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Chile is located in the southeast corner of South America, squeezed between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. The country is only 240 km across at its widest point, but being more than 4,200 km long, it has an impressive range of geography and climate. In the extreme north you will find the most arid desert in the world, whereas towards the centre the environment changes completely into fertile lands, beautiful beaches and stunning mountains with excellent skiing. The south is the area of lakes, forests and volcanoes, leading to the ancient glaciers of Patagonia and Antarctica. Chile also has plenty of attractions off-shore, like Easter Island and its surrounding treasures, Robinson Crusoe with its unique fauna and vegetation, and ChiloĂŠ, an island full of mystery and special folklore. 97

ile Ch out ab ion at orm Inf ** ul ef Us ** General Tips * When entering the country, make sure you are not carrying any fruit, grain or animal products, as Chile has very strict border controls and you will have to pay H[SHQVLYHĂ&#x20AC;QHV <RXPD\Ă&#x20AC;QG&KLOHDQ6SDQLVKPRUHGLIĂ&#x20AC;FXOWWRXQGHUVWDQGEHFDXVHWKH\VSHDN YHU\TXLFNO\DQGXVHDORWRIVODQJ

How to make phone calls in Chile 09 + cell. number: (**)


(09) 871 02397

Carrier Code + (0) area code + tel. number: 188-2-22465781

09 + cell. number: (**)

(09) 871 02397

Country code + (0) area code + tel. Country code + (0) 9 + cell. number: number: + 56-9-871 02397

(*) number: + 56-2-22465781

7RFDOORYHUVHDVIURP&KLOH\RXPXVW²UVWGLDOD&DUULHU&RGH  &RXQWU\&RGH1XPEHU There are many carrier codes (188, 123, 181, etc). Just ask which one to use. (**) If you are calling from a Chilean cell phone you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t need to dial (09).

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ARICA Arica is the northernmost city in Chile, just 19 km south of the Peruvian border. It’s called “the city of the never ending spring” because it rarely ever rains and therefore it’s possible to go surfing, paragliding, fishing, horseback riding and scuba diving here all year round. A must see spot is Morro de Arica, a headland offering great views of the ocean and the city, which also has a historical war museum on top. If you want to learn some more interesting history, check out San Marcos Church and the Old Customs House, both built by the same company who constructed the Eiffel Tower. Pelicans, cormorants and a few lazy sea lions are always present at the fishing port (2 blocks from the main plaza) so go and have a very close look! For beaches, the most popular is Chinchorro beach, where there’s good surf and safe swimming. A little further south you’ll find the beaches La Lisera (2.5 km) and El Laucho (2 km), as well as the Península del Alacrán (Scorpion Peninsula) where the biggest surfing competition in Arica is held. Make sure you see the Museum San Miguel de Azapa (12km from Arica) that houses some of the world’s oldest mummies, the cemetery nearby built on sand dunes, as well as the geoglyphs in the Azapa and Lluta valleys. From Arica you can take a tour to visit Lauca National Park, where Chungara Lake is the main attraction with all kinds of unique fauna. 99




Vicente Dagnino 117, PoblaciĂłn Chinchorro (09) 79148547 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; (058) 2247702 A lot of people plan to be in Arica for just one night, but when they ²QGWKHPVHOYHVDW$ULFD8QLWH+RVWHO they end up staying for 3, 4 or 5 nights! As comfortable as your own home, this friendly hostel is the perfect place to sleep in late and relax. All the rooms (2 four bed dorms and 2 doubles, all shared bath) have different decor themes but have one thing in common - peace. Located in a quiet neighbourhood, the colourful market is just behind you and the Chinchorro beach is right in front, and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re 5 mins from the bus station, 15 from the centre and 10 from the clubs. Make good use of the terrace with sea view, hammock on the patio, large living area and communal kitchen, and the staff are always there to help you book lake tours, surf or paragliding lessons.


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Tomas Aravena 161, PoblaciĂłn Chinchorro (058) 2241038 This hostel is located near to the bus terminal and the principal beach in Arica, close to a large fruit & veg market, stores, cheap restaurants & various nightclubs. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s run by a Chilean DQGD1HZ=HDODQGHUZKRZLOOPDNH\RXIHHODWKRPHSURYLGLQJDVXPSWXRXV ²OOLQJEUHDNIDVWDQGDVPXFKKHOSDQGDGYLFHDVSRVVLEOH Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a good variety of rooms to choose from: ensuite privates, dorms with single beds (no bunk beds) and private rooms with shared bath.

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The kitchen is kept very clean and tidy and there is laundry service if you need it. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll never get bored with your choice of beach tennis raquets, boogie boards and bikes - all available for use! 100



IQUIQUE Heading up or down the coast of Chile, Iquique is a logical stopping point – and you won’t be disappointed! It’s a gorgeous city where the sun shines practically all year round, making it excellent for paragliding (one of the best places in the world), surfing, scuba diving or sandboarding. Walking around town, the main street, Baquedano, is an attractive pedestrian boulevard with architecture that takes you back in time. The cathedral and the Plaza* Arturo Prat are both beautiful and worth taking a look at. Outside Iquique, don’t miss the geoglyphs Atacama Giant, the world’s largest rock art, and the remarkable Cerros Pintados (painted hills) which demonstrate the ancient Tiwanaku culture. Enjoy the natural hot springs at the Pica Oasis, explore the Tamarugos Woods or marvel at the salt flats and the geysers of Puchuldiza. If you’re after a change from all the outdoor activities, soak up some history in the nitrate mine ruins, Humberstone and Santa Laura, located outside of the city. It was this industry that gave life to the Iquique region but since the closure of the mines, they have become complete ghost towns and named World Heritage Sites. If you’re there in July, go to the “Fiesta de LaTirana,” one of the most important religious festivals of the country .


Amunategui 2075 (057) 2320223

%DFNSDFNHUªV+RVWHO,TXLTXHLV GH²QLWHO\DXQLTXHSODFHWRVWD\ The hostel is actually two houses joined together and is nicely decorated with all kinds of funky objects. Located a stone’s throw from Cavancha, the best local beach, and only a ten minute walk from downtown. It has single, double, triple and shared rooms with lockers. A fully equipped kitchen is supplied, and they also grill three yummy BBQs a week at discount prices! The hostel has balconies with great ocean views so you can check out the waves before hitting the surf. Otherwise, there is ping pong, foosball and a pool table if you want to stay inside. The friendly staff can help you arrange surf lessons, sandboarding, bike rental, or any local tours.

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Baquedano 1035 (057) 2217290

Magical Tours Chile is a trustworthy professional company located in the historical Baquedano street, in the heart of Iquique. Delivering a magical experience is what they do! They have self-created itineraries with well-trained guides to show you the beauty, history and mystique of the TarapacĂĄ province. Join their 1 day or multi day activities and tours to enjoy some of the following fantastic highlights: VROFDQR ,VOXJD 13 ÂĽ 3XFKXOGL]D JH\VHUV ÂĽ +XDVFR VDOW ÂłDWV DQG ODJRRQV +LJKODQGVKRWVSULQJVÂĽ:LOGOLIHVSRWWLQJÂĽ6DQWD/DXUDDQG+XPEHUVWRQH 6DOWSHWHU0LQHUXLQV 8QHVFR:RUOG+HULWDJH ÂĽ*HRJO\SKV UXSHVWULDQDUW LQ3LQWDGRV $WDFDPD*LDQW ZRUOGÂŞVODUJHVWURFNDUW ÂĽ0\VWLF/DJXQD5RMD UHGODJRRQ ÂĽ2DVLVGH3LFD 0DWLOODÂĽ,TXLTXHFLW\WRXUVÂĽ6XQVHWWRXUV 'LYLQJÂĽ$GYHQWXUHDFWLYLWLHVÂĽDQGVRPXFKPRUH (QJOLVKVSRNHQ:KDWDUH\RXZDLWLQJIRU"*RDKHDGDQG book your moment of magic! Bicycle rental available! 10% off with Get South!

