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Are you ready to Get South? The gems of South America have been discovered, and they are here waiting for you! The landscapes are awe-inspiring, the cities unique and the culture full of passion. Think you‛re ready for a fiery football match, going mad for mate and consuming copious amounts of scrumptious meat and wine? Want to soak up some rays on cool beaches, dive in the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans or ski on unblemished slopes? Well, it‛s all here! Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. These three countries lie side by side, each completely unique but together they form one of the most exhilarating, enticing and unforgettable places to travel in the world! The possibilities are endless… Draw yourself into the shadows of the majestic and omnipotent snow capped Andes, hang out with a million penguins, or be mesmerized by giant glaciers shedding chunks of ice in a sea of rugged frozen fields. In this vast land, you‛ll also find top-notch rafting, trekking, mountain climbing, diving, fishing, paragliding, horseback riding, mountain biking, skiing and our personal favourite: having a good time. Now go on... Get South!

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89 - El Bolsón 91 - Esquel 93 - Puerto Pirámides 94 - Puerto Madryn 98 - El Chaltén 99 - El Calafate 105 - Puerto San Julián 106 - Ushuaia 112 - CHILE MAP 116 - Arica 118 - Iquique 121 - San Pedro de Atacama 125 - Pisco Elqui 126 - Valparaíso 130 - Isla Negra 131 - Santiago 135 - Pichilemu 136 - Villarrica 137 - Pucón 140 - Osorno 141 - Puerto Varas 144 - Puerto Montt 146 - Chiloé Island - Ancud 147 - Chiloé Island - Castro 149 - Carretera Austral 150 - Puerto Natales 152 - Punta Arenas 154 - URUGUAY MAP 157 - Glossary 158 - Spanish / English dictionary

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** Getting Around ** :: By plane: Airlines tend to fly to and from capital cities, with connections to most major cities and tourist centres. Check out,,, or for details! :: By bus: You can get virtually everywhere in South America by bus. Take a bus for a more cost-effective and culturally thrilling experience. Overnight trips are quite comfortable, often including meals, films, and attendant services. :: By car: For a personalized adventure through the countryside, you can always travel by car. Rental companies generally operate in most towns and cities and you can save some bucks if you are travelling in a group. :: By taxi or remis: Cheap and reliable, taxis and remises (private taxis) provide quick transportation within city limits. Simply flag them down with an outstretched arm, or call them in advance. :: By local bus: Sometimes very efficient, but unless you know the city very well, it can be a bit confusing. In Argentina they are called “colectivos”, but in Chile this word means “shared taxi”. Local buses in Chile are called “micros”.

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Tips ** ** Health & Safety To make sure you stay healthy and enjoy your travels, we have developed a couple of health and safety tips: - You can drink tap water, although always ask if you are unsure. - Use suncream, especially at high altitude - even if it‛s cold, the sun is still strong. - Stay streetwise as you walk around the big cities, keep to busy streets, avoid being a target and mind your pockets/bag. - Take taxis at night and try not to be out alone. - If you do fall in love one night, always use protection - AIDS, HIV and other STIs are a risk in any country with any person (heterosexuals included). - Keep your documents safe, make copies and save your details online in case. - If you have any valuables, try to keep them in the hostel/hotel safe. - Never leave valuables in a car or bus. - Dress appropriately to not attract unwanted attention. - Overnight buses get very cold, wrap up warm. - Don‛t change money on the street, only use recognized exchange bureaus.

** Visa Information


To visit Argentina, Chile and Uruguay most nationalities (including most of Western Europe, South Africa, New Zealand) don‛t need a visa and can enter these countries with a valid passport and receive a free 90 day Tourist Card on arrival. Some nationalities (including USA, Australia and Canada) are required to pay a reciprocity fee on entry to Chile and Argentina - these can be paid on arrival and is typically around US$130 payable in cash (it depends on the country). The receipt is regarded as a multiple entry visa. Other nationalities require a visa before arriving - contact the relevant foreign consular representative if you are unsure or if you need to apply in advance for an entry visa. Note: Passport and visa requirements are liable to change at short notice. Travellers are advised to check their entry requirements with their embassy or consulate.


** Volunteering ** Interested in making a societal impact? South America offers a number of charitable organizations that need YOUR help! A few hours a week can enrich your experience abroad and can make a world of difference!

Here are only a few of many organizations operating: ARGENTINA

• Fundación Argentina de Etoecología ( raises environmental awareness through direct action such as forestation, ground improvement, and water purification. • Hogar Amparo Maternal ( works with young mothers and their children to create a place to stay and organize their daily tasks. • Banco de Alimentos ( fights hunger and malnutrition by providing soup kitchens and raising awareness. • South American Explorers ( has a sizeable database of volunteering opportunities for eager travellers. • Voluntario Global ( predominantly runs educational projects for children and adults in the shantytowns in and around Buenos Aires. CHILE

• Voluntarios de la Esperanza ( works to provide shelters, schools and orphanages in Santiago. • Agrupacion Medio Ambiental Torres del Paine ( builds and maintains the trails in the Torres del Paine National Park, as well as the administration inside. URUGUAY

• Karumbe ( is a highly recommended volunteer project that monitors and conserves sea turtles in 3 coastal locations in Uruguay.

** Swap Of ferings ** Travelling on a budget? Check out our website! There you‛ll find a number of businesses promoting exchange programs at their establishments. Read through our Swap Offerings section to find out which locations are participating. Save while you travel!!! 9

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** Responsible Travel** Travelling is a conscientious act of discovery and liberation. Still, simple steps can (and should) be taken in order to be a responsible traveller and to avoid undesirable incidents. How to be a responsible traveller... • Read about the social, cultural, political, economic, and environmental climate of your destination. • Seek out locally owned businesses (accommodation, restaurants, etc). • Travel in small groups and mingle with locals. • Attempt to learn the local language. • Be respectful of culture and customs: dress accordingly, ask to take photographs of people, etc. • Volunteer with local organizations. • Travel to enjoy, not to destroy. • Buy crafts from local artisans to assist local economic development. • Don‛t be stingy with tips, especially when visiting developing areas. • Limit your environmental impact - don‛t litter!

The key is to travel with an open mind; a desire to connect with the people and culture you‛re entering will go a long way towards creating an unforgettable journey.

** Trekking Tips ** Trekking is one the best things to do in South America it‛s cheap, it‛s healthy and always memorable. Here are our top tips: :: Avoid trekking alone. :: Pre-plan your itinerary, informing others of your route and making sure you leave yourself plenty of daylight time. :: Always remain on marked trails. :: Make sure to read and obey all signs. :: Make sure to wear and carry the appropriate gear. UV sunglasses, a waterproof jacket, sunscreen and warm clothing are just a few to mention… if in doubt make sure to ask a local guide. They will know best!! :: Don‛t bother the wildlife, pick up your waste and bring back only memories. :: Never ever light a fire under any circumstances. :: If someone has left a mess before you, do the right thing and pick it up.


** Don’t leave without trying these ** Argentina, Chile and Uruguay have some national dishes and drinks that you shouldn‛t miss. Almost all of them appear in each country and beyond being tasty, they are a key part of the culture. Try them all !!


Is in essence a grilled barbecue, consisting of various cuts of meat. A typical asado* may have an assortment of various cuts of steak, chicken, morcilla (blood sausage/black pudding), chorizo (sausage), mollejas (sweetbreads), riñones (kidneys), and chinchulines (intestines).


This Uruguayan sandwich consists primarily of a thin slice of steak, with mayonnaise, black or green olives, cheese, tomatoes and sometimes also bacon, fried or hardboiled eggs and ham. Normally served in a bun with a huge stack of French Fries! The Chilean version is barros luco and in Argentina, the lomito.


Is a tasty stuffed pastry that can have a wide range of fillings, such as meat, chicken, seafood, vegetables, ham and cheese, sweet corn, onion, boiled egg, olives, raisins and more. It can be baked or fried.


Is a popular traditional infusion made with the leaves of the yerba plant. Once dry and processed, the leaves are put into a gourd called mate (made of wood or other materials) and hot water is poured over it. The infusion is sipped through a bombilla (a filtered metal straw).


Argentinean wines are gaining fame worldwide for their quality and value. The main wineries are spread around Mendoza, San Juan and Salta. You are sure to have heard of the famous Argentinean Malbec, but Torrontes, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Bonarda are pretty good here too. Chile has a wide selection of international varieties planted, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and others. Chile‛s signature grape, Carmenère, is a rarely planted variety of Bordeaux. Uruguay‛s top grape is Tannat which, like Malbec, also originally came from France.



Argentina is the 2nd largest country in South America. It has a population of 40 million, of which approximately 1/3 live in the capital, Buenos Aires. In such a massive area, the geography is immense and diverse, with an extremely varied climate. From the hot and dry northwest to the thunderous glaciers of Patagonia, from the staggering Andes mountain range to the fertile Pampas, it‛s possible to find and do everything in this land of contrasts. Argentina houses several of the world‛s natural wonders including the highest peak in the Americas, Aconcagua, and the impressive Iguazu Falls. Argentina must-tries include tasting some of the world‛s best meat and wine, dancing a seductive tango and drinking the addictive mate, a traditional tea drunk from a gourd with a metal straw.


BUENOS AIRES ina ** formation about Argent In l efu Us ** General Tips • It is normal to kiss once on the cheek when you say hello and goodbye. • Be aware that lunch time is from 1-3 pm and dinner starts at 9 pm or later. Also, dancing clubs aren‛t open until 1 am or later. • Make sure you have a spare coin handy to give the baggage handler at the nbus station, it‛s normal to give them a small tip.

How to make phone calls in Argentina

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BUENOS AIRES Buenos Aires is considered to be one of the most elegant and sophisticated cities in South America. Located on the shore of the Río de la Plata, it is a huge metropolis with a core of majestic architectural glories, wonderful museums, modern art galleries and numerous theatres. Don‛t leave without having a tango experience!

Highlights 1 Plaza de Mayo: Visit the political centre of Argentina where people come to express their opinions. Thursdays at 3:30 pm, the famous Madres de Plaza de Mayo gather to remember those who disappeared during the dictatorship. Nearby is the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Casa Rosada (with Evita‛s famous balcony), and the Cabildo – the colonial city hall. 2 The Obelisk: Go to celebrate Argentina‛s next sporting victory at this city landmark located at the intersection of Corrientes and 9 de Julio avenues. 3 San Telmo: Wind through this charming old barrio* where cobbled streets, colourful cafes, numerous antique shops and live Sunday tango shows centre around Plaza Dorrego and Calle Defensa. 4 La Boca: Meander along Caminito, a pedestrian walkway lined with murals, statues and colourful corrugated metal houses, that is home to many artists‛ studios. Catch a football game in La Bombonera (the chocolate box), home to Boca Juniors and Maradona, and/or pop into their museum during the day. 5 Palermo: Stroll through the Japanese and Botanical gardens and the Zoo, followed by the Bosques de Palermo, the lungs of the city. Palermo Viejo (old) and Chico (small) are more residential and have Spanish-style architecture. Palermo Hollywood and Soho are filled with lots of restaurants, hip bars, nightclubs, coffee places and design shops. 6 Recoleta: Walk by designer shops, posh restaurants and tree-lined avenues in this barrio* that has a distinct Parisian feel. The cemetery is renowned for its illustrious tenants including Evita. One should also visit the large arts and crafts market and the nearby Centro Cultural Recoleta, which hosts the latest art exhibitions. 7 Puerto Madero: Head to this century-long abandoned port which was rescued in the 90‛s by an urban renewal scheme resulting in apartments, a promenade and elegant restaurants. 8 Tigre: Get out of town in El Tigre delta region, and take a boat trip along the meandering rivers and to Martín García Island - a natural and ecological reserve filled with birdlife and a maze of small inner islands.



To/from Ezeiza Airport

Florida 835, ground Floor - Downtown (011) 43314041

Hostel Shuttle is your cheapest way to get to and from Ezeiza International airport (Pistarini). They offer pick up and drop off from main hostels in downtown or the San Telmo neighborhood. Reservations must be made a minimum of 1 hr in advance from a hostel and 48 hrs ahead online. They transport everyday, year round. Book directly from hostels or in office. Buenos Aires – Ezeiza: 7.00 - 9.30 - 12.00 - 14.30 - 17.00 Ezeiza – Buenos Aires: 8.00 - 10.45 - 13.15 - 13.45 - 18.30 HI TRAVEL

Hostel Travel EVT. Leg Nº: 12.903

HI Travel is a travel agency for backpackers offering bus & plane tickets, hostel reservation and hostel packages including excursions. They have group departures from BA to main tourist destinations. Send them an email or pop into their office for more information! BABEL ARGENTINA - Spanish School Struggling to say more than “una cerveza por favor”? To really get the best out of your experience in South America, you need to talk the lingo. BAbel Argentina’s language school is conveniently located in the centre of Buenos Aires, where you can immerse yourself in the language and culture. Intensive courses are designed to get your spanish up to scratch in no time and teach you more about South American culture, with themed classes on literature, sports, 1 5 % OFF tango and cooking as with well as immersion and Get South backpackers courses.


Av. Rivadavia 1157 6ºA Downtown (011) 43820860

Dynamic and professional teachers will equip you with all you need to know and help you with advice to enjoy your time in BA to the máximo! Credits Cards - Wi-Fi


(011) 1560949850 Grab your jersey and your beer mug because you’re about to experience some serious football (fútbol) craziness. The owner is a die-hard Boca fan and will arrange everything (ride, party, game) so you can fiesta like a local! In the van you’ll learn to belt out the game songs like a pro. The pre-game party kicks off at Juancho Bar, where you’ll feast on all you can eat pizza and beer (all included). Then off to the game! No hoity VIP section for these party animals. You’ll be right where the action is, in the fan section. These bilingual rock stars are the ultimate ticket to the world of Argentinean fútbol! Grab your Argentinean fútbol gear at T-SHOP: CHILE 636, San Telmo.

10% OFF with Get South

Credit Cards accepted

ONCE IN MOTION - Helicopter Flight Want to see Buenos Aires from a different Suipacha 1031 5th floor, Of. 44 Downtown view? How about from 2,000 feet up in (011) 43140875 the air, in a helicopter? With accessible rates but still feel like a VIP as you work your way over the big city skies taking snapshots of River Plate and Boca Junior stadiums, Palermo, Puerto Madero, Tigre and anywhere else you want to go. Whether you want a quick 15 minute view or want to take you time with an hour in the sky – the option is yours, Once in Motion’s staff will work to your agenda, any day, any time. Enjoy a luxurious service where you can enjoy sushi, picadas* and champagne with one of the best views of the city. Credit cards, dollars & euros accepted

Transfer included.


1 free bottle of Champagne per person with Get South!

BUENOS AIRES THE RITZ FOR BACKPACKERS The historic and famous Ritz Av. De Mayo 1111 - (011) 43839001 - Hotel in BA has been converted into a relaxed hotel with a hostel vibe for international travellers to meet and enjoy the city. There are private rooms and some dorms, and you can chill out with over 100 films or play a game of pool in the common rooms. Centrally located, the Ritz is in the heart of theatre land with plenty of restaurants and great transport links. Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi


Av. De Mayo 1117 - Downtown

Moving Travel Bar in BA is a meeting place for backpackers to share their experiences and tips on BA and beyond. Enjoy almost any drink you like and tuck into some tasty tarts and salads. Located right in the centre on Av. de Mayo. Wi-Fi KILCA HOSTEL Especially catered to international travellers, Kilca Hostel is a comfy house with a homely atmosphere, located in a convenient area with shops, bars and restaurants nearby. They have dorms and private rooms with shared bathrooms and large windows that lead onto a colonial patio with lots of greenery. They have spacious common areas with cool music to chill out and meet fellow travellers, including comfy couches, TV/ DVD, board games and book exchange. Pay for 5 nights & stay for 7 with Get South!

Mexico 1545 - Monserrat (011) 43811966 Facilities include a bar, a self catering kitchen, motorcycle parking and a shady courtyard with hammocks, sun umbrellas and a splash pool. The owners are always there and will help you decide among the endless possibilities to do in this city. Wheelchair access! Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi

Apartments are also available to rent.


BUENOS AIRES HOSTEL SUITES OBELISCO & FLORIDA Hostel Suites Obelisco (I) is set in I: Corrientes 830 - Downtown (011) 43284040 a beautifully restored 100-year-old II: Florida 328 - Downtown building, with spacious rooms and (011) 43250969 traditional high ceilings. You can meet people in the large loft-style common area, relax in the quiet reading room or party the night away at their cool bar. Hostel Suites Florida (II) is their brand new hostel situated on the major tourist pedestrian street of the city. It combines hotel quality service with a fun hostel atmosphere, and all of their sparkling clean rooms have private bathrooms, heating and A/C. Their huge downstairs bar is open to the public, so you can meet new friends and begin to discover BA’s culture and nightlife. Free welcome drink!

Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi

HOSTEL SUITES PALERMO & TANGO BACKPACKERS III: Charcas 4752 - Palermo Hostel Suites Palermo (III) is placed in an (011) 47730806 old restored house with a stylish interior, IV: Paraguay 4601 - Palermo nice furniture, and a decoration that stands (011) 47766871 out. There are private bathrooms in most rooms, as well as an open terrace and a big backyard to enjoy on beautiful days. Tango Backpackers (IV) is made up of several recycled, old-fashioned houses connected by hallways and stairways that lead to a great terrace where you can relax, sunbathe and enjoy the outdoors. Their bar is in the lobby and reception area, the meeting point in which travellers from all over the world share their experiences and make plans for heading out. All these hostels boast great facilities; bars, modern guest kitchens, cozy TV/DVD rooms, game rooms, and more. Different types of rooms are available: dorms, private single, twin, double and triple with shared and private bathrooms; and they include all linen, individual lockers and maid service. Each hostel has its very own travel information desk with outgoing English-speaking staff. Don’t forget to check their weekly planner! Something exciting is happening every day!


BUENOS AIRES LA ROCCA HOSTELS Rock up to La Rocca, a hostel chain conquering South America!

Av. Callao 341 1st Floor - Downtown (011) 43728898

With two ideally located hostels in Buenos Aires, you can take your pick between downtown or trendy Palermo. If you are travelling further afield, they recently added 2 new hostels to the chain. One in tropical north Brazil - Porto de Galinhas, and another in sizzling Cali in Colombia. La Rocca Hostel (downtown) is situated on Callao and Corrientes streets. Not only is this close to 4 subway lines and 45 bus routes, it’s in the heart of the city, closest to the city’s best theaters, bars and restaurants. With its stylish lobby, fish tank check-in counter and spacious rooms you know you’ve arrived at a hostel a cut above the rest. They have a wide selection of rooms; from private doubles to dorms, some of them with private bathrooms. 5% off at all LA ROCCA PALERMO hostels with Get South!! Av. Córdoba 3872 - Palermo Internet (011) 48666423 Breakfast Wi-Fi La Rocca Palermo is a smaller, more relaxed hostel a few blocks from trendy Palermo Hollywood. Take your pick from private rooms & dorms, all with shared bathrooms. Best of all is their roof top jacuzzi for those hot summer days!! At both hostels facilities include 24 hr reception, self catering kitchen, spacious common areas, laundry service and a funky bar open 24/7. A great place to meet strangers and make friends for life. Asados or other meals prepared together every day at cost! On the other hand, if you decide to stay longer and would like the privacy of your own apartment, La Rocca can provide it. They have plenty of options for you to choose from so give them a call (they speak English).

Check out for cool tips on BA. 22


I: Hipólito Yrigoyen 959 - Downtown (011) 43459604 When we talk about party hostels II: Av. de Mayo 1249 - Downtown around the world, Milhouse has (011) 43839383 become a legend among the backpacking fraternity and for years has been one of the best places to meet up, hook up, bunk down and party in BA. Both Milhouse hostels center around a great, large social area, with lots of varied sitting spaces, bar and restaurant. The design and atmosphere is stylish, young and pretty cool. That´s not to mention the energetic staff committed to you having a good time! Free tango lessons, football outings, bike tours, “barrio visits”, incredible walking tours, and everyday activities for everyone. Get to know the fantastic BA nightlife in deep. This youth hostel offers you tickets to top nightclubs in town and four Milhouse private parties per week! You can choose between the two Milhouse buildings, both offering exactly the same concept and quality and are really close from each other. Milhouse Hostels occupy stunning, five-storey 19th-century houses, built around a charming, colonial-style atrium. Very high standard dorms with private bathroom s and really amazing private rooms for those who prefer that extra privacy. A great place to get your strength back from last night. Breakfast - Internet Wi-Fi - Credit Cards

Party and breakfast is this youth hostel’s philosophy! It’s a must to top your holidays with a week at Milhouse! Get a drink on the house and let the good times roll with Get South!

Best place to meet people and have heaps of fun! 23


Rivadavia 1291 - Downtown (011) 43816399

Finding great hostels in Buenos Aires isn’t difficult, but sometimes it’s the little things like strong showers, comfy lounges and peaceful surroundings that really make the difference. At Hostel Parada, even though you’re located smack in the centre of the city - just a few blocks from the main tourist attractions - you won’t hear a sound from the street. 10% OFF

The majority of the rooms are private with with ensuite bathrooms and the Get South 2 dorms have shared bath. Join in on a game of pool, watch a DVD in the living room or hang out on the patio or terrace. It’s relaxed and informal, and the staff speak English so you’ll feel welcome and cozy.

PUERTO LIMON HOSTEL Puerto Limón Hostel is the ideal stopover to enjoy the broadening of the mind and the awesome times that come with travelling.


Chacabuco 1080 – San Telmo (011) 43619649

Located in a fab area for eating out and drinking up, just 3 blocks from Plaza Dorrego in San Telmo and a skip away from downtown BA; you’ll be amazed by the comfort, cleanliness, freshness and staff of this neat site. There are private, double and dorm-style rooms with private and shared baths, ceiling fans, lockers, heating and comfy beds. Cool vibes, fun styling and lots of light characterize the common room and the full kitchen overlooking the breezy patio. Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi


10% OFF in Dorms


Hipólito Yrigoyen 855 - Downtown (011) 43428788 / 43422825

Portal del Sur Hostel is located right in downtown; set in a XIX century 4-story building which has been carefully refurbished and decorated to keep the historical charm 10% Off of its architecture. It has many ensuite private rooms with A/C in and cable TV, and comfortable dorm-style accommodation. Dorms There is an onsite travel agency that offers excursions around the city including football games, tango shows and skydiving jumps. Their neat facilities include a fully equipped kitchen, a bar & lounge, and a rooftop terrace perfect for asados* and great views of the city! Breakfast Wi-Fi Internet

Free activities every day, including tango & Spanish classes, make it easier for you to make new friends from the moment you get there. Say Hueque. Nº Leg.: 11320


Carlos Calvo 579 – San Telmo (011) 43072606 / 6358

Right in the heart of the Buenos Aires’ historic tango district, San Telmo, is Hostel Carlos Gardel. Its attractive layout, fantastic location, great price and friendly staff make it the ideal all-in-one traveller stop. On the ground floor you will find the reception and living room, with computers, TV and DVD player. The upper floors house the community kitchen, the dorms which range from 4, 6 or 10 beds with private or shared bath, and one private double room with bath. They also have fully furnished apartments for 1 to 4 people. The rooftop patio is perfect for throwing back a beer or barbequing juicy Argentine steaks. So spin, sashay or leap to Hostel Carlos Gardel for a memorable tango masquerade! Stay 3 nights and have 1 day bike rental FREE!


Breakfast - Wi-Fi Internet - credits Cards

BUENOS AIRES BYT ARGENTINA Travel & Housing Break out of that backpacker bubble and get down with the locals! If you are hanging around for more than a week in BA, we recommend you rent an apartment and experience Porteño* life for real. Gossip with the neighbours, talk football with the doorman and go shopping at the local store. ByT is a travel agency that specializes in alternative living arrangements.

Paraguay 1571 - Downtown (011) 48765000 Mon to Fri from 9 am to 7 pm Sat from 9 am to 1 pm

From plush, luxury apartments to ultra-cool studio flats, their listings are diverse, extensive and designed to suit your needs. ByT can set you up in a homestay or an apart hotel in your favorite barrio*, be it Recoleta or Palermo. They also do B&Bs, university residences and even cabins!

ByT also offers great excursions around BA as far as El Tigre. Get inspired on an art tour or pretend you’re a horseback riding gaucho* while spending a day on the farm. They are also experts in trips to all parts of Argentina, including Iguazu Falls, Mendoza, Salta and Ushuaia.

Rent an apartment and get a free city tour showing this guidebook!

N° Leg.: 11105

Go on! Dump the dorm. In an apartment, life is suite! 26


Mexico 1410 - Montserrat (011) 43811138

At Sabรกtico Travelers Hostel you can start exploring the city from a fantastic, safe location, just ten blocks from the famous Obelisk and within walking distance to San Telmo.

Choose from their clean and comfortable double rooms (en suite or shared bath) and the dorms that fit 4 people each (shared bath). This hostel was designed by and for travellers, and has great amenities like a cool rooftop patio with a Jacuzzi and parilla*, kitchen open for guest use, lounge / jam room, excellent bilingual staff, bar, dart board, ping pong table, board games, guitars and drums to play, and organization of group outings and in-hostel activities. Get ready to have a great time! 10% OFF with Get South

American Breakfast - Wi-Fi Internet - credits Cards


Lerma 476 - Palermo (011) 48991547 A perfect blend between a nice quiet area and a step away from trendy Palermo, Hostal El Candil invites you to enjoy a warm, personalized and safe environment. This small colonial-style hostel offers the ideal atmosphere for relaxing after a day of touring passionate Buenos Aires. There are clean and comfortable single, double/matrimonial, triple and dorm rooms; all with shared baths, lockers, bed linens and towels. Chill out in the common areas or meet up new friends in the gorgeous terrace with solarium and grill. The staff is on-call 24/7 to help you sort out the endless possibilities BA has to offer. 10% OFF English is spoken here! with Get South

In Rosario check out their sister hostel Posada Juan Ignacio !!!


Internet Wi-Fi Breakfast


Chile 680 - San Telmo (011) 43629639 / 43002535

A unique hostel located at the historic neighbourhood of San Telmo, in a totally recycled XX century building that combines old structure with fine minimalistic design. They have clean and functional dorms with lockers, single/double rooms with private or shared baths and even a loft and a Penthouse with en-suite bathroom, microwave, fridge, A/C, Wi-Fi and spectacular views of BA! Facilities include a fully equipped kitchen, rooftop terrace with BBQ grill and a small pool, ping pong table, a TV/DVD room, a wine cellar and a mini-cinema. All in all Ostinatto offers something for everyone, close enough to be near all the action but far enough to chill out away from the bustle of downtown. Free activities (per week): 2 yoga classes Breakfast Pay 1 week in advance and get 2 tango classes Internet a 10% off and a free asado (on 1 walking tour & tip tours Wi-Fi Thursdays) with Get South! 1 Tai-Chi class SOUTH AMERICAN EXPLORERS Wanderers HQ, Fancy doing some volunteer work but just don’t know where to look? What about some unbiased information on where to go and what to do in South America? Carrying too much stuff and need somewhere safe to put it while you continue rambling? Internet Wi-Fi Credit cards

Chile 557 - San Telmo (011) 43071309

South American Explorers is a member-based non profit Resource Centre and Traveller’s hub. Pop by to meet like-minded people and use equipment and facilities such as free Internet and Wi-Fi. Find out about regular events wherever you are. They have clubhouses in Buenos Aires, Quito, Lima and Cusco.



Junín 1631, 1º C - Recoleta (011) 48027916 / 1530354206

Having tooth problems while travelling? Or maybe you want to get that sparkly white smile you have always dreamed of? Whether it’s an emergency, or a pre-planned cosmetic tooth surgery, Shaydent Dental Clinic, in the historic neighbourhood of Recoleta, is waiting with the tooth floss ready for you! This professional clinic has all the latest technology and performs dental implants, total and partial oral rehabilitation, dental whitening, esthetic fillings and lip augmentation among other health services. Contact them in an emergency by phone or in advance by email and request a free treatment plan, consultation and cost estimation. Whatever your dental 10% OFF needs while on holiday, Shaydent with can help you get back your smile! English, Spanish and Hebrew Spoken!

