUNCH THYME Delicious food, great service, good friends and a bottle of G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge on ice. Susan Wong has all the ingredients for a perfect brunch at About Thyme


he familiar clink of elegant

subtle lip-smacking and then a harmonious declaration, “So good!” with agreeable nods all around the table. With my eyes hidden behind my sunglasses, the sleepiness still weighing down my eyelids, being in the presence of likeminded people on a Sunday morning, is one of the best comforts life can eventful evening, critical thinking or challenging conversations perhaps are not the most ideal ways to begin

Stress seems to disappear with the uncorking of a bottle of chilled champagne: unwrapping of the foil, removal of the metal cage by untwisting each wire loop six times gently, deliberately and slowly. With bottle of champagne, in this case an easy to drink G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge, your stresses and worries seem to fade into the distance. hypnotize you and tingle your palette with overwhelming pleasure; almost similar to when one falls in love –

Cordon Rouge - refreshing, bright, fruity and harmonious on the palette – it found its match with the faultless Sunday brunch menu at Nairobi’s About Thyme. My companions began with fresh juices, Mango with Ginger and Tree Tomato – both incredibly refreshing taken care of, we indulged in a crepe, which arrived with salted caramel sauce drizzled on the delicately-thin and bananas and accompanied by whipped cream. There was a beautiful and vivid plate of Eggs Benedict with Asparagus. The softly poached eggs jiggled with the movement of the plate and piercing them with my fork revealed a stream of golden yolk. The emerald green asparagus were young and tender. The classic Hollandaise sauce was perfectly creamy and subtly tart, and the toasted English air bubbles, warm and soft to the bite. The omelette encapsulated layers of ripe avocado slices, smoked salmon, Mascarpone, and spring onions – each morsel was a

overwhelming in size, but nearing same time. Falling in love can be easier for partner, everything falls into place.

that it was so delicious that they wanted more, even if it meant being

There’s a strong case to be made for spending a lazy afternoon with great company, incredible food and storied champagne. The Mediterranean Baked Eggs, which requires about 25 minutes to prepare, arrived with softened chickpeas lining the bottom of the casserole, black olives and peppers topped with feta and a couple of eggs. This colourful and comforting dish reminded me of the Israeli specialty forward but its simplicity really showcased the individual ingredients. Together, the casserole was too much for the warm pita bread – you needed a lot more to soak-up all of that delicious sauce! The romance didn’t end at the food and champagne. Our table was nestled amongst lush ferns in the mature garden of About Thyme. With twelve years to their credit already,

more beautiful and full gardens at a restaurant in Nairobi – dining al fresco is certainly one of the draws of this charming eatery. Above us were beautiful glass mosaic lanterns. Oscar, our waiter who had been working at About Thyme for more than four years, was attentive, patient, soft spoken, and had a quiet reassurance about him. He was never intrusive, but was always present. And that’s how you have brunch – fall in love. Fall in love with the combination of two meals: breakfast and lunch. Lust over the food, champagne, surroundings and service. There’s a strong case to be made for spending a lazy afternoon with great company, incredible food and storied champagne. In fact, I urge and challenge you to make brunching an event because wouldn’t the world be a better place if we had more traditions based on falling in love more often?

Eldama Ravine Road, Westlands 0721 850 026

on Tuesdays when you use your Yummy Card


DARE WIN CELEBRATE Damien Souchet is the bubbly, friendly, knowledgeable, French brand ambassador for G.H. Mumm at Pernod Ricard Kenya. We sat down with him to learn a bit about champagne and what it means to ‘Dare, Win and Celebrate’.




Where did you grow up? I’m fresh from France. I was raised in Western France, a small city, you probably wouldn’t know the name -- Angers. My father is a winemaker there, we have 55 hectares and we sell our wines in France and a bit in the UK.

How long have you been in Kenya and what's your most memorable experience so far? I’ve been in Kenya for nine months. My most memorable experience was going to the Mara with my family. It

What’s the name of the wine? Domaine Souchet, like my last name. the business, it’s rooted in a lot of tradition. bassador business? it’s a really, really big company that everyone knows. I applied to work on Martell and Martell and Mumm work together. It made so much sense: my father is a winemaker, we make sparto champagnes and through my ex manager I learned a lot about the cognac industry so it was an obvious choice for me. What does G.H. Mumm stand for? Is it someone’s name? Yes! The real name is Georges Hermann Mumm but ‘Georges Hermann’ is not sexy at all so we decided to make it ‘G.H’. In France we pronounce it G.H. Mum (like the short-form of mother).


took a plane. I’ve lived in many other countries before, Russia, Peru and when I said Kenya they said “We’ll go!”. We went to the Fairmont Mara and did a game drive and saw the Big Five in one game drive! I was so lucky, we had a good driver, Jeremiah who knew exactly where all the animals were. Can you describe the three most distinctive qualities of G.H. Mumm champagne? First the quality of the champagne, we can’t be shy, it’s a very good champagne. In France, Mumm is the best selling champagne brand. It’s a beautiful drink. We are the leaders in the leading market of champagne in the world. Why? Because the quality-price ratio of Mumm is probably the best. Second, I love the brand identity, I

when you have challenges because it pushes you to be even more creative and innovative. Mumm is a smaller brand in Kenya and in the last six or eight months we’ve become number two in the market and I really love this situation. I love to challenge the leader. In the next two years I want to be the market leader, that’s our strategy. The partnership we have with EatOut

a bit more of an everyday drink but still a luxury, a drink that you deserve because you worked hard.

visibility of the brand in Nairobi.

so I want people to think of Mumm.

What’s the champagne drinking culture in France? In France we sell around 140 million bottles of champagne every year and there are 65 million inhabitants, probably half of them are over the age of 18. It’s something very rooted in our culture, we drink champagne everyday. Here in Kenya [champagne] is probably more for special occasions like birthdays or weddings, in France it’s a classic drink.

David Guetta is the Global Brand

champions, a champagne for Golden

What would you like to see happen to the champagne drinking culture here in Kenya? The tax and duties in Kenya on alcohol make champagne a bit more expensive than what you would get in France. We need to understand that

this brand identity very motivating. The last quality I guess isn’t linked to Mumm, it’s linked to the market itself; we are the challengers [in Kenya] and I love it. I’m a businessman and I love

it’s a wine. When you go out you’ll see bottles of wine on the table. In France, we link food and wine or champagne together and we want to do that here. That way, champagne will become

What’s your biggest challenge with selling champagne in this market? For Mumm brand awareness is our biggest challenge. We’ve been activating this brand for about six to eight months. When people order cham-

pagne, why? The idea is to have a French success story. David Guetta is French and he’s known around the world for DJing. The music industry leaders are Americans and ten years ago in France we had big French singers but David artists to get this famous on a global stage. As I said, our brand identity is a champagne for champions, a champagne for victory and we think David Guetta embodies these qualities. Soon we’ll have a new Global Brand Ambassador, I can’t give you the name but you’ll love him. If G.H. Mumm was a person, what would he/she be like? He would be a young guy, not too into politics, someone who is a good sport who loves to party. He would be very dynamic, very social, not shy, loves sports, live a healthy lifestyle.