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Magical Tour Chile

OASISFLY PARAPENTE - Paragliding Get the thrill of being high up in the Baquedano 770 air, enjoy the breathtaking views of Cell: 98304125 / (057) 2411692 LQIR#RDVLVÂł\FO the mountains, the ocean and the city ZZZRDVLVÂł\FO of Iquique and its surroundings, and experience the peaceful atmosphere ZKLOHÂł\LQJWKURXJKLWOLNHDELUG3DUDJOLGLQJLVRQHRIWKRVH activities you just have to do while making your dream travel trip! Iquique is a world top spot for paragliding with year round perfect ZHDWKHUFRQGLWLRQVVRVLJQXSIRUDWDQGHPÂłLJKWZLWK2DVLVÂł\3DUDSHQWH DUHOLDEOHDQGVDIHFRPSDQ\ZKLFKÂłLHVZLWKYHU\H[SHULHQFHGSLORWVDQGWKH latest technology equipment. Are you hooked on this amazing sport? Follow DIXOOFRXUVHWRÂł\E\\RXUVHOI SSDQLVK(QJOLVK)UHQFKDQG3RUWXJXHVHVSRNHQ

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S Chile

San PedrO de Atacama

SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMA This little town is full of archaeological interests in the middle of the Atacama Desert. You should probably have the Atacama Salt Flats on your to-do list, but thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also an amazing array of other natural wonders nearby. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll find most of them in the Los Flamencos National Reserve, which houses a variety of landscapes and incredible flora and fauna. Try moonwalking at the Valley of the Moon, one of the driest places on the planet. You can also see the Death Valley and the Cordillera* de la Sal, a highly recommended excursion. Head to Cejar Lagoon, where the high concentration of salt will let you float without efforts, just like in the Dead Sea! You can also visit the high altitude Altiplanic Lagoons (Miscanti and MiĂąiques). If you are keen to get a better view of the landscape, this part of the Andes has the highest peaks in the country, with a long list of mountains or volcanoes to climb. The El Tatio geysers will shock you with huge spurts of boiling water, but if you feel more like relaxing, check out the Puritama Hot Springs. Make sure you go and visit some of the pre-Hispanic villages like Toconao, Caspana and Chi-Chiu. Other interesting historical sites include the Tulor Ruins, PucarĂĄ de Quitor, the church at the main plaza and the Padre Le Paige Archaeological Museum.


Pasaje Portal del Inca 486 PoblaciĂłn Condeduque (055) 2424783 Backpackers San Pedro

This colourful hostel, at a 5 min. walk from the center, has room for 50 guests, including you! The owners Fabiola and Alvaro, and their staff, ZLOO DQVZHU HYHU\ TXHVWLRQ DERXW 6DQ 3HGUR Their in-house tour agency offers all the classic regular tours, and private tours in a 4x4, at good prices or in a package deal. Feel welcome to hang out on the outdoor patio with hammocks, sunbeds, play SLQJSRQJDQGERDUGJDPHVRUHQMR\D%%4JULOODQGERQ²UH And sip a delicious cocktail, beer or wine at the bar (till midnight) followed by a peaceful nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sleep in the 4 or 6 bed dorms, or single and double rooms DOO ZLWK QHZ FRPI\ EHGV  VKDUHG EDWKURRPV  8VH WKH  IXOO\ HTXLSSHG kitchens to cook a meal with friends, and the hostelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wristband to get many discounts in town! Email them saying you have Get South and theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll send you DGHWDLOHGPDS LQVWUXFWLRQVPDNLQJLWHDVLHUWR²QGWKHKRVWHO

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San PedrO de AtaCama


Calama 257 (09) 75712844

5LJKWLQWKHFHQWUHRIWRZQ RQO\ PHWHUVIURPWKHPDLQVWUHHW +RVWDO5XUDO LVFORVHWRVKRSVDQGUHVWDXUDQWVDQGKDV²YH dorms with lockers and shared bathrooms to get a comfy nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s kip and rest, taking shelter in the oasis before heading back out to the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s driest desert! Gaze at the uncountable stars with a night time BBQ on their patio, chill out in the hammocks with a good book, set up a ping pong tournament, challenge your friends at a few old-fashioned board games, take a browse at the original art and get a calming sense of ZHOOEHLQJ RU JHW FUHDWLYH LQ WKH NLWFKHQ ÂĽ WKHUH LV SOHQW\ RI space to relax and unwind in this artistically refurbished, rustic home. Make sure to speak to the friendly staff to get top tips from locals and book a wide range of activities in the region. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss their full moon Show Get South and get a 6DQGERDUG3DUW\ZLWK'-LQ 10% off your accommodation! WKH'HDWK:DOOH\


Ckilapana 69 A - Ayllu de Solcor Cell: (09) 77765742 AjĂ­ Verde is a real hostel, a place where youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re gonna hang out with lots of travellers and the nice bilingual crew. Aji Verde Hostel Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s situated close to the center and bus terminal and the hostelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s garden is lovely with a BBQ area, ping pong table, trees to provide you some shade during the hot days and a delightful & refreshing swimming pool. You wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t feel lonely in one of the 5 dorms (4-8-10 bed dorms with lockers) and if you want privacy you can crash in one of the 2 ensuite matrimonial rooms (private rooms with towels) or in a ready-pitched & furnished tent in the yard, a very original and fun option! Laundry service is available, breakfast is included, and the kitchen is awaiting you to make your VLJQDWXUHGLVK7RH[SORUH6DQ3HGURÂŞVEHDXWLIXOVXUURXQGLQJV almost every possible tour can be booked at the hostel! Sit back and enjoy at AjĂ­ Verde! 104

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San PedrO de AtaCama


Tocopilla 429-B (055) 2560233 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; (09) 90893109

7KHUHLVDORWWR²WLQDW6DQ3HGUR The otherworldly Tatio Geysers, the unique Valle de la Luna, the stunning 7DUDVDOW³DWEHDXWLIXO&HMDUDQG$OWLSOiQLFDVODJRRQVFRORXUIXO5DLQERZ 9DOOH\3XULWDPDªVQDWXUDOWKHUPDOSRROV*XDWtQWUHNNLQJDQGPDQ\PRUH trips are offered by Turismo Layana. The experienced team of bilingual guides will make sure you get to see all the highlights with none of the hard work organising how to get there. If you want to get active in the Atacama desert, you can rent a bike or go horseriding with Layana too. And for those looking for a bit of exclusivity ask about 15% off with Get South! their private tours. (except special promotions)

EXPEDIC I0 NES ESTRELLA DEL SUR - B0livia & C hile If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re planning to visit the Caracoles 238 A- San Pedro de Atacama incredible Uyuni Salt Flats, +56 (055) 2852109 / Cell: 62175033 Expediciones Estrella del Sur Arce n/n Bus Station- Uyuni (Bolivia) are the specialists, with +591 (2-693) 3132 / Cell: 72446432 reliable 4x4 vehicles. Av. Florida n/n in front of Hotel Cruz- Tupiza (Bolivia) Cell: 67072770 They also organize excursions in and around San 3HGURGH$WDFDPDWKHQRUWKRI&KLOH 3XWUHDQGVXUURXQGLQJV DQGPRVW RI%ROLYLD 7XSL]DDQGVXUURXQGLQJV6XFUH/D3D]  :LWKRI²FHVLQ6DQ3HGURGH$WDFDPD &KLOH DQG8\XQL and Tupiza (Bolivia) you can rest assured youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be in safe hands! expediciones.estrelladelsur

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LA SERENA La Serena is the 2nd oldest city of Chile. It has its own architectural style, and these old colonial style buildings have been carefully conserved as National Monuments. Visit the Archaeology Museum, which has a collection of objects from pre-Hispanic cultures, and St. Agustinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Church with its impressive eclectic style. Avenida del Mar has the majority of restaurants, pubs and clubs, and La Recova Market is the best in La Serena for typical food and crafts. La Serena also has an excellent sky for star-gazing, so head to one of the many observatories outside of town, the most popular is Mamalluca in VicuĂąa village. Make sure you visit Isla Damas for the wildlife - you can see Humboldt penguins, sea lions, pelicans, dolphins, as well as go kayaking, sailing, fishing, scuba diving or picnic in the park! Just 12km south of the city youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll come to Coquimbo, the most important port of the area. You can take a boat trip around the bay, go up the giant cross Cruz del Tercer Milenio for an excellent view or grab a beer in the Barrio* Ingles, the lively bohemian section of town. This region has some excellent beaches for swimming and water sports, which makes La Serena the summer hot spot for tourists. It can get very crowded in season, so make sure you reserve your accommodation in advance.