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Florida 328 - Downtown (011) 32212305 / 32212310 Come to this basement travel bar on downtown Buenos Aires’ pedestrian street, Florida, for great food, music, drinks and company! Locals and international travellers get together here because of the friendly bilingual service, cool vibe and delicious food. They serve international breakfasts, healthy lunches, yummy afternoon snacks and finger food with cocktails at night. The bar has a big screen that is constantly playing videos and a separate section for smokers. Open year round, 8 am - 5 am. Fusion has a happy hour daily from 6-9 pm and programming like jazz nights, hostel parties, karaoke and salsa lessons, 7 days a week. Free welcome drink with Get South!


Wi-Fi - Credit Cards


LA PLATA LA PLATA La Plata is located 60 km from Buenos Aires city, only an hour away by bus. It‛s a university city with great architectural, sporting and cultural heritages, as well as excellent gastronomy, theatres and nightlife. :: Astronomic Observatory & Museum of Natural Science: It is considered one of the most important museums of the world because of the valuable pieces it conserves. :: The Cathedral: It is America‛s tallest cathedral (112 m). In 1994 it was recognized as one of the ten most important cathedrals of the world, and its name was inscribed in Saint Peter‛s Basilica in Vatican City. :: Children‛s Republic: A theme park of 53 hectares, where everything has been built to scale: castles, oriental palaces, public buildings, a chapel, a lake, a train and much more. :: Buildings with amazing architecture: The Teatro Argentino (with international shows), the Coliseo Podestá Theatre, Ciudad de La Plata Stadium (one of the most modern in South America), Pasaje Dardo Rocha, and Municipalidad (City Council), among others. :: Meridiano Vº: A traditional neighbourhood located in the south of the city, where the cobblestone streets, nostalgic bars and old lamp posts will take you to the past. Visit the old train station for its amazing cultural centre.

FRANKVILLE HOSTEL & INTERCULTURAL CLUB Frankville was the first and is the coolest Calle 46 N°781 between 10 y 11 hostel in La Plata! This vibrant hostel has a (0221) 4823100 great location: with bars and restaurants at your doorstep, and within walking distance from most tourist spots. This totally renovated 1913 house offers dorms for 4 and 6 people, as well as private rooms (some of them ensuite), a fully equipped kitchen, spacious common areas with board games, movies, books, PlayStation, and a garden with grill. Cool English and Portuguese-speaking owners! Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi

Stay 4 nights and pay 3 with Get South!

Frankville & Home Spanish School offer packages including lodging and classes for 1 week, 15 days or 1 month. 10% off with Get South!


LA PLATA HOME INTERCULTURAL LEARNING If learning Spanish is next on your “to Calle 37 Nº 1091, between 16 & 17 (0221) 4833575 do” list, check out Home Intercultural Learning in La Plata. The school uses some of the most innovative techniques in teaching Spanish; combining regular lessons, immersion outings and “blended learning” (a mix of face to face and online courses at all levels). With a team of experienced staff, they work in conjunction with other schools around the world to bring you the best and most up-to-date teaching strategies. There’s a range of packages you can choose from, which include a mix of intensive or 10% off stay semi-intensive classes, group or individual lessons & study plus events and lodging at Frankville Hostel nearby. packages with It’s a cozy learning environment with a great relaxed Get South! vibe. Pay them a visit!

MAR DEL PLATA Mar del Plata is the popular beach resort town, just five hours south of Buenos Aires, which gets a huge population boost in the summer. You will have to wade through a sea of Argentineans before reaching the sea at the popular downtown beaches Bristol, Playa Chica and Playa Grande. For a more tranquil experience, head to one of the southern beaches like Punta Magotes. You can‛t miss the Havanna building, with their trademark “alfajores” or the landmark restaurant Manolo for their “chocolate con churros”. If you‛re not the beach-lounging type, Mar del Plata also offers many adventure options. Try your skills and nerve surfing, long boarding, wake boarding, wind surfing, scuba diving, paragliding and skydiving. Outside of town you can trek, rock climb, rappel, kayak and horseback ride at the Sierra y Lago de Los Padres. Get to know the local maritime culture by boating around the bay, visiting the Museo del Mar or strolling around the port to see the day‛s catch come in and the resident sea lions playing in the water. After midnight, head to Mar del Plata‛s booming nightlife along Constitución street.



Playa Grande Sector Central under Hotel Costa Galana This surf school offers beginner, (0223) 155833914 / 155781219 intermediate and advanced classes, equipment rental and clothing sales. Programs run year round, just call the owner, Diego Pagliardini (surfer pro), to confirm. Getting to Playa Grande is easy-take the coastal buses 221 or 581 or buses 571 or 511 from downtown. 10% OFF Ask about surf weekends and packages with including hostel, half board and access to Get South the best waves around Mar del Plata! HOSTEL LA PERGOLA

Hipólito Yrigoyen 1093 (corner Balcarce) (0223) 4933695 The house of La Pérgola is historically protected by the city because of its exquisite design. They have a terrace with grill looking onto sea views, a stocked kitchen and a plush DVD room with more than 200 films. It is located only 1 block from the sea and close to all the necessities of the city. Take your pick from their rooms for 2, 4, 6 or 8 people, most with shared 10% OFF bath. The well travelled owner make with special efforts to maintain a positive Closed May-June Get South energy environment. Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi


9 de Julio 3634 (0223) 4738098 Hostel Yanquetruz is famous for its welcoming hospitality and tight knit community. The 10 rooms with twin, quadruple and sextuplet beds will not just be faceless neighboring quarters, they’ll be the rooms of your friends. The hostel’s bilingual hosts arrange group meals everyday in the communal kitchen and frequently organize outings to the nearby beaches, shops, restaurants and bars. Nights sipping cocktails Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi atop their rooftop patio bar are surely something Stay 4 nights get 1 free! to remember! One group meal free!



Jujuy 947 (0223) 4760805 / 4757015

This big hostel is located just 4 blocks away from the beach and contains double, triple and quadruple rooms, with shared and private bathrooms, and 2 dorms for 6 or 10 people. You will also enjoy the lovely rooftop patio, parrilla*, stocked kitchen, TV and DVD player and the comfy central areas with fireplaces. 10% off at both hostels with Get South! (excluding January)

Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi


Bv. Marítimo P. Peralta Ramos 1361 (0223) 4958650

The arty and laid back hostel attracts a crowd of over 30’s, and it is located right by the sea! They offer regular yoga workshops, occassional intimate, acoustic gigs or just relax in the garden or terrace with a good book. In this chalet-style hostel there are doubles (except summer) and dorms (some with a sea view!) and a large kitchen, living area and BBQ to use. Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi

CORDOBA Córdoba is Argentina‛s second largest city, with their iconic music and dancing, the “cuarteto”, and their famous signature drink, Fernet con cola. Downtown you can find the Manzana Jesuítica (Jesuit quarters), declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. While you are there, visit the Cathedral, the University of Córdoba (the oldest university in Argentina), the Cabildo (town hall), Montserrat College, and the churches of the Compañía de Jesús, San Francisco and San Roque. Nueva Cordoba neighbourhood is the spot for hopping nightlife. Here also stands the impressive 1912 Palacio Ferreyra with its fine art museum - a mixture of largely Cordoban contemporary and classic art. Nearby, the huge Museo Emilio Caraffa stages exhibitions from local artists. Don‛t miss the Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón (de los padres Capuchinos) and its gothic architecture. Visit Sarmiento Park, the largest park in town, which is home to the Zoo as well as a boating lake with islands, sporting grounds and wide boulevards lined with native trees.


CORDOBA :: Alta Gracia: is a pretty little town situated 35 km from Córdoba city. It offers interesting attractions, including the Jesuit Estancia (declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO) and the “Che” Guevara House and Museum. Ernesto “Che” Guevara spent his childhood in Alta Gracia and the house his parents rented has now been turned into a museum. The Jesuit Estancia is made up of former “productive farms” founded by theJesuits in the 17th century. :: Quebrada del Condorito National Park: famous for its V-shaped crack, 800 m deep and with a 1,500 m gap between the edges, and the Condorito river running through its bottom. It‛s one of the few places where you can see condors at a close distance; they nest on the steep southern balcony, from where the view is magnificent. :: Los Gigantes: located 90 km from Cordoba city in the Sierras de Córdoba, these pure granite formations have steep rock walls and are very popular amongst climbers and rappelers. :: Villa General Belgrano: this picturesque German-influenced town, 90 km from Córdoba city, has a quaint downtown and an October beer festival. CONDOR Viajes y Expediciones

CORDOBA (0351) 155737033

Looking for Adventure in Córdoba? Cóndor Viajes y Expediciones has all the outdoor activities you are looking for. Excursions: horseback riding in the Sierras Chicas, trekking in Quebrada del Condorito National Park (a unique place for Condor watching), trekking in Los Gigantes (one of the best destinations to practice hiking and enjoy the breathtaking scenery from high above), climbing on routes specially chosen by climbers for the quality of its rock (with cracks in strong granite), paragliding, skydiving and much more! Excursions run year-round by bilingual guides who take safety and responsibility seriously. Just give them a call and they’ll come pick you up! Experience is not necessary, you only need to bring lunch and a bottle of water and 10% OFF they’ll guarantee the adventure! with Get South

Nº Leg.:14214

Cash payments only


CORDOBA MORADA HOSTEL If you want a truly genuine Argentinean experience you should go to the Morada Hostel. Travel is about experiencing new places and meeting new people. If you feel the same way they want to meet you! They offer breezy double rooms and dorms. Breakfast Internet Wi-Fi

Humberto Primo 532 (0351) 4262238

10% off accommodation with Get South!

They also have their own resto-bar and self-catering kitchen. Everything you’d expect to make you feel at home is there, including helpful and friendly staff. They are located downtown by the Cañada which is lined with bars, pubs and restaurants. Have a look at their rooftop deck with couches, music and a grill.

Wednesday night is pizza party & Friday nights they grill.


Entre Ríos 435 (0351) 4221264 This hostel is run by a cool, bilingual staff in a large historic house with three gorgeous internal patios. It has private rooms and dorms (most with Also onsite, you’ll find Sleeping shared bath) and it is located just Sun Travel Agency - where to 3.5 blocks from the bus station turn for bus ticket sales, and 4.5 blocks from Plaza currency exchange, hostel San Martín. While you’re reservations, Spanish there, take advantage of classes, ATV rentals and the video arcade with excursions and tours Nintendo Wii, Saturday like trekking, horseback BBQs, choripan* Tuesdays riding, skydiving and and free tickets to paragliding. Free welcome beer Cordoba’s best dance Breakfast - Internet with Get South! clubs on Thursdays, Wi-Fi - Credits Cards Fridays and Saturdays! Sleeping Sun Travel Agency N° Leg.: 13.400



General Paz 371 (0351) 4237588

Smack in the centre of town, Palenque Hostel makes a great springboard from which to discover the pleasures of Córdoba. Located in one of the city’s main avenues and within walking Breakfast Internet distance to bars, pubs, clubs and museums, Wi-Fi this renovated 100 year-old house has breezy double rooms and dorms, as well as a fully equipped kitchen. If you feel like chilling there is plenty to pass the time away: a ping pong & foosball table, board games, Play Station 2, a large flat screen TV, a bunch of movies, and a cool patio with an outdoor bar. Otherwise, a big night Free welcome beer out in town is waiting for you! with Get South! Don’t miss the asado*, traditional food and free empanada* nights to make sure you have a belly full of Córdoba at the end of the day. CORDOBA HOSTEL

Ituzaingó 1070 (0351) 4687359 / 153593971 MSN:

Córdoba Hostel is much more than just a place to sleep... This hostel is located in Nueva Córdoba, a safe area with an active nightlife Internet - Wi-Fi near loads of student bars, just 600 m from the bus station and 200 m from the main park. Set in a comfortable 4 storey house, it has a broad range of accommodation to suit every need, ranging from single, twin or double, triple, quadruple and dorms, most of them ensuite. There's something for everyone! Feeling chill? Then laze around their swimming pool, have a drink with friends at the bar, or relax in the kitchen or patio with BBQ area. They grill every Friday! 15% off your first night with Get South!

Only hostel in Córdoba with a swimming pool!



Santa Rosa 447 (0351) 4261312

This spacious house offers a variety of private rooms and dorms in the best location; pretty close to excellent bars, pubs, discos and typical restaurants in Córdoba.

10% OFF

The hostel has a lovely patio where you with can sit in the shadow of a gigantic tree, Get South a terrace with a deck and grill, and plenty of fun spaces to meet people such as a TV room, bar, as well as pool and foosball tables. The place is spotless thanks to the effort and dedication of the cleaning team. Their young and friendly staff is available 24/7 and take your well being and security very seriously. Don’t miss their Ask about their permanent street art display! new sister hostel Breakfast - Internet in Costa Rica! Wi-Fi - Credit Cards


Simón Bolívar 462 (0351) 4218054

This is a starting point to get to know the real Córdoba. Feel inspired by the colonial style architecture with its light, airy rooms, array of musical instruments, two patios, ping pong table, swimming pool, garden and BBQ area. Babilonia even have an communal art book and materials where you can draw, paint and scribble down your thoughts to share with other travellers. The hostel has dorms for up to six people, and private doubles, all with shared bathrooms. Right next to San Juan Boulevard, you are within arms reach of shops, pubs and restaurants. In house you can learn tango and enjoy art exhibitions, music, books and films, themed food nights and asados* every Tuesday and Friday, and if you want to get out and about the friendly and smiley staff can help you with info about 10% OFF tours, adventures and sports in and around with Córdoba. Get South

Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi


LA CUMBRE LA CUMBRE La Cumbre is a privileged town due to its mountain‛s rugged surrounding areas and the green calmness of the Punilla Valley, filled with winding roads and big stony English houses. It is located at about 98 km from Cordoba city. It stands out for its microclimate, which has therapeutic value, making it an ideal place to do adventure activities or just hang around and spend a pleasant stay. Its small centre holds a picturesque style combining small streets full of excellent quality restaurants and bars, with mansions and big houses from the turn of the century. In a picturesque hill, 1 km. from town, there is the image of a 7 m. high Christ Redemptor. At its bottom you will find San Roque‛s Chapel, the oldest and more significant chapel of La Cumbre. Trips around the mountain range, mountain biking, paragliding and horseback riding are just some of the options for visitors. With its friendly local population, rich history, varied activities, adventure sports, pleasant climate and landscapes through the mountain range, it is a unique place to visit all year round. CUCHI CORRAL PARAGLIDING

LA CUMBRE - CORDOBA (03548) 15570951 / 15571009

There is nothing as freeing as sailing through the air, high above a beautiful valley. Paragliding is at its best here in Cuchi Corral, eight kilometers west of La Cumbre and 106 km from Córdoba city. Cuchi Corral hill drops off 400 meters above the gorgeous Pintos River, making it the perfect place to paraglide. Take the jump in tandem with one of the professional instructors and just enjoy the ride! You can count on their new gear and 15 years of experience. Upon landing, you’ll find yourself at the beautiful Pintos River, where you can swim or eat a delicious homemade meal (if you order ahead). Staff Cuchi Corral jumps year-round, has a bilingual staff, and offers to pick you up (and drop you off ) in La Cumbre. Don’t forget a windbreaker, long pants, hiking boots, a swimming suit and sunscreen! Cash payments only

To get to La Cumbre from Córdoba city, take a TranSierras minibus from the bus station.



ROSARIO ROSARIO Rosario is an industrial and export centre, located 310 km northwest of BA. Plaza 25 de Mayo lies in the old city centre and is surrounded by various architectural sites such as the cathedral, several museums and monuments. Rosario is definitely a great place to enjoy the nightlife. The city offers an abundance of culture, such as music, theatre and artistic performances. It is also the birthplace of many recognized national artists. Be sure to enjoy one of the many attractions found along the Paraná River banks, i.e. parks, bars, restaurants and beaches.

Highlights :: The Paraná River and its Delta islands: a 45 km wild nature strip, composed of wide sandy beaches and abundance of animal and vegetation diversity, some of which can be explored by kayak or boat. :: Costanera and Balneario La Florida: located on the shores of the city, with beautiful river views and green spaces. The most popular mainland beach is Balneario La Florida, located 8 km from the city centre. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and excellent amenities. :: Monumento a la Bandera (Flag Monument): the Argentinean flag was raised for the first time ever at this site. The tower is 70 m tall, so take the lift to the top and enjoy spectacular views of the city and river. :: Che Guevara: born in Rosario in 1928, there is a square named after this revolutionary figure. :: Nightlife: with so many restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs, in both the city centre and the Costanera, Rosario offers a great atmosphere for fun. :: Paseo del Siglo: travel back in time and see a large concentration of late 19th and early 20th century buildings. :: Parks: visit Parque Independencia with its artificial lake, Parque Urquiza, Parque de España and Parque de las Colectividades.


ROSARIO SPANISH IN ROSARIO Spanish in Rosario is more than just a language school - it’s a complete cultural experience.

Rioja 812 (0341) 155603789

Located in downtown, they offer both structured classes as well as unconventional approaches that reach far beyond the walls of the traditional classroom, combining tourism and learning into one. With a staff of experienced postgraduates, you will soak up the language in a quiet setting, filled with creativity and outside thinking. Get a free tour of El Circulo theatre with Get South!


Taking that knowledge, you will step outside and allow the streets of Rosario to become your classroom!

Montevideo 1248 (0341) 4243077

Need a breather with a large dose of close-knit friendliness? Anamundana brings a low-key, yet great experience. Its stained glass windows, incredible architecture and Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi comfortable rooms will remind you of a mansion. There are just four beautifully decorated rooms (dorms, doubles and triples), all with A/C and shared bathrooms. The friendly owner, Ana Inés, offers exceptional service at this small hostel, making you feel like you’re crashing at your best friend’s house. So come to this secret, rest those feet, and enjoy the terraced balcony, bar, kitchen and parrilla*, and its many movies. You’re simply going to love it at Anamudana! Stay 3 nights and get 15% off with Get South! (except long weekends)



Tucumán 2534 (0341) 4391380

A highly recommended place to stay in Rosario is Posada Juan Ignacio. Set in a beautiful townhouse in the Pichincha neighborhood, it has many bars, restaurants and clubs nearby. There are spacious dorm-style rooms, a triple room, an ensuite double with a private terrace and an attractive dining area with a bar. There are different spaces to suit your mood including a beautiful garden (in the middle of the city!) and a solarium. Best of all, there’s a pool! Its friendly owners provide a welcoming atmosphere and go out of their way to meet all your needs. 15% off with Get South!

Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi

In Buenos Aires check out their sister hostel El Candil !!! CHE PAMPA’S HOSTEL

Rioja 812 (0341) 4245202 MSN:

Located in the heart of hip and happening Rosario, just steps from the Parana River, Che Pampa’s is the place to be. A posh remodeled turn of the century home, Che Pampa’s is equipped with modern dorm style rooms, private twin rooms, as well as an interior decorator’s dream of a matrimonial suite! The facilities include, but are surely not limited to, a fully equipped kitchen, TV/DVD lounge area with a big screen projector, a rooftop deck and terrace, where you can enjoy a mouth watering BBQ and cold beers, or take a moonlight dip in their open air hot tub! They even have a house bar! Che Pampa’s is a great place to make friends, create amazing memories, and of course, enjoy your unforgettable stay in Rosario! Free welcome drink + 10% off in accommodation and Bike & Kayak Tour! A/A

Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi - Credit Cards


ROSARIO LA CASONA DE DON JAIME I - II & SUITES I: Pte. Roca 1051 Tel: (0341) 5279964 When visiting Rosario stay at II: San Lorenzo 1530 Tel: (0341) 5302020 one of these two backpacker friendly hostels. La Casona de Don Jaime I is located close to downtown and within walking distance from the main attractions. They have private rooms or dorms, and all the facilities to make your stay comfortable. La Casona de Don Jaime II & Suites is their other cool place to enjoy being in Rosario. They offer private rooms and dorms with shared bathrooms in this renovated XX century house, revamped to offer comfort and fun to all guests. They recently inaugurated a cool small bar and a 2nd floor with 10 ensuite stylish private rooms. Both hostels are downtown and close to everything. The difference between the two is that La Casona de Don Jaime I has Roots Bar, and therefore it’s a little bit noisier and full of people during weekends. La Casona de Don Jaime II & Suites is quieter and has bigger rooms, some with private bathrooms and a bigger yard with a climbing wall. Still, both Casonas follow a single concept: they want to offer you a great place to stay with lots of things to keep you entertained and a savvy staff to be there for you. to partake in: Daily activities ll climbing at Wa i: -Fr ed Mon-W me II & Suites. Jai n Do La Casona de contests, ing mb Tue: Wall cli o*! oripån* and vin ch by d we llo fo ila qu te 1 2x & night Wed: 2x1 pasta en salsa! th d an r, ba s at Root er at gourmet dinn Thu: Argentina wl! cra b pu en th Roots bar, and ! ng tournament Po ng Pi n: Su Tue-Thu-

Take your pick from 10% off your stay at check in, 5th night for free or welcoming drink!

Spanish lessons: take 3 or more classes and get a 25% off!! Breakfast Internet Wi-Fi

Roots Bar Chill out and have a good time with fellow travellers at Roots, the bar at La Casona de Don Jaime I, offering cool reggae music and yummy meals. Their homemade dishes and stuffed pizzas are their specialties. Or just have a drink and surf the web with their free Wi-Fi.



Paraná Viejo – Paraná Delta Island (0341) 155494777

If you need to get in touch with your inner self, this is the place to go. Breakfast Located on a beautiful delta island just 20 minutes by speedboat from Rosario, you will return to your roots with idyllic sceneries and sunsets that soothe the soul.

Run by Rafa (who speaks English) with the help of Puma, Toto and “El Diablo”, you will savor healthy and delicious regional meals cooked in a traditional mud oven or grill. They have plenty of firewood, too, if you want to cook yourself. They just ask that you bring your own food! You will be entertained by guided horseback riding, bird watching, swimming in the river, volleyball, alternative therapy, boat trips, fishing, their reggae beach bar, and the constant contact with the island’s incredible environment. You can also bring a book, play one of the house’s instruments, or tell stories by candlelight. With just three rooms - a dorm, a double and a triple all with a shared bathroom and plenty of hot water, there will always be that restful, personal experience at this mystical place. Come experience a spiritual journey and rest up for your next big adventure! Show Get South and Rafa will teach you Boat transfers available, how to throw a boomerang! just call a day in advance. In case you don’t want to spend the night (shame on you), they also offer full day outings, including boat transfers, yummy lunch (asado, fish or vegetarian), guided horseback riding and an excellent time on the island!


ROSARIO 83 ROSARIO HOSTEL The 83 Rosario Hostel has a great downtown location on the pedestrian street. It’s just 2 blocks from the flag monument and close to the river and city parks. They have 6 room options in private rooms (that hold 2, 3, 4 or 6 people) and dorms, all with access to lockers and some with private bathrooms. It’s packed with things to do! Enjoy a drink from the bar, watch TV, shoot some pool, play PlayStation or board games, or cook a meal with new friends in the shared kitchen. Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi

Córdoba 824 (0341) 4243587 / 153514134 MSN: There are two patios (one with a bbq where you can grill your goodies) or curl up with a book from the free library. The staff speak Spanish, Portuguese and French, and all guests automatically receive 24 hr medical coverage insured by the hostel! 10% OFF with Get South

PUERTO IGUAZU Puerto Iguazú serves as a resting spot for visitors to the world famous Iguazu Falls. Close by, you can visit the Hito Tres Fronteras mirador, a place where the rivers intersect and form a natural border with neighbouring Brazil and Paraguay. The bird shelter Guira Oga (Home of the Birds, in the Guaraní language) is a rehabilitation centre where thousands of local animal species are treated and reintroduced into their natural habitat. :: Iguazu National Park:Declared a Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is one of the most impressive natural attractions in Argentina. The most spectacular waterfall is Garganta del Diablo (Devil‛s Throat). There are boat trips to the base of the falls and many activities to explore the surrounding jungle, like 4x4 expeditions, rafting, kayaking, horse riding, canopy, visits to traditional villages, rappelling and trekking. :: Jesuit Missions: Closer to Misiones‛ capital city, Posadas, (250 km from Iguazú), lies the site of the largest and best preserved mission ruins in the region, San Ignacio Miní. Settled within the dense vegetation, this site shows all the interesting aspects of the Jesuits‛ quest to convert the Guaraní natives to Catholics. :: Wanda Mines: Guided tours and gem shopping can be found in these open cast quartz and amethyst mines, situated 40 km from Puerto Iguazú.


PUERTO IGUAZU RESIDENCIAL UNO HOSTEL Fray Luis Beltrán 116 (03757) 420529 Located just two blocks from the bus station and downtown Iguazu, Residencial Uno is a place to kick back and enjoy life in the hands of two They also have a self catering kitchen, friendly and helpful owners. bar, pool table, free bicycles, They have dorms, single, bilingual staff, daily maid service double, triple and quad and tourist information. private rooms with fans Begin the day with a yummy or air conditioners, breakfast, soak up the sun in private bathrooms, TV their large swimming pool, and and hot water. relax in the TV/DVD room with one Choose between 10% off of the biggest DVD libraries in town. accommodation or stay This is a pet lovers paradise with 4 nights and pay 3! (this last one only in low season) many resident pups to play with! Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi

Try their Saturday night asados*!


Ruta 12 Km 5 - (03757) 421823 -

There is always one hostel that got away and you wish you had booked... don’t let Hostel Inn Iguazu be it! This fun hostel is located in the jungle on the way to the waterfalls. With a large swimming pool, garden, pool bar, privates and dorms, samba and tango shows, a restaurant, ping pong, pool, BBQ nights and parties – you will be sorry to miss out!

Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi

MARCOPOLO SUITES IGUAZU Ruta 12 Km 3,50 - Another gorgeous hostel in (03757) 422440 - Iguazu! If you want all the luxury of a hotel, the price of a hostel and a large swimming pool to lounge around – Marcopolo Suites fit the bill. A more relaxed hostel with privates and dorms (all with private bathrooms) set on the road to the waterfalls where you can enjoy the jungle and all it has to offer at a relaxed pace.



Fray Luis Beltrán 462 (03757) 423360 / 15545081

Travelling is awesome, but sometimes you just need a place to lie down comfortably and relax. The place you are looking for is Iguazú Villa 14. This gorgeous bed and breakfast offers spacious ensuite rooms with A/C (double, triple or quadruple), a dorm with shared bath and fan, and beautiful views of the hummingbird-filled gardens and swimming pool or the amazing jungle of the Iguazu River! It’s a dream place for nature lovers located just 10 minutes away from the city centre.

You can marvel at the sight of the local birds and enjoy a warm bath thanks to the solar water heater. The owners speak English and German and are tourist guides in the National Park, so they’ll see that you have a magnificent stay. 10% OFF with Get South

Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi


Guarani 70 (03757) 421295

Just a block from the bus station, Hostel Iguazu Falls can get you up to the world famous Iguazu Falls in no time. The hostel has 7 rooms that can hold up to 4, 6 and 8 Breakfast Wi-Fi people with shared bathrooms, while 5 private rooms also come with private bathrooms. Getting tired in the heat? Relax in the garden in a hammock, try your hand at asado* with the outdoor grill, take a dip in the pool, play a game of ping pong or relax in your air-conditioned room. The well informed, dedicated staff can give you the inside track on all the activities in and around the falls. The possibilities are endless!

Welcome beer or soda with Get South!



MENDOZA MENDOZA Mendoza is an oasis city filled with tree lined avenues and beautiful plazas. It is surrounded by the vast patchwork vineyards and the Andes mountain range nestled in the background. In the main square, Plaza Independencia, you can visit the small artisan market, while on the west side of the city is the huge San Martin Park and Cerro* de la Gloria, which are worth exploring. For nightlife, make sure to stop by the fantastic bar and restaurant lined street called Arístides Villanueva. The biggest event in Mendoza is “La Fiesta de la Vendimia”, an annual wine harvest festival which runs at the beginning of March. It usually consists of beauty pageants, a series of parades and events. Wine country: Wine is unarguably one of the area‛s main attractions. Most of the wineries are prepared to receive visitors. Guided tours usually cover the history of the winery itself, their winemaking process and finish off with a wine tasting session. Most of the wineries are located outside the city centre, so you need to arrange transport or take a local bus. Mendoza also offers excellent conditions for winter sports. Los Penitentes is 165 km from Mendoza on the way to the Chilean border and is more economical than the world-class resort, Las Leñas, 450 km to the south of Mendoza. The main excursions are the High Mountain Circuit, an ideal way to appreciate the Andes dramatic scenery. On this tour you visit Uspallata, Penitentes, the stone bridge of Puente del Inca, the Cristo Redentor and the Aconcagua Park. Other popular tours are Villavicencio and its traditional hotel and Cacheuta with its thermal baths. The perfect way to enjoy the area‛s natural beauty is by participating in outdoor activities such as: trekking, climbing, mountain biking, rock climbing, rappelling, white water rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, paragliding, skiing and snowboarding. Aconcagua: with an astonishing height of 6,959 m, Aconcagua, “stone sentinel” in the native language, is the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere. The park is open from October to May and is an increasingly popular destination with mountain climbers and trekkers.