What are your top three places to pop champagne in Kenya? Here, at the Fairmont, I love this place. There’s a smell to it that I love and I love the atmosphere of history and tradition. I come almost every week to the G.H. Mumm bar. I like the Fairmont because it’s nice to have food and champagne together, it’s like the French lifestyle. The second place is B Club, it’s very high energy and for me B Club is very West African and

Lastly I’d pick Brew Bistro. It’s trendy, it’s easy going, people are happy and you’ve got a mix of people all together partying and dancing and I love the environment. What’s the secret to sabering champagne successfully? I have a few tips but you’ll have to come to one of my events to experience the sabre. Globally, Mumm is always sabering champagne. If I give you the secrets then you’ll be applying for this awesome job and I’ll lose it. Where did the sabering tradition come from? theories, but I think it was Napoleon. Napoleon and his crew were champagne drinkers and it was easier for them to cut the bottle of champagne and drink it straight from the bottle instead of popping it. We still want

people to play and interact with our brand today, sabre it, spray it, do whatever you want, it’s a cool brand. Why do we drink champagne with brunch? Actually it’s for you to tell me! In France we don’t brunch, it’s a very brunch I had in Kenya was here at the Norfolk and Nelson Aseka, my manager in Kenya said we were invited to a free brunch at the Norfolk. I woke up at 8AM and I texted him asking “what time are we going for brunch?”, he was still sleeping, of course. I was worried, we would miss it. At some point Nelson called me and said “Damien brunch is at lunch time, noon not 8!”. See how French I am? I nopeople were asking for was mimosas, a champagne cocktail. I thought to myself, maybe this is something we should do! What’s G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge best paired with? What about Rosé? Cordon Rouge can be paired with Rouge is a very powerful champagne in terms of the grapes. If you open a bottle of Mumm compared to other champagnes, it’s super bubbly, very fresh and very powerful so you can even pair it with red meat which is unusual. We don’t do it usually, but

pairing”. Rosé can be paired with seafood, spicy dishes or a cous cous and then, of course, dessert. Desserts with red berries or red fruits. We’re working on a project with strawberry tarts and rosé here at the Norfolk.

on the grapes (you can’t expand the champagne region), the growing demand makes the price of the grapes much more expensive. There are characteristics of the Champagne

What are the grapes that make champagne? There’s pinot noir, chardonnay and pinot meunier. Every champagne is

Dare Wine Celebrate is your tagline. How do you Dare Win and Celebrate? Good question. I celebrate by trying to be at every event that is key like partnering with

are famous for the pinot noir. We have much more pinot noir in our champagnes than the two other grapes. Pinot noir is a powerful grape and you of the grape to the brand identity for champions and success stories. Is champagne like wine? Does it get better with age? Champagne expires so after three ferent. This is true for non-vintage champagnes. Here in Kenya we don’t have a vintage Mumm champagne.

sparkling wine and champagne? It’s a bit technical but basically a champagne comes from Champagne, a region in France. A sparkling wine is everywhere else, you can produce sparkling wines in France, South Africa, Chile and China now. The demand for champagne is growing everywhere

in the world.

and lodges. Of course there’s parties, I really want people to play with my champagne brand and interact with it. Daring. Am I daring? I bought a Renault 16 from 1967 just past Karen. Oh my goodness, if you saw it today… I’m in love with this car but everyone else is like “Seriously?!”. It’s rusted everywhere but the idea is to redo it and have a Martell car. I’m the biggest Renault fan. We also try to be innovative and creative, we don’t want to copy a concept and bring it to another place. [Innovation is] our key guideline and I guess it’s daring. We have fun, our clients have fun and our partners have fun. Then the win… We are the champagne challengers [in this market] and I want to win. I love competition.

play with red meat. I call it the “daring





Artcaffe launches two new brunch menu items across all outlets; a Sicilian Breakfast and a Vegan Breakfast. Plus, specials on Bloody Marys all weekend long.


e all know the saying “you eat with plate of food gets you excited before you’ve even had a chance to taste

brunch menu. They have a solid range of brunch food on their menus and the egg breakfasts in particular from Classic English (bacon, sausage, tomato, baked beans and egg), Eggs Benedict (poached eggs on crostini with bacon, hollandaise sauce and Parmesan), Eggs Royale (poached eggs on crostini with smoked salmon and hollandaise) and Eggs Florentine (eggs with spinach and ricotta and hollandaise). All of the aforementioned meals are served on the blue plates with a basket of fresh bread for the ArtBakery.

Vegan menu and to recognise their Vegan clients, all If you’re a lover of a Mediterranean-style breakfast, you’ll want to try the Vegan Breakfast with roasted eggplant and zucchini cooked in a rich tomato garlic and chilli sauce topped with turmeric tahini and roast pepper sauce. Or, if you’re looking for something new that’s still in the Mediterranean vein, try the Sicilian Breakfast with potatoes sautéed in olive oil with Italian Salami and onion, topped with two poached or fried eggs, roast pepper sauce and fresh herbs. These two new breakfasts are served with the same spreads and Mediterranean salads available on their regular egg dishes. Enjoy one of these new breakfast options with a Bloody Mary for only Ksh 990 from 8AM to 4PM

a dash of tabasco and Worcestershire sauce, salt and freshly ground black pepper. If you’re lucky, weekends are for being pampered. Lazy Sundays are the key to having a productive week dishes and instead, unwind and relax on Saturday or and inviting space you can hang out with friends, catch up with family or simply get some much needed work done on your laptop while enjoying one of their new brunch dishes. Bon apetit!


GET BAKED We visit the new Bella Luna Kitchen to get a peek into their famous bagels and English Muffins processes and learn about the history of this delicious brand.


Naivasha road, is home to Kenya’s best bagels,

according to its charming owners Capucine Dayen and Richie Barrow. The bakery, now nearly a decade old, was started when Lenora Folly, bagels in Nairobi so she started baking her own. says Capucine, Director at Bella Luna Kitchen. “However, the local Kenyan market has really began to pick up over the years”. In 2014, Richie Barrow and Capucine Dayen bought the business from the then Managing Director and owner, Sarah Jane Russell. “I had just moved back to Kenya and we were looking for business ideas,” says Richie. “I have always been passionate about food. I have been working in hospitality in some shape or form since I was 16 years old: from bars, restaurant kitchens and hotels,” says the half Kenyan, half Irish Richie. He originally trained at the famous Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland before pursuing a degree in hospitality in Dublin followed by years of experience with Starwood Hotels and Resorts. “He is the hands-on guy,” Capucine adds, a former French journalist. “The excitement of building the brand and taking it to the next level is what keeps us motivated,” Richie says “and we have come a long way from the company that we stepped into in Loresho”. Their business is two fold and they deal with restaurants and hotels around the city as well as Supermarkets and shops “One of our strengths has been our ability and will to work very closely with the restaurant's wants and needs and coming up with unique requirements based on these needs” says Richie. We try to be as natural and sustainable as possible bake everything to order to reduce waste”. With over 30 products some of their specialties are in bagels, English advantage in the Nairobi niche high-end market. For that reason, Bella Luna keeps their recipes a close secret. “It is a technical process as well, because you have to take a lot of things into consideration including the weather and the milling process” states Capucine.