Eduardo de la Barra 29 (051) 2216053

A really beautiful house, recently renovated, located in the middle of the historic center of La Serena at only 4 blocks from the bus terminal, next to the Japanese Garden and very close to supermarkets, laundry places, restaurants and pubs. This is a very cozy and small hostel where service and cleanliness is a top priority. There are 4 and 8 bed dorms equipped with lockers and matrimonial and twin rooms with comfortable beds and bed covers (towels included for everybody). All bathrooms are shared but they DUHEUDQGQHZDQGDEVROXWHO\VSRWOHVV<RXªOOGH²QLWHO\HQMR\ their delicious breakfast and you can show your cooking skills in the fully equipped kitchen. There is also a patio perfect to FKLOORXWVXUURXQGHGE\WUHHVDQGORWVRI³RZHUVZLWKWDEOHV umbrellas and a BBQ-grill. In winter time there 5% off LVDQLFH²UHSODFHRQ$OOWRXUVFDQEHERRNHG with DW+RVWDO(O$UEROYLDWKHRZQHU,VDEHODQGKHU Get South! bilingual staff. +RVWDO(O$UERO





Vicuña 415 (051) 2489016

In the heart of the historical centre of La Serena, near great restaurants, bars, supermarkets and banks, this HFRKRVWHO LV LGHDOO\ ORFDWHG IRU H[SORULQJ WKH FLW\ +RZHYHU $Mt 9HUGH hostel is fully equipped to keep you entertained inside too... fuseball tournaments, darts championships, wine tasting, friendly tourist tips, BBQs, pizza parties, movie nights, a library, games, a terrace with a panoramic view (with binoculars!) and pisco evenings are sure to help you pass some time and make new friends with other backpackers as well as with the bilingual staff! Stay in one of their dorm rooms, or their private doubles, twins or quads, and make good use of the communal kitchen, laundry service, lockers, heating and 24 hour reception in case you need help at any time of the day or night. $ML9HUGH+RVWHO

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ELQUI VALLEY The crystal clear and unpolluted skies of the Elqui Valley, east of La Serena, make this area a world famous spot for observing the universe. Lots of people come every year to gaze at the marvelous starry skies, and to take a peek through high tech telescopes at the Mamalluca Observatory, the Observatory del Pangue, or at one of the various other places. The contrast of super dry mountains with an ultra green strip of vineyards and agricultural land in the middle is a very special sight. The beauty of the valley in combination with the hills and the nearby Andes mountains make it a perfect location for outdoor activities like horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking. The Elqui Valley is covered with vineyards, where grapes are normally used to produce delicious pisco, the famous alcoholic drink from Chile. Visit the modern Capel distillery only 1,5km from Vicuña, it’s the biggest producer in Chile, or taste this magic potion at a smaller artisan distillery like Los Nichos in the Pisco Elqui area. Vicuña, at 63km of La Serena, is the major town of the valley with a pleasant main square and a prominent red landmark, the Bauer Tower. Staying at Pisco Elqui, a cozy village 42km further gives you the real valley experience where the valley is more narrow and closer to the high Andes. Yoga classes, meditation, massage, tarot reading, astrology and reiki are all available for people who are into spiritual growth and natural healing. Nearby is Montegrande where the Chilean Literature Nobel Prize winner, Gabriela Mistral, grew up. You can visit the Museum and her tomb. ATTENTION: banks and gas station only in Vicuña, not in Pisco Elqui! 107




Arturo Prat n/n - PISCO ELQUI Cell: 9 4442575 / (051) 2451061

A beautiful garden with exotic fruits, a swimming pool to take a dip in the summer and a big smile from the friendly RZQHU 6DQWLDJR +RVWDO 6DQ 3HGUR LV D UHDOO\FRROSODFHWRKDQJRXWLQ3LVFR(OTXL'RUPVRUSULYDWHVLQJOHDQGGRXEOH rooms with shared bathroom are offered (towels included) and a kitchen is at your disposal. Breakfast is included in high season. Yoga classes available.

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/RFDWHGQH[WWRWKHKRVWHO3DUDOHOR$YHQWXUDLVD reliable travel agency that shows you the most special spots to discover in the Elqui Valley. - Bicycle rental and tours to explore the areaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nature and its pisco vineyards. - Astronomy tours to gaze the stars at one of the observatories. +RUVHEDFNULGLQJWRULGHXSLQWRWKHPRXQWDLQVWRHQMR\WKHODQGVFDSH 7UHNNLQJLQWKHVXUURXQGLQJVRI3LVFR(OTXLRUKLJKHUXSLQWKHPRXQWDLQV - Exciting canopy tours. French, English and Portuguese spoken!

VIĂ&#x2018;A DEL MAR ViĂąa del Mar is the ultimate beach city and party town in the summer time, located only 120km from Santiago. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also a perfect place to stay to visit Valparaiso at just 5km away. With one of the biggest international music festivals in South America in February, summer is peak season for ViĂąa crowded with Chileans and tourists alike. During the rest of the year it is quieter, called the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Garden Cityâ&#x20AC;? because it is beautiful all year round with lots of flowers and vegetation. Check out the Flower Clock for timeless beauty and nature lovers will like visiting the JardĂ­n BotĂĄnico Nacional (Botanical Gardens) and Quinta Vergara Park. The beaches are normally the top reason for visiting ViĂąa, and the beach to be seen on is ReĂąaca, but check out the smaller beaches for quieter lounging spots. If you want to see the local sea lions stop off at the Mirador Lobos Marinos on the road from ReĂąaca to ConcĂłn. Culture vultures will want to visit the art deco Casino, the original moai from Easter Island standing outside the Museo de ArqueologĂ­a e Historia Francisco Fonck and the Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes (fine arts museum) with paintings from the 15th to 19th century. The city center is compact enough so you can explore it by foot or horsedrawn carriage. After enjoying the restaurants, bars and clubs at night, chill out during the day in the parks, or on the beach of course! 108


VIĂ&#x2018;A DEL MAR


Calle ValparaĂ­so 618 VIĂ&#x2018;A DEL MAR (032) 2991669

This colourful hostel has all the comforts and commodities of a B&B at hostel prices. You can stay in a private or shared room (with private or shared bathrooms and lockers in dorms) but either way youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll get all your sheets and linen provided as well as being able to use the fully equipped kitchen, home theatre with a loads RI²OPVOLEUDU\JDPHVDQG%%42SHQDOO\HDUURXQG the young and fun bilingual staff will help you book local tours, or take you out to the local clubs as well as organising regular parties in the hostel. Their city centre location is only 3 blocks IURPWKHEXVVWDWLRQDEORFNIURPWKHŠ3OD]DGH9LxDÂŞDQGQHDUWRDOOWKH QLJKWOLIHDQGDWWUDFWLRQVRI9LxDGHO0DU

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Get South!

VALPARAISO ValparaĂ­so, a 1.5 hour drive from Santiago, is a charming town of historical architecture built on 45 steep hills that look out onto the Pacific Ocean. Cerro* ConcepciĂłn and Alegre are the lively, bohemian parts of town, which probably gave ValparaĂ­so its reputation as a place of poets, painters and dreamers. The city has a great nightlife and is full of multicoloured private residences that seem to be stacked atop each other on the hillside. The best way to get around ValparaĂ­so is on foot and using one of the 14 ancient â&#x20AC;&#x153;elevatorsâ&#x20AC;?, remarkable feats of engineering that creak their way up the impossibly steep hillsides. These elevators and the historical sector of town have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Interesting attractions include the Museo La Sebastiana, the old home of the famous Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda, as well as the Centro Cultural Ex-Carcel, the open-air museum, the natural history museum and the Museo de Bellas Artes. Head to Mirador Diego Portales for a great lookout, catch a boat ride on the inner harbour or follow the wine route to the Casablanca Valley. To get back to nature, the Parque Nacional La Campana has beautiful hiking trails. Just 5 km from ValparaĂ­so is ViĂąa del Mar, one of the more chic cities in Chile with modern architecture and trendy beaches. 109




Pasaje GĂĄlvez 11, Cerro ConcepciĂłn (032) 2755963 +RVWDO&DVD$YHQWXUDLVDSHUIHFWSODFHWR spend a few days relaxing in ValparaĂ­so. The hostel is located in Cerro ConcepciĂłn, the historical part of the city, and close to numerous restaurants, bars and cafes. There are 8 rooms with high ceilings, including 3 small dorms, 4 double/twin rooms and 1 single room, all with shared bath. The common space has a large table to sit around and socialize, and there is a spotless kitchen with everything a self caterer would need. Casa Aventura welcomes young travelling families - children below 13 can even come free (although they must be accompanied by their parents...)! The owners and young staff are fantastic hosts and will go out of their way 10% off to be helpful (in Spanish, English and German), giving a with great atmosphere to the place.

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CapitĂĄn MuĂąoz Gamero 91 Cerro ArtillerĂ­a (032) 2339435

7KH <HOORZ +RXVH % % LV ORFDWHG LQ WKH historic sector of ValparaĂ­so, on the Cerro ArtillerĂ­a, one of the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most picturesque hills. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s situated in a quiet primarily SHGHVWULDQURDGMXVWDVKRUWZDONDZD\IURPWKH$UWLOOHUtD(OHYDWRUWKH3DVHR 21 de Mayo, and other major points of interest. This B&B has breathtaking panoramic views of the city, the sea & port and the surrounding hills, has nice rooms, a cosy feel and a wonderful atmosphere created by your helpful hosts. Make your choice from matrimonial rooms with or without private bathroom, a double room with shared bath or a bigger ensuite family room, all with towels included. A delicious breakfast is served and the kitchen can be used for a small extra charge. Activities like city walks, Free welcome drink wine tours, trekkingâ&#x20AC;Ś and with cookies or cake bicycle rental can easily be showing Get South! booked with your hosts! Theyellowhouse Bedandbreakfast





Cerro ArtillerĂ­a (near 21 de Mayo) Cell: (09) 66214626

One of the best things about Chile is the cuisine! Enrolling in a class with Chilean Cuisine Cooking Classes is a great way to discover tasty traditional Chilean delicacies while getting hands-on experience with an Cooking Classes Chile Valparaiso enthusiastic, expert, English-speaking chef. It is a fun day of cultural immersion and you will be able to prepare the dishes when you get back home and impress your family and friends! Excellent local vinos are included and there is also a seasonal option for an organic class and wine tour combination cooking classes as well.

