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Uruguay, one of the smallest of the South American republics, is located by the Atlantic Ocean between Argentina and Brazil. Its population is about 3 million inhabitants, half of which live in the capital, Montevideo. Its 500 km (300 miles) of fine sandy beaches, forests, hills, hot springs, art festivals, numerous opportunities for sport and entertainment, and above all its people, make Uruguay an ideal place to visit all year round.

Highlights :: Colonia del Sacramento has a charming Barrio Histórico (historic quarter) that was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995. It has cobblestone streets built by the Portuguese in the 17th century and contains some brilliant examples of colonial architecture. Among the notable attractions around Plaza Mayor (main square) are: Museo Portugues, Museo de Azulejo (Tile Museum), Casa del Almirante Brown which houses Museo Municipal, Casa de Nacarello, Iglesia Matriz (Uruguay’s oldest church) and El Faro (the lighthouse). :: Montevideo’s architecture combines colonial, European and modern influences. The Ciudad Vieja (old City) is one of Montevideo’ major tourist attractions. It is also famous for its nightlife and its Saturday morning open market. The Puerta de la Ciudadela (Door to the Citadel), the Cabildo (the old town council hall), the Cathedral, the Plaza Matriz, Plaza Zabala and the Port Market (with excellent parrillas* and seafood restaurants) are fine examples of Uruguay’s colonial past. :: Punta del Este is the beach in vogue, full of restaurants, cultural activities and parties all year round. Some of its most famous beaches are Portezuelo, La Barra (15km from PDE) with its characteristic undulating bridge and the Manantiales beaches.


URUGUAY José Ignacio (20km from Punta del Este) hosts the Playa Mansa (quiet beach), and the Playa Brava, with stronger surf and where most people prefer to spend the day. You can also visit the “The Hand in the Sand”, the hippie market, the old lighthouse and do a boat trip to Isla de Lobos. :: La Pedrera is a small and exclusive resort with beaches good for surfing, windsurfing, body-boarding, diving and sport fishing. It is the ocean’s outstanding beauty, encouraging waves, fine white sand and majestic rocks that make these beaches truly unique, despite the busy nightlife. In the south beach you can see an old rusted ship and in the main street you will find picturesque crafts stands and a variety of small shops and restaurants. :: Punta del Diablo is a charming fishing-surfing village around 300km from Montevideo and close to the Brazilian border. It has winding dirt streets with long stretches of empty sandy beaches to wander along and it is great for chilling out with a more nature-oriented and far less glamorous crowd than other beaches. You have a few forts nearby to visit, as well as Santa Teresa Park, also nearby and with great beaches.

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URUGUAY EL VIAJERO HOSTEL & SUITES COLONIA Washington Barbot 164 This hostel has high ceilings with wide COLONIA DEL SACRAMENTO skylights, neat fireplaces, cable TV and DVDs, +598 (0)52 22683 great BBQ area, a solarium and a hip bar offering delish food at night. There are private rooms and dorms, all ensuite and with A/C. Located 700 m away from the port and bus station, just a 100 m from the famous “Historical Town” declared World Heritage by UNESCO, and 1500 m from beautiful beaches! Bike rentals and horseback riding outings, FUN! EL VIAJERO CIUDAD VIEJA HOSTEL

Ituzaingo 1436 MONTEVIDEO El Viajero Ciudad Vieja Hostel is located a few +598 (0)2 9156192 steps away from the most attractive sites of the city and has excellent nightlife at its doorstep. This 19th century two-storey house, offers comfy twin rooms and dorms with shared baths. What’s more, you get to use these amenities: 2 full kitchens, solarium and terrace, BBQ area, cable TV and a cool bar where weekly activities take place, including tango shows, pizza & chivitos nights and asado* & stadium outings. EL VIAJERO DOWNTOWN HOSTEL & SUITES This hostel is strategically located in downtown Soriano 1073 corner Paraguay MONTEVIDEO Montevideo, just 2 blocks from one of the +598 (0)2 9082913 main avenues (18 de Julio) and only 10 minutes from the main tourist attractions. Take your pick between their 12 ensuite private rooms or ensuite dorms. Free Breakfast - Internet - Wi-Fi in all 6 El Viajero Hostels!!

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Ruta 10 Km 164 PUNTA DEL ESTE Located 20 minutes away from the centre of +598 (0)42 774427 Punta del Este and nearby surfer’s paradise “Bikini Beach”. There are double rooms and dorms with lockers and shared baths. You can also use the complete kitchen and take in wonderful views from the 4 terraces. Get a tan at their swimming pool and deck with hammocks and solarium, or sit at their open-air bar while enjoying yummy food, drinks and good tunes. WARNING: it’s normally closed from April to October, so ask before getting there!

EL VIAJERO BRAVA BEACH HOSTEL & SUITES Av. Francia & Charrúa Convenientely located in the heart of Punta del PUNTA DEL ESTE Este, only 3 blocks from the bus station and +598 (0)42 480331 “Playa Brava” with the famous hand sculpture. This hostel is just steps away from the main downtown tourist attractions: Gorlero street, the Yacht Club with its endless nightlife, Conrad Hotel, the lighthouse, artisan plaza and the trendy Punta beaches La Brava and La Mansa. They offer both ensuite private and shared rooms making this your beach paradise! EL VIAJERO LA PEDRERA HOSTEL & SUITES Calle 6 n/n (150m away the water tank) An ideal spot to rest and relax, LA PEDRERA surrounded by a forest and close +598 (0)47 92252 to the main street, bus stop and only 500 m from the beach. This dreamy hostel offers double rooms with ensuite baths, dorms, wide common area, TV/DVD room, fully equipped kitchen with earth oven, grill and a bar. Catch some sun rays in the gorgeous garden or on the terrace with wooden deck. Surf lessons, bike rentals and daily dinners are taken care of by the friendly bilingual staff. WARNING: it’s normally closed from April to October, so ask before getting there!