eggs, nearly 40 liters of milk and 20kgs of butter every week in their small baking haven. After mixing the ingredients to make the dough for the bagels: the mix is divided into 120g size portions that are shaped by hand, explains Richie. They are then slowly proofed in a cold environment for a minimum of 10-12 hours, which allows for the yeast and dough to mix homogeneously. Once removed the portions are reshaped to undo dough is then boiled in water and a selection of secret ingredients. The boiling process gives the bagels a nice crust on the outside and keeps it chewy in the middle,” Richie says. Just before putting them in the oven, the boiled bagels are then sprinkled with toppings ranging from sesame, cinnamon and raisin, poppy seeds and “The business has grown from originally employing employees. We recently moved from Loresho,” Richie notes. “I am looking forward to having my own chickens for eggs here and putting up a few bee-hives,” he says referring to their new acre of land. for a real brunch,” Richie says. Anything you can make a sandwich with, you can make a bagel with. I think a bagel just takes it up a notch”. starting with a hard and dense dough. The mixture is then left to relax and bulk proof in a controlled temperature before being “knocked back” to remove all the air. After this it is then hand rolled, cut into rounds are best for eggs Benedicts. They are lightly toasted putting them in the oven,” Richie says. Other baked products the Bella Luna Kitchen makes are bagel chips, on. Bella Luna products are becoming a mainstay at the brunch table from restaurants around the city to homes. This looks like it’s just the beginning for the team who are looking forward to continuing to grow the brand. Keep an eye out for them on Facebook for recipes ideas and updates that will make your brunch a success!



Richie Barrow, Managing Director.






GET YOUR FREAK ON Brunch is back with a boom: from boozy to bottomless and everything in between – it just doesn’t get better than brunch. There are many reasons to fall in love with this dining option, it gives women the best excuse to dress up, from bohemian chic to easy ethereal fashion ensembles, there is an abundance of fun quirky choices ladies can pick for a brunch affair! But more than the fashion flare, it’s the phenomenal food evolution that we love the most. The brunch boom has made its mark on the culinary scene and we love the new trends it brings with it. #Freakshakes


Spice It Up

are trending and it’s cray cray! Overnight these over-the-top shakes have become a social media sensation, transforming Instagram into a chocolate, marshmallow, decadent rage. We are obsessed with this new brunch feast and we can’t wait to see them on every café menu in our city.

From weddings to baby showers, people are fast moving towards the idea of hosting a brunch themed party!

While bacon is still the king of breakfasts, delicacies such as chorizo, smoked beef, herby sausages and hams are smoking up the morning meat options. We love that menus now feature super spicy bloody marys topped with extra sriracha and crispy bacon.

Global Brunch

customized food trucks, donut dessert bars & Mimosas on tap. The options are endless.

Waffle Mania

The traditional ‘English Breakfast’ has been revolutionized with a touch of

platform for innovation. After the crazy cronut rage, comes the

are featuring Mexican, Indian & Peruvian dishes and we couldn’t agree more! Some of our favourites include bacon & egg naans, Mediterranean frittatas & chipotle jalapeño bagels.

porcini mushrooms, chilli cheddar & cinnamon.

the freakshake! We even tried making our very own monstrous versions using, Oreos, pretzels, donuts, meringue, cupcakes, marshmallows and mini magnums, resulting in a glorious sugar high.




BUT FIRST, CHAMPAGNE! From Charles Dickens to Nigerian friends, Annabel Onyango finds a lot of people are proponents of drinking champagne daily.


once joined a visiting Nigerian friend for a weekday lunch, ordering a cold beer as I sat down. He side-eyed me in mock-disgust, declaring dramatically that, “In Lagos, women only order champagne”. Oh. Sitting at this upscale sushi restaurant in the center of Westlands, sipping foam instead of stars, I felt like a street urchin. I mean, that‘s precisely the power of champagne - separating the wheat boys, the cream from the rest of the cruddy crop. At a busy bar night, an order of a single bottle of champagne


in a bucket of ice will ensure that the waiters pay special attention to your table all night long. It’s like buying an all-inclusive pass. Classist? Snobbery? Or just a rosé-coloured view of the world? Charles Dickens said, “Champagne is one of the elegant extras in life”. In other words, the lack of champagne in your life makes it a dull one indeed. Case in point: I’m generally unbothered by the drabness of economy class on the plane; the only reason course, the free champagne. Unlike the generic miniature bottles of

cheap wine they toss at you in the back of the plane, it comes served sitting cheerfully atop a real silver as much of it as they can drink with a smug smile on their face. I know all travel upgrades over the years… The Premium Life may not always be possible, and for those moments there is Prosecco (Italian) or Cava (Spainish). But Champagne (French) is undeniably the King of all sparkling wines. It’s the noblest of drinks. Its deca-

dence reminds you that every meal out, every night on the town, every trip on a plane, should be a celebration of life! No compromise on quality or taste allowed! It’s no coincidence that champagne and celebrate (and also cash) all begin with the same letter. YES! I want to live the kind of life where I can (without a second thought) order a glass of champagne at lunch on a random Tuesday. Those Nigerian women living in some parallel universe guzzling champagne all day are no better than me! I too pick the stars! I deserve it.




Wine O’Clock You can drink wine at just about any time of day. We’ve picked wines that pair perfectly with your breakfast or lunch foods. SANTA CAROLINA GRAN RESERVA PETIT VERDOT Country: Chile Price: Ksh 3,180 Nose: Red fruit and cassis with soft cedar notes on the nose Palate: Black fruit, plums and blackberries with spicy notes of tobacco and graphite Food pairing: Red meat and aged cheeses

FUZION ALTA TORRONTES PINOT GRIGIO Price: Ksh 1,980 Nose: White tropical fruit aromas Palate: Fresh and fruity wine with opulent notes of pear, pineapple and banana Food pairing:

VAN LOVERN DAY DREAM Country: South Africa Price: Ksh 900 Nose: Palate: An easy-drinking, uncomplicated wine. Chardonnay contributes elegance and crisp acidity whilst the Pinot Noir brings intensity and richness. Food Pairing: A perfect wine to drink on a sunny Sunday and pair it with your favourite salad.

VAN LOVERN PINOT GRIGIO Price: Ksh 990 Nose: A fruit-driven Pinot Grigio with aromas of white pear and honey. Palate: A fruit-driven Pinot Grigio with aromas of white pear and honey Food Pairing: The Van Lovern Pinot Grigio is full bodied White wine and best paired with Salmon with Poached Eggs on a Focaccia Bread.