MENDOZA ARGENTINA RAFTING EXPEDICIONES With more than 15 years of experience, Amigorena 86 Argentina Rafting offers you great (0261) 4296325 outdoor adventures in Mendoza: rafting, canopy, trekking, rappelling, mountain biking, kayaking, horse-back riding excursions and so much more. Their base camp, located in a beautiful site overlooking Potrerillos Lake, is open year round and personally attended by the owners. Professional staff, delicious food, top-notch equipment, quality and memorable experiences are synonyms of Argentina Rafting. Ask about multiple day excursions. Remember to bring a change 10% OFF of clothes! Credit Cards OK!

with Get South

Nº Leg.:12592

More than an adventure…


25 de Mayo 981 - Downtown Urquiza 1606 - Maipú Do you want to see the beautiful Mendoza Besares & Darragueira - Chacras scenery while wine tasting at some of the (0261) 4106686 finest wineries in the country? Then you should contact Bikes and Wines. You can rent a bike from these trend setters and explore downtown or follow the wine trails in the Maipú or Luján de Cuyo areas, which are home to a large number of wineries open to tourists. They are strategically situated with a shop right downtown (2 blocks from Plaza* Independencia), another rental shop on the main street in bodega* heavy Maipú, and a surfer bar/rental shop in trendy Chacras de Coria (Luján de Cuyo). Free wine at any of their locations with Get South!

Welcome to Wine Disney!


MENDOZA AYMARA TURISMO Aymara is a prize-winning company that has cornered the market in providing the ultimate experience and are true experts in Mendoza tourism.

9 de julio 1023 (0261) 4202064

ªWine Tours – Whether you’re a novice or an expert, you can enjoy the best of malbec in the finest wineries. ª High Mountains – A spectacular trip to the Chilean border, taking in Aconcagua and the Inca Bridge. ª Gourmet Tours – Enjoy Mendoza cuisine with the finest wines. ª Adventure Tours – Have fun going horseback riding, rafting, trekking, mountain biking, parachuting, or a taking a multi-day horse trek over the Andes to Chile.

10% OFF with Cash

N° Leg.: 7639

The office is in the city centre and their staff friendly, well informed and bilingual.


(0261) 156299717 Break out of your travel shell and fly through the skies with Argentina Skydiving. In Mendoza, 95% of days per year have excellent weather conditions for jumping, making it a skydiver’s utopia! You’ll board the plane after a full safety brief and equipment fitting. Then you will tandem jump with an experienced instructor at 2800 meters into a 25 to 30 second free fall at 200 km/h, followed by an 8 minute parachute flight floating toward the earth. Roundtrip transportation and a DVD of your jump are included in the cost. The staff speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese, but screaming “Wahoooo!” needs no translation. Free photos and an additional 100 m of height to your jump with Get South!

Physical fitness and a good attitude required!

Visit the ATM before hand. Payments are in cash only!



Av. San Martín 1070 Loc. 5 (0261) 4237272 (02901) 15548471 / 15519705

The name might make you giggle, but Wanka Turismo’s huge range of good quality excursions is no joke. There is alot to do in Mendoza any time of the year, and Wanka has you covered: from bodega tours and horseback riding, to mountain visits and trekking, or for adrenaline junkies you can book rafting, rappelling, quadbiking and more! 15% discount with Get South (for conventional excursions)

The attentive staff can also help you get your accommodation and plane and bus tickets sorted so that you can really relax and enjoy your stay in the land of sun and wine!

Credit card and dollars accepted N° Leg.: 13097


Carlos Pellegrini 377. Guaymallén (0261) 4324976 To really chill out and for a more authentic perspective of Mendoza visit Casa Pueblo, set just out of the centre (300 meters from the bus terminal) in front of a pretty plaza in a typical Mendocinian barrio*, Guaymallen. Run by a family, Casa Pueblo is a traditional, clean house with a relaxed, artistic and hippy vibe. Dorms and privates are available, as are Reiki massages, astrology sessions and floral therapy. Chill out with other travellers, make an asado* on the patio, play board games, or swap books, and with a bar that serves organic wine and local artisan beer – you can feel good about having a few in the afternoon! Breakfast Internet Wi-Fi

Free pick up from the Bus Station

Free artisan beer for each guest and get your 5th night free with Get South!

Ask about their free, regular organic tasting sessions (wine, olives and more)!


MENDOZA HOSTEL ALAMO This gorgeous hostel is located in a safe area in downtown Mendoza city, across the road from a huge supermarket and close to bars and restaurants. It has 11 rooms, 4 of them with double beds, ensuite bathrooms and A/C. This lovely two storey Spanish style house has plenty of airy spaces to have a blast during your visit.

Necochea 740 (0261) 4295565 Enjoy the garden while you make new friends, try your skills at their ping pong table or relax in the TV/DVD room. Their free yummy breakfasts include coffee, tea, cereals, fruits and fruit juices, toast and much more. The helpful owner and bilingual staff are there to inform you on everything there is to do in this awesome land, so don’t hesitate to ask!

10% OFF with Get South

Breakfast Internet Wi-Fi


PerĂş 1459 (0261) 4232099/ 4290848/ 4299718 This surprisingly affordable hotel is right in downtown Mendoza, within walking distance to countless restaurants, bars, Plaza* Independencia and Las Heras street, full of regional gift stores. Choose from double (with matrimonial or twin beds), triple and cuadruple rooms or a five-person apartment with a private Jacuzzi. No dorms. All rooms have ensuite bathroom with towels, cable television, air conditioning and heaters. Their yummy buffet breakfast includes coffee, tea, milk, fruit, yogurt, cereal and toast with jam. Hotel Petit also offers an on-site bar, a microwave to heat up food, a multi-lingual book exchange, parking, laundry service and luggage storage. Breakfast - Internet Wi-Fi - Credit Cards


10% off + free bottle of wine per room with Get South!


Arístides Villanueva 282 (0261) 4255858 Damajuana Hostel is ideally located in the middle of Arístides Villanueva. It is one of the main streets of Mendoza, crowded with bars and restaurants, and 10% OFF is THE fun place to be for tourists and trendy with locals alike for alfresco dinners and drinks with friends. Get South

The hostel is within walking distance from the town center and from San Martín Park and has all the facilities that you need to make your stay a blast. Room options vary from private doubles to dorms with 4, 6 and 8 beds. Bring your swimming suit if you come in the summer because they have a big, green back yard with sun loungers and a large swimming pool to cool off in. Amenities: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Swimming pool 24 hour reception Individual lockers Medic assistance Sheets and towels Maid service BBQ grill Guest kitchen Central heating Fan in the rooms Library Laundry service PH bar Breakfast (coffee, tea, milk, fruit, toast) Free Internet 24/7 Wi-Fi area Living room with satellite TV Table tennis

They organize asados, pizza and film nights, group trips, parties and much more!!

Breakfast Internet Wi-Fi

They can also suggest cool activities and tours so your stay in Mendoza will be the best in can be!


MENDOZA ALL IN MENDOZA MONKEY HOSTEL This is the perfect place to monkey around in Mendoza.

Sarmiento 681 (0261) 4231148

It has recently been taken over by new owners, a Belgian and an Argentine who renovated the whole hostel to make sure everything looks great!

It’s two blocks from the main square (Plaza Independencia), a half block from Hyatt hotel and in a restaurant area. Their location is excellent, just 5 minutes by taxi or a 15-minute walk from the bus station. Accommodation options include private rooms for 2 to 5 people and dorms. Private rooms include your choice of a double bed, 2 twins or bunk beds (some with ensuite bath). Dorms start at 4 beds and range up to 6. They are same-sex or mixed, all with shared bath. Enjoy their swimming pool and their Monkey Bar (open until midnight), or make like a monkey and swing from activity to activity like ping pong, TV, board games, full kitchen available to use and BBQ area. Their multilingual international staff is great and helpful. They will make you feel right at home. 10% off accommodation + discounts at the bar with Get South!

Breakfast - Internet Wi-Fi - Credit Cards

They offer all the regular excursions in Mendoza including wine tasting and other pretty cool ones like Gaucho Day (horseback riding with lunch), Dakar Aconcagua (high mountains tour with trekking and lunch) and Photo Safari (4x4 expeditions in the mountains with lunch).


MENDOZA HOSTEL SUITES MENDOZA The popular Hostel Suites chain has arrived in Mendoza! Visit their new location to experience the same quality as their sister hostels in Buenos Aires. Hostel Suites Mendoza is in a great downtown location. They have dorms and private rooms available, all with en-suite bath, heat and air conditioning. Other amenities include ample common spaces, 24 hour check-in, bilingual staff, Stay 3 nights and get 1 Free with Get South!

Patricias Mendocinas 1532 (0261) 4237018 continental breakfast, bar and on-site travel agency ready to help you book tours. The hostel occupies an entire 4-story building, complete with rooftop patio and a BBQ area where they hold barbeques on Thursdays. At Hostel Suites you’ll get hostel fun with hotel comfort! Breakfast - Internet Wi-Fi - Credit Cards

Hostel Travel EVT. Nº Leg.:12.903

QUINTA RUFINO BED AND BREAKFAST SUITES Quinta Rufino has the best of both Rufino Ortega 142 worlds: a spacious colonial-style house in (0261) 4204696 a leafy, peaceful residential area only a five minute walk from the enormous San Martín park, but also only one block away from the busiest bar and restaurant street in Mendoza (Arístides Villanueva) and a five minute walk to the city centre. Relax in the clean and quiet private rooms or dorms with fresh towels and en-suite bathrooms but make sure to spend a few hours on the large terrace meeting other travellers, enjoying an asado* (Thurs & Sat), doing wine tasting or training your feet and hips with their salsa, tango and reaggeaton classes! The informative and attentive staff can help you with information about visits to the mountains, thermal spas, wineries, San Rafael or adventure sports so that you can make the most of your time in Mendoza! 15 % off accommodation with Get South!

Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi - 24hr parking


SAN RAFAEL SAN RAFAEL Located 236 km south of Mendoza city, San Rafael is in the middle of Mendoza province, making it easy to reach the other touristy places from here. San Rafael is considered a capital of adventure tourism, both for its wide range of options and affordable prices. In Valle Grande you will probably find the cheapest white water rafting in the world!! Horseback riding, 4x4 expeditions (Nihuil‛s Dunes), kayaking, boating, canoeing, rappelling, canopy, trekking and climbing are also offered in this great natural setting. :: Cañón* del Atuel: don‛t miss this gorgeous natural canyon with highly eroded rocky walls, carved by the Atuel River. There are guided tours that take you there or you can go with your own car. Some interesting rock formations are The Wax Museum, The Castle, The Ghost, Rivadavia‛s Chair, The Suspension Gardens, etc. :: Valle Grande: a huge, man-made lake in an impressive natural setting, surrounded by mountains and green fertile vegetation. It attracts visitors seeking outdoor adventures. :: Wine Tours: there are around 80 wineries around San Rafael, some within walking or biking distance from town, while others require a car. They range from small family businesses to big producers of all types of quality wines supplying local and international markets. Guided tours and tastings are available in most. :: Nightlife: San Rafael is also a fun town after dark, with 2 casinos, movie theatre, bowling, tango bar, karaoke bar, dance clubs and many pubs and restaurants.


Ruta Prov. 173 Km34 Valle Grande - San Rafael These guys aren’t messing about in the (02627) 436996 / 15409089 water; they are very serious about safety. Raffeish was the first adventure company in the area and they are proud of their reputation. Their base is a serious affair too, with a mini-market, a fast food joint, a crafts stall and a little riverside beach with great music to hang out! There is plenty of high-carb food to power you up through the day and their multi-discipline staff is on hand to Activities provided: guide you every step of the way. Rafting + CD & Rappelling + service to DVD memories take your Canopy + with you! Trekking + Kayaking + 10% OFF Canoeing + with Doky (2 person canoe) + Get South Col River (a kind of body boarding) + Catamaran trips +


MALARGÜE MALARGÜE Malargüe is located 186 km south of San Rafael. It‛s a small town and serves as a good base for exploring some of the least known, but spectacular landscapes in Argentina. :: Malargüe Planetarium: has interesting guided visits and interactive daily sky shows (some in English). Pierre Auger Cosmic Ray Observatory, studies ultra high energy cosmic rays (free daily visits except weekends). Both are located in Malargüe town. :: Caverna de Las Brujas: Literally translates into “The Witches‛ Cave”. It is a marvellous cave that plunges deep into the earth at a depth of almost 2000 m. :: The Payunia: It is recognized as being one of the most densely covered volcanic regions in the world. Trails of lava debris can be seen at various points throughout the park, and enormous boulders of igneous rocks are scattered over the dark plains. :: Laguna* Llancanelo: It is vast shallow lagoon, great spot for bird watchers since pink flamingos, swans and some other 73 different bird species are commonly seen here. :: Cascadas* de Manqui-Malal: An ideal spot for hiking and rappelling. Keep your eyes alert for commonly seen fossils and for the condors soaring above the high walls. :: Castillos* de Pincheira: It is a naturally formed structure sculpted throughout the many years by glacier erosion. It‛s shaped like a giant castle, hence the name. :: Las Leñas: Located 70 km from Malargüe, this internationally renowned ski resort is ideal for winter sport enthusiasts of all levels. Summer activities are also offered.

Finca 65-Colonia Pehuenche - ECO HOSTEL Internacional Malargüe (02627) 232312/483604/470391 - CHOIQUE Turismo Alternativo

San Martín 200 corner Torres - (02627) 470391 / 15483604 -

In a 5 hectare farm, EcoHostel sits in an incredible landscape with beautiful views of the Andes. Built with an original design, they have dorms or doubles with ensuite bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, an organic vegetable garden and a farm. Home-made meals can also be made for you. Hostelcity, located in downtown Malargüe: Rufino Ortega 158. Tel: (02627) 232324/ 538784/ 471151 Breakfast They also have a travel agency in town, Choique, which has Wi-Fi bi/multi-lingual staff. They offer all sorts of adventure tours, such as rafting, trekking, skiing, fishing, rappelling 10% off if you and also visits to the beauties of Malargüe: stay more than 3 Payunia, Witches’ Cave, Manqui Malal waterfall, nights + 10% off Llancanelo Lagoon, Las Leñas & surroundings, Payunia tour! Thermal pools and Pincheira Castles. Choique Turismo Alternativo Nº Leg.:12997


SAN JUAN SAN JUAN San Juan is a great jumping off point to visit Ischigualasto and Talampaya Parks (World Heritage Site). Ischigualasto, also known as Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley), lies 330 km away and it is a large valley filled with fantastic eroded formations, plants and animal fossils, and dinosaur findings dating from 230 million years ago. Get great views of the city‛s layout climbing the Cathedral‛s bell tower, located next to the 25 de Mayo Square. Other places worth visiting in town are Domingo Sarmiento‛s birthplace/historic museum, the Natural Science Museum, the park and the Juan Victoria Concert Hall, considered to be one of the most important halls in South America. Visit Ullúm Lake 20 km from town (bus Nº 29) to relax, practice some water sports, swim, go for a walk or even dive from cliffs!! San Juan also stands out for its renowned world class wines, so a wine tour is a must! Santiago Graffigna has a wine museum which is free and near downtown. Another interesting option is the Cavas de Zonda (24 km from town on bus Nº 23), the only champagne cellar in South America whose ceiling is the mountain itself.


Caseros 486 Sur (corner Av. Córdoba) (0264) 4201009

Zonda Hostel is a great base stop in San Juan. Situated in a privileged area, close to the bus station and minutes away from downtown, it has plenty of clean private Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi rooms and dorms, most with shared baths. This cool 3-storey house has a full kitchen, spacious balconies and an awesome garden perfect to make new friends. Weekly activities such as asados* or dinners are organized, so don’t forget to check with the helpful staff. Even more, ask them about the big variety of excursions that can be done in San Juan. Show Get South on arrival and get a 1 free litre beer! Book tours with them to Moon Valley, Barreal & Rodeo! SJH Viajes y Turismo N° Leg.: 14159



Av. Córdoba 317 Este (0264) 4201835 / 4224081 This hostel has easily the best location in San Juan, near the bus station and downtown. It is a solid, unflashy hostel with excellent prices and very helpful staff. Enjoy plenty of SAN JUAN BED & BREAKFAST sun in San Juan on the terrace. They $ offer dorms and private rooms, If you want more comfort, free breakfast all morning, free they recently opened a B&B, jacuzzi pool, ping-pong with double rooms with table, 2 TV-DVD rooms, private bathrooms, and a fully15% off in dorms Breakfast central heating and equipped showing Get South Internet air-conditioning. kitchen. on arrival! Wi-Fi They also have a travel agency with great prices to Valle de la Luna and Barreal including food and drinks!



At the foot of the mountains, 15 km from Rodeo village and 187 km from San Juan city, meet a business run and empowered by its people.

Breakfast Wi-Fi

SJH Viajes y Turismo N° Leg.: 14159

Ruta 150 Pismanta Las Flores (02647) 497091 / 92

Hotel Termas Pismanta is a great example of what working hand in hand brings. Built in the 50’s, this hotel marvels visitors with its wonderful service, therapeutic hot springs and comprehensive spa. There are rooms with private baths & satellite Breakfast TV, a diner and bar, and a tennis Credit Cards court. But beyond that, there are 12 private hot spring baths, an open-air thermal pool, Scottish showers, vapor baths and sauna to help you relax. Pamper yourself at the spa with the many treatments available, like massage and fang (mud) therapy. Isn’t that a cool way to break away from routine? 10% OFF with Get South



SAN MIGUEL DE TUCUMAN SAN MIGUEL DE TUCUMAN San Miguel de Tucumán is the province capital and is known as the land of sugar cane and the place of the Declaration of Independence Act. Downtown, around Independence Square, are the Casa de Gobierno (Italian and French-style palace), the outstanding Cathedral, the Casa* Nogués (where the Tourist Info Centre is) and the Casa* Padilla. Close to this area stands the Casa Histórica (Historic House), the site chosen by the Congressmen to declare National Independence from Spain on July 9th, 1816. The house is now a museum where you can see furniture, garments and objects from that time. In the evenings, there‛s a show called “luz y sonido” (light & sound) which offers a reenactment of the historical events during and around July 9th (just in Spanish). Other places to see are the San Francisco and La Merced Churches, the Archaeological Museum and the 9 de Julio Park. At the foot of the San Javier hill, just a few km from the city, is the village of Yerba Buena, a very pleasant residential area with an excellent nightlife. Wander around San Javier Hill Park for great views of the city and its surrounding area where you can also go paragliding off Loma Bola. BACKPACKER’S TUCUMAN Tucked away in a neoclassical, historical house right in the centre of Tucumán, just a couple blocks from the main plaza and the Historic House, you will find a peaceful oasis where you can make new friends and enjoy the social and relaxed vibe, as well as the homemade dinner every night (included in the price of your stay). Breakfast Internet Wi-Fi

Laprida 456 (0381) 4302716 The amiable bilingual staff will help you feel at home and can offer great advice on what to do in the area as well as help you book tours (including Las Yungas, Tafi del Valle, Amaicha and Cafayate), treks, adventure sports and paragliding for your stay. Choose between dorms and private rooms (shared bathrooms) all connected with large inner patios and enjoy the buena onda* at Backpacker’s Tucumán!

Free pick up from bus terminal and one free welcome drink with Get South!


TAFI DEL VALLE TAFI DEL VALLE Tafí del Valle is located in the Sierra de Aconquija, 107 km from San Miguel de Tucumán and 1,976 m above sea level. This town boasts a special microclimate, beautiful scenery, warm people and a rich history. Tafí is also famous for its local cheese which made from recipes inherited from the Jesuits. Another Jesuit legacy is the old Chapel of La Banda. :: Cascada* Los Alisos: a 20 m vertical waterfall located 13 km from Tafí and accessible by bus. You can take a 2.5 hr walk and have the option of doing rappelling. It is best to go with a guide. :: Valle de la Ciénaga: it‛s a 3 hr walk up to 2,600 m, where you can see archaeological ruins and amazing landscapes. :: Museo Casa Duende: located 6 km from Tafí (1.5 hr walk). The museum explains local myths and legends of the northern region. :: Adventure Tourism: there are wonderful hiking possibilities in the surrounding mountains in addition to horseback riding, rappelling, mountain biking, rock climbing and 4x4 tours. 10 km away in El Mollar, you can visit the Menhir Park where you will find stone sculptures belonging to the Tafí culture which were once found scattered throughout the valley. These stones, carved by the Tafí natives, still bear signs and symbols yet to be deciphered.


Los Castaños n/n (03867) 420179 If you want to enjoy the best views (0381) 154400656 of the valley, the tranquil river, local culture, homemade food and a relaxing atmosphere, Nómade Hostel welcomes you with open arms (or doors!). Located at the entrance of Tafí del Valle, just four blocks from the bus station (to the right), the hostel has a large garden space which opens up directly onto the river - perfect for dipping your toes in and enjoying nature at its best. Attended personally by its owners, you can meet some friendly local faces and taste homemade, regional cuisine at dinner (included in the price!). Make sure to ask for advice on the area and about renting bikes, or organising mountain walks, horseriding and visits to the valley and Quilmes ruins. Nómade Hostel has 10% OFF doubles, quadrouples and small dorms, all with private baths, with and is a 10 minute walk from the town centre. Get South

Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi - Dinner


AMAICHA DEL VALLE AMAICHA DEL VALLE This indigenous community is situated 55 km from Tafí del Valle and 68 from Cafayate and it offers marvellous landscapes and a pleasant climate. :: Quilmes Ruins: located 20 km from Amaicha, these ruins are the remains of the town built by the local natives, the Quilmes, who for over 130 years resisted the invasion of the Spanish forces (the longest resistance in Spanish Colonial history). :: El Remate: here you will find a series of waterfalls located 9 km from Amaicha, which are ideal for trekking, climbing and swimming. You can get there by taxi or local bus. It´s recommend to walk back and stop at Los Zazos Dam and at the Eco Museo Amauta, where you can learn about native customs. :: Ampimpa Observatory: located on the road to Tafí del Valle, this astronomic observatory belongs to the University of Tucumán and it‛s a great place to have a panoramic view of the valley and watch the stars at night. :: Pachamama Museum: it shows different elements of the aboriginal culture dating back to 800 BC. :: Tiu Punco (“Desert‛s door”): the local dunes can be reached by crossing the bed of Rio Santa Maria and the Petrified Forest of carob trees. Accessible only on 4x4 or by horseback. Every February, Amaicha del Valle holds the Pachamama Festival in honour of the “Pachamama”(Motherland). It‛s the best occasion to experience the local customs and traditions, and enjoy delicious dishes.


San Martín n/n, on the way to the mill AMAICHA DEL VALLE (0381) 156279396 / 154968060

Pacha Cuty Hostel has that homey atmosphere you are looking for. A fine example of a local adobe house and rustic decoration, this hostel has terraces with magnificent views of the valley. There are dorms, a double room and camping facilities, all with shared bathrooms.

There is a do-it-yourself kitchen with a big table to share your meals and get to know your fellow travellers, a charming living room and patio with plenty of cool music to enjoy.

Breakfast Internet Wi-Fi

It’s attended by its owners, a friendly young couple of a history professor and an English teacher, who see you get well-fed Free pick up and happy. Every day, tasty meals with Get South! are prepared for you. Ask them about the trekking trips, Quilmes ruins excursions and visits around the area!


CAFAYATE CAFAYATE Cafayate is the most important town in the Calchaquí Valley. It‛s famous for its wine production and its popular folkloric festival held in February, the Serenata. Main attractions include a visit to the Cathedral, the Artisan‛s Market and the Wine and Archaeological Museums. Its dry and sunny climate is ideal for growing a variety of grape types, including the torrontés, unique to this area. You can take a guided wine tour where tasting is a must. A unique way to try the local wine is at Heladería Miranda, which offers ice cream flavours like cabernet and torrontés. On the way to Salta, you will see sand dunes before catching a glimpse of the dramatic gorge of Quebrada de las Conchas, a series of intensely coloured rock formations. The Amphitheatre and The Devil‛s Throat are highlighted stops throughout the Quebrada de Cafayate. Trekking by the Colorado River to the Seven Waterfalls, mountain biking, horseback riding and even sand walking, are some of the activities which can be enjoyed around Cafayate. A perfect way to make the most out of your visit.

EL ALMACEN Hostel & Bar

Camila quintana de Niño 59 (03868) 422137

Located a few meters from the main plaza, this hostel is originally decorated with charming details and antiques. The bar is at the front of the house and at the back they have one triple room and 2 dorms for 8 or 10 people (all with shared bath). The place has a big beautiful garden with grape vines, a communal kitchen and outdoor seating. It’s a chilled bar so don’t worry about sleeping! 10% off at their Bar!

Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi


Situated just a block from the main plaza, Güemes sur 178 (03868) 421689 this charming colonial style house offers dorms, double, triple and quad rooms, all with private bath. You’ll have the chance to breathe some fresh air in the stylish central patio with a cool bar. Both hostels offer different excursions like visiting Quebrada de las Conchas, horseback riding, bike rental and trekking. (N° Leg. 11479)



Vicario Toscano 80. CAFAYATE (03868) 421270

Make sure to get a good night’s sleep in this comfy hotel right in the centre of Cafayate. Located in a large, spacious colonial building, Hotel Briones is right in front of the main plaza and prides itself on personalised attention and excellent value for money. Their 18 private rooms (single, double, matrimonial, quads, and a 6 bed apartment) each have a television and private bathroom - so you can get the privacy you might crave after travelling for some time, while keeping within budget for those travelling on a shoestring. You will find traditional wooden floors throughout the hotel and each room has heating for those cooler nights in this oasis in the desert. At the end (or maybe beginning) of your night, make sure to stop by the bar to 10% OFF enjoy a glass of the famous Torrontés with from Cafayate! Get South Breakfast - Wi-Fi - Free parking


Its name comes from the Aymará word “sagta”, which means “the very beautiful one”. Salta is the main base for tourist excursions in the North. From here, you can head to Cafayate, the wine region, the valleys and mountains of Calchaqui Valley, the picturesque route to the historic village of Cachi, the amazing Los Cardones National Park, and much more.

This city has some of the best preserved colonial architecture in the country.The most significant buildings in Salta are grouped around the main square, Plaza 9 de Julio. They include the Cathedral, the Cabildo (town hall) which houses the Museo Histórico del Norte, and the San Francisco Church, which has one of the highest church towers in America (53 m). The Museo Arqueológico de Alta Montaña has a very interesting collection of exhibits gathered from high-altitude Inca shrines, including mummified children. The Museo de Bellas Artes (Fine Art Museum) resides in a 2 storey colonial mansion on Florida Street, 2 blocks west of Plaza 9 de Julio. San Bernardo Convent is one of the oldest buildings in the city. It has a hand-carved wooden door made by the natives dating back to 1762.


SALTA The Cable Car to San Bernardo Hill is an excellent way to see Salta from above. It‛s a ten minute ride, taking you from the city centre up to a glorious vista. One can also get there by climbing the 1,021 steps! Salta has a busy nightlife, especially in and around Balcarce Street. It hosts many favourite local bars, restaurants, and peñas* folklóricas where local food and drinks are served while traditional live music and dancing fill your spirit. Salta also offers a great variety of adventure activities. You can go horseback riding, trekking or paragliding around the surrounding hills and mountains. Other choices include mountain biking, bird watching or 4x4 journeys. Most of the adventure activities take place at Cabra Corral Dam, 65 km away from Salta city, where you can also go sailing, water skiing, kayaking, jet skiing, bungee jumping, water sliding and even rafting in the Juramento River rapids. From April to November you can experience an awesome ride on the famous Tren a las Nubes (Train to the Clouds), travelling through the Quebrada* del Toro and ascending up to 4,220 m.