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EC0RECICLETA - BiCyCle t0urs & rentals Pergola de Flores s/n Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t worry about the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s steep hills because Cell: (09) 73286804 Ecorecicleta has the ideal solution: foldable super swell bicycles! In 30 seconds you fold your bicycle and hop on the famous elevators or on the bus and metro, making it super easy and quick to discover ValparaĂ­soâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s neighborhoods and viewpoints in an entertaining and different way! (FRUHFLFOHWD RIIHUV JXLGHG ELF\FOH WRXUV WR WKH 81(6&2 KLVWRULFDO VHFWRU DQG VXUURXQGLQJDUHDWKHFRDVWDOVWULS9LxDGHO0DURU9DOSDUDtVRE\QLJKW$OOWRXUV include a local surprise to indulge the taste buds! Guiding is possible in Spanish, (QJOLVK)UHQFK 3RUWXJXHVH You can also rent a foldable bicycle to do your own thing. But honestly, take a tour, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dirt cheap, you get to know the nice spots and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fun! 7KHRI²FHLVORFDWHGDW3OD]D$QtEDO3LQWRLQWKHFLW\FHQWHURU just give them a call!

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SANTIAGO Santiago is the urban nucleus and heart of Chile; the financial, cultural, and political center of the country. Like any international city, it’s full of attractions, events, culture and nightlife. * Plaza* de Armas: is the main square in downtown Santiago, which dates from the 1540’s when Pedro de Valdivia founded the city. Here you’ll see street artists and plenty of local art for sale. You can also check out the Cathedral of Santiago. * La Moneda Palace: this neoclasical building is the Presidential house of Chile. Its high walls are witnesses of the country’s history, including the bombing during the Military Coup in 1973 when former president Salvador Allende died. Make sure to visit the courtyard where you willl find awesome sculptures by Chilean artists. Be sure to toss a coin into the fountain and make a wish. * San Cristóbal Hill: for great views of the city take a ride up in the funicular to the top and visit the statue of the Virgin Mary. The hill also has a Zoo and a Wine Museum. * Santa Lucia Hill: right in Santiago Centro, this hill provides another great view of the city and the Andes mountains. There are various statues, lookouts and ponds hidden all over the hill. Don’t miss the mural dedicated to Gabriela Mistral, Chilean Nobel Prize winner. * Bellavista, Brasil, Ñuñoa and Lastarria: are the funky, bohemian neighbourhoods of the city and have the best nightlife with great bars, discos and restaurants. * Memory and Human Rights Museum: learn about the recent history of Chile at this museum dedicated to the events which took place between 1973 and 1990. Walk around and see the photos, press clips and videos testifying the years of terror and repression of the dictatorship under military rule. Admision free. * Museo Bellas Artes and Museo de Arte Contemporaneo: both host some of the best contemporary art works in the country. Admision free on Sundays. * La Chascona: situated in Bellavista, it is one of the 3 homes of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. The place has an amazing collection of things from all over the world and it also hosts his Nobel Prize. * Skiing and Snowboarding: just an hour and a half from the city there are high quality ski resorts. Check out Valle Nevado, Farellones or La Parva for winter powder. * Mercado Central: walk around this lively market and admire the fresh fish and seafood. Then have a meal at one of the restaurants and taste exquisite Chilean seafood. From here check out La Vega Central, the biggest fruit market in Chile, just across the river from Mercado Central. * Winery Tours: for wine buffs, two great wineries to visit are Viña Concha y Toro and Viña Cousiño Macul. 112



HAPPY H0USE H0STEL +DSS\ +RXVH +RVWHO LV D beautiful early 20th century big house, located in the city center.

Moneda 1829. Barrio Brasil (02) 26884849

The accommodation is of top standard with beds that allow you to get excellent rest, spacious and modern bathrooms, and big bedrooms each with their own unique style. Lots of different meeting areas give you complete peace and maximum interaction and fun with other guests. You can enjoy ping pong championships, games of pool, reading, sunbathing on the big terraces, dipping in the swimming pool (at summer time) or hanging out at the pool bar, and wine tastings among other activities. The hostel has :L)LWRNHHS\RXFRQQHFWHGDQGWKHUHDUHFRPSXWHUVLI\RXGRQÂŞWKDYH\RXU own as well as laundry service, cable TV and a coffee shop. The staff are the hostelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s main pride and will make you feel like you are at home with your best friends. This is proved on which, thanks to great comments from their guests, they won a Certificate of Excellence 2013 from another great pride of theirs. +DSS\ +RXVH +RVWHO LV ORFDWHG LQ WKH WUDGLWLRQDO DQG ERKHPLDQ %UDVLO neighbourhood, 15 minutes by foot from the historic center of Santiago and only two blocks from the Los Heroes and Centropuerto metro stops with buses to the airport and other transport links close by.

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Compaùía 960, apt 607. Downtown (02) 26714436

Situated on Santiagoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s main square, 3OD]D GH $UPDV +RVWHO KDV RQH RI the best locations in town. Travellers FDQHQMR\SULPHYLHZVRIWKHFDWKHGUDODQGWKH3OD]D 10% off de Armas from any of the historic hostelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s terraces. Originally with built in 1886 as a luxury hotel, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s now the backpackers turn Get South! to enjoy the large, tall ceilinged rooms (privates and dorms) - all at hostel prices. You can practically walk everywhere from here but if you want a bit of guidance, join one of their free city tours (every day except Sunday). Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s plenty to keep you busy in the hostel too with weekly asados, regular activities (pub crawls, winery and mountain excursions, and more), and communal spaces and kitchen to chill out in. 3OD]D'H$UPDV+RVWHO

CASALTURA - The B0utique H0stel

San Antonio 811. Downtown (02) 26335076

CasAltura is a 2-story, boutique hostel in a restored 1912 neoclassical building right in GRZQWRZQ6DQWLDJR+HUH\RXÂŞOOEHMXVWEHVLGH WKH3DUTXH)RUHVWDODEORFNIURPWKH&HQWUDO0DUNHWIRUJUHDW&KLOHDQVHDIRRG DQGWZREORFNVDZD\IURPWKHPHWURVWRSDWWKH3OD]DGH$UPDV :alk around to all the great historic and heritage areas, or simply relax in the hostelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s TV room, around the foosball table or on the rooftop terrace with BBQ grill and great panoramic views of downtown and the Andes. Choose from private (twin or matrimonial) or shared rooms and enjoy the onsite amenities like laundry, lockers, open kitchen, tourist information and use of quality towels, linens and comfy mattresses. Spanish and English spoken! 15% off




Get South!




Av. VicuĂąa Mackenna 92 Plaza Italia / Providencia (02) 26352536

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Stay centrally, pay economically & enjoy ultimatelyâ&#x20AC;?, thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s this hostelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s slogan. And we have to admit, the location is perfect! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s close to the Baquedano metro station and at walking distance from tourist FODVVLFVOLNHWKH%HOODYLVWDQHLJKERUKRRGWKH3DUTXH )RUHVWDO&HUUR6DQWD/XFLDWKH&DWKHGUDOWKHKRXVHRI3DEOR1HUXGDDQGPRUH The range of rooms is impressive, for every budget and from basic to deluxe: dorms with lockers & single rooms, double & matrimonial rooms and triple, quadruple, quintuple and sextuple rooms. You can choose between a shared or private bathroom, and they all come with towels and a fancy brekkie. Among the hostelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s facilities are a kitchen, dining room, living room, an outdoor patio & grill and a cozy bar. The English speaking staff will point you out what to do and where to go in Santiago. 10% off accommodation Free international phone calls from the hostel! with Get South! +RVWHO3URYLGHQFLD


PUELMAPU TURISM0 SUSTENTABLE Cell: 84261827 / 93333934 3XHOPDSX 7XULVPR LV D \RXQJ IDPLO\ business that organizes trekking and regular trips in Santiago and the beautiful surrounding areas. The bilingual guidesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; goal is giving you an entertaining tour and teaching you about nature, geography and history of the indigenous people, bringing you in close contact with locals and their culture. A wide range of excursions LVRIIHUHGIRUDOOOHYHOVRI²WQHVVRQIRRWZLWKWUDQVSRUWRUDFRPELQDWLRQRIERWK &HUUR6DQ&ULVWyEDO&HUUR6DQWD/XFtD3DUTXH1DWXUDO$JXDVGH5DPyQ6DQWLDJR E\6XQVHW&HUURHO5REOH &DOHX&XQFXPpQYLOODJH EUHDGPDNLQJZRUNVKRS  3RPDLUHDUWLVDQYLOODJH9DOSDUDtVR9LxDGHO0DU/DJR3HxXHODV5HVHUYH5tR &ODULOOR5HVHUYH<HUED/RFD1DWXUDO6DQFWXDU\DQGPRUH