BEACH HOUSE ROSÉ Price: Ksh 1,095 Nose: Fresh aroma of ripe strawberries and raspberries Palate: It tastes like red cherry lollipops, raspberry and strawberry jelly, Turkish delight and cotton candy. A beautifully balanced wine with a softly sweet and succulent summer berry aftertaste. Food pairing: Almost any occasion on its own or with sushi, smoked salmon bagels, smoked chicken salad, or BBQ burgers

SWARTLAND CUVEE BRUT Price: Ksh 1,090 Nose: Palate: Round and not too dry, with fresh and crisp acidity. The perfect partner to any celebration. Food pairing: Goes well with mild and strong cheeses, appetizers,










WHISKY, CHICKEN, AND I Jackson Biko travels to a remote town in Kwale county to meet with village elders about a dam armed with a bottle of Chivas and a squawking chicken.


e reach the end of our meeting and I feel some thanks are in order. It’s the least I can do after having made the elders sit and answer my questions for over an hour. I get up, pants that look so out of place amongst the kitenges and slippers, and walk over to the car. I pop the boot of our Prado TX (the new model, such an underwhelming vehicle, I will tell you about it at some later point), only to be surprised squawking. The chicken! How could I have been so forgetful? Has it stand, disconcerted: before me lies an untouched bottle of 18 year old Chivas and a plump chicken. Both are excellent presents to give a group of

elders from a Coastal community but which, I ponder, is best? You see, I had been sent into respected mastheads to investigate the impact that a certain dam is having on a certain community in Kwale county. Not that I give much of a damn about a dam but a job is a job and rent has to be paid, so late assigned driver, not to review Swahili Beach Resort (which would have been preferable), but to sit in the dust under a tree with “community stakeholders” who think that by talking to me they will get famous or at least their name in the paper. Acquiring poultry was never part of the plan. To be honest we weren’t even supposed to have stopped in Taita Taveta for a late lunch. Yet there we were and before we knew it we

were haggling with some dude and in the course of trying to demonstrate how our negotiating skills were not dampened by the fact we came from Nairobi, we somehow managed to knock the chicken down to half price, at which point we had no choice but to buy the accursed thing. The chicken ended up sharing a hotel room in Voi with the driver. We decided it was best not name it in case we had to eat it afterwards. It’s never wise to get too attached to things that might be food in the near future. We fed it leftovers and

legs because we thought it was cruel to keep it in captivity. That didn’t last long, as it soon began to make a racket and attempted to escape through the window. This is how the chicken with no name ended up

weekend bag and a bottle of whisky. My thoughts are interrupted by the realisation that the chicken has of course done its business all over the aforementioned bag. “That’s it!” I think to myself: ”It’s going!”. Having made my mind up, I am about to pick the creature up when a voice behind me exclaims: “Umetuletea chupa! Johhny Walker napenda sana!”. Before I can get over the ignonimity of my darling Chivas being mistaken for a lowly bottle of Johnny Walker, the hand attached to the voice reaches over and picks up the bottle. “Asanteni sana!” I force through clenched teeth. In future please remind me to put my Chivas out of sight.






MOMBASA ROCKS For those of us fortunate enough to have travelled to Mombasa to see Chris Brown during the Mombasa Rocks Festival know how fun Mombasa can be! We've got a rundown of things to see and do, places to eat and where to stay.






To Eat

To Visit

mementos at Biashara Street in Mombasa.

Tarboush Cafe: road in Mombasa. Locals and tourists alike rave about the authentic Swahili food served from its counter. With a food court-like setting, you’ll enjoy some of the best shawarma, biryani, pilau and tikka around!

The Bombolulu Workshops: are run by the

Mombasa’s markets are as much a site to be visited as they are a space for purchase. They are loud and bustling; traders shouting at one another in various languages as they lug items from one corner to another. At the Old Town Market, you can buy anything from vegetables to dresses, sandals and spices laid out in burlap sacks in a fragrant, colourful lattice.

housing and support to physically disabled adults from Mombasa and its environs, training them to make crafts for their sustenance. Learn more about

Drift ‘n’ dine: For those not troubled by seasickness, go aboard a restaurant like The Moorings in


a wide variety of meals, including pizza. Or, take a cruise aboard the Tamarind Dhow, which winds its way around the Tudor Creek over a four course meal, allowing you glimpses of Mombasa’s Old Town and Fort Jesus as you dine and wine.

Keep an eye out for the Mombasa International Cultural Festival, also known as the Mombasa Carnival. This is the largest annual event and brings together

Grab a Quickie: ture and seating as well as a menu of several tea Blue Room Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor for ice

the work done by the APK and buy one of the beautiful pieces of jewellery and other crafts made when you visit.

dazzling display of the cultural diversity of the city and the region.

The T Shreecutchsatsangswaminarayan Temple: opened at the turn of the 1960’s is this towering building on Haile Sellassie Road. Visit to learn more about some of what makes up the multifaceted religious culture of Kenya, and to take in the airy interiors and colourful paintings that dot the walls. The Ngomongo Villages: is a cultural centre and ecotourism site. Located on a reclaimed limestone mining area, the site includes a number

A Few Tips

Kenyan ethnic community each.

To Play Find Nemo: Take a trip out to one of the marine parks in the area (Kisite and Mombasa Marine Parks are a crowd favourites) Dive into warm, crystal clear waters and explore the coral reefs, which are teeming with aquatic wildlife. Beer at the beach: On a lazy afternoon, venture out to one of Mombasa’s white, sandy beaches, grab a cold beer – or other cold drink—close your eyes and soak in the sun to the music of the waves kissing the beachfront. Of course, don’t forget to slather on some sunscreen to protect you from the equatorial sun. Shake a Leg: Explore Mombasa’s vibrant nightlife culture. Ask a local for recommendations for Bellavista, Tapas and Casablanca are usually a good bet for a fun night out in the town. Spin some wheels: Go Go Karting at Mombasa Go Kart on Mama Ngina Drive. Race around the track and try to beat your competitor by getting the best lap time.


Take a stroll: Walk along Mama Ngina Drive for Mombasa street food, face painting and beautiful views of the ocean and ships leaving and docking at the port. Visit the Old Town and sites such as Fort Jesus or the Gedi ruins to learn more about the complex and rich history of this hundreds of years old city.

To Stay tions ranging the entire spectrum: from hotels for those looking for more luxurious living like English Point Marina or Tamarind Village, to BnBs and backpacker’s lodges for those wanting basic accommodation. You can also rent out an AirBnB or a house if you are looking for something a little more private for a group.

To Shop Check out malls such as Nyali Plaza, the Nyali Mall and Naivas superstore if you’re looking for a supermarket or store shopping. Curios are sold at most tourist sites and you can get a variety of crafts and

during rush hours. Plan your excursions with this in mind or get around using a bodaboda if you’re really adventurous and want to carve your way get around using Uber or a tuktuk.



CHAMPAGNE COCKTAILS Mombasa is full of culture, delicious food, friendly people and great accommodation options. For frequent and infrequent travelers looking for adventure,

MUMMOSA ½ G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge ½ Orange Juice

Mumm Cordon Rouge and topping it up with freshly squeezed orange juice. Garnish the rim of your glass with an orange slice (optional).