Finca Las Moras-Chicoana (0387) 156836565 Have you ever wanted to hang out with real gauchos*? Enrique is the owner of Estancia Sayta, 35 km southwest of Salta in a beautiful town called Chicoana. You can stay at his house and do what gauchos do, which is mainly ride horses, eat meat, drink wine and sing traditional songs. The estancia* offers horseback riding from half day to an epic ten days. The full moon horse trek is an experience not to be missed! Come and see why Sayta means “where time stops” in the Aymar tongue. Transfer in and out included !!

1 bottle of regional wine with Get South!



Buenos Aires 160 1ºG (0387) 155009345 Is it time to brush up on the lingo? In the heart of Salta there is a small, local language school which offers classes all year round. Experienced and friendly teachers will work with you to get your Spanish up to speed whether you are a new bird who wants to get the food you actually ordered (or thought you did) or more seasoned and looking to polish SPANISH CLASSES up your chit-chat. This is a small and therefore personal school with all the audio and video materials needed to provide an excellent service. They have private and group classes and can help set up a volunteering experience so that not only can you improve your Spanish, but form memories and a bond with locals you’ll remember forever. No small thing when it comes to language course fees, Idiomas Salta offers 10% off with Get South!

The school is centrally located, near all the hostels, bars and amenities of the city center, meaning that you’ll be able to take your new found Spanish skills to the street right after class. Salta has some of the best food, interesting music and performances and has among the friendliest people. Learning the language will not only give you a deeper understanding of where you are but also where you want to go.

It might look like I’m sitting here doing nothing ... But I work so fast I’m always finished!



Caseros 489 (0387) 4312097

Looking for a professional outfit that can make bookings without screwing it all up? Turismo Marina Semisa is a great all-round travel agency in Salta. They are prompt, professional and eager to ensure your trip runs like clockwork.

Credit Cards accepted

They organize excursions to Cachi, Humahuaca and Cafayate. Their vehicles are brand sparkling new and their guides fluent in English and French. They also offer adventure activities such as canopy, rafting and hangliding. If that’s not enough, they will reserve accommodation and design tailor-made tours to suit your needs. They also offer cars and SUVs for rental. Now that’s what I call a travel agent! Car Rental 10% discount on car rental with Get South! N° Leg. 10797

Car Rental certified by the Ministry of Tourism.

HOSTAL LA SALAMANCA This is a unique place in Salta where all rooms have been decorated with touches of local wood creating a warm atmosphere. This hostel, located a few steps away the bus terminal and in front of Parque* San Martín, has plenty of rooms to accommodate you comfortably.

10% OFF in Dorms!


Av. San Martín 104 (0387) 4215512 Their facilities include ten rooms: singles, double, triples and dorms, all with private baths, some ensuite. Their service includes breakfast, TV/ DVD room, free Internet with picture downloading and burning, a fully equipped kitchen, individual lockers, maid service and an Andean cultural library to learn a little more about local culture. Breakfast Internet Wi-Fi


Alsina 1070 (0387) 4212115 El Duende de la Posta is owned and run by the Romeo family, who has made the place look great. The rooms are very comfortable, all the privates have TV and ensuite bathrooms and the dorms (which sleep 4) have private or shared bath. The two kitchens are well equipped, which means there’s always plenty of space for you to cook up a storm! You can enjoy a full breakfast, soak up some rays in the garden or use the grill to try your hand at an asado*! The hostel is a fantastic, quiet place to relax as it’s in a secure, residential area, but if you do want to head out you’re in a great location to enjoy the Salta nightlife - Balcarce street is just 3 blocks away! 10% off with Get South or stay 4 get 5th night free + free transfer from the Bus station with both promotions! Breakfast - Internet


Catamarca 481 (0387) 4229724 Feel at home at Exxes Youth Hostel in Salta. With plenty of common areas, fully equipped kitchen and of course the patio with a BBQ grill, there is plenty of space to chill out and meet other travellers while getting a good night’s sleep in the tranquil air conditioned dorms and private doubles with cable TV. Their yummy breakfast includes coffee, tea, milk, croissants, cereal and fruits! Located five blocks from the bus station, three from the city centre and just around the corner from the park, you can take your pick whether you want bars or park walks, or ask the staff for the best tourism advice. The owners and their helpful staff are there for you 24 hours a day! 5% off (cash or visa debit card) + Free pick up for Breakfast - Internet Get South readers! Wi-Fi - Visa Credit Card Bring your meat and they will be happy to make your asado for free!



Vicente Lopez 353 (0387) 4220731

Corre Caminos Hostel is a place created by and for fellow globetrotters. Only travellers really know what to look for in a hostel, which is why it’s difficult to imagine a service not provided by this dedicated team. Staying at this downtown location you’ll be right in the middle of the action. It is 9 blocks from the bus terminal, 4 blocks from the main plaza and a 15-minute walk to Salta’s fun nightlife. In fact, most of the town’s attractions are within an easy walk from the hostel! Even though Corre Caminos is downtown, the neighbourhood is very quiet and secure.

out miss Don’ton the Sat. . and Wedsados*! a

10% OFF with Get South

Free tea, coffee and mate 24/7!!

Corre Caminos Hostel has matrimonial rooms, twin doubles and dorms, all with shared baths. Amenities include a self catering kitchen, cable TV, and an onsite bar with a pool table and live music performances. Internet They also have an interior courtyard Wi-Fi with plants, an outdoor barbeque area perfect for parties, and a swimming pool!

The owners and youthful staff, most of whom are bilingual, are on the ball and can help you with all travel and adventure arrangements. And they actively create a great atmosphere for everyone, organizing activities ranging from friendly soccer matches to club hopping.

Security, cleanliness, great service and satisfaction are their priorities!


SALTA BACKPACKER’S SALTA: BK HOME - BK SUITES & BAR BK Salta is a legend in BK HOME: Buenos Aires 930. Tel: (0387) 4235910 BK SUITES: Urquiza 1045. Tel: (0387) 4318944 the region (almost 20 years in the market), with two hostels that offer great service, bilingual staff, guest kitchen, big lockers, fresh towels, free dinners included in the price and much more... Take your pick! Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi

BK Home is the first hostel in the entire of North Argentina. Is your home away from home - although possibly better, with its big swimming pool, ping pong, foosball and pool table, Wednesday and Sunday asados*, a bar and a constant ebb and flow of other like-minded travellers to get to know. It is located 5 blocks from the commercial centre with plenty of common areas, dorm rooms and three private doubles. BK Suites and Bar is a stylish new addition to the Salta backpacking scene. It is a funky modern building with a mixture of dorms and privates (all with en-suite bathrooms and lovely new mattresses!), a big lobby area with the reception, tables and chairs, computers with Internet, a bar, comfy sofas and a large TV. BK Suites is only 5 minutes from the main plaza. Free pick up from bus terminal and one free welcome drink with Get South at hostels! BK TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE

N° Leg. 12924

BK Travel and Adventure is their onsite travel agency and you can buy their tours at any of both hostels. It is aimed for backpackers who are out to enjoy Salta and beyond. They offer all the traditional tours including Cafayate, Cachi, the Salt Flats and Quebrada de Humahuaca as well as adventure tourism such as rafting, trekking and horseback riding. Along with top notch vehicles, their young, fun, 10% OFF bi-lingual guides have experience in the area but also understand with that you are on holiday and have no problem stopping for that Get South extra two minutes so you can get the photo of a lifetime!



Buenos Aires 68 (0387) 4222028 / 4311152 Cell: (0387) 156853136

In the heart of the historic centre, just 1 block from the main plaza, enjoy a bit of luxury while you stay in Salta. Buenos Aires Aparts have attractively decorated small apartments or studios set to accommodate solo travellers, couples or groups of up to five people. Each studio has a private bathroom, A/C, and a kitchenette kitted out with a microwave, fridge, electric kettle and toaster. Enjoy lazing in your big comfy bed watching cable TV or using the high speed Internet, or get out and explore from the apartments’ perfect central location. Five star service at really affordable prices! Internet Credit Cards

Book for three nights or more and get 10% off with Get South! (cash payments only)

Maid service every day & free local phonecalls! TERRA OCULTA Youth Hostel

Córdoba 361 (0387) 4218769

Its spacious rooms, relaxing vibe and interactive energy make Terra Oculta an ideal stop for any traveller. This beautiful big homey residence with plenty of open spaces, 10% OFF is located a hop away from Salta’s bus terminal, main square with and city centre. There are double rooms and dorms with shared Get South bathrooms, and plenty of amenities to discover. Make sure to grab a cold one, some mate, a book or a fellow globetrotter and simply chill out at their original rooftop bar made with stones, wood and bottles!! You can join in on entertaining football or ping pong tournaments, usually followed by one of their numerous traditional asados*. Equipped with a full kitchen, book exchange, cable TV & DVD and board games, this is the place to find neat people and turn them into lifelong friends. Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi



San Salvador de Jujuy is surrounded by lush scenery and is a great place to start your travels to the fabulous multicoloured gorge of Quebrada* de Humahuaca. Around the main square visit the Cabildo (Town Hall), the historic Cathedral and the Government House. Some of the finest pieces of sacred art in Argentina can be found at the Provincial Archaeology Museum. Set within the magnificent valley of the Reyes River, 19 km from San Salvador de Jujuy, are the Termas de Reyes (hot springs). A mountain road leads you to Yala Lagoons, an area surrounded by beautiful alder woods, making it an ideal spot for camping and hiking.

Purmamarca is located 65 km from San Salvador de Jujuy. It has pre-Hispanic origins and an urban layout centred around Saint Rosa‛s church, built in 1648. This village lies against the exceptional Cerro de los Siete Colores (Hill of the Seven Colours), which has sedimentary rocks of different colours illustrating various geological eras. The Paseo de los Colorados makes for a gorgeous 3 km walk, featuring naturally sculpted red cliffs and a series of breathtaking views. Another highlight is the vast Salinas Grandes (Great Salt Flats), which are easy accessible by local taxi from the main plaza. The drive goes over the Cuesta del Lipán, bordering cliffs through a deep canyon while reaching 4,200 m until you get to this enormous salt flat.

CLUB HOSTEL & PAISAJES DEL NOROESTE Set within walking distance of the city centre, Club Hostel offers a range of rooms from dorms to private doubles decorated in rustic wood designs. It has been recently renovated and includes a full kitchen, dining room, as well as a TV lounge. Need to get out? Luckily there’s a travel agency on site called Paisajes del Noroeste offering excursions to Jujuy’s most beautiful attractions like N° Leg. 12471

10% off with Get South! Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi


San Martín 134 S.S DE JUJUY (0388) 4237565

Humahuaca, Salinas Grandes and Yungas. They’ll help you try your hand at hangliding and sandboarding amongst other adventure sports. It has all of Jujuy under one roof! A full range of experiences! •Traditional excursions •Adventure and mountain trips •Rural and thermal bath trips •Tours of traditional villages

TILCARA TILCARA This lively Andean village is a great place for exploring the Quebrada de Humahuaca. There‛s an excellent arts and crafts market and lots of places to eat in and around its charming central plaza. Evenings can be best enjoyed wandering around, bar hopping and attending local peñas* (popular gatherings filled with live traditional music and local food). The well attended religious procession in January and the Pachamama (Mother Earth) festival in August are worth catching. :: Pucará de Tilcara: a restored pre-Hispanic fortress located on a hilltop, where one can appreciate the astonishing views of the Quebrada landscapes. :: Museo Arqueológico: hosts an extensive collection of pre-Columbian ceramics, masks and mummies. :: Wayra Caves: walk through this impressive formation of natural tunnels. :: Devil‛s Throat: hike along old paths to the waterfalls, while taking in some of the amazing views.


Belgrano 155 (0388) 4955410 A sparkling white townhouse with a rural feel, Casa Los Molles is a beautiful hostel located close to Tilcara’s main plaza. It is bright and cheerful with lots of space and light and has a fantastic garden with incredible views of the village and mountains. It even has its own organic veggie patch where you can help with the gardening! Accommodation includes private rooms and dorms and they also have cabins for 2 and 4 people with their own bathrooms and kitchens. You can relax in a hammock and watch life go by, read a book from their library or spend some pleasant evenings talking around their fogón*. The young owners can help you with info about the area and Bolivia. Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi

10 % off or stay 4 nights and get 1 free + free pick up from the bus station!



Radioestacion n/n, over the old train station (0388) 155728897 / 155008479

Casa Colores hostel is a relaxing and cool place to spend your days in Tilcara. You can stay in one of their cozy doubles or in a dorm, all with Breakfast - Internet shared baths and very comfortable mattresses. There is a spacious common room to hang out, watch movies, read books, drink coffee or beer, play some of their instruments and marvel at the beautiful landscape! The kitchen is available for use and on weekends, you’ll also enjoy the asados* or regional dishes they make with guests and friends. Attended by its bilingual owner and staff, they know their way around and can help you plan your trip through northern Argentina and Bolivia. 15% off + free pick up from the bus station Free coffee or tea 24/7 and bike rental available! with Get South! BURRITO HOSTEL

Belgrano 332 (0388) 5896715 Get ready for your welcome bear hug at Burrito Hostel! This fun spot is in a MSN: 300-year-old Tilcara house, just 20 meters from the main plaza. It’s also just five blocks from the bus station and in the middle of all the great little restaurants. If you feel like cooking your own meal, they have a kitchen and patio with a mud oven and a parrilla*. They have one double/matrimonial room and several dorms, the largest sleeping up to 9 guests, most with shared bath. Bonuses include hot water and check-in 24/7. The helpful owners will be delighted to share tons of info about the many excursions in the area. Just ask! Breakfast Dinner Internet Wi-Fi

15% off (all year) or stay 3 nights get 1 free (low season) + free pick up frpm the bus station!


HUMAHUACA HUMAHUACA The town of Humahuaca is a sun drenched land bursting with memories of elder cultures that left a strong influence in architecture, traditions, legends and beliefs related to nature and local heroes. The rustic adobe houses, the narrow cobbled streets and the old colonial street lamps create the illusion that time has stopped. There are various museums that illustrate handicrafts, paintings, sculptures, and other folk art. In the centre of the village is the Cabildo (Town Hall) with clock tower that chimes at 12 pm, after which a small door opens and a full-size replica of Saint Francisco Solano comes out and makes the sign of the cross. On the western side of the main plaza stands the beautiful Cathedral, built in the XVII century. From the plaza, a staircase climbs to the imposing Independence Monument with a statue exalting the virtues of the native culture. The view from here on to the village and the mountainside is really beautiful. From the town of Humahuaca you can take a local bus and visit Iruya. The village really has an “end of the road” feel as the one road literally ends in front of the church. Surrounded by a breathtaking view, with cliffs and mountains enclosing the village; its steep cobblestone streets take us back to the past. Dare to horseback ride or hike to remote San Isidro. If you have any energy left, go an extra 4 km to the untouched pre-Inca ruins at Titiconte, going through chasms and hills with abrupt slopes.


Buenos Aires 447 (03887) 421064

Want a friendly and relaxing atmosphere? This colonial-style hostel is the place for you! Located on the town’s historic quarter, just 70 m from the main plaza and 120 m from the bus station, you’ll have every opportunity to recover from the day’s fun-filled activities. They offer dorms with a shared bath or doubles, triples, quadruples, and sextuples rooms with private bathrooms. With an onsite restaurant, you will enjoy a yummy breakfast, tasty hamburgers, pizzas, and empanadas. They also have a quincho* with a stove in case you want to cook, and a nice patio with plants and trees. Come enjoy the historic feel and be ready to have a great time! Breakfast

15 % OFF with Get South


HUMAHUACA HOSTAL LA ANTIGUA Tired after a long bus journey? Hostal La Antigua is just around the corner! Only 80 meters from the bus station, a warm and friendly ownerrun hostel awaits. In a nineteenth century colonial style house, you will find lots of antique furnishings around the living room, kitchen, private bedrooms and dormitories. 10% OFF with Get South

La Pampa 81 (0381) 156721275 This traditional adobe (mud) constructed house with a fireplace and wooden and mosaics floors, fits just one block from the historic quarter of Humahuaca and is only three blocks from the main square. Every Friday the owners and staff organise an asado* and there are regular cultural activities as well as being a hub of knowledge if you need advice on excursions and what to do while you stay in beautiful Jujuy! Breakfast - Internet

LA QUIACA & YAVI La Quiaca is the last stop before entering Bolivia. It‛s a small village about 190 km from Humahuaca at 3,442 m.a.s.l. It‛s next to the Bolivian border, connecting via an international bridge. You will be attracted by the way people live, the characteristic clothing of the women and men, and the active trade in local products. The Central Market is interesting to see, and from here there is local transport that takes you to the historic village of Yavi (it leaves all the time), situated only 16 km east of La Quiaca through a paved road. Yavi was founded in 1667 and has under 400 inhabitants that live in adobe wall houses with typical roofs made out of reed, clay and straw. You should visit the San Francisco‛s Chapel, built in 1690 and the mansion of the Marquis of Tojo (converted into a museum). From Yavi there are walking trails around the nearby Cerros Colorados, including rock paintings and petroglyphs. Five km south of Yavi, at the foot of the Siete Hermanos Mountains, you will find the Laguna Colorada with astonishing rock paintings of human figures, llamas, spirals and portrayals of the activities and customs, all painted by the primitive inhabitants.



SAN MARTIN DE LOS ANDES SAN MARTIN DE LOS ANDES San Martín de los Andes is an alpine style mountain town surrounded by steep hillsides. It‛s the departure point for sailing trips on Lagos* Lácar and Nonthué. :: Seven Lakes Route: Departing from San Martín de Los Andes, amidst waterfalls and forests, this breathtaking 100 km long road is surprisingly gorgeous, showing every lake‛s own charm. You will be amazed by the beauty of Lagos* Machonico, Hermoso, Villarino, Falkner, Traful, Correntoso and Espejo. The route ends at Villa La Angostura, on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi. :: Cerro* Chapelco: Located 15 km away, this ski resort has 29 km of slopes, an overall drop of 730 m and very good snow conditions, which make it suitable for practicing all sorts of winter sports. In summertime, Chapelco turns into a centre for adventure sports where climbing, mountain biking, paragliding, trekking, horseback riding, 4x4 expeditions and 4-wheeling can be practiced here. :: Lanín National Park: Its wooded mountain valleys with unique species of trees (like Lenga and Araucaria) create the perfect backdrop for brilliant blue glacial lakes like Huechulafquen (a catamaran trip is available), Aluminé and Lácar. Nature walks and the spectacular Lanín Volcano (3,776 m high) will tempt any trekker. The challenging climb up the volcano can be done in one long day. However permits, climbing experience and proper equipment are required.


Av. San Martin 643 (02972) 410031 / 410032

Mountains, lakes, forests – there is a lot to fit in visiting San Martín de los Andes, and with their wide selection of tours and activities Los Alerces can help you do it! Whether it be trekking, rappelling, horseback riding, canopy, climbing expeditions or tours, Los Alerces is your one-stop shop for them all! They offer a personal touch treating guests with chocolates, mate* and pastries, and during the summer tours they stop by the beach if guests want to catch a sunray or two. Some full day tours available: - The Seven Lakes Route - Lanín Volcano and Lake Huechulafquen (with an optional catamaran trip) - Hua Hum (Patagonian forests and valleys) 10% off your second tour with Get South!

Nº Leg. 10.416

Euro and USD accepted

Find them on the main street, one block from the tourist info center and three from the bus station.


SAN MARTIN DE LOS ANDES PUMA YOUTH HOSTEL Bunk down with a Puma. Nothing will cramp your style at Puma Youth Hostel. This gorgeous brick and wood house has lots of space, including a garden of fruit trees and an outside fireplace. There are fourteen rooms in total, some doubles, some quadruples, ALL with private bathrooms.

Fosbery 535 (02972) 422443 The friendly and experienced staff is bilingual and can give you helpful information and lots of tips. There is a big, fully equipped open kitchen and 24 hr hot water. The warm, spacious common area is the focus point for this happy household. Need a pool? The beautiful Lake Lacar is nearby if you fancy a dip.

10% off with Get South staying more than 2 nights!

Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi

SAN CARLOS DE BARILOCHE One can find it all in Bariloche‌ mountains and lakes, a dry summer and snowy winter, natural beauty year round and an abundance of different activities for each season. The city itself stands out with its unique stone and wood architecture, giving it a Swiss Alps feel. It is also the gateway to Nahuel Huapi National Park, a place filled with beautiful landscapes, comprised of lakes, forests, and snow capped peaks. Sailing on the lake, one can visit Isla* Victoria, Puerto* Blest and the Bosque* de Arrayanes (native, tall, red-bark trees). It is said that the Bosque de Arrayanes inspired Disney to create "Bambi". Bariloche is also considered a capital of adventure tourism in the country. Activities include: rafting, canopy, trekking, horseback riding, mountain biking, lake kayaking, scuba diving, fishing, snowboarding, skiing, paragliding and hiking.


SAN CARLOS DE BARILOCHE :: Nahuel Huapi National Park: With more than 700,000 hectares, it's the oldest park in Argentina, filled with lakes, rivers, glaciers, rapids, valleys, forests, mountains, snow capped volcanos, and a variety of animal species. :: Cerro* Campanario: Enjoy the scenic chairlift as it takes you to the summit where, according to National Geographic, one of the top ten best views on the planet can be appreciated. :: Cerro* Catedral: Considered to be one of the best ski resorts in South America, it is fully equipped with 67 km of skiable terrain and runs of up to 4 km in length. It is also a cool place to visit outside of ski season. :: Cerro* Tronador: Consisting of three peaks, it is the highest mountain in the area (3,478 m). It was named Tronador because of thunderous sounds made by the chunks of ice falling off the glacier. Ventisquero Negro can be found on the outskirts of Cerro Tronador. Simply take the path that follows alongside Manso River. :: Villa La Angostura: A beautiful, classy, yet rustic village, located some 80 km north of Bariloche on the northern shores of Nahuel Huapi Lake. From here you can access the famous Bosque de Arrayanes, the Seven Lakes Route and the small ski resort of Cerro Bayo.

CUADRANTE SUR - Kayak trips

Mitre 86 2ºH (02944) 15511350

Kayak the blue lakes and rivers of Bariloche with Cuadrante Sur. Tours are half and full day and are offered all year round. Throw in some horseback riding and hiking and you’ve got yourself a true Bariloche experience. It is run by its owners who will shower you with lots of personal attention and smiles. All the trips are organized by difficulty level to accommodate everyone, from families to hardcore adventure junkies. The company motto is "Safety and fun are number one!". 20% OFF Their tours include: with • Pick-up and drop-off • Bilingual guides trained Get South in first-aid and rescue • Snacks (half day) and lunch (full day) with a vegetarian option

Bring sandals, comfy clothes and an extra pair of shoes and clothes!!



Villegas 222 (02944) 436215 / 437957

Fancy canopying across stunning landscapes? Like the thought of canyoning, rafting or kayaking down rapids? Or perhaps a relaxing sail around Bariloche’s beautiful lakes…

Si Turismo offers it all and more (horseback riding, trekking, excursions to Cerro Tronador, Glacier Ventisqueros Negros, 7 Lakes Route, etc). This cool agency is known for its “buena onda*” and is sure to spice up your stay in the stunning landscapes of Bariloche. With professional, bi-lingual staff and top notch equipment you’re in safe hands as you tear your way down a zip-line, thrown yourself off rock faces into water or get down to some serious trekking! 10% off cash Credit cards, euros and payments with dollars accepted Get South! Downtown location and open most of the day. N° Leg.: 11.040 CABALGATAS ESTANCIA EL ARROYO - Horseriding Do you want the romantic life of a gaucho for a day? Horseback riding, estancias and asados? Join Estancias El Arroyo for an intimate (max. 8 pax) horse trek through the mountains, cross a stream on horseback, pass a waterfall and after three hours riding with glorious mountain views over Nahuel Huarpi National Park, sit down to a traditional asado* and spot the native wildlife (condors, stags, foxes, etc). 10% OFF

with Get South


Estancia El Arroyo (02944) 15532520 Tuck into a feast of BBQ steak, sausages, roasted vegetables, salads and homemade breads and desserts while enjoying the famous malbec. Vegetarian menu available on request. Although just outside Bariloche city, you feel one with nature and a world apart! Transfer to the estancia included (5km out of Bariloche).

SAN CARLOS DE BARILOCHE THRIFTY CAR RENTAL BARILOCHE Quaglia 352 Get yourself a deal at Thrifty Car Rental in Bariloche, to enjoy the marvellous (02944) 427904 / 420825 / 427895 scenary and highlights of the area at your own pace. Thrifty has Peugeot, Fiat, Chevrolet, and Toyota cars, 4WD and SUVs available! Choose between 100, 300 or 500 km/day plans. All plans include liability insurance, with an optional full insurance cover. They are conveniently located downtown, and are open from 9am to 8pm. daily. You can also make a reservation online for delivery of a vehicle at the airport, bus station or even your hotel. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards required for deposit, while pesos, dollars and euros can be used as payment. So what are you waiting for? Get on the road! Free car upgrade and 5% off with Get South! HOSTEL LOS TRONCOS

Av. San Martin 571 (02944) 431188

Los Troncos is a hostel in a newly decorated, 3-story house. The living room has a 58� flat screen TV with cable and a DVD player, the garden has a BBQ, and there are two kitchens! It has an excellent downtown location, with bars and restaurants nearby; 15 minutes from the bus station, and 30 minutes from the Cerro Catedral ski center.

Choose between private double rooms or dorms. While some rooms are shared, each has its own bathroom and TV. They are known for their friendly atmosphere and great service. Free amenities include breakfast, towels, Wi-Fi and PC computer to use. 10% OFF Breakfast - Internet Wi-Fi - Credit Cards


with Get South


Perito Moreno 534 (02944) 422244

Skip the hostel tonight and head to Hotel 7 de Febrero. It’s right in the center of Bariloche, with beautiful views of the Nahuel Huapi Lake and the cathedral, and an excellent value for the money! Rooms can be single, double, twin or triple, and all have its own TV, telephone and private bathroom (with a bath!). They all have great springbox mattresses, soft linen and towels, heaters and Wi-Fi. You’ll be impressed by the great view from your room. Depending on the specific room you may see the lake, the cathedral or even Victoria Island! A hearty buffet breakfast is included in the price of your stay. Luggage storage, laundry service, on-site bar and parking are also available. Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Hebrew spoken. 15% off when you pay in cash and show Get South!


Breakfast - Wi-Fi - Credit Cards

Salta 308 - (02944) 426084 -

Need a hostel, but want to feel well looked after? Hostal Inn Bariloche gives you the full service: including breakfast and dinner to fuel you up for treks during the day and parties at night. Conveniently located near the civic centre, bars and discos. Get some quality rest in their spacious shared or private rooms (most with private bath) and wake up to the view of Lake Huapi on the deck, ready to start over again! Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi MOVING TRAVEL BAR BARILOCHE

Salta 504

This is THE backpackers bar in Bariloche! Make some friends, enjoy the music and get some great tips on travelling in the area – a hub of backpackers and knowledge! Chill out on Mondays, English rock on Tuesdays, try the Argentinean version of rock on Wednesdays, Reggae dub on Thursdays, Disco on Fridays and finish off with Techno on Saturdays.



Tronador 4651 (off Av. Bustillo 4700) (02944) 442267

This lively hostel is just a short bus ride away from the city centre in a beautiful area. It’s on the way to tourist spots, such as Cerro Catedral, Colonia Suiza and Lago Gutierrez. The building is made of wood and has a deck with beautiful views of the Nahuel Huapi Lake. It offers dorms, twins, and double rooms. The staff prepares a bargain menu of the day meal and great asados*. Tomy and Willy can provide you with all the local info you need for your outdoor adventures.

Free pick up from the bus station or 50% off from the airport with Get South! Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi

How to get there: From the bus station, take the 20, 21, 10 or 22 buses to 4700 Bustillo Av (Costanera). Walk uphill 60 m and turn left. PATANUK HOSTEL

Juan Manuel de Rosas 585 (02944) 434991

This hostel is ideally located by the shore of the Nahuel Huapi Lake, with easy beach access and just a stone's throw from downtown Bariloche. They offer double, triple and quadruple rooms with private bathrooms, and dorms with shared bathrooms, lockers and lake views! Spanish classes are also offered and there is a fully equipped kitchen available for personal use, laundry service and cable TV!