Tours Santiago area with transport: 2 + 1 free Tours Santiago area on foot: 1 + 1 free Tours outside Santiago: 10% off 3XHOPDSX7XULVPR6XVWHQWDEOH

Spanish, English & 3RUWXJXHVHVSRNHQ






Pedro de Valdivia 4190, Ă&#x2018;uĂąoa SANTIAGO - Tel: (02) 26970527 Do you remember those super funky FDPSHUYDQVFRYHUHGZLWKFRROJUDI²WLDUW IURP\RXUWULSLQ$XVWUDOLDRU1HZ=HDODQG" Wicked Campers Chile :LFNHGLVFRQTXHULQJ6RXWK$PHULFDQRZ WRR6RUHQWD:LFNHG&DPSHU9DQDQGH[SHULHQFHWKHXOWLPDWHIUHHGRPDQG run wild with a road trip through Chile & Argentina. For the price of a car you get a van for up to 3 people to sleep, and with all cooking gear. Or rent it with more fellow travel junkies, share the fuel, and sleep in a tent to make it really GLUW FKHDS $ :LFNHG &DPSHU 9DQ PHDQV DEVROXWH IUHHGRP WR WDFNOH WKRVH remote roads and to sleep at a deserted beach, deep in the mountains, or on WKHHGJHRIDVWXQQLQJODNH:LFNHGÂŞVVXSHUVH[\XOWUDFRRODQGELOLQJXDOWHDP has several insane itineraries available for you if wanted. Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s road trip baby!!!

Rent a camper van for 10 days and get 1 day free with Get South! Pick-ups & drop-offs in Chile: 6DQ3HGUR6DQWLDJR3XHUWR9DUDV 3XQWD$UHQDV

PICHILEMU Pichilemu is a surferâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s paradise: sick waves, laid back charm and a great party scene. A sleepy surfer town most of the year, it really steps up a notch in the Summer months when crowds pour in for the wild beaches and even wilder beach parties. But there is more than just the waves... During the day, meander through the town visiting the street markets (a great veg/fruit market Wed & Fri mornings), San Andres de Ciruelos church and museum and the beaches in the town. Along the beachfront is the old promenade, former casino (with changing art exhibitions) and the pretty gardens designed by local legend Agustin Ross Edwards who tried to turn the town into a resort for Santiagoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rich. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss the small chapel underneath the park: carved out of the rocks, it is a strange homage to the Virgin Mary and molten candle wax. For more solitude and a cool crowd, head 6km out of town to the famous Punta de Lobos â&#x20AC;&#x201C; where the surf really picks up and the beer bottle clink at sunset. This picturesque rock peninsula creates an ideal barrier from the wind and one of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s greatest surf rips harvesting waves of 15 meters, attracting top surfers and hosting championships in October and December. This is also a great place for whale spotting and bird watching and it is on the way to the salt flats, heated baths, large lake (with exotic flora) and some great trekking (20 mins from the centre). For an adrenaline hit, try canopying across the beach, taking kitesurf or surf lessons. 116



H0STAL PUNTA DE L0B0S ,I\RXDUHLQ3LFKHOHPXWRVXUIZDWFK WKHVXUIRUMXVWHQMR\WKHYLHZ+RVWDO 3XQWDGH/RERVLVWKHSHUIHFWSODFH :LWKGRUPVW\OHURRPVZLWKVKDUHGEDWK or private cabanas right on the beach you have an uninterrupted view of the VHDDQGWKHUHYHUHG3XQWDGH/RERVULS (and whales in season). 6HWLQWKHPLGGOHRI0RWKHU1DWXUHZLWK peaceful sea-view terraces, this is the place to relaxâ&#x20AC;Ś but also to party! The hostal organizes %%4VERQ²UHVDQGYLVLWV to the local beach parties and clubs.

Sector Medialuna Catrianca n/n Punta de Lobos (09) 87200671 During the day you can take advantage of the free bikes to explore the area or get your toes wet ZLWKDVXU²QJRUNLWHVXU²QJOHVVRQ or trek the nearby hills. Let your hair GRZQDQGJHW\RXU³LS³RSVRQ

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PUCON Undisputed capital of adventure tourism and nature in Chile, PucĂłn has an enticing mix of lakes, waterfalls, volcanoes, national parks and hot springs. The highlight is definitely climbing the Villarrica Volcano, the smoking monster that dominates the scenery and is one of the 10 most active volcanoes in the world. You can actually climb to the top and peer into the crater to see the molten lava! After, head to one of many hot springs in the area and soak your tired muscles or relax swimming and sunbathing in Villarrica Lake, which also offers many water sport activities. Adrenaline junkies should try white water rafting down the Trancura River. Its class 4 rapids are guaranteed to get your heart beating! Anything you may want to do - from cycling, skydiving, trekking, horseback riding, canyoning, hydrospeed, canopy, skiing to snowboarding - youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll find it here! Winter to summer PucĂłn is a backpacker and adventure tourism haven that has activities for everybody! 117




PalguĂ­n 720 (045) 2443986

7KLV FR]\ KRVWHO UHÂłHFWV WKH warmth of a home and with two kitchens, dining in is easy. There are double/matrimonial rooms with A/C and breakfast included, or dorms without breakfast (all rooms with private bathrooms). Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss their self-organized RULJLQDOHWKQLFWRXUFDOOHG3XFyQ7RXU0DSXFKH5XWDeWQLFDÂ&#x2039;RUPDUYHOWKH starry skies on a night trip to natural hot springs. Donde Egidio is located 1 block from the JAC Bus Terminal. +RVWDO'RQGH(JLGLR

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Is your stomach rumbling? Feeling the urge WROXEULFDWH\RXUWKURDW"+HDGWR&RSSD.DEDQQDDVXSHUVQXJUHVWDXUDQW EDULQGRZQWRZQ3XFyQ FRUQHURI8UUXWLD $QVRUHQDVWUHHW +HUHWKH\ serve fast food and yummy traditional Chilean and Brazilian dishes, a wide range of heavenly cocktails and chilled quality beer!


Blanco Encalada 190 (045) 2444093 / (09) 85217150

Come to rest your body, mind and spirit at Casa Satya. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re looking for a tranquil place to take in nature, meet fellow travellers, have a glass of Chilean wine and a delicious breakfast with homemade bread, this is the place for you. It is located a few meters behind TurBus terminal and a supermarket and less than a 10-minute walk to downtown and the lake beach. In this beautiful 2 storey wooden house with a gorgeous garden and volcano views, options to stay are bedrooms for 1 to 4 people with private or shared bathroom. There is a fully equipped kitchen and a comfy living room with TV. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll love their in-house relaxing and therapeutic massages, Shiatsu, QHZIDFLOLW\IRU\RJDDQG²WQHVVFODVVHVVDXQDDQGPRGHUQZRRGEXUQLQJ²UHV throughout to keep you nice and warm! English, Spanish, French and German spoken.

10% off with Get South when staying min. 3 nights! &DVD6DW\D3XFRQ




K0D K0D - Restaurant & Cabins

Km 21 on the road to Huife Pucon - Pichares Cel: 76535601 - 74951536

The ideal place to relax and enjoy nature at its fullest, Kod Kod is 20 minutes away from 3XFRQ WRZQ DW WKH IRRW RI &DxL 6DQFWXDU\ This is natural food with a heart - Kod Kod uses really fresh, simple ingredients, locally-produced and, where possible, grown in their our own organic vegetable gardens. Their sustainable policy means low food miles, precycling DQGUHF\FOLQJFRPSRVWLQJDQGIDLUWUHDWPHQWRIDQLPDOV+HDOWK\GRHVQÂŞWPHDQ ERULQJ WKRXJK$ORQJ ZLWK D GHOLFLRXV YDULHW\ GLVKHV LQFOXGLQJ 9HQLVRQ 3LH 7RIX&XUU\VDODGVQDFKRVDQGKRPHPDGHSDVWDV\RXZLOO²QGDUWLVDQDOEHHUV fresh juice, cocktails and wine. Sit inside or out on the terrace and enjoy the woodland setting while children can keep busy in the play area. Keep your ear open for their twice weekly live music during the Summer! If you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t pull yourself away from this natureloverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s paradise you can stay at one of the three cabins! Kodkod lugar de encuentros


Avda. Bernardo Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Higgins 635 (045) 2441373 &RPHWR3XFyQWRFOLPEDYROFDQRWDNH on roaring river rapids or trek in the vast QDWLRQDOSDUNV3ROLWXUFDQWDNH\RXRQ all these adventures and more! Their professional guides are bilingual DQGLQFOXGHVRPH(XURSHDQLQWHUQVGXULQJWKHKLJKVHDVRQ7KHLURI²FHLV ORFDWHGRQ3XFyQÂŞVPDLQVWUHHWDQGWKH\ÂŞOOKHOS\RXOLYHWKHYDFDWLRQ\RXÂŞYH always dreamed of! Tours toâ&#x20AC;Ś Villarrica Volcano :KLWHZDWHU5DIWLQJ *UDGHUDSLGV


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Get South!