100ml G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge 200ml strawberry puree 10ml sugar syrup

105ml G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge 20ml passion fruit puree 5ml sugar syrup

Pour the sugar syrup and strawberry

Pour the sugar syrup and passion fruit puree into your champagne

stir. Top up with G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge. Garnish with a slice of strawberry and mint sprig (optional).

Cordon Rouge. Garnish with a slice of orange and/or slice of strawberry (optional).






haven’t always enjoyed cucumbers. In fact, I believe there is a time and a place for the cucumber to be enjoyed. I need sunshine, a warm summer’s day, perhaps a sea breeze or the familiar laughter of friends at a picnic. I’ve never quite liked cucumbers in a salad, or on a sandwich or, God forbid, on its own (unless I’m having a spa treatment). The cucumber is glass, surrounded by ice cubes, tonic and Hendricks gin. A gin and tonic should be handcrafted with care. You can’t just

slice or dice your cucumber and throw it in your glass! No, no. You want it to be thin. Newspaper thin. Thin enough that when it’s held to the light you can read the headlines of this magazine. Allow the cucumber to sit, soak, and imgin that’s already infused with cucumber and rose. Sip and savour your cocktail. Feel the tickle of the freshly poured tonic on your upper lip as you lean in to smell the aromatics. Let it sit on your tongue, roll it around allowing it to touch each taste bud. The bal-

not too tart, all complimented by the simple green fruit delicately I can envision it now, the dash out the door to get to the sunset after a long day's work. Watching the fading orange and pink rays of light on one of Nairobi’s plentiful rooftop bars overlooking the rush of the city below. The occasional curious look a waiter or waitress may give when you insist on cucumber, not lime, in your Hendricks and tonic. A seasoned bartender won’t give you a second glance; he or she may, however, impart a small tidbit of

Care for a tipple of this tantalizing treat? The ultimate gin and tonic: Ingredients 50ml Hendricks Gin 150ml Tonic The Mix

gin followed by the tonic. Garnish with several slices of cucumber.

knowledge. I once heard about a cucumber’s medicinal uses in the 17th century, something about it’s cooling properties being used the cucumber’s ability to ward

these curious tales of the cucumber only continue to charm. And charm they do, as the cucumber has found a special place in my heart and in my drinks.







The Village Market Cafe 0717 193 895 An elegant and simple style gives Art-

Villa Rosa Kempinski Pan Asian 0703 049 000 Let them take you on a culinary journey through Asia. Admire artistry from within the theatre kitchen as you watch the restaurant’s master chef prepare your favorite dishes.

Zen Garden, Lower Kabete Rd Pan Asian 0717 542 017

class. It is the main bakery for all their cafes and serves an extensive menu through- out the day.

Tribe Hotel International, Formal Dining 020 720 0000 Jiko is glamourous yet sophisticated whilst maintaining the warmth and personality of Kenya. Its contemporary cuisine focuses on fresh ingredients.

Cake City

La Dolce Vita

About Thyme


Warwick Centre Bakery & Juice Bar 0715 991 879 This spot uses traditional recipes to make delicious treats that feel home baked. Cake City will always be there to deliver carefully created cakes and pastries exactly as desired.

Muthaiga Shopping Centre, Limuru Rd Italian 0722 624 100

Eldama Ravine Road Continental 0721 850 026

Amee Arcade, Ground Floor Chinese 020 375 1312

beautifully presented dishes from dining experience in a leafy area of Westlands.

style of ambiance with traditional Chinese cuisine. The restaurant specializes in seafood and signature dishes from Chinese cuisine.

Big Square



Big Square

UN Avenue Burger, Fast Food 0714 782 380 This branch is located at the corner of United Nations Avenue and Limuru Road. This is the perfect spot to eat, work and chill with either friends or family.

UN Avenue, Gigiri Italian, Sea Food 0705 269 841

General Mathenge Lane, Westlands Eritrean 0721 948 020 A modern and friendly dining atmos-

The Oval Burger, Fast Food 0714 781 351

creating a stylish but unpretentious space for lunch or dinner.

traditional specialties of Sea food,

and Continental cuisine. They also have an extensive alcoholic beverage selection and children’s play area.

culent burgers, creamy milkshakes as well as a fun kiddie corner. Let’s make a square mess!


Suite 101



The Village Market Cafe 020 500 6662 Aside from your favourite cup of

The Oval Café 0717 193 895 décor including the largest balcony

The Concord Hotel, Parklands Italian and Continental 0709 466 444 For a tantalizing array of contemporary Continental gourmet dishes

boasts a new menu including a wide selection of salads, delicious sandwiches, pastries, cakes and cookies.

Tribe Hotel, Gigiri Bakery & Patisserie 020 720 0000 Get all your custom cakes, novelty cakes, freshly baked pastries, gourmet chocolates, authentic Italian homemade gelatos and much more, all at Suite 101 at Tribe.

ArtBakery serves freshly baked homemade breads, pastries and desserts.

wines and beverages. An italian dining experience like never before.

Emerald Garden


Artcaffe Grand

Brew Bistro

UN Avenue Thai 0710 886 688 Serving authentic Pan Asian cuisine -

The Village Market, Gigiri Continental 020 712 4005 Casual trendy atmosphere ideal for

Westgate Mall Café 0725 202 020

great space for events or private dining.

selection of light salads and gourmet dishes.

is a haven from hectic city life.

Fortis Tower Lounge 0705 466 836 This spot reaches new heights of luxury with an expansive lounge and exquisite outdoor terrace where guests can feast on delectable bites and sip specialty brews and cocktails.




Cafe Vienna

United Nations Crescent Ethiopian 0725 869 955 Reknowned for its authenticity in

Golden Tulip, Muthithi rd Westlands Indian, Chinese 0733 888 068 Nestled at the top of the Hotel the

Sankara Hotel, Woodvale Groove International 020 420 8000 Located in Sankara Hotel, from the outdoor terrace to the private dining

Nakumatt Ukay Ground Floor Cafe 0708 877 811

relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere. Perfect for sun-downers!

Pizzas,glorious breakfast selection,-


opian cuisine served in a rustic and homely atmosphere.

Italian love for dining from their A la

can enjoy a combination of Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisine, set in an elegant atmosphere.

freshly baked breads and patisserie, the heartwarming scent of fresh cof-

tic,sophisticated and rustic ambience.

the best Indian and Chinese Cuisine.

Fantastic discounts at your favourite restaurants.




Curry Flavours



Villa Rosa Kempinski Cafe 0703 049 000 This spot is an ideal destination for an international dining experience. Whether it’s a taste of home or some-

Concord Hotel, Parklands Indian 0709 466 700

The Mall, Westlands Indian 0736 651 933 Haandi - the ultimate name in quality

Villa Rosa Kempinski, Westlands Italian 0703 049 000 A popular spot for family brunch on Sundays with a wide range of Italian cuisine, live entertainment, children’s

Cake City


Jade Tea House

Mama Rocks

Diamond Plaza Bakery & Juice Bar 0701 671 891 Using traditional recipes to make delicious treats that feel home baked, Cake City will always be there to deliver carefully created cakes and pastries made just like you like them.