Make yourself comfy by the fireplace in the living room, or share drinks at their cool bar overlooking the lake, which also offers picadas*, pizzas, sandwiches and international dishes. The owners and enthusiastic bilingual staff are on hand 24/7, and promise to greet you with a big smile and to provide great service. Get a free pizza & 1 artisan beer with Get South!

Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi



Lihuel Calel 156 (02944) 467481 Camping Hostel "Los Coihues" is Villa los Coihues - Lago Gutiérrez located inside the Nahuel Huapi National Park at Villa Los Coihues, only 13 km from the city of Bariloche. The Internet - Wi-Fi campsite is set by the Gutierrez river banks, where you can swim and practice kayaking in its crystal clear waters that come from the melted snow of the mountains. They also offer dorm style accommodation for those tired of setting up tents. This place is the base camp to get to Frey and Jakob mountain shelters, and there are lots of great trekking circuits around the area. Their staff is always available to answer any questions and 10% OFF help you plan an amazing stay. with Gutierrez Lake is 200 m away, as Get South well as the bus stop to town. Bus number 50 comes and goes every 20 minutes. Check out their website and Facebook page! ACHALAY HOSTEL

Morales 564 (02944) 522556 Achalay is a small hostel with a cool atmosphere located in Bariloche's downtown. Providing single, double, triple, and quadruple spacious rooms in a rustic-style house. It's clean, fun, cheap and offers a full service. The house has many lairs for you to relax in: an open terrace with a beautiful garden, a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living room with TV and DVD player, and a small area where you can share a drink with other travellers. Bed sheets and linen are provided by the hostel & laundry service is available at reception. Breakfast is served at any time because Achalay believes everyone deserves a rest when they need it. Helpful staff will give you advice and information about the tours and trips around the area, to make your stay the complete Bariloche experience! Breakfast – Internet – Wi-Fi

10% off with Get South (excluding January, February and Easter).


EL BOLSON EL BOLSON Just 110 km from Bariloche, El Bolsón is a bohemian village with a unique atmosphere cherished by nature lovers and artisans. They locally produce artisan beers, grow berries and have a handicraft market famous for its quality (open Tue -Thu - Sat). ::Cerro* Piltriquitrón & Bosque* Tallado: a hikeable mountain with spectacular views that is home to a unique forest, displaying a lot of wooden sculptures made from the remains of trees that were once burnt in a local forest fire. ::Río* Azul – Cabeza de Indio – Cascada* Escondida: a beautiful trekking circuit that takes you past the Río* Azul Nature Reserve, the “Indian Head” and the "Hidden Waterfalls". You can do some trekking in the mountain ranges or hike lakeside on the excellent network of trails. ::Adventure Sports: El Bolsón offers excellent conditions for paragliding off Cerro Piltriquitrón, rafting on the Manso River, horseback riding to the Cajón del Azul and trekking on the many trails around the area. ::Lago* Puelo and Epuyen: both located nearby El Bolsón, they are great places for hiking, visiting waterfalls and fishing. GRADO 42

Av. Belgrano 406 corner Av. San Martin (02944) 493124 Travelling Route 40? Schedule a pit stop at travel agency Grado 42, for traditional and adventure tours highlighting the best of El Bolsón! Their list of tour services is longer than the Patagónico Express train, La Trochita! It includes rafting, trekking, rappelling, horseback riding, tandem paragliding and carved forest exploration, just to name a few. Fifteen years ago Grado 42 was the first and only commercial venture in the village of El Bolsón. They represent the Marga-Taqsa bus company which services El Bolsón - El Chaltén El Calafate over Route 40 or Route 3. They’re located right in the center of town and their professional guides are eagerly waiting to give you an El Bolsón-bastic adventure! Buy one excursion and receive a FREE entrance to the carved forest with Get South! Nº Leg: 9457



Tres Cipreses 1237 (02944) 498730

Spacious and bright, this hostel is set in some of the best trekking terrain in the country. Surrounded by 2 hectares of native forest and streams, the fantastic mountain views of the Andes and the El Bols贸n Valley make Altos Del Sur the perfect getaway. Be prepared to be treated like family by the owner's warm and genuine welcome. Shared and private rooms are spacious 10% OFF and cozy with ensuite bathrooms. The living room has cable with TV with lots of DVDs if you feel like staying in. There is central Get South heating, a fully equipped kitchen and they offer delicious homemade dinners. Don't miss the Breakfast regular pizza or choripan* Fridays Internet - Wi-Fi (vegetarian options available as well). Easy Access: From the city centre, it's a quick 10 minute cab or car ride along Subida Cerro Piltriquitron with signs along the way. In the low season pick-up from the bus station is free, just give them a call! LA CAMORRA HOSTEL Av. Belgrano 1029/31 (02944) 492675 This welcoming, spacious hostel is located at 600mts from the main square, right by the famous artisan fair and next to the supermarkets, near to restaurants, brewerys and the center of the town. The bilingual staff are people like you, who like travelling and have good tips about the wonders of El Bols贸n and throughout Argentina. Choose between dorm rooms of 4, 5 or 6 beds with lockers or a private or large room. Clean sheets and towels always included in your stay. La Camorra has a huge common area with tables and chairs - perfect to chill out in with its cable TV, DVD, board games, book exchange and a piano where you can look to enjoy the mountains and make sweet music! There is also a well-equipped kitchen to test out your cullinary skills. Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi

10 % off or 4th night free (except Jan & Feb) with Get South!


ESQUEL ESQUEL Located about 300 km south of Bariloche, Esquel is a breezy town in a fertile valley, with a mountain backdrop. It attracts tourists year round, as it is the base for visiting Los Alerces National Park, La Hoya ski resort and the starting point for the famous La Trochita train. :: Los Alerces National Park: This park is composed of 13 lakes and various river systems, including Lake Futalaufquen and the Arrayanes River- two of the country's best fishing spots. Others include, Lake Menéndez, home to a forest with 3,000-year-old, 60 m tall larch trees and Lago Verde with its green waters. :: La Hoya ski resort: Located about 13 km from Esquel. Its southern orientation allows for great snow conditions, making it an ideal spot for spring skiing. :: La Trochita: Is a historical steam engine train which dates back to 1922. It runs on narrow gauge tracks (75 cm wide) up to El Maitén. It currently serves as a tourist attraction. :: Trevelin: A small Welsh settlement 23 km from Esquel, where the customs, traditions and language are still maintained and are very much a part of every day life. PLANETA HOSTEL Keep nice and warm inside this friendly hostel located right in the town centre. Run by a welcoming young couple of travellers who speak Spanish and English, you will be in good company at Planeta Hostel where you can meet other nomads, take advantage of the LCD television screen and comfy armchairs in the living room. Book two nights and get 10% off your second night with Get South!

Breakfast – Internet – Wi-Fi


Roca 458 (02945) 456846 Rustle up some traditional Patagonian cuisine in the large fully equipped kitchen or BBQ area in the garden, or head out to the nearby bars, restaurants and shops. Planeta Hostel has private and shared rooms, six baths, heating throughout and hot water 24hrs a day to keep you comfortable while you enjoy creating wonderful memories of Patagonia.


Avda. Ameghino 482 (02945) 450498 / 15412621 Just 4 blocks from the commercial centre and 2 from the mountain, Anochecer Andino Hostel awaits you with cool vibes and good times. There are plenty of beds: dorms for 6 and 4 with lockers and shared baths and double rooms with TV. Sheets and towels are included. The open common room has Internet, Wi-Fi, public phone, bus ticket sales, cable TV, DVD movies and board games, making it the ideal place to chill and make small talk with fellow travellers. Start the day with a tasty breakfast and don't miss their great homemade dinners at reasonable prices - it's to die for! There is also a fully equipped kitchen and a bar on site. Personally attended by its owner Federico, he's the go-to guy for cool tips on enjoying wonderful Esquel. Free welcome drink with Get South!

Breakfast - Wi-Fi - Credit Cards

EXPEDICIONES PATAGONIA AVENTURA With over 15 years experience in adventure Av. Fontana 482 tourism, EPA can offer you the best: (02945) 457015 * Rafting, kayaking or inflatable canoeing * Canopying * Horseriding N° Leg.: 13923 * Mountain biking Credit card and * Skiing, snowboarding and snow shoeing (in season) dollars accepted * Excursions to Piedra Parada, Los Alerces and to Chile Centrally located (4 blocks from tourist info), pop into EPA where the staff will offer advice and book activities or accommodation at their places in Corcovado, Pueblo Alto, Lago Krugger or in town. Get your adrenaline hit and enjoy the unique landscapes of Patagonia with EPA! Check out Hostel Casa del Pueblo: with dorms and privates rooms, a large common area with games, a kitchen and a big garden – there’s plenty of room to relax after a long day. San Martín 661 - Tel:(02945) 450581


PUERTO PIRAMIDES PUERTO PIRAMIDES One of the best spots in the world for whale watching, Puerto Piràmides is set 107km east of Puerto Madryn in the Península Valdés. Although most people come for the whales, there are a range of things to do in this beachside tourist hub: kayaking, trekking, diving, mountain biking, deep sea fishing, or just enjoying the beaches and seafood! Puerto Pirámides has been an important tourist destination for some years and is well supplied by shops, restaurants, bars and accommodation. The town is set next to the wild beaches beside tall cliffs, craggy caves and unusual rock formations. The local beach is where you will launch off for whale spotting. Although the whales often come within metres of the coast, you can take boat trips out to sea to be closer to the beautiful giants with unforgettable sightings. For those who want to get in the water, this is also a popular spot for diving, kayaking and snorkling in the clear waters to see the varied marine life. It really isn‛t just whales here – the water is teeming with wildlife: penguins, sea lions, seals, dolphins and plenty of fish. And with the temperate micro-climate of Península Valdés, you can enjoy Puerto Pirámides year round (whale season is only June to December). How to get there: There is a direct daily bus service from Puerto Madryn's bus station that leaves at 8:55am and returns at 6pm (Mar y Valle).

GOOS BALLENAS Does diving with marine mammals and sea lions sound appealing? Goos Ballenas in Puerto Pirámides offers new and experienced divers the chance to swim with some amazing creatures below the sea, discover historic wrecks, deep dive, do night dives or even work on your underwater photography. Goos Ballenas has all the latest equipment and fully trained staff, so just bring your swimsuit and get ready for your date with the sea lions! 10% OFF with Get South

Closed in June.


Alberto Barcelo (02965) 495061 / 15563410 For those water babies who want to stay by the sea, Goos Ballenas is opening a hostel (beginning of July) with comfy dorms and a garden overlooking the sea so you can enjoy their peaceful, out-of-town location and great views for that bit longer.


1st Bajada del Mar n/n (02965) 495065

Mariano Van Gelderen, known as the “King of Whales” founded Hydro Sport, creating the first company dedicated to a fascinating and breathtaking activity: whale and dolphin watching in Puerto Pirámides, on the Península Valdes. Mariano and fellow associate Rafa Benegas have been working with these animals for over 30 years, and invite you to experience the wonders of the marine life in Patagonia on board their modern and comfortable fleet. They also collaborate with many international organizations such as the Whale Conservation Institute. Whale watching from June to December and dolphin watching and boat trips from January to March. Please take warm clothes, proper shoes and sun protection. Don't forget an extra film/memory & batteries for your camera!

PUERTO MADRYN Puerto Madryn is the gateway to the Península Valdés, a World Heritage Site 77 km away. The Peninsula is the breeding place for Southern Right Whales from June to December. It is also home to sea lions, penguins, elephant seals, ñandúes*, maras*, guanacos* and thousands of sea birds (cormorants, gulls, terns, herons). The whale watching boats depart from Puerto Pirámides. The city was declared "National Capital of Scuba Diving" thanks to its underwater beauty and it is one of the few places in the world where you can dive with sea lions! Worth visiting is the Ecocentro, a centre specialised in sea ecosystems. Rent a bike and visit El Doradillo, just 15 km from town where you can stand on the beach and watch the Southern Right Whales playing with their calves. You should also visit Punta Loma Natural Reserve, located just 19 km to the south of Puerto Madryn with over 800 sea lions year round. Go explore Punta Tombo Natural Reserve: 190 km south of Puerto Madryn, is one of the most varied sea bird colonies in the world, with the largest number of Magellan penguins (from mid September to the beginning of April).


PUERTO MADRYN LOBO LARSEN BUCEO The coast of Puerto Madryn is rich in wildlife and teeming with marine animals such as sea lions (known as lobos marinos), whales, dolphins, seals and penguins. If you’re not content peering from the shore, jump in the deep end and go diving with Lobo Larsen Buceo, specialists in diving with sea lions. They organize diving excursions that explore the colourful ocean floor and do underwater tours of old shipwrecks and also night dives. They also conduct PADI certified training courses.

Av. Roca 885. Loc. 2 (02965) 470277

It is a company of friendly, 10% off in English-speaking specialists all services with Get South! with a dive store on the beach and in the town centre. Go on, take the plunge! CENTAURO RENT A CAR

Av. Roca 733 (02965) 475747 / 15340400

There is no better way to discover the beauty of this land than by taking the less travelled road. With Centauro Rent a Car you’ll have all the time and comfort to marvel at nature in Puerto Madryn. A wallet friendly option, ideal to share with friends, Centauro offers a plentiful fleet of new and reliable cars plus the best advice to drive around the area. Centrally located, they are open year round and even offer free pickup & drop-off from the El Tehuelche airport and the bus station (both in Puerto Madryn). Ask about getting/returning cars from different locations in the country. English and Italian spoken. 100 additional km free per day for Get South readers!

Credit Cards accepted



Playa Unión - Puerto Rawson (02965) 498508 / 15591514

This company is dedicated exclusively to the viewing of Toninas Overa dolphins, as well as other local marine life, such as different types of birds, and has a deep commitment to the environment. Their fleet of boats is specially built for navigating the area without disrupting oceanic creatures, and the trips can be performed year round.

Did you know? Toninas Overa are known as the smallest dolphins in the world that can only be seen in Patagonia. They do not weigh more than 50 kg and are not larger than 1.5 m (5 ft).

Estacion Maritima is on Playa Union (about 90 km from Puerto Madryn) where you get on board at Puerto de Rawson, next to the Argentine Coast Guard.


Mitre 798 - PUERTO MADRYN (02965) 456044 With a warm feel of home, you’ll never want to leave. Just two blocks from the beach, its loving owners look after this hostel giving it a family atmosphere you Breakfast - Wi-Fi - Internet won't find very often. With comfortable and heated ensuite private rooms with cable TV and dorms with lockers & shared bathrooms, you’ll have plenty of options to get some shuteye. During your stay, you will enjoy cozy beds with thick mattresses, exquisite Turkish coffee, daily made service, peaceful evenings (quiet time at 12 am!), plus their numerous pieces of advice on tourist info and excursions. 10% off + free breakfast on arrival day (before 9:30 am) + free pick up (Only for bookings through their website. Write in "Comments" the bus company, arrival time, where you are coming from and mention Get South!)

10% OFF with Get South

Beachfront fully furnished apartment for temporary rent (minimum 2 day stay).


PUERTO MADRYN EL GUALICHO Hostel + Tours Want to have a close encounter with nature? Then meet the gurus that will make it happen. Ideally situated, El Gualicho Hostel provides a great atmosphere for experiencing what Patagonia has to offer. They have plenty of private rooms with ensuite bathrooms and dorms with shared and private bathrooms, a beautiful tree lined park, bar, laundry service and top quality facilities. Their own in-house travel agency has tours especially designed for backpackers making this hostel your guide. The bilingual staff certainly knows the area and loves the job, so just ask and you’ll feel the love too.

Marcos A. Zar 480 (02965) 454163 Breakfast Internet Wi-Fi

Loika Expediciones Nº Leg. 12047

CHEPATAGONIA HOSTEL & TRAVEL One of the many things that make Alfonsina Storni 16 (02965) 455783 Chepatagonia Hostel unique is the amazing ocean view where spotting whales from the balcony is possible (from June to October). This charming hostel, located close to downtown and 30 m from the sea, has a bilingual staff and a full list of magnificent amenities. They have shared and private rooms, all come with lockers and heaters, a fully equipped kitchen, an ample cozy 5% off with common room with cable TV, DVD and a library. Get South for Otherwise, there are many fun activities email bookings! to engage in while staying here, like ping pong and board games and tasty asados* every week. If you want to book a tour, it's never been easier, they now have a travel agency onsite! Bike rental available! Breakfast - Wi-Fi - Internet


Chepatagonia Nº Leg. 14058

EL CHALTEN EL CHALTEN Located 220 km northwest of El Calafate, El Chaltén is considered to be the trekking capital of Argentina. This charming village is surrounded by lakes, lagoons, mountains and glaciers allowing for a wide spectrum of outdoor activities. Unguided hikes are common as the trails are free, well marked and easily accessible. There is no cell phone reception and there is just one ATM. The two most predominant peaks are Fitz Roy (3,405 m) and Cerro* Torre (3,128 m). They represent a challenge for both recreational trekkers and for expert mountain climbers. An excellent glacier trek is also available on Cerro Torre. For those needing a break from the challenging hikes, another great way to experience the surrounding beauty is by horseback. Otherwise, you can take a boat excursion to the shores of Viedma glacier, where a short hiking path allows you to get up-close and personal with the glacier. About 40 km north of El Chaltén you will encounter Laguna* del Desierto, a tranquil lake surrounded by forests, various trekking trails and a hanging glacier. Hardcore adverturers: ask about the 130 km trip to Villa O'Higgins at the end of the Carretera Austral in Chile via boat and bus, bicycle, horseback or on foot.


Piedrabuena 45 (02962) 493196 If a clean and comfortable hostel is what you like, La Cima (meaning “the top”) is the right choice to fully enjoy your trip. Located one block from main street, this hostel has private rooms (with private bathrooms and breakfast included) and dorms with bedding included and shared bathrooms. La Cima offers you a common area and a fully equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi, laundry service, luggage 10% OFF storage, lunch box, tickets and excursions for sale with and all the tourist information. Run by a friendly Get South Argentinian couple with their kind and attentive service, they will try to make sure that your stay in El Chaltén, will be unique and unforgettable. Breakfast - Wi-Fi



Antonio Rojo 87 (02962) 493257 Glaciar Marconi is a small and warm hostel. Personally attended by its owner, it has rooms with private bathrooms, some rooms with 4 beds and others with only 2. It stands 100 m away from all the local shops, restaurants and bars. Make use of the fully-equipped kitchen, sit back with complimentary tea, coffee and mate, or try some local cuisine. The owner is really helpful and will provide you with assistance and information on how to have a blast during your stay. Sometimes closed between May and September. Please check before you go!


10% OFF with Get South

EL CALAFATE Located on the shores of Lago Argentino, Calafate is best known as the starting point from which to visit The Glaciers National Park, a World Heritage Site home to 13 glaciers. The famous 5 km wide Perito Moreno is one of only two advancing glaciers in South America. There are many ways to get to the park; you can rent a car, take a bus or join a tour. From there you can go on a relaxing boat trip amongst huge icebergs to marvel at the giant ice blocks detaching and plunging into Lago Argentino. Another boat tour takes you towards the 50 km long Upsala glacier. Onelli and Agassiz glaciers can be admired after a 1.5 km walk from Onelli Bay. Besides the glaciers, a few adventure activities worth mentioning are horseback riding, trekking, 4x4 expeditions, fly fishing and mountain biking. Want to experience the Argentinean countryside? Spend some time at an estancia*, estancia , large ranches offering daily and overnight visits where you may even be able to test your sheep sheering skills! El Calafate's main strip is great for strolling around,, with lots of souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants. Nearby is BahĂ­a Redonda, where you can see upland geese, black necked swans and flamingos.


EL CALAFATE BAFT Backpacking Free Travel Alternative tourism

9 de Julio 57 Local 1 (02902) 490222

BAFT is more than just a tour agency, it is a hub for travellers wanting to share experiences, meet other travellers and find information. The young, professional staff offers you advice and help in everything a traveller needs. There are regular orientation talks about El Chaltén and Torres de Paine and information on all local activities. Their own tours are tailored to your personal tastes, budget and schedule. They have Tours available include: maps, book exchange and • Treks and visits to El Chaltén free Internet, so come in and Torres del Paine for a coffee and a chat! • Perito Moreno trips (conventional, ice trekking or alternative) 10% off the • Estancia visits unconventional • Fishing Perito Moreno tour • Horseback trips with Get South! Credit cards, dollars • Bike and Car Rental & euros accepted N° Leg.: 14.449 • Hostel booking CAMBALACHE

Gobernador Moyano 1258 (02902) 492603

Argentine food and drinks

If you want to try some real Argentinean food at real Argentinean prices, try Cambalache. A popular and lively joint serving homemade specialities to locals and travellers alike: try their famous steak, lamb stew, choripan*, soup, milanesa, great pizzas, empanadas and proper chips (fries). Perfect fuel after a long day in the great outdoors. Honest prices make it a bargain, and look out for their menu of the day. Find this local gem two blocks away from the main avenue, in a typical Patagonian building with a deck and beer patio. Come for the hearty food and stay for the warm hospitality! Wi-Fi

Free delivery!

10% OFF with Get South



Concesionario P.N. Los Glaciares

Av. Libertador 935 (02902) 492205

Want to explore the beauty and deepest secrets of one of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders of Argentina? Hielo y Aventura caters to all travellers wanting to visit The Glaciers National Park. Whether you want to climb over the creaking glaciers to delve into the centre of this extraordinary ice palace, or if you prefer to watch the ice tumble from the comfort of a boat – Hielo y Aventura can take you there!

Experience one of the following awesome excursions with them: Mini-trekking: glacier trekking with crampons for an hour and a half, accompanied by expert mountain guides. After a twenty minute boat ride to the glacier, endeavour on a two hour trek on the ice looking at the wonderful formations of the glacier - streams, small lagoons, crevasses and ice formations. With explainations about flora, fauna and glaciology, this is a moderate trek (suitable for most ages) that finishes with a walk through the forest. Big Ice: A 7 hour trek to the centre of the glacier where you can enjoy a BYO (bring your own) picnic on the ice, accompanied by experienced mountain guides. Start the morning with a sail across Lago Rico, then start off on a walk along the lateral moraine and a one hour trek to the glacier centre where you can see moulins, crevasses and caves. Spend three hours trekking the glacier (breaking for lunch) and then head back to the boat awaiting on the edge of the glacier. Nautical Safari: Sail for an hour just 200 meters away from the southern wall of Perito Moreno Glacier and marvel at the incredible break offs and stunning setting. Get a unique perspective of the glacier on one of these excursions that depart regularly between 10am and 4pm. Credit cards and foreign currencies accepted


NÂş Leg.: 12843


Coronel Rosales 28 (02902) 491065

To be royally wined and dined visit Parrilla La Tablita, located just a couple of blocks from downtown El Calafate. After half a century in business (since 1968) they have perfected the art of tasty, sizzled steaks, mouthwatering pastas, flakey fish and zesty salads. The owners personally attend to the restaurant details and the staff is bilingual. The restaurant décor is beautiful, with large windows that illuminate meticulously placed table settings and traditional interiors. Don’t miss their famous grilled Patagonian lamb coupled with an Argentinean malbec from their extensive wine list. You’ll be in flavor ecstasy! Free welcome drink with Get South!

Wi-Fi Credit Cards accepted

CAMPING EL OVEJERO & HOSTAL - LA MARCA RESTAURANT Jose Pantin 64 Just blocks from El Calafate's commercial (02902) 493422 centre and the bus station, Camping El Ovejero & Hostal offers the opportunity to see Patagonia as it was meant to be: under the stars. They offer camping facilities with heated bathrooms and hot water 24/7. There is also a small hostel onsite with rooms for 2 to 6 people, where guests have their own bathroom, a shared kitchen and cable TV. The dorm rate includes linens, breakfast and lockers. The site also features “La Marca” del Ovejero Restaurant de Campo, a gaucho-style eatery where they serve all-you-can-eat typical Argentinean food and prepare lunch boxes. Breakfast & Internet (in hostel) Wi-Fi

Get South offer: 10% off in hostel, 3rd night free in camping section!


Warning: The campsite (only) is closed June to August


Av. Libertador 587 (02902) 491243

Hostel del Glaciar Libertador is the only hostel located right on the main street in the city centre. It was planned and built with minimum environmental impact in mind, floor central heating and comfortable hang-out areas. Chill out with a film showing every evening in the relaxed common area. (Closed in June).

Hostel del Glaciar Pioneros will keep you warm and well fed with their in house pocket friendly restaurant. Pioneros 255. Tel: (02902) 491792. (Open seasonally). Both hostels have shared and private rooms (all ensuite), a fully equipped kitchen, luggage store and laundry service. They also have an onsite travel agency with daily active tours to the Perito Moreno Buy the Alternative Glacier and El Chaltén. Perito Moreno Glacier tour and get your Breakfast - Internet Patagonia Backpackers Leg. Nº 8771 3rd night free! Wi-Fi - Credit Cards


F.M. Pontoriero 171 (02902) 495175

It might not be yours, but at i Keu Ken Hostel you’ll feel like you’ve found a home away from home. It’s a hostel with a unique and palpable energy, and it’s where you want to be, located four blocks from the bus station and five from El Calafate’s city centre. Even better, you’ll wake up every morning with an incredible view of Lago Argentino. They have 8 rooms, 4 beds in each, and two fully furnished cabins with their own bathrooms and kitchens. An asado* or pizza dinner is offered just about every night, and everything from trekking tours to bicycle rentals are available to make sure you get the most out of your stay in El Calafate. Breakfast - Wi-Fi Internet


Welcome beer or soda with Get South!

EL CALAFATE MARCOPOLO INN CALAFATE Los lagos 82 - This rustic, wooden hostel (02902) 493899 - has shared and private rooms (all with private bathrooms). With a great view, communal areas to relax in with cable TV and a pool table, and a big breakfast – you can recharge here for visiting the wonderful sights of El Calafate. The Closed 1 May – 30 Sep small size keeps service personal. Kitchens available for guest use!

Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi

MARCOPOLO SUITES CALAFATE Av. Jorge Newbery 439 - Five blocks down the road (02902) 492991 - from the hostel, this Marcopolo offers more privacy with 26 privates rooms (all ensuite) and 3 dorms. Split over two floors, there is a panoramic view over El Calafate’s mountains and lake and common areas have cable TV. An ideal place to relax and catch up on some Z’s. ESTANCIA LUZ DIVINA

Route 40 between El Calafate & El Chaltén (02902) 497047 Get away from it all by staying at For queries and reservations email: this traditional estancia in the middle of nowhere! Without electricity, surrounded by nature and sunshine during the day and candlelit dinners at night, you can get a real feel for the life of a gaucho. The Estancia has a hostel style cabin with private and shared rooms (all with shared bathrooms), a shearing shed and a campsite. There is no communal kitchen but you can enjoy artisan-style foods from their reasonable restaurant and bar. Set on the river banks of La Leona, between El Calafate & El Chaltén, this is the perfect base to break up the journey (especially if by bike), enjoy walks to see Fitz Roy, Lago Viedma and the petrified Free coffee and tortas fritas forests, as well as fishing and asados* at (pastries) with Get South! the hostel. Get back to the simple life!

How to get there: Take the daily Chaltén Travel bus from El Calafate or El Chaltén.


PUERTO SAN JULIAN PUERTO SAN JULIAN Puerto San Julián is a great place to stop between Puerto Madryn and Calafate, located 360 km north of Río Gallegos, just 3 km off the RN3. This small town is considered the cradle of Patagonian history. Magellan, Viedma, Drake and Darwin even stopped here. There is a 30 km coastal circuit with spectacular landscapes and large beaches bordered by cliffs: Playa Sholl, De los Caracoles, Cabo Curioso, Playas de Drake, Garganta del Diablo and Playa La Mina, are a few options. You should go for a two-hour mini-trek through the coastal area near town, where you will find many Patagonian birds and see the dramatic headland composed of layers of fossil sediment exposed by wind and water erosion. Museo Nao Victoria: It is a scaled replica of the only ship of Magellan's Navy that returned to Spain after his historic expedition. This theme museum features life-size figures celebrating mass and engaging in mutiny. There are boat outings to view the bay's marine life, including many bird species, penguins and Commerson dolphins. You can also pursue a number of activities in the bay: canoeing, windsurfing, fishing and sailing. Estancia la María archaeological site: located some 150 km northwest from Puerto San Julián, this place contains 84 caves including sophisticated rock art dating back 12,000 years.