If you want some luxury at great prices, check out their brand new 3 star Hotel Vientos del Sur on Brasil 640. 119




(09) 98200194 Get ready for an overdose of adrenaline by jumping out of a plane doing a tandem jump. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be screaming your lungs out from pure excitement and happiness! 7KHFRPERRIWKHIUHHIDOOÂłRDWLQJZLWKDSDUDFKXWHDQGWKHYLHZVRI3XFyQÂŞV incredible landscape make this an absolutely insane experience! 7KHRZQHU3HWHULV\RXUHQWHUWDLQHUDWVHUYLFHDUHDOIXQQ\PDQIXOORIMRNHV and pranks, but extremely serious when it comes to your safety. This man has perfected his skills during 38 years of launching himself through the skies, and he picks only extremely reliable and bilingual crew members to assist him. ,I\RXÂŞUHWRRPXFKRIDVFDUHG\FDWWRJRIRULW\RXFDQRSWIRUDVFHQLFÂłLJKW around the smoking crater of the Villarrica Volcano.

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Skydiving and scenic ÂłLJKWV RSHUDWHG DOO year round.


VALDIVIA Valdivia, â&#x20AC;&#x153;The City of Riversâ&#x20AC;?, is located about 15 km from the Pacific coast, where the Calle Calle, Valdivia and Cau Cau Rivers converge. Valdivia was the site of the largest earthquake in recorded history - a 9.5 on the Richter scale in 1960. In the 17th century, the Spanish heavily fortified the point where the RĂ­o Valdivia and the RĂ­o Tornagaleones joins the Pacific. Today, the remains of these fortifications at Corral, Niebla and Isla Mancera are a strong reminder of its colonial past. Spend a few hours cruising the rivers to visit historical and cultural sights as well as the regionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wildlife in the nature reserves. Parque Saval and Laguna de los Lotos are a haven for nature lovers and the coastal boulevard with its impressive old submarine is perfect for an afternoon stroll. On the riverside is the Feria Fluvial, a market with local food, fish and handicrafts. Watching the sea lions, elephant seals, cormorants and pelicans beg for a meal is so entertaining. Just across the river is Teja Island where nice river trips start with solar powered boats. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also home to the botanical garden (free) and the Museo HistĂłrico y AntropolĂłgico.Valdivia is very famous for its artisan beer and has many breweries. Tasting should really be on your list to do. One of them is the traditional CervecerĂ­a Kunstmann, with also good German food. A day trip that canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be missed is to Niebla to visit the 17th century fort, the Feria Costumbrista to try local delicacies and to enjoy the beaches (accessible by local bus). 120




GarcĂ­a Reyes 660 (063) 2212015 - 2530246 2SHQ\HDUURXQG+RVWDO,QWHUQDFLRQDO offers a warm and pleasant service. 5HFHQWO\UHQRYDWHGQLFHO\GHFRUDWHGDQGYHU\FOHDQ,WLVORFDWHGLQWKHFHQWUH of Valdivia, three blocks from the bus terminal, the main plaza, four blocks from the sea front and in front of a Shopping Mall with a supermarket. The hostal offers rooms (dorms, double, twin, triple and quad) all with private bathrooms, cable TV and fresh towels. A fantastic breakfast is included with tea, coffee, milk, \RJKXUWFKHHVHFROGFXWVMXLFHIUXLWEUHDGDQGMDPV3OHDVHNHHSLQPLQGWKDW the kitchen is not available to use, only to warm up food. They also have fully equipped cabins that accommodate up to 4 people with living room, full kitchen and maid service (breakfast not included). Facilities are a communal 10% off living room with big tables, central heating, with security box, safe parking and laundry service. Get South! As well as offering tourist info the hostel organizes different excursions around the area and Spanish courses.

CERVECERĂ?A KUNSTMANN - Beer Tour & Restaurant Valdivia is Chileâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s epicenter of beer, and Ruta T-350 NÂş 950 Kunstmann is itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most famous beer brewery, (063) 2292969 ORFDWHGRQWKHZD\WR1LHEODHDV\WRUHDFKZLWK a 5 minute cheap bus, or a short taxi ride (open 12hs to 24hs). Every hour, from 12hs to 21hs, a 45 minute Beer Tour about the history and production process is organized. It includes a big tasty beer, and you can keep the German beer mug! The breweryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cozy German style restaurant serves delicious food and Kunstmannâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 11 varieties of top quality liquid gold. Take the special tasting to try them all! Kunstmann also offers a guided River Tour with a solar energy powered boat that departs from Teja Island to discover the waterways and the peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s culture & history, followed by the brewery tour! Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss their annual Bierfest, at the end of January!

La Cerveceria Kunstmann


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PUERTO VARAS On the shores of Llanquihue Lake, Puerto Varas is an adventure tourism hot spot located just 20 km from Puerto Montt, with buses shuttling between the two almost every five minutes. It’s a jaw-dropping place where you can admire both Osorno and Calbuco Volcanoes’ snow-capped peaks while partaking in many adventure activities. Try to stay in the boat while white water rafting, scream your lungs out canyoning in the Blanco River or attempt to summit one of the volcanoes. Nearby lies the Vincent Pérez Rosales National Park, a great place to mountain bike, hike, canopy, horseback ride or sea kayak in the Lago de Todos Los Santos. Northeast of Puerto Varas lies the tranquil town of Ensenada where you can sail and sport fish to your heart’s content. From here, continue on along the Petrohué River to hike the forests and soak in the hot springs and to witness the beautiful Saltos de Petrohué, a series of waterfalls formed via erosion of the black volcanic rock, basalt. Cochamó Valley is another nature-rich area just 90 km from Puerto Varas where climbers try to conquer the 1,200 m granite walls. There you can get your hiking boots dirty amongst 3,000-year-old trees and Andean ice melt streams.


Klenner 467 (065) 2232044 $&KLOHDQKRVWHOZLWK6FDQGLQDYLDQ³DLU Swedish, English, German and Spanish spoken. Compass del Sur CompassGHO6XULVVHWLQSLFWXUHVTXH3XHUWR Varas in a classic colonial house with large private rooms and dorms, including single, double, twin, triple, quadruple and quintuple (private & shared bathrooms), a pretty garden patio (with camping space and free parking), a fully equipped kitchen and a cozy ‘internet’ lounge. Get a good night’s rest in the box spring beds and wake up to a hearty breakfast with homemade bread. Compass is located in a peaceful, historic barrio* by the park, train station and 5 minutes from the lake, downtown and bus station. You can book all the regular excursions here, as well as their own which are guided by the trilingual owner. Compass also offers laundry service, airport pick up and 10% off when staying min. 3 nights bike & car rental. with Get South! (valid only for direct

bookings and cash payments) 122




Manzanal 66 corner Rosario (065) 2232904

Charming wood walls and beautiful details make this hostel as cozy as it is harmonious. Find your Chi in the Japanese Garden amongst Bonsai trees and a rainbow of Koi Fish, or test \RXUODQJXDJHVNLOOVZLWKWKH*HUPDQÂĽ&KLOHDQIDPLO\ZKRDOVR speaks English. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just a 5 minutes walk from the city center and Lake Llanquihue, with beautiful views of the Osorno Volcano. They offer dorms or private rooms with single, double and twin beds with private or shared bathrooms. All rooms have central heating, so you will stay toasty warm in winter. The laundry service, fully equipped kitchen and book exchange are QLFH EHQH²WV <RXÂŞOO ORYH WKH EXIIHW EUHDNIDVW complete with whole wheat bread, their special mĂźsli, eggs and bottomless coffee cups. Yum! They offer individual Movie nights on a excursions. Visit their website. wide screen TV!


Pasaje Ricke 224 (065) 2232673

$W+RVWHO9HUPRQW\RXFDQ²QGHYHU\WKLQJ you need: comfortable beds in the spacious dorms with lockers and private rooms, a beautiful large backyard for camping, clean shared bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a new little terrace to enjoy cold beers, free parking, and of course the opportunity to meet travellers from all around the world, especially at their weekly asado. Located on some steps above the pedestrian street a short walk from downtown, really close to popular bars, nightclubs, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and the beach is just a few minutes away. The staff can help you book fun nearby activities (reception open 8am till 11pm) and \RXFDQUHQWELNHVWRYLVLWWKHEHDXWLIXOFRDVWOLQHDQG3XHUWR9DUDV on two wheels! The bilingual and enthusiastic owner, Chilean Sirce, would love to welcome you to this, her new hostel, LQ3XHUWR9DUDVDVZHOODV+RVWHO9HUPRQWIXUWKHU 10% off north in Osorno! with +RVWHO9HUPRQW

Closed April to November


Get South!