Ring Road Parklands Japanese 0722 488 706 Furusato specializes in authentic Japanese cuisine and friendly service that will make your dining experience unforgettable. Now with 6 Teppanyaki tables and a Sushi Bar.

Zen Garden, Lower Kabete Rd Multi Cuisine 0724 288 791

Inside the Alchemist Bar Food Truck 0705 801 230

den, Jade is a beautiful venue, situatfood quality and high level of service, attracts customers to this area.

ers and sides. With a range of gourmet burgers, wings, fries, milkshakes and artisan ice creams this fun food truck will satisfy your craving.

Cake City

Fogo Gaucho



Next to Soin Arcade, Westlands rd Bakery & Juice Bar 0709 729 000 This spot uses traditional recipes to make delicious treats with a homebaked feel. Cake City delivers carefully created cakes and pasteries made as desired.

Viking House, Waiyaki Way Brazilian, Steak House 0729 243 202 Fogo Gaucho Churrascaria will serve you more than a dozen cuts of meat

Woodvale Groove Fast Food 0708 515 168 KFC is the largest international chicken franchise serving the world famous Colonel Sanders secret recipe for over

9 West, Westlands Italian, Sea Food 0725 547 800 A new modern drop back to the very

Brazilian cuisine experts in an elegant South Brazilian ambience.

through the delivery service.

Handmade genuine Italian Ice creams.

Cake City



Ocean Basket

Sarit Centre Bakery & Juice Bar 0770 808 451 Using traditional recipes to make delicious treats that feel home baked, Cake City will be there to deliver carefully created cakes and pasteries made exactly to your liking.

Lotos Suites, Next to Oshwal Centre Chinese 0702 874 571

Westgate Mall Fast Food 0722 532 532 KFC will cater to all taste buds, from the little ones to the oldest in the group, there’s something for every-

The Oval, Westlands Seafood, Sushi 0786 227 538


Indian cuisine with an eclectic mix of rich Indian dishes expertly prepared, plated and presented with the con-

the roof top in the heart of Westlands

bespoke menu and a large selection of wines & beverages that will satisfy any discerning patron

order is out in a few minutes.

love for delicious seafood served hot. You can expect quality seafood, a cool relaxed atmosphere, friendly service and great value.

Golden Spur



ABC Place Contemporary American 0716 663 463 The warm, inviting ambiance and relaxing atmosphere here is perfect for a quick bite, business lunch or celebrating special occasions with friends. The service is also really great!

Southern Sun Hotel, Parklands Rd Steak House 0724 253 804

Limuru Road Fast Food 070 8515 168 Situated on Limuru road, with ample parking and quick service, KFC will cater to all your chicken cravings with

Cloud 9


Kafe Afrikana

Pick n Mix

Clarence House, School Lane Continental 0725894477 A hidden Gem, in the heart of leafy Westlands.

Sankara Hotel, Woodvale Grove Steakhouse 020 420 8000

The Mall, Westlands Cafe 0700 592 028

and classic steakhouse dishes exquisitely paired with an eclectic wine and whisky list featuring some of the

Kafe Afrikana is an authentic Kenyan brand, serving Premium Kenyan

Westgate 2nd Flr Salad Bar 0734 445 336 Pick and mix your choice of organic and fresh vegetables, fruits, beans and meat for your wide selection of salads, sandwiches, wraps, juices and smoothies.

fusion of cuisines & artistically pre-


burgers and a wide range of exciting salads. This classic family restaurant also has an activity area for children, with a kiddy menu and playground.

Japanese, Lebanese, Sushi 0716 161 011 The Phoenician is a fabulous restaurant which serves sushi, Lebanese and Teppanyaki courses, in an al fresco atmosphere at the Junction.

can dine-in, take away or get delivery.

accompanied by great tasting snacks.

List your restaurant for only Ksh 5,000 per month. Email 4.





Royal Kitchen


Masala Twist


Pride Inn Hotel, Westlands Rd Continental 0728 224 595 Lovers of authentic Indian or Chinese cuisines are in for a treat at Royal Kitchen. Customers are guaranteed of genuine and tasty cuisines.

dusitD2 Hotel, 14 Riverside Drive Thai 020 423 3000

9th Floor, Victoria Plaza Mordern Indian Fusion 0733 678 153 Specializing in Indian Fusion Cuisine

Lavington Green Mall Café, Continental 0700 037 059

munal table and an enclosed space with its own terrace for more privacy.

food served in a contemporary style, delightful ambience and good service.




Big Square

Sankara Hotel, Woodvale Grove International 020 420 8000

dusitD2 Hotel, 14 Riverside Drive International 020 423 3000

The Concord Hotel, Parklands Pan Asian 0709 466 400 The restaurant's name means 'de-

this exclusive rooftop location as you try expertly made cocktails. Note that and above.

and a sublime terrace perfect for an upscale business lunch, a get together or a romantic dinner completed with an international and eclectic menu.

meaty and savory taste sensation originating from our delectable Pan Asian inspired fusion restaurant.

The Junction Mall, Ngong Rd Burger, Fast food 0714 781 351 you are guaranteed to enjoy the ambiance as you eat your favorite fries, the famous square burger, crunchy onion rings and juicy ribs marinated in Big Square’s secret sauce.

Secret Garden

Spring Valley Oven

Upendo Pizza

Brew Bistro

14 Riverside Drive Cafe 0708 800 847 Conveniently located in the new of-

Lower Kabete Road, Spring Valley Continental 0711 557 272 Located in the leafy suburbs of Spring

The Alchemist Pizza 0728 451 383 Upendo Pizza is where you can enjoy the original oven baked Italian Pizza

strive to keep their food simple, fresh and natural. Secret Garden is one of Nairobi’s must-try healthy restaurants.

great place to catch your morning coffee or grab lunch with some mates.

Piedmont Plaza, Ngong Rd Bistro 0771 152 359 Fine dining section complimented by a centralised open kitchen which serves Pan-Global cuisine, incorpo-



Wet Lounge


ABC Place, Waiyaki Way Seafood 0737 776 677

in one of Seven’s decadent desserts to complete Nairobi’s most unique and sought-after dining experience.

Villa Rosa Kempinski Levant Cuisine 0703 049 000 An intimate rooftop lounge, bar and restaurant with a striking decor, exceptional Shisha, authentic levantine cuisine and electrifying performances by belly dancers.

Hotel Royal Orchid, Westlands International 0733 816 007 This is a chic yet classy lounge perfect for a night out with friends. It boasts of an eclectic ambiance with an you can have private parties.

101 Manyani East Road Japanese 0717 700 666 The only Japanese restaurant actually owned by Japanese in kenya. Try authentic meals including sushi, noodles, a variety of seafood specials and imported sake from Japan.