Costanera & Mitre (02962) 454600 (02966)15500023 - (011)1533425358

Trust Pinocho Excursiones to show you the best of San Julián Bay and its islands. Its nature expert owners and staff will take you on a fantastic boat tour. The first stop is Justice Island, a spectacular spot charged with history and a wonderful diversity of bird species. The second stop is Cormorant Island, inhabited by more than 120,000 Magellan Penguins, where you will be 10% off in excursions able to walk around to see with Get South! these Patagonian charismatic beings close up. During the journey, you'll be amazed by the incredible Commerson dolphins’ show. These splendid little dolphins, along with seagulls and giant petrels will entertain you throughout the ride. Ask about tailor-made and other group excursions. English is spoken here!


USHUAIA USHUAIA Ushuaia is known as the southernmost city in the world. Tierra del Fuego National Park is one of the main attractions, offering beautiful views of the Beagle Channel and its surrounding mountainous islands. You can explore it hiking, camping, fishing, bird and beaver watching, canoeing and mountain biking. A popular excursion is a boat tour on the Beagle Channel to watch sea lions, Magellan penguins, cormorants and other interesting sea birds. To learn about the local history, visit the End of the World Museum or the Maritime Museum & Ushuaia's Old Prison. Take the chair lift or walk up Martial Glacier to be rewarded by spectacular views of the southernmost tip of the earth. Throughout the warmer months (Nov. to Mar.) you can take an Antarctic cruise to explore this fascinating and mysterious destination. Take advantage of the last minute discounted tickets offered by the travel agencies in town. In the winter this city also offers many activities, including skiing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, ice skating, snowshoeing, snowboarding and ice climbing.

COMPANIA DE GUIAS DE PATAGONIA EVYT Ushuaia is not the end of the world: San Martin 628 it’s the beginning of possibilities. (02901) 437753 Located a few metres from the main Tourist Info Centre, this company can set up a diverse range of tours including Nº Leg:11883 expeditions to Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, Cordillera Darwin and Antarctica. You can choose from: Their experienced owners and *Trekking in the national park professional, bilingual guides *Ice walking on the glacier will show you the best of *Montes Martial trekking (3-day tour) Ushuaia’s natural *Antarctica (last minute fares) beauty! *Cape Horn tour 5% OFF *Scuba diving with *Sea kayaking Get South Credit Cards accepted *Horseback riding *Boat trips Equipment rental:



Ushuaia Tourist Harbour, Plaza Civica Catamaranes Canoero ticket office Sail along the Beagle channeling (2901) 433893 / 15513291 your inner Magellan, or become an explorer of the numerous islands at the end of the world. There are no boundaries with Catamaranes Canoero. With an office on the tourist pier, Catamaranes Canoero takes pride in the wonderful job they do. They are equipped with modern luxury catamarans, latest gear and their knowledgeable bilingual staff. All in all, they keep true to their promise: providing a wonderful life experience. REGULAR EXCURSIONS: • Sea Lion Island: a 2.5 hr or 3 hr tour visiting the Bird & Sea Lion Islands, and Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, with the option of a walk on Bridges Island. • Penguins Island: a 4.5 hr tour to see the Bird & Sea Lion Islands, Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse and Isla Martillo with its Magellan penguins. • Estancia Harberton: a 9 hr tour where you visit the Bird & Sea Lion Islands, Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, Isla Martillo with its Magellan penguins. After, they take you on a historical tour around Estancia* Harberton, later returning by land to visit Paso Garibaldi and Siberian Huskies. • Lapataia Bay: a 6.5 hr tour that includes a walk through Tierra del Fuego NP to Lapataia Bay. From there, you will board the catamarans and sail along the Beagle Channel visiting Bird & Sea Lion Islands, and Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse. All tours include coffee service, bilingual guides and a nautical certificate. 10% off with Get South if your buy your ticket at their harbour office! (subject to availability)

Credit Cards welcome!

LM Tour EVT Leg. Nº 12771 Disp. 0395



Ushuaia’s Tourist Harbour (02901) 15517967 In their two modern boats, Yate Tango & Yate Che, this company will take you island hopping in the Beagle Channel, where you’ll be awed by the many species you’ll see at Isla de los Pájaros (bird island) and Isla de los lobos (sea lion island). Then they’ll take you to the famous lighthouse (one of Ushuaia's symbols) and, finally, to Isla Bridges where you’ll trek and learn about local aborigines. Their tours are available all year round, with no more than 12 passengers allowed on each outing, meaning a personal and informative experience. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and pound cake are included and a special, surprise drink is waiting for you! Buy your tickets at any travel agency or at their office in the tourist’s harbour, where the tour leaves.


(02901) 15548471 / 15519705

Discover Patagonia a different way! Rayen Aventura wants you to enjoy your holidays to the maximum while exploring Ushuaia by kayak, trekking or in a 4WD. Whether you prefer to travel by water, foot or car, Rayen guarantees that you will have a good time and get a flavor of the local landscapes and culture.

10% OFF with Get South

Most excursions include a proper Argentinean asado* with local specialities and options for veggies. With small groups you are sure to get the best attention and the most out of your adventure at the ‘End of the World’! Credit card and other currencies accepted


Make your reservation online or by telephone.


25 de Mayo 112 (corner San Martín) (02901) 436660 When it is cold outside, there is nothing better than eating a hearty meal. Andino Gourmet will warm anyone with its Wi-Fi - Credit Cards tasty homemade pizzas and pastas, argentine 1 free steak and, of course, the local speciality of coffee with enormous king crab! This modern restaurant Get South! is located right in the centre of town. CHOCOLATES LAGUNA NEGRA

San Martín 513 - (02901) 431144

There are many reasons to go to Ushuaia: penguins, to get your ‘end of the world’ passport stamp, and chocolate! And for chocoholics it is worth Credit Cards going to the end of the world for Laguna Negra’s handmade, famous artisan chocolates which they have been making 1 free hot chocolate since 1989. Find their cafe in the centre of town and with Get South! snuggle up for a hot chocolate and apple tart!



Av. Perito Moreno 2232 (02901) 437396

With beautiful views across the Beagle Channel, a big log fire and an attractive, rustic wooden interior, Küar has a great menu with Mediterranean-style food and local specialties including Tierra del Fuego lamb in Malbec sauce, King Crab ravioli and Trout cooked with camembert and almonds along with other main dishes, tapas, salads, sandwiches, indulgent desserts and some of Argentina's best wines. 15% off on lunches and 10% off dinner (Sun–Thurs) with Get South!

Wednesday is sushi night, Friday’s you can enjoy magic with your meal and Saturdays selected DJs rock the bar. Located right on Ushuaia's bay, Küar is the perfect place to take in the view and relax! Credit Cards Wi-Fi

Open Mon to Fri for lunch (12.30 to 3pm), and every evening (Mon - Sun) from 6pm.


USHUAIA FreeStyle FreeStyle is a friendly 5-star hostel with plenty of comfort and style. Open all year round and centrally located in one of the best areas in Ushuaia, it’s within walking distance to the main street, harbour, supermarket, pubs and restaurants. They offer dorms with shared or private bathrooms, heated floors and backpack-sized lockers.

Gobernador Paz 866 (02901) 432874

There is a cozy TV room, a fully equipped kitchen and laundry facilities. Their large top floor lounge with awesome mountain and Beagle Channel views, pool table, comfy leather couches and a fireplace. It’s a great place to meet fellow travellers. Free Internet & welcome hug! Reception is open 24/7 and their (with guide in hand) staff provides excellent service and information, making sure your time in Ushuaia is the best it can be. Breakfast - Wi-Fi - Credit Cards


Perón Sur 864 (02901) 444650 / 444649 /444842 MSN:

In the past, after long distances of herding cattle, gauchos* would stop at a resting place, called “La Posta.” Years later La Posta Hostel stands as Breakfast - Internet a shrine to that Argentinean tradition. Wi-Fi - Credit Cards This meticulously clean, single-story home has a beautiful large garden, shared kitchen and indoor and outdoor grills. It’s just 7 blocks from a commercial area and very close to the airport for when you are ready to leave. Their English-speaking owners promise an undisturbed, restful snooze, be it in their private rooms or the dorms, all with shared baths. For those who plan to kick up their boots, they also rent charming apartments equipped to handle 2 to 6 of your favourite travel partners. First laundry service FREE with Get South! Closed from April 10th – June 30th



AntĂĄrtida Argentina 270 (02901) 435774 (02901) 15548471 / 15519705

When you get to the End of the World, you might want to put your feet up! As you walk into Antarctica Hostel, put down your bags and sit back and relax on the comfy sofas in the large common area, share a local beer from the 24 hour bar with other travellers, have an asado* in the garden or be inspired by the view of the mountains as you cook in the fully equipped kitchen! This cosy hostel has small dorms (max. 6 people) and private doubles where you are guaranteed to get a good sleep. Ideally located 2 blocks from Av. San Martin and 1 block from a supermarket, it is a hostel designed to help you unwind.

Closed 1 May – 15 June

Breakfast Internet Wi-Fi



Free laundry service for those smelly socks at the bottom of your bag!

9 de Julio 462 (02901) 431862

B&B De Las Artes exudes the warmth of a home and is located right in the center of the city. They have private rooms with single, double and triple beds with private and shared bathrooms.

All the necessities plus some, are provided, parking, hair dryer, lockers, telephone, cable TV, and lots of information! Owner Marcos has tastefully decorated this artsy B&B inspired by his travels around the world. His friendly manner, tasty breakfast and pristine accommodation will surely put you at ease. Closed in winter. Please check before you go! Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi


Chile is located in the southeast corner of South America, squeezed between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. The country is only 240 km across at its widest point, but being more than 4,200 km long, it has an impressive range of geography and climate. In the extreme north you will find the most arid desert in the world, whereas towards the centre the environment changes completely into fertile lands, beautiful beaches and stunning mountains with excellent skiing. The south is the area of lakes, forests and volcanoes, leading to the ancient glaciers of Patagonia and Antarctica. Chile also has plenty of attractions off-shore, like Easter Island and its surrounding treasures, Robinson Crusoe with its unique fauna and vegetation, and ChiloĂŠ, an island full of mystery and special folklore.


SANTIAGO ormation about Chile ** ** Useful Inf General Tips * When entering the country, make sure you are not carrying any fruit, grain or animal products, as Chile has very strict border controls and you will have to pay expensive fines. * You may find Chilean Spanish more difficult to understand because they speak very quickly and use a lot of slang.

How to make phone calls in Chile 09 + cell. number: (**)


(09) 871 02397

Carrier Code + (0) area code + tel. number: 188-2-2465781

(09) 871 02397

09 + cell. number: (**)

Country code + (0) area code + tel. Country code + (0) 9 + cell. number: number: + 56-9-871 02397

(*) number: + 56-2-2465781

(*) To call overseas from Chile you must first dial a Carrier Code + (0)Country Code + Number There are many carrier codes (188, 123, 181, etc). Just ask which one to use. (**) If you are calling from a Chilean cell phone you don’t need to dial (09).

Distance Ch art in km




A natural expe

• Arica • Iquique • Atacama Costera Experience authentic encounters with • Santiago locals in their natural environment, immerse • Alto Biobío yourself in their history and marvel at the hidden treasures of an unknown Chile. • Araucanía Andina Visit us at • Selva Valdiviana • Patagonia Aysén • Torres del Paine We invite you to discover our country through more than 28 tours and excursions offered by Fundacion Sendero de Chile.

Santiago, Chile Traiguén 2426, Providencia Tel: (56-2) 299 42 03

Trekking - Biking - Horseback Riding and more!

ARICA ARICA Located 2,062 km north of Santiago, Arica is the gateway to and from Perú. It‛s called “the city of the never ending spring” because it rarely ever rains and therefore it‛s possible to go surfing, paragliding, fishing, horseback riding and scuba diving here all year round. A must see spot is Morro de Arica, a headland offering great views of the ocean and the city, which also has a historical war museum on top. If you want to learn some more interesting history, check out San Marcos Church and the Old Customs House, both built by the same company who constructed the Eiffel Tower. For beaches, the most popular is Chinchorro beach, where there‛s good surf and safe swimming. A little further south you‛ll find the beaches La Lisera (2.5 km) and El Laucho (2 km), as well as the Península del Alacrán (Scorpion Peninsula) where the biggest surfing competition in Arica is held. Make sure you see the Museum San Miguel de Azapa that houses some of the world‛s oldest mummies, the cemetery nearby built on sand dunes, as well as the geoglyphs in the Azapa and Lluta valleys. Arica is the perfect base to visit Lauca National Park, where you can see 6,000 m high snow capped volcanoes contrasted by salt deposits, lakes and lagoons. The Chungara Lake is the main attraction in the park and has all kinds of unique fauna.

AricaSurfHouse Hostel

O’Higgins 661 (058) 312213

Ready to hit the waves in Arica? Head to AricaSurfHouse Hostel – the meeting point for international travellers, located just 3 blocks from 21 de Mayo Street. You’ll feel like you’re walking 10% OFF straight back onto the beach as it’s decorated all over with with surfboards and ocean knick-knacks. The rooms are large and clean – most privates (double, triple and quadruple) have ensuite Get South bath, and the dorm (no bunks!) has shared bath. When you finally get out of the water, there’s a ping-pong table and cable TV with a surf video collection in the large lounge. If you are hungry, they have a café open all day for snacks, sandwiches and drinks. You’re also right in the centre by restaurants and a supermarket. Run by its owners, they can help you organize surf lessons, paragliding or jet skiing. Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi



Máximo Lira 501 (058) 233404 For an unforgettable adventure in otherworldly Arica, join Chinchorro Expediciones. In one of the last unexplored frontiers of the planet, between the driest desert and the greatest ocean, Chinchorro will take you to explore the ocean and the land for an experience to remember. Whether you want to speed across the waves with dolphins, kayak, snorkel with the fish, trek to some stunning landscapes, enjoy spectacular local seafood dishes, or simply camp out under the stars by a bonfire on the beach – Chinchorro will expertly guide you through it all. With experienced and qualified staff and all the best equipment, you are in safe hands as you explore this unspoilt part of Chile. Chinchorro Expediciones is located on the fisherman’s port (Puerto Pesquero) amongst the seals on their own private jetty by the beach, close to downtown. Half day, full day or multi day tours available throughout the year. Don’t forg sunb et your lock!

Some tours available:

- Day and sunset boat trips (fully equipped boats with binoculars and toilets) - Bird and Fauna observation (seeing some of northern Chile’s amazing inhabitants) - Coastal treks (including archeological sites) - Camping on pristine beaches

Their equipment include tents, sleeping bags, kitchen, trekking sticks, single kayaks, scuba diving and snorkelling gear, 4x4 and cooking tent.



Tomas Aravena 161, Población Chinchorro (058) 241038 This hostel is located just a 5 minute walk from the bus terminals and a short stroll to the Chinchorro Beach. You’re not right in the middle of town, but you have everything you needfrom food stores and cheap restaurants to various nightclubs. It’s run by a Chilean and a New Zealander who will make you feel at home, providing a sumptuous, filling breakfast and as much help and advice as possible!

Breakfast - Internet -

There’s a good variety of rooms to choose from: ensuite privates, dorms with single beds (no bunk beds) and private rooms with shared bath. The kitchen is kept very clean and tidy and there is laundry service if you need it. You’ll never get bored with your choice of beach tennis raquets, boogie boards and Wi-Fi bikes - all available for use!

IQUIQUE Heading up or down the coast of Chile, Iquique is a logical stopping point – and you won‛t be disappointed! It‛s a gorgeous city where the sun shines practically all year round, making it excellent for paragliding, surfing, scuba diving or sandboarding. Walking around town, the main street, Baquedano, is an attractive pedestrian boulevard with architecture that takes you back in time. The cathedral and the Plaza Arturo Prat are both beautiful and worth taking a look at. Outside Iquique, don‛t miss the geoglyphs Atacama Giant, the world‛s largest rock art, and the remarkable Cerros Pintados (painted hills) which demonstrate the ancient Tiwanaku culture. Enjoy the natural hot springs at the Pica Oasis, explore the Tamarugos Woods or marvel at the salt flats and the geysers of Puchuldiza. If you‛re after a change from all the outdoor activities, soak up some history in the mine ruins, Humberstone and Santa Laura, located outside of the city. It was this industry that gave life to the Iquique region but since the closure of the mines, they have become complete ghost towns and named World Heritage Sites. If you‛re there in July, go to the “Fiesta de LaTirana,” one of the most important religious festivals of the country.



Amunategui 2075 (057) 320223

Backpacker’s Hostel Iquique is definitely a unique place to stay! The hostel is actually two houses joined together and is nicely decorated with all kinds of funky objects. Located a stone’s throw from Cavancha, the best local beach, and only a ten minute walk from downtown. It has single, double, triple and shared rooms with lockers. A kitchen is supplied, but they also offer yummy meals every night at discount prices! The hostel has balconies with great ocean views so you can check out the waves before hitting the surf. Otherwise, there is ping pong, foosball and a pool table if you want to stay inside. The friendly staff can Call and use this guide help you arrange surf lessons, sandboarding, to get free pick up from bike rental, or any local tours. Breakfast the bus terminal! Credit Cards accepted!

Internet Wi-Fi


Barros Arana 1585 (057) 413000

La Casona 1920 is a gorgeous hostel that combines culture and relaxation with a great vibe. The style of the house reflects the glory that Iquique once had with high Oregon pine ceilings and large, spacious balconies. It’s also in a top location - just three blocks from Iquique’s main beach, Cavancha, and a short walk to the city centre. There are dorms and privates rooms, all with shared bath. The kitchen is well-equipped, there is book exchange and you can play foosball, darts, pool, card games or chess whenever you like! You’ll be taken care of by the owner, Isabel, who speaks English, German and Spanish. Get a delicious drink made with fresh and natural products from the area! Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi


IQUIQUE PUROVUELO - Paragliding School

Baquedano 1440 (057) 311127 Ever looked at the birds soaring in the sky and thought “I’d like to do that!”? Don’t wait any longer – go paragliding with Purovuelo Purovuelo parapente (facebook) in the glorious setting of Iquique, one of the best zones in the world for the sport. Fly high over the white sands and blue waters as you spend half an hour flying in tandem and taking in the unique experience. With qualified instructors paragliding for over 18 years, numerous champion titles under their belts – currently the champions in Chile - and new generation equipment, you couldn’t be in better hands (or wings should we say!) Look out for them in front of the main beach in Iquique (Cavancha). Dollars & Euros accepted

If you can’t get enough air, ask them about their paragliding courses. IQUIQUE BIKING

5 % OFF with Get South

Baquedano 1440 Want to mountain bike through the driest (09) 76960054 / (09) 85480113 desert in the world? Stop by an oasis, swim in natural hot springs and then feast of some local specialities for lunch? Iquique Biking lets you explore the amazing desert and native flora and fauna as you mountain bike to the salt flats at Salar de Huasco, take a 4x4 up and then get on the bikes to feel the speed as you make your way downhill to the Oasis de Pica for a spot of lunch and swimming before heading back into the city of Iquique. This high quality agency is specialists in their field and offers the best equipment, local guides and chauffeurs and a support car. Find them on the pedestrian street 5 % OFF of the main avenue in town. with Get South

Dollars & Euros accepted



Ramírez 1535 (057) 414513 Get back to nature with Místico Outdoors. This eco-tourism agency organises treks, mountain biking, bike rental, boat trips, camping and climbing, all with a nod of respect to nature. Join them as an eco-warrier discovering the Atacama desert by walking through creeks and paths that our ancestors have been using for centuries and camp out under the stars. Their fully equipped camping and gourmet food service gives you real comfort in the desert. If the beach is more your style, then let A free extra hour Místico whisk you away to some of the most on bike rental with unspoilt, untouched beaches, or step back Get South! in time visiting small villages, churches and unforgettable nature scenes. Visit the friendly team at their café-office near the beach for lots of information and a nice cuppa! Euros and USD accepted

SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMA This place is definitely a must see. Travellers love this little town, full of archaeological interests in the middle of the Atacama Desert. You‛ve almost certainly should have the Atacama Salt Flats on your to-do list, but there‛s also an amazing array of other natural wonders nearby. You‛ll find most of them in the Los Flamencos National Reserve, which houses a variety of landscapes and incredible flora and fauna. Try moonwalking at the Valley of the Moon, one of the driest places on the planet. You can also see the Death Valley and the Cordillera de la Sal, a highly recommended excursion. If you are keen to get a better view of the landscape, this part of the Andes has the highest peaks in the country, with a long list of mountains or volcanoes to climb. The El Tatio geysers will shock you with huge spurts of boiling water, but if you feel more like relaxing, check out the Puritama Hot Springs. The people that live in San Pedro are some of the friendliest you‛ll meet, so make sure you go and visit some of the pre-Hispanic villages like Toconao, Caspana and Chi-Chiu. Other interesting historical sites include the Tulor Ruins, Pucará de Quitor, the church at the main plaza and the Padre Le Paige Archaeological Museum.


SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMA DESERT ADVENTURE For some truly other-worldly experiences join Desert Adventure in San Pedro de Atacama.

Caracoles corner Tocopilla (055) 851067

Set off at daybreak for the Del Tatio geysers as they spurt boiling water from the Earth’s crust, visit Moon Valley (Valley de la Luna), the salt flats, Lagunas Altiplanicas and Laguna Cejar among other unique excursions. Offering breakfast and lunch on some of their excursions, the expert staff will take care of you as you explore the driest desert in the world!

10% OFF with Get South

Find them in the town centre on the main street. Dollars, Euros and credit cards accepted.

EXPEDICIONES ESTRELLA DEL SUR Caracoles 238 - San Pedro de Atacama Just arrived in San Pedro and lost +56 (0)55 852109 in the number of things you can Calle Av. Arce - Uyuni (Bolivia) do? Expediciones Estrella del Sur +591 (0)2 6933132 can help you out. They organize excursions in and around San Pedro (volcano climbs, Valle de la Luna, Tatio geyser), the north of Chile (Putre and surroundings) and most of Bolivia (Tupiza, Villazón, Tarabuco, La Paz, Potosí, Lake Titicaca). If you’re planning to visit the incredible Uyuni salt flats, these guys are the specialists, with offices in both San Pedro de Atacama and Uyuni in Bolivia. With reliable 4x4 vehicles, equipped with oxygen and radios, you can rest assured you’ll be in safe hands! 5 % OFF with Get South

Important: All of their excursions must be paid with cash.



Pachamama 615 (055) 851418 / (09) 5734124 Hostal Mamatierra lives up to its name, Hostel “Mother Earth.” You’ll be well taken care of by the owner, Claudia, who speaks English and will do everything she can to make your stay in San Pedro easy and pleasant! The hostel is a 10 minute walk to the town center, and provides free pick up from the bus terminal. There are a variety of rooms including private ensuite doubles, private doubles/triples with shared bath and dorms with shared bath. You are free to use the kitchen, the laundry and there is a minimarket and restaurants nearby. If you’re looking for a great place to relax in San Pedro, Hostal Mamatierra is waiting for you! HOSTAL CANDELARIA

10% OFF with Get South

Calle Candelaria 170 Población El Carmen (055) 851284

Hostal Candelaria is a traditional adobe house in San Pedro with creative rustic features. It’s located in a quiet, residential sector, 10 minutes walk from the town centre.

The hostel has a mixture of comfortable private and shared rooms, all with shared bath, as well as one suite that has a cozy living room and satellite TV. You have a well-equipped kitchen, a lovely terrace with trees and hammocks, parking, laundry service and free transfer to and from the bus terminal. The owners, Miriam and Mario are San Pedro locals and can help you out with plenty of advice and activities in the area. 10% OFF with Get South

The hostel has a ping pong table and a seasonal swimming pool which is great to cool off in if you’re travelling in Internet - Wi-Fi the summer!




Caracoles 130 (055) 851138

Exhausted after exploring the Atacama Desert and need a place to relax? Don Raul is the perfect spot! Located on the main street, Don Raul is a traditional hotel where you’ll find a peaceful atmosphere and personal attention. All rooms have private bath and are built respecting the environment, using earth and straw. These materials have natural thermal characteristics, so rooms are fresh and cool in summer and warm on winter nights. It’s worth paying a bit more for quality! Once you’ve revived yourself, make sure you jump in on one of the daily bike tours. Grab some food from their cafeteria when you get back! Breakfast Wi-Fi Credit Cards

Welcome juice & cookies with Get South!

DON SEBASTIAN (Hostal-Cabanas & Restaurante)


Don Sebastián is truly an oasis in the Domingo Atienza c/Pje. Mutulera 140 (055) 851972 / 590558 desert. It’s just a 5-minute walk from the plaza and offers single, double, triple, quadruple and quintuple rooms, all with private bathrooms Breakfast - Internet - Credit Cards (no dorms!). They also have a cottage available that will fit 5 people. It comes with a fully equipped kitchen and private bathroom. Stay at Don Sebastián, and enjoy their delicious Chilean cuisine served at the onsite restaurant. (Buffet breakfasts included in price of stay). Other amenities include heat in all the rooms, towels, hot water, laundry services, bar, reading room, TV room, free Internet, Wi-Fi, parking, cable TV in common areas and 24-hour check-in. Get a welcome drink when you show Get South!


SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMA Bed & Breakfast INCAHUASI Tours & Lodging


El Carmen 132 Población El Carmen (055) 851407 / 09 4996959

This traditional adobe construction B&B has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, helpful bilingual staff, and is located in a quiet neighborhood less than a fifteen-minute walk from the center of town.

Accommodation options include cabins for up to 8 people with en suite bath and kitchen. They also have doubles/twin, triple and quadruple rooms with shared bath. Services are pick up from the bus station, access to the fully equipped kitchen, yummy home-made breakfast, Internet and bicycles free to use! 10% discount with Get South when you reserve 3 tours with their travel agency!

They have an onsite travel agency offering personalized tours of the area in their modern vehicles. Breakfast - Internet - Credit cards

LA SERENA & PISCO ELQUI La Serena is a popular beach resort with a charming colonial feel. You should visit the Plaza de Armas, the cathedral, the Archaeology Museum, the lighthouse (El Faro), Avenida del Mar and La Recova Market. Don‛t miss Isla* Damas with its Humboldt penguins, sea lions, pelicans, dolphins, as well as going kayaking, sailing, fishing or scuba diving! Another must-see is the Elqui Valley, famous for its clear skies, making it the perfect place for star gazing. Pisco Elqui is a beautiful town right in the heart of the Valle del Elqui, located 105 km east of La Serena, easily accesible by car or bus. This place is well known for its clear view of the stars, green valleys and spiritual atmosphere. You can go hiking, horseback riding or mountain-biking to explore the beautiful surroundings, visit the place where Gabriela Mistral (Nobel Prize winner) grew up or stroll under the shade of palm trees at the picturesque plaza with the old town church. The night sky offers one of the best opportunities worldwide to observe the stars. Get a close look on a tour to one of the many observatories. There are also numerous pisco (popular alcoholic drink) distilleries in the area, both historic and modernized that offer tours and tastings. VERY IMPORTANT: In Pisco Elqui there are no banks, ATM machines or gas stations. The closest are in Vicuña, 43 km away.



This intimate resort is a perfect oasis to take a little break from travelling and relax a while in their sparkling pool, lush garden and BBQ area.. You’ll find it 5 minutes from the plaza, 2 minutes to a supermarket, plus, the bus will leave you practically at the front door! The owners speak Spanish, English and German. They offer dorms, rooms with private bathrooms and cabins with kitchen. Towels are included, as is heat, access to their pool, restaurant, bar, parking, laundry and yoga/pilates room. Free pisco sour when you show Get South!

Arturo Prat n/n PISCO ELQUI (051) 451069


Ask about their pilates classes and massage sessions! Breakfast is served buffet-style with bread, ham, cheese, coffee, etc. Enduro motorcycle rentals and tours are available, as well as mountain excursions and horseback riding, mountain biking and trekking tours.

