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Issue #1: The New Black By: Getteline Rene



A Letter from the Editor AKA: Getteline Rene

So this is the first issue of Sambo Magazine and I must say, ITS BEEN HELL! But the kind of Hell you actually enjoy and are so sadistically addicted too that you can’t turn away even for a second when shit starts going WRONG. This project has been a long time coming and has been sitting and rotting in the back of my brain for a few years now. Blogs just don’t do it for me. Print is clearly more official and even though its considered a dying art, it thrives in my mind. Especially since I have no television. Haha. Anyways, since moving to NYC in 2009, I have been surrounded by a plethora of trendy men. All great friends, and all unique individuals. This magazine is my homage to them. The black men that make moves in the industry and get no credit. Or simply the ones being themselves on a daily basis without recognition. This is for you! For all black men! Enjoy -Getty



Dude, I can’t thank you enough. You took this project under your wing and treated it like your own. I’m so grateful to find such a dedicated individual who understood my vision and made no arguments, only great suggestions and tons of laughs. You truly are a gifted and amazing person and I thank you from the bottom of my kidneys… which is pretty effin deep lol. I can’t wait to continue this magazine with you and our many other creative projects for summer ‘11. John & Getty take the world by storm one page @ a time playa!! <3, Getteline





Sambo Magazine Issue #1 Presents: The New Black Shaun Ross speaks on Albinism in the fashion industry


“It’s a tough industry, designers change their minds at the drop of a hat...The key is to stay confident.” -Shaun Ross

As if black male models weren’t scarce enough, try being an albino male model. That’s exactly the case when it comes to good friend and model Shaun Ross. Growing up, Shaun was constantly picked on by peers with mean names such as “Casper” and “Powder” poking fun at his albinism. Shaun went on to become a dancer, but was discovered at age 16 and crossed over to fashion. Although his modeling career has taken off with his latest appearance in Katy Perry’s “ET” video, spreads in Italian Vogue, Paper Magazine, and Another Man to name a few; he claims it has not been an easy ride to the top. “Sometimes designers change their minds at the drop of a hat.” says Ross, “One minute they want you and the next they want another fresh face. The key is to stay confident.” However, Shaun does not plan on staying in the fashion industry for life. Model’s careers are solely based on youth and time slips away quicker than you realize. He’d like to address the genocide of albino children in Africa who are considered evil and are used as human sacrifices in some rural tribes. He would also like to educate people on Albinism since it is a subject that is rarely touched upon or talked about openly. Shaun has already had an impact on the industry by opening doors for models with very different looks and styles. He is now ready to impact the world. Look out for some of his upcoming projects or follow his blog for updates.


Shaun Ross & Katy Perry in latest video ET




â&#x20AC;&#x153;Yea, I make shitâ&#x20AC;? Its about people who make art and shit. Featured Artist: Sef Akins


Sambo Mag: What type of shit do you make? Sef: I do a lot of video art and graphic design etc. Sambo Mag: When did you start making shit? Sef: Well, I started doing video art when I moved to NYC. It was one of my homework assignments, but then I got hooked. As for graphic design; I started that around 2008 and shit. Sambo Mag: You seem to be really into this whole video art thing. Can you tell us more about your art? Sef: I think video art is the next big thing. Print is a dying art. As far as my art goes, I’m more into spur of the moment type of videos. I like to capture things when they’re raw and real. Sambo Mag: Who are your inspirations? Sef: As cliché as it may seem; Andy Warhol is a pretty big inspiration for me, but also the director of the movies Black Swan (Darren Aronofsky) and Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock). Sambo Mag: Now, your living alone in NYC, going to art your thing, does that make you a starving artist? Sef: I wouldn't even call myself an artist. I’m just a for something to do. You can’t call yourself an artist in your craft. All I know is, if I had a nine to five,

school, doing person searching until you grow I’d die.