Ensenada KM 44, Puerto Varas Cell: 94957690 WHUUDVXUR²FLQD#KRWPDLOFRP Terrasur Ensenada


Specialists in adventure tourism, this is the company to go to if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re an adrenaline and nature junky! They are ORFDWHGNPIURP3XHUWR9DUDVLQ(QVHQDGDDQDEVROXWHO\IDEXORXVDUHD with mountains, volcanoes and rivers. Several buses per day depart from 3XHUWR9DUDVDQGFDQGURS\RXRIIDWPHWUHVIURP7HUUDVXU%DUORYHQWR Try out their following very affordable tours & activities: Âľ5DIWLQJK\GURVSHHGND\DNLQJDQGVSRUWV²VKLQJRQWKH5tR3HWURKXH Âľ2VRUQRDQG&DOEXFRYROFDQRHVDVFHQWV 2FWREHUÂĽ)HEUXDU\  ¡ Mountain biking (tours or rental), trekking, and canopy.

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BARL0VENT0 CABINS, H0STAL AND CAMPING Accommodation is also offered at their base in Ensenada on the waterfront of the Llanquihue Lake, including double and triple rooms (shared bathroom), cabins (3-6 beds) and camping. Kitchen and laundry service available.

PUERTO MONTT Because of its strategic location, Puerto Montt is the distribution centre and connecting point to most of the tourist destinations in the south, including ChiloĂŠ Island and the famous Carretera Austral (Southern Road). Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll find the Tepual International Airport, the ferry port and a main bus station here in this capital of the Lakes Region. If you want to go to Ayacara or ChaitĂŠn (to get to FutaleufĂş) look up Naviera Austral ( They also connect ChaitĂŠn with QuellĂłn and futher south. Navimag ferry is another large ferry company whose trips are almost always fully booked in summer, so reserve ahead if you have a strict itinerary. Navimag offers trips to Puerto Chacabuco (1 day) as well as all the way to Puerto Natales (3 days). Winding through the islands and fjords, these cruises amongst the glaciers are enough of a reason to book the trip, if not to get to the actual towns. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s important to note that there is only one long-distance Navimag ferry per week, which leaves on Fridays. Check for the full schedules and to reserve. While youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re waiting for your ship to come in, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss walking along the Pelluco Beach or having an amazing (and cheap) seafood meal at the AngelmĂł market. While youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re there, visit the artisan market and cross to Tenglo Island by boat and hike up its nature trail to the top for a great view of Puerto Montt and the Osorno, Calbuco and Puntiagudo volcanoes. 124




Pudeto 233 corner Ecuador (065) 2272897

This quiet, little hostel is conveniently ORFDWHG FORVH WR DOO WKH 3XHUWR 0RQWW FRQQHFWLRQVEXVVWDWLRQ1DYLPDJIHUU\ SRUWDQGDQHDV\ULGHIURPWKHDLUSRUW$QJHOPRWKH²VKPDUNHWDQGOLWWOH restaurants, are within walking distance passing the string of souvenir shops. Share the dormitory room with other travellers or enjoy some solitude in one of WKHSULYDWHURRPVZLWKDGRXEOHEHGDOOZLWKVKDUHGEDWKURRPV5XEELVKJHWV recycled here and the hostel is exceptionally clean! Muddy shoes are removed DWWKHGRRUDQG³LS³RSVDUHSURYLGHGWRZHDUDURXQGWKH house. There is a fully equipped kitchen, a comfy living URRPZLWK:L)LDQGDVPRNLQJSRUFK/DXQGU\VHUYLFHLV available. Over a delicious breakfast (with only real coffee), the owner, Verónica, will give you enough information to ²OODWUHNNLQJEDFNSDFN +RXVH5RFFR

Free welcome coffee, tea or juice!

CHILOE ISLAND - ANCUD ChiloĂŠ is a string of 40 islands, the largest of which is Isla Grande de ChiloĂŠ. Of its 150 wooden churches scattered across the islands, 16 have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Ancud is the entryway to explore the island, located 90km south of Puerto Montt. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a pretty seaside town with a bustling fishing port. In town you can find many attractions: the Plaza de Armas with the Museo Regional de Ancud just off the plaza, with an interesting collection of the early history of ChiloĂŠ and a replica of a small sailing ship La Goleta Ancud. The Mercado Municipal (town market) is a great place to sample the exquisite Chilote seafood and buy local handcrafts. 800m from the plaza is the Fort San Antonio (built in 1770) with great ocean views, which was Spainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s last stronghold in Chile after the War of Independence. Another old fort looking out onto the sea is Fuerte AhuĂ­. 28km away from Ancud Magellan and Humboldt penguins coexist at the renowned Pinguineras de PuĂąihuil penguin colony. These penguin colonies are on three small islands and you can go round in guided boat trips from September to March. Chepu (38km southwest) has beautiful landscapes of beaches, rivers and wetlands. From the riverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s estuary you can trek along the long beach where after a 2hr-walk (aprox.) youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll reach the penguin colony at Ahuenco. From Ancud you can easily go on to explore ChiloĂŠ National Park. 125




Los Carrera 855 ANCUD &KLORp LV WKH NLQG RI LVODQG WKDW \RX HQG (065) 2622106 up wanting to spend a lot of time on, and  /XQDV +RVWHO LV LGHDO IRU KRPH FRPIRUW :LWKDODUJHOLYLQJURRPZLWKFDEOH79IXOO\ equipped kitchen and comfy new beds you /XQDV+RVWHO FDQEHVXUHWRJHWVRPHJRRGUHVW5LJKWLQ front of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Cruz del Surâ&#x20AC;? bus station and only a few blocks from the sea front and the main plaza, this 1947 house/hostel is ideally located as a base to explore the beautiful island. The friendly bilingual team can advise you on island tours, but make sure you also take advantage of the BBQ and terrace with a sea view, while you stay in one of the dorms, private doubles or wheelchair accessible private rooms. (FRIULHQGO\  /XQDV +RVWHO UHF\FOHV FRPSRVWV DQG uses biofuel heating!

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Av. Costanera Salvador Allende 748 ANCUD (065) 2628383

+RVWHO0XQGR1XHYRLVULJKW on the sea front, just one block from the main plaza and the bus terminal Cruz del Sur. 8QLTXHO\WKHZRRGFRQVWUXFWHGKRVWHOXVHVDVRODUSRZHUIRULWVKRW water and has a large glass greenhouse outside. There are all kinds of DFFRPPRGDWLRQVÂĽIURPGRUPVVLQJOHVDQGGRXEOHVZLWKVKDUHGEDWKWR ensuite rooms with 2, 3 and 4 beds. (YHQEHWWHUWKH\DOOKDYHDYLHZRIWKHRFHDQ5HOD[ on the seaview terrace, snuggle up in the cozy living room, cook up a storm in the fully equipped kitchen or soak in the new hot tub. The owner speaks Spanish, English and German and can help you with detailed Stay 3 nights & get a 10% off with Get South! information and maps for (not combined with biking and hiking tours.

other promotions) 126



CHILOE ISLAND - CASTRO Castro, 87km south of Ancud, is the capital of ChiloĂŠ and the third oldest city in Chile, after Santiago and La Serena. On the Plaza de Armas is the San Francisco Church, which was constructed out of wood by local craftsmen in around 1910. Visit the port, artisan fair, and be sure to check out the â&#x20AC;&#x153;palafitosâ&#x20AC;? or wooden houses built on stilts above the water. The Museo Regional contains artefacts from the aboriginal tribes that inhabitated the island before the arrival of the Spanish. Twenty km northeast of Castro, Dalcahue is an important artisan centre. Browse through handcrafts and the local market, and donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss the Sunday â&#x20AC;&#x153;Feria de Dalcahueâ&#x20AC;? artisan fair. From Dalcahue you can take a boat to Quinchao Island where you can visit the Santa Maria de Loreto Church, the oldest on the archipelago. ChiloĂŠ National Park runs along the western coast. Cooler and wetter than the eastern coast, this park is an ecosystem that includes dunes, Valdivian temperate rain forests, swamps and peat bogs. Take a traditional or mountain bike tour or go camping and trek on your own for a few days. Twenty five km southwest of Castro you can visit Chonchi, â&#x20AC;&#x153;the town of the three floorsâ&#x20AC;? because it was built on a hill. Tantauco Park, in the south of the island, is a 118,000 ha nature reserve renowed for its almost untouched rainforest with challenging treks that last 3, 5 or 11 days. Camping and refuges are available.

PALAFIT0 H0STEL 7KHIDPRXV3DOD²WRVGH*DPERD waterfront is speckled with traditional houses on stilts FDOOHG§SDOD²WRV¨2QHRIWKHVH charming little bungalows is KRPHWR3DOD²WR+RVWHOORFDWHG MXVWPLQXWHVIURPWKH3OD]D de Armas. The antique outside doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t prepare you for the absolutely stunning and completely renovated interior. Inside are 8 rooms, private and dormitory, each with private bathrooms.