Tandoori Patio


Double Dragon

Diamond Plaza New Wing Chinese, Indian 0773 868 497

Lavington Curve Mall, James Gichuru Rd Portuguese 0723 111 999 An upmarket Portuguese restaurant catering to a variety of tastes, including a Halal menu; a combination that will leave you wanting more.

The Junction Mall, Ngong Rd Chinese 0722 739 143

prepared by highly experienced chefs in their tastefully decorated interior. Home deliveries and catering for your special events also available.

Junction of Lower Kabete & Peponi Indian Cuisine 0702 018 709 A hidden gem with an upscale patio style set up that is serene and pocket friendly serving hearty meals for healthy eaters. Best for hot naans, Curries and Tandoori bbqs.


Tulip Restaurant


Fogo Gaucho

Apic Center Chinese, Indian 0707 030 338 Authentic Chinese and Indian cuisines

Golden Tulip Hotel Multi Cuisine 020 403 4200 Tulip Restaurant serves multi-cuisine

The Junction Mall, Ngong Rd Café 020 232 7799

Kilimani, Galana Rd Brazilian, Steak House 0715 414 141 Brazilian Steakhouse with a set price

cozy dining experience in a perfect setting ideal for couples, small groups

dinner with family, friends or business colleagues there is a cozy ambience and warm service.

mouth watering deserts. It is the ideal

professional baristas and specially selected wine list. Beautiful ambience with outside terrace seating.


street food with a modern twist to

cake, breakfasts and leisurely lunches.

Fantastic discounts at your favourite restaurants.


and authentic Chinese cuisine to its customers.





The Steak Out


Argwings Khodek Rd, Hurlingham Ethiopian 0733 730 469

Eastlands Hotel, Ngong Rd Multi cuisine 020 386 1005

Multi Cuisine 0726 211 443

The Hub, Karen Café, Continental 0790 124 892

cuisine complimented by great hospitality, Habesha has continued to win hearts around Nairobi and is set in a warm homely atmosphere.

delicacies with contemporary fusion of the west and orient, Karaoke and hotpot on griddle tables available in

steakhouse serving creative foods for all palates in a comfortable ambiance ensuring a memorable dining experience.


Nyama Mama Xpress

The Arbor


Lavington Green Centre Continental 0719 142560 We are a Bistro and Bar located on

Yaya Center, 2nd Floor, Food Court African, Local Fusion 020 7 602 066 An unpretentious, fun, modern day African roadside diner. Locally inspired, some of our skillfully concocted dish-

House 904, James Gichuru Rd Café 0729 400 291 The Arbor is an eco-friendly garden cafe with an eclectic selection of food and as well as a marketplace in a tranquil garden setting in the heart of Nairobi.

Galleria Mall Cafe 0716 472 162 Their quietly elegant décor and amazing art provides the perfect setting for the intermingled aromas of freshly baked bread, pastries, cakes and

Mambo Italia


The Wine Shop

Big Square

Lavington Curve Mall, Lavington Italian 0719 468 885

BEST WESTERN PREMIER, Hurlingham International 020 292 7000 The menu here encompasses a wide variety of international cuisine, from Asian dishes to Italian pastas and pizzas. Sit either indoors or outside and be sure to be spoilt for choice!

671 Piedmont Plaza, Ngong Rd International 0718 003 302 The Wine Shop encourages you to explore your palate and experiment either by the glass or bottle. They also mentary dishes for your wines.

Karen Square, Ngong Rd Burger, Fast Food 0714 781 351



Afghan House


The Junction Mall, Ngong Rd Italian, Sea Food 0728 855 100 For an Unforgettable taste of true Italian dining set in its family like atmosphere with a variety of traditional

Junction Mall, Ngong Rd Japanese, Lebanese, Sushi 0717 522 374

The Hub Afghan Cuisine 0717 781 815 It provides freshly prepared Afghan Food that is made on order and delivered all around Nairobi. They also

Carnivore Rd, Langata African, Barbeque, Kenyan 0722 204 647


bites & alot more new vibes.

rant and café specializing in gourmet thin-crust pizzas, home-made gelato

when its still happening! Pastas and Sicilian Icecream.

best burgers and ribs that your teeth can sink in to. Features play area for children that has iPads and latest gaming consoles.

exotic meats roasted over charcoal and carved in front of the guests’ eyes at their table.

MEZZE on the deck

Pizza Mojo


Js Fresh Bar

BEST WESTERN PREMIER, Hurlingham Middle East & Mediterranean 020 2 927 000 For traditional Arabic hospitality, food,

Adlife Plaza, Kilimani Pizza 0729 918 435 This spot has a perfect classic pizzas

International 0709 090 000

Karen - Opposite St. Christopher’s Continental - British Inspired 0718 607 197

to dine in Nairobi.

stylish ambience perfect for creating memories and capturing moments.

culinary experience at its best with savory international Cuisines. A great dining experience.

ing fabulous British inspired cuisine in a sumptuous wooden shack; in an informal and cool atmosphere, always with great music.

Monikos Kitchen




Lavington, Valley Arcade Continental 0737 032 064 Inspired by the abundance of fresh and organic produce in Nairobi and

Hurlingham, Yaya Centre Continental 020 806 8594 Sierra Brasserie is a modern interpretation of a classical French brasserie serving simple yet elegant food using the best ingredients available and with fast and friendly service.

Karen Crossroads Shopping Centre Café, Continental 0717 193 895

The Hub, Karen Fast Food 0708 515 168 KFC is a great place to bring family and friends. From burgers to buckets, KFC will cater to all your needs; be it a meal for one or a group, enjoy Colonel Sanders’ famous recipes.

and a breathtaking view of the Ngong

delightful menu and tranquility at the heart of the shopping center.

play, boasting a two-level restaurant space including the famous Art outdoor seating

List your restaurant for only Ksh 5,000 per month. Email




Simba Saloon


Flame Tree

Junction Mall, Ngong Rd Fast Food 0722 532 532

Carnivore Rd, Langata African, Barbeque 0722 204 647 A vibrant informal restaurant which fuses a childrens playground and a lively nightclub. You are welcome

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Upperhill Continental 020 274 6000 An All-day restaurant on a terrace overlooking the hotel’s main pool.

Sarova Panafric, Valley Rd International 0709 111 000

night out with your friends.

and an al a carte or set dinner menu.

manicured gardens and prepare your senses for an unmatched culinary journey. Their personalized service will ensure a great experience.





Galleria Shopping Mall, Karen Fast Food 0700 324 945 Walk in and enjoy a meal in minutes freshly prepared to ensure great quality always. The Colonel Sanders secret recipe will always satisfy every chicken craving.

320 Ngong Road African, Pan-Asian, European 0733 761 449 Talisman serves up a delightful fusion

InterContinental Hotel, CBD Indian 020 320 0322 Bhandini transports you to Northern

Mama Ngina Street Fast Food 0722 532 532 This KFC will cater to a quick lunch. Freshly made meals, great quality and

Creations by their creative chefs. Live music and art exhibitions are availa-

cuisine and a sophisticated setting. The Chef works his culinary magic in a glass-enclosed kitchen.

will leave you coming back over and over again.