Sambo Mag: The art scene in New York is competitive,intimidating, and expensive. How do you plan to make your mark? Sef: I have no fuckin’ idea. I honestly can’t speak for the future. But I have a gut feeling that my work will mature with time. Sambo Mag: You go to SVA give us some art school stereotypes. Sef: Potheads and Artsy Know-it-alls Sambo Mag: Think you fit either one of them? Sef: Pothead


“Artistic Shit” by Sef


SHE #1 Sef Akins

She#1 is a graphic design piece also by Sef Akins. Although he admits graphic design is not his full passion, he captures the essence of beauty through a mysterious dainty face looking into the unknown. Need some SHE in your life? You can purchase her online As an iPhone or laptop skin.


Untitled Sef Akins

Up & coming Video artist Sef Akins captures a break-up right outside of a subway station downtown. The sequences of still shots are powerfully haunting as you see a woman left alone to mourn a relationship lost.



Brothaz that Blog

Sambo Magazine recently caught up with Bloggers Mario Horne & Torr Love taking the internet by storm one sip at a time through:



Mario Horne

Brothaz That Blog: Ok let’s face it, when brothaz blog, its usually some whack shit. Either that or terribly ‘HypeBeasty’...YUCK! So when I came across Leopard Milkshake, it was quite refreshing indeed. In short, LM is high fashion blogging from an urban point of view. On this blog you will find brands you’ve never heard, brands you’re too familiar with, and brands you wish you were familiar with.

The blog started in 2008 with New Jersey Native Mario Horne; style hungry and ready for the next big thing. It wasn’t until Mario met Torr his freshmen year of college in Philadelphia, that Leopard Milkshake really began to take off.

Since then Leopard Milkshake has gotten

Torr Love

much internet acclaim, including a spot in the latest ‘Style Like U’ book, as well as fashion week invites and freebies from designers which Mario claims is, “The best part about blogging”.

When asked why their blog was so successful Mario simply stated, “The reason we have such a good following is because black male bloggers post generic shit.

People have dif-

ferent interpretations of high fashion, Torr & I just seem to have the right one.” Well said, how can you argue with that?

Mario and Torr have both had much success as freelance stylists and are in the process of making Leopard Milkshake an actual brand or at least a leading publication. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for fashion and the world. Stay tuned, it looks like its getting interesting.




Flava in yo Ear: Artist(s) of the Month



WTF?! Okay so your wondering who the fuck are these kids? Unlike Soulja Boy who came out when he was around the same age as these cats, I like to think of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All as a mass Hip Hop revival. Let’s face it, Soulja Boy managed to kill an entire genre of music [Hip Hop] in approximately one year. It’s high time that we collect the remnants of the music we love off the ground and toss that “Pretty Boy Swag” out the window with our Air Forces ya dig? These kids are the truth. The lyrics are disturbing, witty, and damn near genius. They talk about rape, necrophilia, and being late to class all in one verse. Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself. Besides their group mixtape entitled ‘Odd Future Present Radical’, each member of the Wolf Gang has released their own mixtape and working on album’s as well. My personal favorite is Jet Age of Tomorrow’s ’Journey to the 5th Echelon’. I think this kid is gonna give N.E.R.D a run for their money. But let’s not forget the other members. These cats flow so hard, I like to think of them as the Wu-Tang Clan of the West. Check out their Tumblr [] for some odd visuals. Or just see the next fuckin’ page for some more info on my personal favorites out of the bunch.


Jet Age of Tomorrow: Journey to the Fifth Echelon Like I was saying on the previous page..PURE GENIUS. It’s like he went to Mars, produced this album, and went on a tour. I’m glad he made a stop on earth to display some of these outer worldy beats. My personal favorite is “Want you Still” Feat. Kilo Kish. For more space adventures, checkout his first mixtape Voyager. Tyler, The Creator: Bastard What can I say about this kid? He’s pretty much the ring leader of the Wolf Gang. Formally known as Ace Creator; his deep voice, intense lyrics, and amazing beats really make this album a stroke of Hip Hop brilliance. His newest album ‘Goblin’ will be hitting iTunes soon. Look out for it! Favorite on this album: Odd Todlers Feat Casey Veggies Domo Genesis: Rolling Papers As if the mixtape name hasn’t given it away, Domo is the pothead of the gang. With smooth beats and a marijuana inspired flow, you can easily compare his mixtape debut to that of Wiz Khalifa’s “Kush & Orange Juice”. Favorite track on this album: “Super Market”