Breakfast Credit Cards

VALPARAISO Valparaíso, a 1.5 hour drive from Santiago, is a charming town of historical architecture built on 45 steep hills that look out onto the Pacific Ocean. Cerro* Concepción and Alegre are the lively, bohemian parts of town, which probably gave Valparaíso its reputation as a place of poets, painters and dreamers. The city has a great nightlife and is full of multicoloured private residences that seem to be stacked atop each other on the hillside. The best way to get around Valparaíso is on foot and using one of the 14 ancient “elevators”, remarkable feats of engineering that creak their way up the impossibly steep hillsides. These elevators and the historical sector of town have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Interesting attractions include the Museo La Sebastiana and Isla Negra, the old home of the famous Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda, as well as the Centro Cultural Ex-Carcel, the open-air museum, the natural history museum and the Museo de Bellas Artes. Head to Mirador Diego Portales for a great lookout, catch a boat ride on the inner harbour or follow the wine route to the Casablanca Valley. To get back to nature, the Parque Nacional La Campana has beautiful hiking trails. Don‛t leave without trying the ‘Chorrillana‛ – a delicious Valparaíso specialty! Just 5 km from Valparaíso is Viña del Mar, one of the more chic cities in Chile with modern architecture and trendy beaches.



Cerro Artillería (near 21 de Mayo) Cell: (09) 66214626

One of the best things about Chile is the cuisine! Enrolling in a class with Cooking Classes Chile is a great way to discover tasty traditional Chilean delicacies while getting hands-on experience with an enthusiastic, expert, English-speaking chef. In these informative classes, you will help to prepare the dishes so you can impress your friends with your new skills when you get back home! Classes are conducted in small groups in a 110-year old building with great views of Valparaíso, close to the 21 de Mayo lookout and ascensor Artillería. Excellent national wines are included in the price of the class, vegetarian options Free pisco sour with are available (upon request) your meal if you mention Get South and classes run year-round, so what are you when you reserve! waiting for? Get cooking! VALPOSUB Valparaíso is a paradise above and below the water... Discover what is hidden in the waters with Valposub. Dive down to one of over 500 wrecks and explore the rich histories and new biodiversities living below that will surprise you in their wealth. Also specialising in underwater photography and kayaking for those who want to keep their head above water.

Muelle Barón n/n (09) 89292273

Valposub is open all year and provides the newest equipment and their professional instructors (over 15 years experience) can take beginners to advanced divers. PADI and CMAS certified. 10% OFF with Get South


USD dollars and Euros accepted

VALPARAISO CASA VERDE LIMON - Hostel & bilingual art school Hostal Casa Verde Limón is a gorgeous Cumming 196, Cerro Cárcel renovated house with a unique design (032) 2121699 and plenty of light, where they also teach Spanish and art classes. The house was decorated by an artist with bright, colourful walls, antique furniture and paintings, and unusual circus features, like a trapeze! You can climb up and try out your circus skills! Located just steps from the center of Valparaíso, 2 blocks up from the Plaza Anibal Pinto, the hostel has both private rooms and dorms, all with shared bath, towels and comfy mattresses. All rooms have cable TV except the dorm. For extra privacy, stay in their miniloft, complete with a private bath and kitchen. Help yourself to free tea and coffee 24/7, swap a book and relax for the afternoon, or make use of the lovely kitchen. 10% off dorm accommodation and 20% off bike rentals! Internet - Wi-Fi HOSTAL CASA AVENTURA

Pasaje Gálvez 11, Cerro Concepción (032) 2755963

Hostal Casa Aventura is a perfect place to spend a few days relaxing in Valparaíso – the backpackers meeting point between the north and south of Chile.

The hostel is located in Cerro Concepción, the historical part of the city, and close to numerous restaurants, bars and cafes. There are 8 rooms with high ceilings, including 3 small dorms, 4 double/twin rooms and 1 single room, all with shared bath. The common space has a large table to sit around and socialize, and there is a spotless kitchen with Breakfast everything a self caterer would need.

- Internet Wi-Fi - Credit Cards

The owners and young staff are fantastic hosts and will go out of their way to be helpful, giving a great atmosphere to the place.



Héctor Calvo 371, Cerro Bellavista (032) 2395817 Run by a well travelled, English-speaking owner, Hostal Caracol provides all the little creature comforts that backpackers look for! The dormitory sleeps seven and has pirate chests beside each bed to lock up all your worldly 10% OFF with possessions. There are also ensuite private rooms. Get South Comfortable and secure, the hostel has central heating and is decorated with cool paintings, a big warm chimney and unique details like antique stained glass. Head out to the courtyard grill to stuff yourself with meat and wine, make a snack in the kitchen or relax inside the media room. Once you’ve had your fill, check out the Pablo Neruda house and the open air museum, which are just nearby. The special touches make this hostel a great budget deal in Valparaíso. Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi - Credit Cards


Templeman 657, Cerro Alegre (032) 3173153 Skype: patapata.hostel

Come to Valparaíso and be pleasantly surprised! In a prime location in the historic sector of town, PataPata Hostel (formerly Patiperro) is close to all the hot spots, bars and restaurants and is a sparkling example of how good a hostel can be. There are clean dorms and 2 private rooms with double beds; all with shared bathrooms. It has great communal areas which give it a cozy feel; a patio with a nice garden to enjoy a drink or asado*, a comfy living room with cable TV and a large movie collection, as well as a full kitchen to prepare your meals. 10% OFF with Get South

Breakfast Internet Wi-Fi Credit Cards

The staff is on hand to help make your stay as enjoyable as possible and the owners will make sure you feel right at home.


ISLA NEGRA ISLA NEGRA Well known as the land of Pablo Neruda (Chilean Nobel Prize winning author), Isla Negra is an artist‛s escape, around 1 hr from Santiago and Valparaíso. The coastal area is home to many bohemian types who come to flee city life and connect with nature, with a thriving community of poets, sculpturists and painters. Neruda fans should visit his beautiful house (now a museum) with his eccentric collections. Other top visitor spots include “Cantalao” where Pablo Neruda had a cabin at the inspiring headland Punta de Tralca. The sunset here is unmissable and idyllic when combined with horseriding. Rodrigo Parra‛s house is also unusual – an “Imaginary Boat” or space ship. Another memorable spot is the Pirate‛s Cave, haunted by legends and myths of pirates past. And nature lovers shouldn‛t miss out on the Córdova ravine to trek in the midst of nature and stunning landscapes. To take it easy visit a vineyard or two, or go to one of the world‛s largest pools in Algarrobo (no swimming‛s allowed unless you stay there). If you do need a dip, good swimming beaches are at Punta de Tralca and El Canelo. For night owls, enjoy the free cultural activities every Saturday at 7pm to get to know the different talents on the island. Or go to the good restaurants and try the typical dishes of fried fish or take some of their special empanadas for a picnic on the beach. ECO HOSTEL LA LOCURA DEL POETA - The Poets Madness Eco Hostel

Walk across a hanging bridge, take your Camino Santa Luisa 598 - Isla Negra shoes off, and get ready to get back to the (09) 94097786 simple life. Reconnect with Mother Nature and enjoy the peace of this magic place! Relax with yoga, reiki, massages, a spa, vegetarian cooking, bread making and knitting classes and singing songs around the campfire. The eco hostel has dorms, double and triple rooms with shared bathrooms, a full kitchen, two terraces and a swimming pool. Set in the middle of a eucalyptus forest, you can benefit from a tranquil location but still be only a 7 minute walk through the wood to the town centre. Breakfast - Internet

Pay for two nights and get the third free with Get South!

Exchange opportunity: experience community life for USD 4 per day in exchange for working at the hostel and veggie garden while learning Spanish (1 month minimum stay, for non Latin people only).


SANTIAGO SANTIAGO Santiago is the urban nucleus and heart of Chile. Like any international city, it‛s full of attractions, events, culture and nightlife. The highlights are definitely the historical sights of the city, including Plaza de Armas, Cathedral, Palacio de la Moneda, Teatro Municipal and the Museo de Bellas Artes , among others. Be sure to take a stroll around these old buildings, finishing up downtown in the Mercado Central where you can taste some traditional Chilean seafood. If you want a great panoramic view of Santiago, check out Cerro Santa Lucía and Cerro San Cristóbal. The neighbourhoods of Bellavista, Brasil, Ñuñoa and Lastarria are the funky, bohemian parts of the city and have the best nightlife. For wine buffs, two great wineries to visit are Viña Concha y Toro and Viña Cousiño Macul. Pick up a souvenir at Pueblito de los Dominicos, a traditional artisan market with more than 160 stands. Santiago also has excellent natural surroundings, so if you‛re feeling like some outdoor adventure, such as skiing, rafting or trekking, you won‛t have to go far!


Luis Rodriguez Velasco 4717 Of. 211 Las Condes - Tel: (02) 2461496/7 Organizing a trip can be overwhelming, whether it’s a week or a year long! Turismo Conoce Chile can help you to wade your way through flights, accommodation, Credit Cards accepted! transport and activities – and let you enjoy your time in Chile! If you are heading to Peru, they also have a travel Services offered: agency (visit and a B&B in Lima ( *Flights, bus or train tickets *Vehicle rental 10% off internet *Cruises – from economic to luxury prices if you *Tours and excursions mention *Ski packages Get South! *Furnished apartments in Santiago *Accommodation- 5 star hotels to hostels Turismo Conoce Chile can help you out with a tailored package at seriously competitive prices. English, French and Portuguese-speaking staff.


SANTIAGO INSTITUTO CHILENO SUIZO DE IDIOMAS Y CULTURA Spanish School JosĂŠ V. Lastarria 93. Barrio Lastarria Get on top of your Spanish while in (02) 6385414 Chile at Instituto Chileno Suizo de Idiomas y Cultura. Their immersion Spanish programme is the ideal opportunity to learn the language, make new friends and enjoy your time in Santiago while based in the historic and cultural centre of the city. Interactive classes are in-situ in big and light classrooms giving you that extra stimulation to improve your castellano. New classes start every monday, whether you are looking for small group classes (max. 5 people), partners or individual. They also have extracurricular activities like dancing classes, Chilean movies, workshops, cultural, historic and touristic visits, excursions and weekend trips. Professional and friendly professors are always on hand to brush up your language and help you to get the most out of Santiago! Subscription charge waivered with Get South! Internet - Wi-Fi - Credit Cards THE BELLA

Dardignac 0184 - (02) 7328737 -


E. Pinto Lagarrigue 262 - (02) 7358978 -

These two funky and artsy hostels are located in the Bellavista neighborhood, an area full of bars and restaurants so everything is right at your doorstep, but far enough away so that it’s quiet if you want to sleep! You can chill out in the large living rooms with satellite TV, have a drink on the outside terraces or prepare a meal in the well-equipped kitchens. The hostels put on asados*, wine tastings, salsa lessons and both have dorms and private rooms, the majority with shared bath. 10% OFF with Get South

These places have a great vibe and there is always good music playing. Any one of the bilingual staff can help you see and do everything in Santiago! Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi - Credit Cards




Calle Viña del Mar 039. Plaza Italia Cell: (09) 81513022 Tired of the hostel scene and looking for some privacy and comfort? Amstelhuis is perfect, its self contained apartments have everything you need for a short or long stay. They have rooms for 1, 2 or 3 people, all with comfy spring box mattresses, high quality sheets, a down comforter, private bath with towels, a fully equipped kitchen, cable TV, telephone and made service (except weekends). Plus free Internet, Wi-Fi and IP phone for international calls. The fridge is full of free drinks and snacks, and they even give you a cell phone to use during your stay! Located in convenient Providencia, steps away from Baquedano Metro station, it’s also on one of the most beautiful streets in Santiago, with unique houses that are hard to find anywhere else. Make sure you email or phone beforehand to make a reservation. The owners are very helpful and speak English and Dutch. 10% off showing Get South + free pick-up if you stay more than 3 days!



Av. Vicuña Mackenna 47. Plaza Italia (next to the Argentina Embassy) (02) 6351631

Hostal Río Amazonas is located just 2 blocks from the main metro station, Baquedano, close to the city’s main attractions and happening neighbourhoods. The hostel is a charming large house with stained glass windows, hardwood floors, a nice open patio and well decorated lounge areas. All rooms are private (no dorms here!). They fit from 1 to 5 people and have ensuite bath, central heating, TV and telephone. Personally run by its owners and English and French-speaking staff, this hostel has a warm family atmosphere where you’ll be served a homemade continental breakfast. They provide Welcome drink or beer + 10% off at check in services of laundry, bar, book exchange, airport with Get South! shuttle, tours, car or bike rental and free parking. Breakfast - Internet Wi-Fi - Credit Cards

First hostel in Santiago with a Quality Service Certification: Certificación de Calidad Hostal Turista Superior NCh2960 Of2006




Santo Domingo 2816. Barrio Yungay This hostel is located in the historic (02) 6817760 Yungay neighborhood of Santiago, just 2 subway stops from downtown. Choose from single, twin, double and quadruples rooms with bunk beds, all Breakfast - Wi-Fi - Credit Cards with private bath (no dorms). All rooms have towels provided, have central heating and are decorated with original paintings and ceramics. Head to the dining room for a taste of true Chilean food or opt for the bar to sample a delicious wine or cocktail. Additional amenities include onsite bike rentals and Wi-Fi. Stay in this huge, early 20th century, 3-story home, and don’t miss the 3rd 10% OFF floor rooftop terrace, perfect for taking with a break, relaxing and of course Get South capturing a few photos of the Andes! HAPPY HOUSE HOSTEL

Moneda 1829. Barrio Brasil (02) 6884849

This stylish hostel is in a restored early 20th century mansion in Santiago’s bohemian Brasil neighborhood. It is just a 5-minute walk from the Los Héroes subway station, and very close to countless bus stops, great bars and delicious ethnic restaurants. Get that extra privacy that you’ve been craving without sacrificing the fun, social environment, staying in one of their many private rooms. Dorms are also available. All rooms have been tastefully decorated, fusing the neoclassical architecture with modern natural wood accents. This hostel also has an outdoor Jacuzzi, a pool, a rooftop patio, multiple terraces, a backyard patio, underground wine cellar, TV room, interior and exterior bars and a kitchen open for guest use. Their bilingual staff is available 24/7 with great local tips! Breakfast - Internet Wi-Fi - Credit Cards


10% OFF with Get South

SANTIAGO CASALTURA - The Boutique Hostel San Antonio 811. Downtown (02) 6335076 CasAltura is a 2-story, boutique hostel in a restored 1912 neoclassical building right in downtown Santiago. Here, you’ll be just two blocks from the Cal y Canto metro stop, and three blocks from the Plaza de Armas. Walk around to all the great historic and heritage areas, or simply relax in the hostel’s TV room, around the foosball table or on the rooftop terrace with BBQ grill and great panoramic views of downtown and the Andes. Choose from private (twin or matrimonial) or shared rooms and enjoy the onsite amenities like laundry, lockers, open kitchen, tourist information and use of quality towels, linens and 15% Off comfy mattresses. with Spanish and English spoken! Get South

Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi - Credit Cards

PICHILEMU Pichilemu is a surfer‛s paradise: sick waves, laid back charm and a great party scene. A sleepy surfer town most of the year, it really steps up a notch in the Summer months when crowds pour in for the wild beaches and even wilder beach parties. But there is more than just the waves... During the day, meander through the town visiting the street markets (a great veg/fruit market Wed & Fri mornings), San Andres de Ciruelos church and museum and the beaches in the town. Along the beachfront is the old promenade, former casino (with changing art exhibitions) and the pretty gardens designed by local legend Agustin Ross Edwards who tried to turn the town into a resort for Santiago‛s rich. Don‛t miss the small chapel underneath the park: carved out of the rocks, it is a strange homage to the Virgin Mary and molten candle wax. For more solitude and a cool crowd, head 6km out of town to the famous Punta de Lobos – where the surf really picks up and the beer bottle clink at sunset. This picturesque rock peninsula creates an ideal barrier from the wind and one of the world‛s greatest surf rips harvesting waves of 15 meters, attracting top surfers and hosting championships in October and December. This is also a great place for whale spotting and bird watching and it is on the way to the salt flats, heated baths, large lake (with exotic flora) and some great trekking (20 mins from the centre). For an adrenaline hit, try canopying across the beach, taking kitesurf or surf lessons.


PICHILEMU HOSTAL PUNTA DE LOBOS If you are in Pichelemu to surf, watch the surf or just enjoy the view, Hostal Punta de Lobos is the perfect place. With dorm-style rooms with shared bath or private cabanas right on the beach you have an uninterrupted view of the sea and the revered Punta de Lobos rip (and whales in season). Set in the middle of Mother Nature with peaceful sea-view terraces, this is the place to relax… but also to party! The hostal organises BBQs, bonfires and visits to the local beach parties and clubs.

Sector Medialuna Catrianca n/n Punta de Lobos (09) 87200671 During the day you can take advantage of the free bikes to explore the area or get your toes wet with a surfing or kite surfing lesson or trek the nearby hills. Let your hair down and get your flip flops on! Free transfer from bus terminal (taxi fare taken off of accommodation) + Stay 4 night and get 1 free with Get South!


VILLARRICA Villarrica is a charming Chilean town on Lake Villarrica about a half hour west of Pucón. While it‛s less touristy than Pucón, there are many great excursions in the area, which include climbing the Villarrica volcano, mountain biking at its base, swimming in the lake, soaking in the hot springs, whitewater rafting and fishing in the Toltén River, horseback riding in the Huincacara region and hiking in the Huerquehue and Villarrica National Parks. Apart from the volcano, the town is well known for its wooden handcrafts and furniture industry. You can find either in the many markets sprinkled throughout town. The region is also rich with Mapuche culture. There are two museums celebrating the Mapuche people. You‛ll also find a Ruca at the market, a traditional Mapuche home. In the summer months, there are many places to eat their cuisine and see their traditional dances and ceremonies. While in Villarrica don‛t miss a stroll along the waterfront, the relaxing area beaches like Playa Blanca, or the gorgeous sunsets at Canelo lookout point.



Francisco Bilbao 969 (045) 411213

After bicycling around the world for more than 3 years, the Swiss owners chose the beautiful city of Villarrica to open a hostel. This Swiss chalet-style house has a BBQ, garden and views of the volcano. Its downtown location is great as well, just three blocks from the bus station. Choose from 2 dorm-style rooms (with 4 or 8 beds), 6 double rooms with shared bath and 3 rooms with private bath. Scrumptious breakfast, open kitchen, lockers, book exchange, free Wi-Fi and lots of “off the beaten track” recommendations from their multilingual staff (English, Spanish, German) included! 10% off if you stay for 3 or more nights with Get South!

Mountain bike rental available!

Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi –

PUCON Undisputed capital of adventure tourism and nature in Chile, Pucón has an enticing mix of lakes, waterfalls, volcanoes, national parks and hot springs. The highlight is definitely climbing the Villarrica Volcano, the smoking monster that dominates the scenery and is one of the 10 most active volcanoes in the world. You can actually climb to the top and peer into the crater to see the molten lava! After, head to one of many hot springs in the area and soak your tired muscles or relax swimming and sunbathing in Villarrica Lake, which also offers many water sport activities. Adrenaline junkies should try white water rafting down the Trancura River. Its class 4 rapids are guaranteed to get your heart beating! Anything you may want to do - from cycling, skydiving, trekking, horseback riding, canyoning, hydrospeed, canopy, skiing to snowboarding - you‛ll find it here! Winter to summer Pucón is a backpacker and adventure tourism haven that has activities for everybody!



Avda. Bernardo O’Higgins 635 (045) 441373 Come to Pucón to climb a volcano, take on roaring river rapids or trek in the vast national parks! Politur can take you on all these adventures and more! Their professional guides are bilingual and include some European interns during the high season. Their office is located on Pucón’s main street and they’ll help you live the vacation you’ve always dreamed of! Tours to… Credit cards, Euro, USD Villarrica Volcano Whitewater Rafting (Grade 3-4 rapids) Hot springs Canopy / Zip-line 10% OFF Rappel / Canyoning with Get South Horseback ride Ski & Snowboard Trek in the national parks (Huerquehue, Cañi, Lagos Andinos)


HOSTAL DONDE EGIDIO & ORANGE HOUSE TRAVEL AGENCY This cozy hostel reflects the warmth of a home Palguín 720 and with two kitchens, dining in is easy. There (045) 443986 are 3 double/matrimonial rooms, 1 double room, 1 female triple room, 1 quadruple room, and a dorm for 6 (all with private bathrooms). It’s well located, 1 block from JAC Bus Terminal. Make sure to check out their onsite tourist agency “Orange House”, where they’ll help you discover all the gems of Pucón: snag some bragging rights by ascending the Villarrica Volcano, gallop on horseback to the grounds of the ancient Mapuche for traditional eats and music, or marvel the starry skies on a night trip to “the Pozones” natural hot springs. With so much magic and adventure it will be hard to leave! 10% off on your 2nd night + 12% off at their restaurant Restorante Copa 2 -Pellé Internet - Wi-Fi – Breakfast (private rooms only) Lafquén with Get South!



Blanco Encalada 190 - PUCON Come to rest your body, mind and (045) 444093 / 085217150 / 084220368 spirit at Casa Satya. If you’re looking for a tranquil place to take in nature, meet fellow travellers and Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi have a glass of Chilean wine, this is the place for you. It is located a few metres from the TurBus terminal and a supermarket and less than a 10-minute walk to downtown and the lake beach. In this beautiful 2 storey wooden house with a gorgeous garden and volcano views, room options are doubles and triples with shared or private bath. There is a fully equipped kitchen and a comfy living room with TV. After an exhausting day touring the area, you’ll love their in-house therapeutic/relaxation/shiatsu massages, meditation and reiki sessions! English, Spanish, French and German spoken. Free welcome drink (fruit juice or beer) or 10% off accommodation with Get South! HOTEL GERONIMO B&B


Gerónimo de Alderete 665 (045) 443762

Hotel Gerónimo has comfy private single, double or triple guestrooms (no dorms), all with Cable TV, private bath, maid service and heating. Ask for one of their rooms that has Breakfast - Internet a terrace with spectacular views of Villarrica Credits Cards Volcano! Run by a bilingual staff year-round.

- Wi-Fi

Onsite amenities include wine bar with open fireplace, souvenir shop, parking and restaurant (breakfast of eggs, ham, cheese, jam, bread, fresh fruit, juice, coffee and tea included). 10% off your stay + 5% off excursions with Get South!

Stay here to be very close to downtown, the bus station, the beach and the casino!



Palguin 695 (045) 441417

Backpackers Hostel & Agency is your insiders guide to discover all the natural attractions of Puc贸n! The hostel is next to the JAC bus terminal, just two blocks from the centre of the city and within walking distance to supermarkets and the lake. It has ensuite double rooms and dorms for 2, 3 and 5 people. Every backpacker loves a good self-service kitchen and after lots of travel, laundry service and fresh bath towels are a dream! You can watch the sunrise on a hike up to the crater of Villarrica Volcano or get an adrenaline rush paddling the white water rapids of the Trancura River. Their travel agency has more tour options than gadgets in a Swiss Army knife and their friendly staff speaks Spanish, English, and French! 5% discount on accommodation & tours with Get South!

Internet - Wi-Fi - Credit Cards

OSORNO The city of Osorno is surrounded by lakes, volcanoes and rivers; located just 250 km away from Bariloche (Argentina) and 90 km from Puerto Varas. The landscape is dominated by the perfectly cone shaped Osorno Volcano that the daring (and fit) can try hiking. The city has about 220,000 inhabitants and offers a wide range of attractions like the Plaza de Armas, historical museum, San Mateo Cathedral, San Francisco Church, Rahue View Point and the Rahue and Pedro Aguirre Cerda Markets. The surrounding areas are full of natural beauty and outdoor activities. Llanquihue and Puyehue Lakes are beautiful to visit, as is the Puyehue National Park, which has great trekking and unique flora, fauna and waterfalls. Visit the coastline villages of Bahia Mansa, TrilTril, Maicolpu茅 and Pucatrihue with white sand beaches. Caleta C贸ndor is a secluded Huilliche community that is protected by the WWF, reachable only by boat, helicopter or a 10-hour walk. In winter go skiing/ snowboarding at the Antillanca Ski Resort and soak in the Aguas Calientes or Puyehue hot springs.



Toribio Medina 2020 (064) 247030 This laid-back and cozy hostel is set in a two-story house, within walking distance of supermarkets, bakeries and an open market all week that gets huge on Saturdays. It has four bedrooms (dorms and privates) all with shared bathrooms, and also two new cabins for up to four people. Make a meal in their communal kitchen, swing low on the hammocks, make the most of the BBQ area or hang out in the living room with bar to chat with like-minded travellers and stroke the hostel pets. Sirce, the owner, can help you with excursions all year round, from summer hiking to winter snowboarding, and ask about bike or tent hire. It’s not just a hostel, it’s a great meeting place for backpackers, independent travellers and artists! Internet Wi-Fi

10% discount with Get South!

PUERTO VARAS On the shores of Llanquihue Lake, Puerto Varas is an adventure tourism hot spot located just 20 km from Puerto Montt, with buses shuttling between the two almost every five minutes. It‛s a jaw-dropping place where you can admire both Osorno and Calbuco Volcanoes‛ snow-capped peaks while partaking in many adventure activities. Try to stay in the boat while white water rafting, scream your lungs out canyoning in the Blanco River or attempt to summit one of the volcanoes. Nearby lies the Vincent Pérez Rosales National Park, a great place to mountain bike, hike, canopy, horseback ride or sea kayak in the Lago de Todos Los Santos. Northeast of Puerto Varas lies the tranquil town of Ensenada where you can sail and sport fish to your heart‛s content. From here, continue on along the Petrohué River to hike the forests and soak in the hot springs and to witness the beautiful Saltos de Petrohué, a series of waterfalls formed via erosion of the black volcanic rock, basalt. Cochamó Valley is another nature-rich area just 90 km from Puerto Varas where climbers try to conquer the 1,200 m granite walls. There you can get your hiking boots dirty amongst 3,000-year-old trees and Andean ice melt streams.


PUERTO VARAS YAK EXPEDICIONES - Authentic Trips Unparalleled experience and qualifications 8-3320574 / 9-2996487 (the first in Chile with a Quality Tourism (065)-971623 Certification for Sea kayaking and certified by the BCU British Canoe Union of England). Experience remote locations far from the main tourist trail travelling in small groups (2-4 people), authentic interaction with locals, trips for active travellers, help support local communities by employing their resources. Open all year, with 1-day to multiday sea kayaking trips, combined with hiking, for beginners and advanced paddlers in the Lakes Dictrict starting in Puerto Varas, Patagonia Fjords of Pumalin Park, Chiloe Archipiélago and seakayak expeditions to Palena Region and to the Icefields. 10% off for 3 day+ kayaking trips (Aug–Oct, April–Jun) with Get South!

Ask about their sea kayaking courses.

VICKI JOHNSON - Fine Foods & Gifts

Santa Rosa 318 (65) 232240

Don’t leave Puerto Varas until you have had the best chocolate in Chile! Californian-born Vicki Johnson’s shop is the perfect place to get your chocolate hit! She uses pure Belgian chocolate, try the famous 70% origen bars. This handmade haven also has local handicrafts, hand knit sweaters, wood carvings and shawls, as well as a lovely line of homemade local gourmet products including liquers, ulmo honey, gunnera chutney, jams, preserves and a fine line of merken. Ideally located, her shop is just off the 10% OFF main Plaza. with Get South

Credit cards accepted

If you want to delve deeper into your food fantasies, ask Vicki and her bi-lingual staff about their Saturday culinary tours.


PUERTO VARAS HOSTAL COMPASS DEL SUR A Chilean hostel with Scandinavian flair! Swedish, English, German and spanish spoken.

Klenner 467 (065) 232044

Compass del Sur is set in picturesque Puerto Varas in a classic colonial house with large private rooms and dorms, including single, double, twin, triple, quadruple and quintuple, a pretty garden patio (with camping space and free parking), a fully equipped kitchen and a cozy ‘internet’ lounge. Get a good night’s rest in the box spring beds and wake up to a hearty breakfast with homemade bread. Compass is located in a peaceful, historic barrio* by the park, train station and 5 minutes from the lake, downtown and bus station. You can book all the regular excursions here, as well as their own which are guided by the trilingual Breakfast - Internet owner. Compass also offers laundry service, Wi-Fi - Credit Cards airport pick up and bike & car rental. HOSTAL CASA AZUL

Manzanal 66 corner Rosario (065) 232904

Charming wood walls and beautiful details make this hostel as cozy as it is harmonious. Find your Chi in the Japanese Garden amongst Bonsai trees and a rainbow of Koi Fish, or test your language skills with the German–Chilean family who also speaks English. It’s just a 5 minutes walk from the city center and Lake Llanquihue, with beautiful views of the Osorno Volcano. They offer dorms or private rooms with single, double and twin beds with private or shared bathrooms. All rooms have central heating, so you will stay toasty warm in winter. The laundry service, fully equipped kitchen and book exchange are nice benefits. You’ll love the buffet breakfast, complete with whole wheat bread, their special müsli, eggs and bottomless coffee cups. Yum! Internet - Wi-Fi

Free pick up service in town with Get South!