Mackees Burgers

Tamambo Blixen

Big Five


Galleria Mall 1st Flr, Karen Fast Food 0715 980 085

336 Karen Road Continental 0733 603 065 Relax in the cozy indoor restaurant with adjacent outdoor garden, remodeled with a variety of functions areas set in one the largest and oldest formal gardens in Kenya.

Ole Sereni Hotel, Mombasa Rd Multi Cuisine 020 390 1000 Prepared to savor and relish over the

Kimathi Street Fast Food 0708 515 168

The Curragh

Tamarind Nairobi

Black Gold Cafe

KFC Drive Through

Ngong Race Course Pub Food 0706 317 753

Karen Blixen, Karen Seafood 0733 603 065

The Panari Hotel, Mombasa Rd Cafe 0711 091 000 Black Gold Cafe is known for its well

Mombasa Road Fast Food 0705 505 050 Want to grab a quick meal on your

found at Ngong Race course, with ample free parking and great authentic Irish cuisine.

city’s leading seafood in an ambitheir bar or a well-prepared meal as a live band entertains you.

smoothies and desserts. Its location gives it the atmosphere of a game lodge as it faces Nairobi National Park.

this KFC drive through to enjoy quick service without stepping out of your car.

Ocean Basket

After 40

Cafe Maghreb


The Hub Seafood, Sushi 0786 227 538

Nairobi Serena Hotel, CBD Seafood, Cafe 020 282 2000

people who share a love for delicious seafood. Great dining spot for a seafood lovers with a home-from-home feeling and great value.

Biashara Street, CBD Continental 0710 500 377 Well known for the international cuisine with emphasis on use of organic and locally sourced ingredients; ensures that every meal prepared is both nutritious and healthy.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Upperhill Casual Dining 0704 810 000 Serves local favorites and international dishes with an African twist. The Larder’s cosy ambiance enclaves create a sense of intimacy. In-door and ourdoor seating.

Purdy Arms


Chop House

Makuti Bar & Grill

61 Marula lane, Karen Continental 0712 007001 Family friendly british inspired sports bar, restaurant bed and breakfast establishment that beautifully blends quirky with classy menu of continental indian and pizza.

Gem Suites, State House Crescent Continental with Italian Fusion 020 263 5556

Radisson Blu Hotel, Upperhill Formal Dining 0704 810 000 Specialising in a holistic dining experience that highlights modern

InterContinental Hotel, CBD International 020 320 0324 The restaurant is popular among businessmen and other prominent personalities who frequent it for lunch and meetings. Situated by the pool, this is also ideal for families.

Nairobi, this conveniently situated location is a great place to enjoy some of your favourite Colonel Sanders recipes.

are vibrant and Tasty; from cheesy

elegance of the restaurant while retaining an air of exclusivity. They also


you watch their award winning chefs prepare each order before you with a bonus view of Nairobi National Park

also features a table d’hôte dinner

a theatrical event in itself.

Fantastic discounts at your favourite restaurants.

spot to enjoy a quick lunch or bring your friends and family to treat them





Cake City

Nairobi Serena Hotel, CBD Formal Dining 020 282 2000 This restaurant overlooks the pool

Fairmont Norfolk, Harry Thuku Rd Formal Dining 020 226 5000

Known for the excellence of its seasonally inspired menu and extensive wine cellars.

an a la carte menu and an international range of wines.

TRM Mall, Thika Rd Cafe 0709 729 000 Cake City uses traditional recipes to make delicious treats that feel home clude carefully created, personalised cakes and pastries.


Thai Chi


Heron Portico, Milimani Rd International 020 272 0740

The Sarova Stanley, Kimathi St,CBD Thai 020 275 7000

Garden City Mall, Thika Rd Cafe 0722 532 532 KFC’s secret Colonel Sanders recipe is

Nairobi featuring a serene dining hall, airy balcony and sunny patio.

establishments, The Thai Chi boasts

aged cuts of high quality meat. The

The Thai Chi is a small piece of Thailand in Nairobi.

meals at a great price.

Mukutan Garden

Lord Delamere

Mambo Italia

Fairview Hotel, Upperhill Cafe 020 288 1000

Garden City Mall, Thika Rd Italian 0703 967 149

the most beautiful water feature in fees and light meals such as gourmet sandwiches, pizzas and quesadillas.

Fairmont Norfolk, Harry Thuku Rd Formal Dining 020 226 5000 Classic, charming and modern restaurant ideal for business executives, families and groups of friends. The menu features robust international and authentic Kenyan cuisine.

Pango Brasserie

Thorn Tree Cafe

Moca Loca

Fairview Hotel, Upperhill Formal Dining 020 288 1330 With its famous underground wine cellar, romantic ambience, quality service and excellent taste, the Pango Brasserie is indeed in a class of its own.

The Sarova Stanley, Kimathi St, CBD Continental 020 275 7000 This is a legendary open-air, bistro style pavement cafe most famous for its message board located at the centre of the restaurant. The cafe is the perfect meeting place for friends.

Garden City Mall, Thika Rd Cafe & Lounge 0708 084 835

Road House Grill


Pizza Mojo

Menengai rd, Upperhill Continetal 0720 523000

Garden City Mall, Thika Rd Cafe 0709 202 020 A place to rest and relax over great food and drinks made by their passionate team of chefs, baristas and mixologists, to ensure each visit is a memorable experience.

Garden City Mall - 1st Flr, Thika Rd Pizza 0729 918 435 With a perfect classic pizzas menu

Sikia Fine Dining



Crowne Plaza Hotel, Upperhill Formal Dining 020 274 6000

TRM Mall, Thika Rd Cafe 0709 202 020 Their quietly elegant décor and amazing art provides the perfect setting for the intermingled aromas of freshly baked bread, pastries, cakes and

Garden City Mall - 1st Flr, Thika Rd Caribbean 0792 482 042

perfect spot in Upper Hill to unwind, watch the game, catch up with friends

for lunchtime catch-ups or mid-week dinners with friends and family. The modern menu is delightful and the dining room is comfortably elegant.

rant and café specializing in gourmet thin-crust pizzas, home-made gelato

lounge serving breakfast, lunch & dinAmbiance is central to this new brand which also has a location in Nakuru.

price’ being served in a stylish ambience perfect for creating memories and capturing moments.

Caribbean food in a casual, stylish atmosphere. Favorites like Jerk Chicken, Curry and Roti, tropical desserts and yummy drinks!

List your restaurant for only Ksh 5,000 per month. Email 70.





Yummy Vol 24: Let's Brunch  

On October 29th and October 30th EatOut and G.H. Mumm are bringing The Big Brunch to Nairobi! This is the first event of its kind where part...

Yummy Vol 24: Let's Brunch  

On October 29th and October 30th EatOut and G.H. Mumm are bringing The Big Brunch to Nairobi! This is the first event of its kind where part...