Casey Veggies: Sleeping in Class Consider him Kanye West & ‘GOOD MUSIC’ artists love child. He is witty and terribly talented. One of the older members of the Odd Future Gang. This mixtape is very nostalgic as if he’s looking back on life and putting it in bars. A very enlightening tape. Favorite song: “Loved than alone”

MellowHype: BlackenedWhite When Wolf Gang members Left Brain & Hodgy Beats decided to create a rapping duo, no one was aware what they were capable of. Their rhymes are quick, to the point, and never too serious. Clearly the class clowns, they’ve come together for a fun, relatable, and strangely cohesive mixtape turned album after recently getting signed to a label. Expect big things from them. They are definitely ones to look out for. Check out: “Circus” the album bonus track.


Free Earl!

At the age of 16, such imaginative lyrics would be expected. But in the case of Earl Sweatshirt, most of the time its down right offensive. After being compared to Nas’s “iLLmatic” album which was written and released when he too was a tender 16; Earl’s mixtape was getting top reviews all over the internet. As enigmatic as his impact on the current underground Hip Hop scene; Earl disappeared right before the hype surrounding Odd Future reached a peak in mainstream media. Rumor has it that after hearing his mixtape, Earl’s mother, so repulsed by his lyrics, had him sent to boarding school for some “straightening out”. A recent Tumblr post by Tyler,the Creator denies that claim saying, “Stop Asking Where He Is, We Like To Keep This Private Because It’s Very Personal For Us. And No, He is Not At Some Boarding School And Blah Blah Blah, None Of You People Know Because NONE of You Know Him Personally. Free Earl.” Rumors continue to circulate Earl’s whereabouts, which by the looks of it, may never be revealed. But at least he’s left behind a refreshingly young and angry self-titled mixtape and an unreleased track recently leaked by the Odd Future camp entitled “Dat Ass”. A music video for the best song on the Earl mixtape “Couch” has also been released using footage from vintage Godzilla films and animations with touches of Photoshop-esque imagery. Regardless of his disappearance and mysterious whereabouts, Earl seems to be making his mark on the hip hop world one verse at a time. Maybe if they “Free Earl” soon; the rest of the world will be able to hear what he has to say. Meanwhile...the rest of the camp goes on their East Coast summer tour. Check out their tour dates to see if they’re coming to a city near you!


Odd Tour Dates



Street of the Week Name: Tayo Fasusi Age: 21 Ht: 6’3 Occupation: Dog Walker/ Philantropist Word for 2011: Movement Motivation: Mary Jane Future Occupation: Steven Speilberg’s Pimp


The streets of the week are Wyckoff & Mennahan in Bushwick Brooklyn. There we ran into my main man Tayo Fasusi out skating as usual. We interrupted his “kick, push, coast” to take a few pics of his attire from day to night. Don’t let the downtown urban skater vibes fool you. This kid has tons of style and dreams of writing scripts for major productions. Him and his partner in crime Chris McDaniel have been BFF’s for years and plan to take the film world by storm. Watch out for these kids, they’re making moves out here. In the mean time check out the swag on the following pages ^_^








Devil in a New Dress Shot by: John Thurman Modeled & Styled by: Taylor Dixon Directed by: Getteline Rene

37 Gown:The Furies Shirt: JilSander for Uniqlo Hat: St.Marksâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s







Shirt: Thrifted Jeans: Forever 21 Shoes: Models Own Design Hat: St.Markâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s





Shirt: Dior

Skirt: Thrifted

Shoes: Dirk Bikkemberg



Hoody: Rochambeau




The End


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