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** Glossary** •Albergue / Hostal: hostel •Amigo: friend •Asado: barbeque •Barco: boat/ship •Barrio: neighborhood •Bodegas: wineries •Boliche: clubs, discos •Bosque: forest •Buceo: scuba diving •Buena onda: good vibe •Cabaña: cabin, cottage •Cabildo: old town hall •¿Cachai?: get it? (Chile) •Cancha: fútbol stadium •Cañón: canyon •Cardón: giant cactus •Cascada: waterfall •Castillo: castle •Cerro: hill •Ciudad: city •Che: hey •Chicas: girls •Choripán: sausage in a bun •Cordillera: mountain range •Desayuno: breakfast •Desierto: desert •Dulce de leche: caramel •Estancia: ranches •Estero: marshal •Fogón: bonfire •Fútbol: soccer, football •Gauchos: Argentinean cowboys, in Chile called “huasos” •Guanaco: small llama •Hospedaje: budget accommodation •Iglesia: church •Isla: island


•Lago: lake •Laguna: lagoon •Locro: an Andean stew dish •Lomito: a tasty sandwich made with beef, chicken or pork •Mariscos: shellfish •Mate: traditional tea drunk from a gourd with a metal straw •Micro: local bus (Chile) •Milanesas: deep fried or oven baked breaded veal or chicken •Mina: mine, chick (girl) •Mochilero: backpacker •Montaña: mountain •Novio/a: boy/girlfriend •Ñandú: South American ostrich •Palacio: palace •Parque: park •Parrilla: grill •Peña: places to enjoy traditional music, dances and local food •Picada: local nibbles platter •Playa: beach •Plaza: square •Pololo/a: boy/girlfriend (Chile) •Porteño: Buenos Aires or Valparaíso native •Posada: inn •Pueblo: town •Puerto: port •Quebrada: gorge •Río: river •Salar / Salinas: salt flats •Teatro: theatre •Tren: train •Valle: valley •Vino: wine

nglish Dictionary ** ** Spanish-E BASIC Hello/Goodbye Yes/No Please Thank you (very much) You are welcome Excuse me I’m sorry (forgive me) Do you speak English? How much is it? What’s your name? My name is…

Hola / Adiós Sí/No Por favor (Muchas) Gracias De nada Perdón Disculpe Habla inglés? Cuánto cuesta? Cómo te llamas? Me llamo…

GETTING AROUND A qué hora sale/llega el próximo....? What time does the next … leave/arrive? barco boat colectivo bus (city) ómnibus / bus bus (intercity) I would like a one-way/return ticket. Quisiera un pasaje de ida/ida y vuelta Terminal de ómnibus Bus station Quisiera alquilar un auto/ bicicleta I’d like to hire a car/ bicycle Dónde está? Where is...? Cerca / Lejos Near / far

AROUND TOWN A bank An ATM The post office Downtown Pharmacy The telephone centre The tourist office The police The police station What time does it open/close? I’m lost

un banco un cajero automático el correo el centro la farmacia el locutorio la oficina de turismo la policía la comisaría A qué hora abre/cierra? Estoy perdido/a


GET SOUTH Año 5 - N°14 / July - December 2012 / Distribución gratuita - Free distribution PROPIEDAD & DIRECCIÓN: Irina Schugurensky - COLABORACIÓN: Amanda Barnes - Jonatan Conti - Alejandro Damico REGISTRO DE LA PROPIEDAD INTELECTUAL: 649667 AGRADECIMIENTOS: Quisiéramos agradecerles a todas las personas que nos apoyan y que confían en esta guía, especialmente a los anunciantes. Un agradecimiento especial al Sr. Sergio Andrade por toda su ayuda incondicional. MUCHAS GRACIAS!! INFORMACIÓN: El contenido de esta guía ha sido recopilado cuidadosamente e incluido de buena fe. No obstante ello, y si por un error involuntario, uno o más datos no coincidieran con la realidad, Get South no se responsabiliza de tales hechos y/o circunstancias. La información y contenido de los anuncios publicitarios son de exclusiva responsabilidad de los anunciantes. PUBLICIDAD: Para publicar en esta guía por favor contáctenos de las siguientes formas: Tel: +54 9 261 (15)5065695 – Email: - Web: DERECHOS RESERVADOS: Queda prohibida la reproducción total o parcial del contenido de la guía, por ningún método, sin expreso consentimiento del propietario. “La edición y circulación de mapas, cartas geográficas u otros impresos y documentos que se refieran o relacionen con los límites y fronteras de Chile, no comprometen, en modo alguno, al estado de Chile, de acuerdo con el Art. 2º letra g) del DFL Nº 83 de 1979 del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores.” Get South is supported by the advertisers displayed in the guidebook. However, Get South does not accept liability for any of the advertisers represented in this publication or on the web.

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Uruguay, one of the smallest of the South American republics, is located by the Atlantic Ocean between Argentina and Brazil.

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