Movie nights on a wide screen TV!


O’Higgins 608 (065) 231521


Fancy a night in a large, historic house? This lovingly restored 1926 guesthouse still has the original construction, but with all the comforts of home. Come here for a cozy stay in one of the ensuite bedrooms and enjoy a delicious, homemade breakfast with your fellow travellers. Their “famous” breakfast includes daily variations of french toast, pancakes, or kucken, fresh ground coffee, seasonal fruit, and homemade bread and marmalades. Three blocks from town, you are close to all the best restaurants and bars, but also have the option to peacefully enjoy the patio and garden. The friendly staff of The Guest House help make you feel at 10% OFF home, so sit back and relax. with Get South

Internet - Wi-Fi – Breakfast

Ask about their Saturday culinary tours.

PUERTO MONTT Because of its strategic location, Puerto Montt is the distribution centre and connecting point to most of the tourist destinations in the south, including Chiloé Island and the famous Carretera Austral (southern road). You‛ll find the Tepual International Airport, the ferry port and a main bus station here in this capital of the Lakes Region. If you want to go to Ayacara or Chaitén (to get to Futaleufú) look up Naviera Austral ( They also connect Chaitén with Quellón and futher south. Navimag ferry is another large ferry company whose trips are almost always fully booked in summer, so reserve ahead if you have a strict itinerary. Navimag offers trips to Puerto Chacabuco (1 day) as well as all the way to Puerto Natales (3 days). Winding through the islands and fjords, these cruises amongst the glaciers are enough of a reason to book the trip, if not to get to the actual towns. It‛s important to note that there is only one long-distance Navimag ferry per week, which leaves on Fridays. Check for the full schedules and to reserve (10% off with Get South!). While you‛re waiting for your ship to come in, don‛t miss walking along the Pelluco Beach or having an amazing (and cheap) seafood meal at the Angelmó market. While you‛re there, visit the artisan market and cross to Tenglo Island by boat and hike up its nature trail to the top for a great view of Puerto Montt and the Osorno, Calbuco and Puntiagudo volcanoes.



Santa Teresa 643 (065) 343939

Renovated out of an old printing press $ warehouse, this luxury hostal boasts an inviting, boutique style. Antique train tracks, railroad ties and history books decorate the Breakfast – Internet – brightly colored walls, all made from native Wi-Fi - Credit Cards woods. It’s located just a 10 minute walk from the Plaza de Armas. Mario, the owner, runs the place with perfection and the staff is extremely helpful. There are 17 rooms with private bathrooms, 5 of which have jacuzzis! There is no kitchen, but they recently opened Anden, a restaurant specializing in slow food (open Mon-Fri,7 to 11pm). Feel good about dining out with local produce and indulge yourself in a glass of organic wine or artisan beer. It’s tasty to be green! 10% off Nov.-Mar. or 15% off Apr.-Oct. with Get South!

Car rental available!


Pudeto 233 corner Ecuador (065) 272897

This quiet, little hostel is conveniently located close to all the Puerto Montt connections. Just 5 blocks from the bus station, 3 blocks from the Navimag ferry port, and 7 blocks from the fish market. Get comfy with other travellers in the shared rooms or enjoy some solitude in one of the private rooms with double beds, all with shared bathrooms. The hostel is exceptionally clean! Muddy shoes are removed at the door and flip-flops are provided to wear around the house. There is a fully equipped kitchen, a comfy living room with cable TV and a smoking porch. Laundry service is available. Over a delicious breakfast, the owner, Verónica, will give you enough information to fill a trekking backpack! Free welcome coffee, tea or juice!


Breakfast Internet

CHILOE ISLAND - ANCUD CHILOE ISLAND - ANCUD Chiloé is a string of 40 islands, the largest of which is Isla Grande de Chiloé. Of its 150 wooden churches scattered across the islands, 16 have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Ancud is the entryway to explore the island, located 90km south of Puerto Montt. It‛s a pretty seaside town with a bustling fishing port. In town you can find many attractions: the Plaza de Armas with the Museo Regional de Ancud just off the plaza, with an interesting collection of the early history of Chiloé and a replica of a small sailing ship La Goleta Ancud. The Mercado Municipal (town market) is a great place to sample the exquisite Chilote seafood and buy local handcrafts. 800m from the plaza is the Fort San Antonio (built in 1770) with great ocean views, which was Spain‛s last stronghold in Chile after the War of Independence. Another old fort looking out onto the sea is Fuerte Ahuí. Only half an hour away (30km west), Magellan and Humboldt penguins coexist at the renowned Pinguineras de Puñihuil penguin colony. These penguin colonies are on three small islands and you can go round in guided boat trips. Chepu (38km south-west) has beautiful landscapes of beaches, rivers and wetlands. From the river‛s estuary you can trek along the long beach where after a 2hr-walk (aprox.) you‛ll reach the penguin colony at Ahuenco. From Ancud you can easily go on to explore Chiloé National Park.

HOSTAL MUNDO NUEVO Av. Costanera Salvador Allende 748 ANCUD Hostel Mundo Nuevo is right (065) 628383 on the sea front, just one block from the main plaza and the bus terminal Cruz del Sur. Uniquely, the wood constructed hostel uses a solar power for its hot water and has a large glass greenhouse outside. There are all kinds of accommodations – from dorms, singles, and doubles with shared bath, to ensuite rooms with 2, 3 and 4 beds. Even better, they all have a view of the ocean! Relax on the seaview terrace, snuggle up in the cozy living room, or cook up a storm in the fully equipped kitchen. The owner speaks Spanish, English and German and can help you Stay 3 nights & get with detailed information a 10% off with Get and maps for biking and South! (not combined Breakfast hiking tours. Internet - Wi-Fi with other promotions)



Costanera Norte 320 Sector Arena Gruesa - ANCUD (065) 625799

If you’re looking for a gorgeous place in $ Chiloé that’s excellent value for money, don’t miss the Faros del Sur Hostal Boutique. Located in beautiful surroundings and just metres from the water, this place built completely with native wood will give you a relaxed island feel that you won’t find anywhere else. Faros del Sur has 14 lovely private rooms all with ensuite bathrooms, flat screen TVs and fantastic ocean views! You can relax on the open air terraces or garden, cook some local fish at their full kitchen or get some advice on what to do from the friendly English-speaking owner Marco or his staff. 10% off + free pick up (minimum 2 people) with Get South!

Breakfast Wi-Fi

CHILOE ISLAND - CASTRO Castro, 87km south of Ancud, is the capital of Chiloe and the third oldest city in Chile, after Santiago and La Serena. On the Plaza de Armas is the San Francisco Church, which was constructed out of wood by local craftsmen in around 1910. Visit the port, artisan fair, and be sure to check out the “palafitos” or wooden houses built on stilts above the water. The Museo Regional contains artefacts from the aboriginal tribes that inhabitated the island before the arrival of the Spanish. Twenty km northeast of Castro, Dalcahue is an important artisan centre. Browse through handcrafts and the local market, and don‛t miss the Sunday “Feria de Dalcahue” artisan fair. From Dalcahue you can take a boat to Quinchao Island where you can visit the Santa Maria de Loreto Church, the oldest on the archipelago. Chiloé National Park runs along the western coast. Cooler and wetter than the eastern coast, this park is an ecosystem that includes dunes, Valdivian temperate rain forests, swamps and peat bogs. Take a traditional or mountain bike tour or go camping and trek on your own for a few days. Twenty five km southwest of Castro you can visit Chonchi, “the town of the three floors” because it was built on a hill.


CHILOE ISLAND - CASTRO PALAFITO HOSTEL The famous Palafitos de Gamboa waterfront is speckled with traditional houses on stilts called “palafitos”. One of these charming little bungalows is home to Palafito Hostel, located just 10 minutes from the Plaza de Armas. The antique outside doesn’t prepare you for the absolutely stunning and completely renovated interior. Inside are 8 rooms, private and dormitory, each with private bathrooms.

Ernesto Riquelme 1210 Palafitos de Gamboa sector - CASTRO (065)531008 Two of the double-bed rooms have balconies with spectacular views to the Gamboa River. The kitchen is well equipped for any culinary endeavor and the common areas will keep you well entertained with books and board games. Ask the friendly staff about fishing, horseback riding and all the excursions available. Stay 3 nights and get 10% off with Get South!

Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi


Ernesto Riquelme 1228 Palafitos de Gamboa sector - CASTRO (09) 68492618 / (09) 74917455

Let Chiloétnico show you Chiloé’s jaw-dropping national parks, nearby islands, unique architecture of the wooden houses and marvelous churches. They run excursions all year round, including mountain biking, trekking, horseback riding, kayaking, as well as historical and tailor made tours. Rent camping equipment and a mountain bike (always the latest model) to explore the island on your own. Located just 10 minutes from Castro’s main plaza, the fantastic Chiloétnico guides (who speak English, Spanish and German) will give you all kinds of local knowledge about the culture, history and environment. By 10% OFF with the time you leave, you’ll Get South already be planning your return trip! US Dollars and Euros accepted



Latorre 238 - CASTRO (065) 635254 Turismo Pehuen offers a wide range of tours lead by expert guides. Become acquainted with the history and beauty of Chiloé on an excursion to the national park or the World Heritage Site churches. Take a boat tour to explore the Islands of Mechuque, Quehui and Chelín, or snap a few photos on a tour of the Penguins de Puñiguil. If you are looking to venture to the stunning and remote Carretera Austral (Southern Road), ask Turismo Pehuen about it. They have loads of information and offer transport and accommodation bookings! Their office is located in Castro, half block from Plaza de Armas. 10% off bike rental with Get South! Credit cards accepted

CARRETERA AUSTRAL Stretching from Puerto Montt down to Villa O‛Higgins, the Carretera Austral, or “Southern Highway”, this region of Chile may be named after a road but there is much more to it than a long stretch (over 1200km) of bumpy gravel: this is one of the country‛s most outstandingly beautiful areas with thick rainforests, stunning fjords, unbelievable glaciers, crystal blue lakes and rivers, snow-capped volcanoes, ancient trees, soothing hot springs, narrow canals and rugged mountains. Nature lovers will delight in Parque Los Alerces de Lenca with staggeringly old, native alerce trees and Parque Pumalín, a private park owned by an eco-friendly US millionaire who is conserving one of the world‛s last large temperate rainforests with stunning forests, hot springs, waterfalls, streams, a volcano, a lake and an organic farm. If you want some action on your travels, Futaleufú, a pretty pastelpainted village with a stunning mountain backdrop, is a great base for dabbling in some world-class white water rafting, kayaking, canyoning, fishing, horseriding and trekking.


CARRETERA AUSTRAL If you have hot springs on your mind then don‛t miss Llancahue island‛s 50ºC waters (catch a ferry from the small village Hornopirén where you can also visit the perfectly conical Hornopirén Volcano); and the luxurious baths at Termas de Puyuhuapi set between a fjord and rainforest (and only accessible by boat from Puyuhuapi). Further south you can get your fill of cool ice with gravity defying hanging glaciers: Ventisquero Colgante, on Queulat National Park, wedged between two mountains and ending in two thundering waterfalls and an iceberg-littered lagoon. A must is a visit to the amazing San Rafael Glacier, spilling into the broad Laguna San Rafael, reached by a memorable boat trip from Puerto Chacabuco through lagoons, forests and icebergs. Coyhaique, the region‛s capital, is the only place along the Carretera Austral that offers a wide range of services. There is an airport in Balmaceda, 55km south. The Southern Road ends in the town of Villa O‛ Higgins, just a step away from Campo de Hielo Sur. For further information: or

PUERTO NATALES This getaway is the point of entry to the world renowned Torres del Paine National Park, a mammoth park that was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1978. The park is a hikers paradise that will blow your mind when you see its flora and fauna, lakes and rivers, frozen glacier fields and amazing scenery. Day trips are available, as well as multiple day hiking trips to the famous “W” circuit or farther. You can take your own equipment and food for camping or stay in one of the refugios (mountain lodges) that offer shared accommodation, food, some with small convenience stores and camping gear to rent.Other options to enjoy the park include picnicking, sport fishing, kayaking, mountain climbing and more. While you‛re based in Puerto Natales, plan an excursion to the Milodón Cave, an archaeological site named after the milodón, a now extinct animal whose remains were found in the cave. Climb to the summit of Dorotea Sierra, to get a great panorama of the town as well as the fjords and mountains in the area. Visit Bernardo O‛Higgins National Park and take a boat trip to feel tiny next to the Balmaceda and Serrano glaciers.



Blanco Encalada 754 (061) 414553 / 09-84748882 Looking for a friend, a proper, big breakfast and comfy bed in Puerto Natales? Omar can help! With a comfy hostel in the town centre which offers just that, as well as lockers, towels, sheets and helpful advice on what to do in the area (including Torres del Paine treks) and gear rental. Backpackers Kawashkar has built up quite a following for its friendly atmosphere, clean environment and homely experience. Make yourself at home at this dorm-style hostel and enjoy the library, cable TV, the fully equipped kitchen or light a BBQ with fellow travellers. 10% off equipment rental with Breakfast Internet - Wi-Fi Get South!

T IN HOUSE PATAGONIA Miraflores 616 (061) 614201 This cozy and intimate house-style hostel is a great place to stay before and after leaving for an excursion in Torres del Paine. With only three bedrooms (two doubles, and one with two bunk beds - all with heating and shared bathrooms) and completely managed and run by its owners, this is certainly a place where you can hang up your coat and boots, and chill out. Enjoy the comfy commodities, your own kitchen and the unique tin and wood structure in this 50’s built house (recently refurbished in 2010) right in the centre of town. Tin House Patagonia has their own travel agency so you can get the best advice and reserve for top tours around the area for trekking, 10% OFF horseback riding, kayaking, visiting with the glaciers and more. Breakfast Get South Internet - Wi-Fi Closed June - August


PUNTA ARENAS PUNTA ARENAS Punta Arenas is the southernmost (continental) city in South America located on the shores of the Magellan Strait. Despite its remoteness, it has the most developed urban centre in Chilean Patagonia. Wander around downtown Plaza de Armas, dig your camera out to get a panoramic shot of the city from the Mirador del Cerro* de la Cruz, take advantage of their tax-free shopping centre (Zona Franca), contemplate the city‛s history in the ornate municipal cemetery, check out the monument to Magellan or the interesting museums (Maggiorino Borgatello, Regional, Armada de Chile, Militar Palacio Sara Braun and Instituto de la Patagonia). Venturing out of town, pretend your name is Ferdinand and kayak on the strait, travel to Isla Magdalena or Seno Otway and waddle like a penguin amongst thousands (October-March), or hike around what the native Patagones used to call “Devil‛s Country” because of the rugged, volcanic landscape of Pali-Aike National Park. ADEL - RENT A CAR Y TURISMO

Pedro Montt 962 (061) 224819

The best way to get around Punta Arenas and explore the area is through the luxury of your own car – go where you like, dictate your own time schedule and feel free! ADEL Rent a Car is located on the same block as the tourist office and will help you find your ideal transport – from small, economical cars right up to 4WD and SUVs. The bi-lingual staff will give you advice and information about driving around the area and if you hire a car for 3 days or more there is no mileage limit. So get your driving gloves on, and let loose in Patagonia!

Credit Cards, USD and Euros accepted


10% OFF with Get South


Av. España 1291 (061) 225599

For a nautical themed stay in Punta Arenas, come to family-orientated Hostal Victoria. With singles, doubles, triples and apartment style rooms you’ll Breakfast - Internet – find privacy at this central hostel which Wi-Fifi - Credit cards has some private bathrooms, cable TV in each room and kitchenettes in the The friendly owners are usually apartments. There is a quirky historical on hand to give you advice and boat theme to honour the discovery of help book tours or activities, Magallen and the 1520 voyage of the and to wish you ... Nao Victoria back to Spain, getting you ‘Welcome aboard, captain!’ in the mood to start your own crusade to Magallen! 10% off when booking 3+ nights + free pick up from the bus station with Get South! Make sure to try their homemade jams at the all-you-can-eat breakfast. BACKPACKER’S PARADISE

Ignacio Carrera Pinto 1022 (061) 240104 / 222313

Backpacker’s Paradise is as a hostel should be: a communal place where you can share experiences and make friends with fellow nomads, a multi-cultural space. Every Friday and Saturday night kick back with other backpackers to enjoy travelers’ tales, hearty food, good music and a few beers. Centrally located in Punta Arenas, the hostel is two blocks away from supermarkets and the bus station, has dorms with shared bathrooms, is centrally heated, has cable TV in the living room and the friendly, bi-lingual staff offer a good service. Free coffee! 10% off with Get South!


Internet Wi-Fi

Sometimes closed between May and August. Please check before you go!

Uruguay, one of the smallest of the South American republics, is located by the Atlantic Ocean between Argentina and Brazil. Its population is about 3 million inhabitants, half of which live in the capital, Montevideo. Its 500 km (300 miles) of fine sandy beaches, forests, hills, hot springs, art festivals, numerous opportunities for sport and entertainment, and above all its people, make Uruguay an ideal place to visit all year round.

Highlights :: Colonia del Sacramento has a charming Barrio Histórico (historic quarter) that was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995. It has cobblestone streets built by the Portuguese in the 17th century and contains some brilliant examples of colonial architecture. Among the notable attractions around Plaza Mayor (main square) are: Museo Portugues, Museo de Azulejo (Tile Museum), Casa del Almirante Brown which houses Museo Municipal, Casa de Nacarello, Iglesia Matriz (Uruguay‛s oldest church) and El Faro (the lighthouse). :: Montevideo‛s architecture combines colonial, European and modern influences. The Ciudad Vieja (old City) is one of Montevideo‛ major tourist attractions. It is also famous for its nightlife and its Saturday morning open market. The Puerta de la Ciudadela (Door to the Citadel), the Cabildo (the old town council hall), the Cathedral, the Plaza Matriz, Plaza Zabala and the Port Market (with excellent parrillas* and seafood restaurants) are fine examples of Uruguay‛s colonial past. :: Punta del Este is the in vogue beach, full of restaurants, cultural activities and parties year round. Some of its most famous beaches are Portezuelo, La Barra (15 km from PDE) with its characteristic undulating bridge and the Manantiales beaches. José Ignacio (20 km from PDE) hosts the Playa Mansa (quiet beach), and the Playa Brava (with stronger surf). You can also visit the “The Hand in the Sand”, the hippie market, the old lighthouse and do a boat trip to Isla de Lobos. :: La Pedrera is a small and exclusive resort with beaches good for surfing, windsurfing, bodyboarding, diving and sport fishing. It is the ocean‛s outstanding beauty, encouraging waves, fine white sand and majestic rocks that make these beaches truly unique.


URUGUAY EL VIAJERO HOSTEL & SUITES COLONIA Washington Barbot 164 This hostel has high ceilings with wide COLONIA DEL SACRAMENTO skylights, neat fireplaces, cable TV and DVDs, +598 (0)52 22683 great BBQ area, a solarium and a hip bar offering delish food at night. There are private rooms and dorms, all ensuite and with A/C. Located 700 m away from the port and bus station, just a 100 m from the famous “Historical Town” declared World Heritage by UNESCO, and 1500 m from beautiful beaches! Bike & Scooter rentals and horseback riding outings, FUN! EL VIAJERO CIUDAD VIEJA HOSTEL

Ituzaingo 1436 MONTEVIDEO El Viajero Ciudad Vieja Hostel is located a few +598 (0)2 9156192 steps away from the most attractive sites of the city and has excellent nightlife at its doorstep. This 19th century two-storey house, offers comfy twin rooms and dorms with shared baths. What’s more, you get to use these amenities: 2 full kitchens, solarium and terrace, BBQ area, cable TV and a cool bar where weekly activities take place, including tango shows, pizza & chivitos nights and asado* & stadium outings. EL VIAJERO DOWNTOWN HOSTEL & SUITES


This hostel is strategically located in downtown Soriano 1073 corner Paraguay MONTEVIDEO Montevideo, just 2 blocks from one of the +598 (0)2 9082913 main avenues (18 de Julio) and only 10 minutes from the main tourist attractions. Take your pick between their 12 ensuite private rooms or ensuite dorms. Free Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi in all 6 El Viajero Hostels!!

10% off and stay 4 nights, pay 3 with Get South! (offer not valid from 24/12 to the end of Carnival)

All El Viajero Hostels follow the same concept, party hostels with young bilingual staff ready to share great info and fun times with you.

Check them out at 155

URUGUAY Ruta 10 Km 164 EL VIAJERO MANANTIALES HOSTEL PUNTA DEL ESTE Located 20 minutes away from the centre of +598 (0)42 774427 Punta del Este and nearby surfer’s paradise “Bikini Beach”. There are double rooms and dorms with lockers and shared baths. You can also use the complete kitchen and take in wonderful views from the 4 terraces. Get a tan at their swimming pool and deck with hammocks and solarium, or sit at their open-air bar while enjoying yummy food, drinks and good tunes.



Av. Francia & Charrúa Convenientely located in the heart of Punta del PUNTA DEL ESTE Este, only 3 blocks from the bus station and +598 (0)42 480331 “Playa Brava” with the famous hand sculpture. This hostel is just steps away from the main downtown tourist attractions: Gorlero street, the Yacht Club with its endless nightlife, Conrad Hotel, the lighthouse, artisan plaza and the trendy Punta beaches La Brava and La Mansa. They offer both ensuite private and shared rooms making this your beach paradise! EL VIAJERO LA PEDRERA HOSTEL & SUITES Calle 6 n/n (150m away the water tank) An ideal spot to rest and relax, LA PEDRERA surrounded by a forest and close +598 (0)47 92252 to the main street, bus stop and only 500 m from the beach. This dreamy hostel offers double rooms with ensuite baths, dorms, wide common area, TV/DVD room, fully equipped kitchen with earth oven, grill and a bar. Catch some sun rays in the gorgeous garden or on the terrace with wooden deck. Surf lessons, bike rentals and daily dinners are taken care of by the friendly bilingual staff. WARNING: it’s normally closed from April to October, so ask before getting there!

10% off and stay 4 nights, pay 3 with Get South! (offer not valid from 24/12 to the end of Carnival)

Reserve at 156

** Glossary** •Albergue / Hostal: hostel •Amigo: friend •Asado: barbeque •Barco: boat/ship •Barrio: neighborhood •Bodegas: wineries •Boliche: clubs, discos •Bosque: forest •Buceo: scuba diving •Buena onda: good vibe •Cabaña: cabin, cottage •Cabildo: old town hall •¿Cachai?: get it? (Chile) •Cancha: fútbol stadium •Cañón: canyon •Cardón: giant cactus •Cascada: waterfall •Castillo: castle •Cerro: hill •Ciudad: city •Che: Hey •Chicas: girls •Chivito: Uruguayan sandwich •Choripán: sausage in a bun •Cordillera: mountain range •Desayuno: breakfast •Desierto: desert •Dulce de leche: caramel •Empanadas: pastries filled with beef, ham and cheese, etc. •Estancia: ranches •Estero: marshal •Fogón: bonfire •Fútbol: soccer, football •Gauchos: Argentinean cowboys •Guanaco: small llama •Hospedaje: budget accommodation


•Iglesia: church •Isla: island •Lago: lake •Laguna: lagoon •Locro: an Andean stew dish •Lomito: a tasty sandwich made with beef, chicken or pork •Mariscos: shellfish •Mate: traditional tea drunk from a gourd with a metal straw •Micro: local bus (Chile) •Milanesas: deep fried or oven baked breaded veal or chicken •Mina: mine, chick (girl) •Mochilero: backpacker •Montaña: mountain •Novio/a: boy/girlfriend •Ñandú: South American ostrich •Parque: park •Parrilla: grill •Peña: places to enjoy traditional music, dances and local food •Picada: local nibbles platter •Playa: beach •Plaza: square •Pololo/a: boy/girlfriend (Chile) •Porteño: Buenos Aires or Valparaíso native •Posada: inn •Pueblo: town •Puerto: port •Quebrada: gorge •Río: river •Salar / Salinas: salt flats •Tren: train •Valle: valley •Vino: wine

nglish Dictionary ** ** Spanish-E BASIC Hello/Goodbye Yes/No Please Thank you (very much) You are welcome Excuse me I’m sorry (forgive me) Do you speak English? How much is it? What’s your name? My name is…

Hola / Adiós Sí/No Por favor (Muchas) Gracias De nada Perdón Disculpe Habla inglés? Cuánto cuesta? Cómo te llamas? Me llamo…

GETTING AROUND What time does the next … leave/arrive? boat bus (city) bus (intercity) I would like a one-way/return ticket. Bus station I’d like to hire a car/ bicycle Where is...? Near / far

A qué hora sale/llega el próximo....? barco colectivo ómnibus / bus Quisiera un pasaje de ida/ida y vuelta Terminal de ómnibus Quisiera alquilar un auto/ bicicleta Dónde está? Cerca / Lejos

AROUND TOWN un banco un cajero automático el correo el centro la farmacia el locutorio la oficina de turismo la policía la comisaría A qué hora abre/cierra? Estoy perdido / a

A bank An ATM The post office Downtown Pharmacy The telephone centre The tourist office The police The police station What time does it open/close? I’m lost


** Spanish-English Dictionary ** SIGNS Entrance / Exit Push / Pull Open / Close Men / Women toilets

Entrada / Salida Empuje / Tire Abierto / Cerrado Baños de hombres / mujeres

ACCOMMODATION Hotel Hostel / albergue / Hostal Camping Tiene habitaciones libres? una habitación individual una habitación doble dormis por una noche por dos noches Cuánto cuesta por noche/persona? Incluye desayuno?

Hotel Youth hostel Camping ground Do you have any rooms available? A single room A double room dorm for one night for two nights How much is it per night/person? Is breakfast included?

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Get South Año 4 N°11 / May - August 2011 / Distribución gratuita - Free distribution PROPIEDAD & DIRECCIÓN: Irina Schugurensky - COLABORACIÓN: Amanda Barnes - Amanda May - Jonatan Conti REGISTRO DE LA PROPIEDAD INTELECTUAL: 649667 AGRADECIMIENTOS: Quisiéramos agradecerles a todas las personas que nos apoyan y que confían en esta guía, especialmente a los anunciantes. Un agradecimiento especial al Sr. Sergio Andrade por toda su ayuda incondicional. MUCHAS GRACIAS!! INFORMACIÓN: El contenido de esta guía ha sido recopilado cuidadosamente e incluido de buena fe. No obstante ello, y si por un error involuntario, uno o más datos no coincidieran con la realidad, Get South no se responsabiliza de tales hechos y/o circunstancias. La información y contenido de los anuncios publicitarios son de exclusiva responsabilidad de los anunciantes. PUBLICIDAD: Para publicar en esta guía por favor contáctenos de las siguientes formas: Tel: +54 9 261 (15)5065695 – Email: - Web: DERECHOS RESERVADOS: Queda prohibida la reproducción total o parcial del contenido de la guía, por ningún método, sin expreso consentimiento del propietario. “La edición y circulación de mapas, cartas geográficas u otros impresos y documentos que se refieran o relacionen con los límites y fronteras de Chile, no comprometen , en modo alguno, al estado de Chile, de acuerdo con el Art. 2º letra g) del DFL Nº 83 de 1979 del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores.” Get South is supported by the advertisers displayed in the guidebook. However, Get South does not accept liability for any of the advertisers represented in this publication or on the web.

The core information comes from those who have been there and done that. We have done our share of travelling and have had many experiences, but maybe you have something more to add. We are sure you have lots to share about your travels so please give us your recommendations and suggestions!

Please make sure to tell everybody that you found them through Get South! Get South: Cell: +54 9 261 (15)5065695. E-mail:


Get South 11º edition  

Get South is a free guidebook that has all the secret traveller knowledge of Argentina, Chile and Uruguay... including freebies and discount...

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