Ernesto Riquelme 1210 %DUULR3DOD²WRVGH*DPERD&$6752 (065)2531008 SDOD²WRKRVWHO#JPDLOFRP ZZZSDOD²WRKRVWHOFRP Two of the double-bed rooms have balconies with spectacular views to WKH*DPERD5LYHU7KHNLWFKHQLVZHOO equipped for any culinary endeavor and the common areas will keep you well entertained with books and board games. Ask the friendly staff about ²VKLQJKRUVHEDFNULGLQJDQGDOO the excursions available.

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CABAĂ&#x2018;AS PALAFIT0S L0S PESCAD0RES 5LJKWRQWKHVHDIURQWWKHVHSULYDWHFDELQV Ruta 5 sur Km 5 are surrounded by beautiful gardens and Sector NercĂłn - CASTRO ideal sunset views on the terrace to enjoy (065) 2635765 WKHEHDXW\RI&KLORpDWLWVEHVW LQIR#SDOD²WRVORVSHVFDGRUHVFO ZZZSDOD²WRVORVSHVFDGRUHVFO Choose between the 15 cabins either with two rooms or one that sleep up to four people (twin, double and sofa beds). :KDWHYHU\RXUFKRVHQVOHHSLQJDUUDQJHPHQWVDUH\RXZLOOGH²QLWHO\UHVWHDV\ ZLWKWKHDWWUDFWLYHLQWHULRUGHVLJQZDUPLQJZRRG²UHVIXOO\HTXLSSHGNLWFKHQ EDWKURRPVZLWKKRWZDWHUDQGFOHDQWRZHOV&DEOH79ZL²PDLGVHUYLFHDQG outdoor terrace. Ideally located for birdwatchers and to relax among the peace of nature on the outskirts of town, you are 5 - 10 mins by bus or car from 10% off the centre and the helpful, bilingual staff can with advise you on activities and tours to nearby Get South! islands or rent you out one of their kayaks to explore the area.


Latorre 238 - CASTRO (065) 2635254


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Balmaceda 297 - CASTRO (065) 2531048 (09) 71395499

*HWRXWWRVHDDQGVHHWKHEHDXW\RI&KLORp from a different perspective with Mar & Magia’s catamaran tours. Take the half day tour in the morning or afternoon and visit the Fiordo de Castro where you can watch sea lions and see the Tauco colonial fort and different villages on the way. Or spend a whole day out on the water where you can visit Quehui island, a place lost in time, a unique opportunity to see how life has not changed here over the years. The full day tour (8 hours approx) also includes a traditional lunch such as “curanto” or roast lamb on the spit and a free drink. Staff are professional and bilingual and the specially designed catamaran was created with these tours in mind so you can travel in comfort, with also a cafe, cocktail bar and snack bar at hand just in case!

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In low season only the Fiordo de Castro boat trip is organized & just in the weekends! Catamaran Mar y Magia

CHILOE ISLAND - CUCAO Cucao is a small village at the sparsely populated but beautiful western side of Chiloé Island, a place to enjoy natural beauty and some peace & quiet. The setting of this little town is really magnificent, situated in between the vast beaches of the Pacific Coast at the west side and the gorgeous Lago Cucao at the eastern side, and in between the northern and southern section of the enchanting Chiloé National Park. The park is literally walking distance and due to the cooler and wetter conditions of west Chiloé the vegetation here is green and fertile with an ecosystem that includes temperate rain forests, swamps, peat bogs, long wide beaches and big dunes. Information at the visitor center is available about the range of shorter walks and longer more challenging hikes. Put on some good waterproof hiking boots and clothes because it can get soggy here! In general the northern part of the park is most visited but don’t miss out on going by foot, by mountain bike or horse to the southern section, like to Punta Pirulil with the famous Puente de las Almas, a place with an intriguing legend and tremendous views of the Pacific. Leaving Cucao without doing a kayak trip on the marvellous lake with lots of birdlife is absolutely a crime, you’re gonna love it! And riding a horse or taking a long stroll on the beaches of the fierce Pacific is gonna put a big smile on your face. Getting to Cucao is easy with daily buses from Castro. 129




On the way to the National Park RURAL CUCAO 2QO\DVWRQHªVWKURZIURPWKH1DWLRQDO3DUN (065) 2971164 P  +RVWHO 3DOD²WR &XFDR LV DW WKH SDOD²WRFXFDR#JPDLOFRP KHDUWRI&KLORp7KLVLVWKHSHUIHFWSODFHWR ZZZKRVWHOSDOD²WRFXFDRFO set off by foot, horse or kayak to explore. Although the focus is to help you fall in love with the island and enjoy nature at its best, guests are bound to become enamored with this stylish hostel built of native wood and in harmony with nature which overlooks Cucao lake. There is a kitchen available and a supermarket and restaurants are only 50m away. The nine bedrooms, a mixture of dorms, private doubles and twins, all have DWHUUDFHZLWKDYLHZRIWKHODNH:L)LKHDWLQJKRWZDWHU KUVDGD\DQGSULYDWHEDWKURRPVEXW\RXZRQªW²QGD 79LQVLJKWEHFDXVH+RVWDO3DOD²WR&XFDRLVDERXWJHWWLQJ back to the essentials of life, as nature intended.

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CARRETERA AUSTRAL - CHAITEN The Carretera Austral or â&#x20AC;&#x153;Southern Highwayâ&#x20AC;? stretches from Puerto Montt down to Villa Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Higgins (over 1200 km). Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an outstandingly beautiful area with thick rainforests, stunning fjords, unbelievable glaciers, crystal blue lakes and rivers, snowcapped volcanoes, ancient trees, soothing hot springs, and rugged mountains. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t skip this part of Chile if you love outdoor activities and adventure, or if you enjoy remoteness and the most overwhelming landscapes!! There are no many banks and normally ATMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s only take Mastercard, no Visa (exc. Coyhaique). Cellphone coverage only with ENTEL. HornopirĂŠn: the first village on the Carretera Austral is the base to visit the alpine terrain of the Hornopiren NP with forests, lakes, rivers and glaciers. ChaitĂŠn: This remarkable village was wiped off the map in 2008 by the ChaitĂŠn Volcano. But the people bounced back and returned: CHAITĂ&#x2030;N IS ALIVE AGAIN!! Accommodation and shops are open, and tours are organized. A part of the village has been left untouched to remind us of the destruction nature can cause. ChaitĂŠn is the main hub to visit the fabulous and enormous PumalĂ­n Park where you can admire glaciers, waterfalls, verdant temperate rainforest, the Alerce trees of more than 3000 years old, and the notorious ChaitĂŠn Volcano. After exploring the park, unwind in the El Amarillo hotsprings (25km SE of ChaitĂŠn) or do a boat trip to the sea lion colonies in the area. ATM AVAILABLE! 130




Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Higgins 67 - CHAITĂ&#x2030;N Cell: 74685608 - (065) 2731429 Chaitur Excursiones


FUTALEUFU This village is a world famous mecca for kayaking and rafting: experts rate its class 5+ rapids as within the top 3 in the world! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s simply a must to grant yourself the extreme adrenaline rush by doing a rafting trip on the dazzlingly turquoise and wild FutaleufĂş river, or â&#x20AC;&#x153;big riverâ&#x20AC;? in native Mapuche. Rafting the river is possible for all levels: novice to expert! Kayaking the strongest rapids is a major challenge for experts. Just a mild walk away from the village, you can take a look at some of the ferocious rapids at the Gelvez Bridge. But the FutaleufĂş region has so much more up its sleeve for you! This area with lush green forests and marvelous mountains begs to be explored! Put on your hiking boots or jump on a mountain bike or horse to discover Eagleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Rock and the Lake EspolĂłn Waterfalls at the Northwest Circuit, or the Las Escalas Circuit which follows the banks of the FutaleufĂş river. The regionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s towers and canyons also provide for heart-thumping canyoning, rock climbing and rapelling. To enjoy water in a calm way cruise the areaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lakes and more still rivers by kayak or canoe, or go for some topnotch fly fishing. The nearby border crossing, often used by travellers, connects FutaleufĂş with the area of Esquel, Argentina. ATM AVAILABLE! 131




Sargento Aldea 498 FUTALEUFĂ&#x161; +RVWDO/D*ULQJD&DULRFDLVDVXSHUFR]\ KRXVHZLWKDELJJDUGHQDQGPDJQL²FHQW (065) 2721260 / (09) 96599341 YLHZVRIWKH$QGHV0RXQWDLQVDQGWKH5tR EspolĂłn, where youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be welcomed with a big smile by the Brazilian owner Adriana. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just a few blocks from the plaza LQ )XWDOHXI~ EXW LW IHHOV OLNH VWD\LQJ LQ WKH FRXQWU\VLGH7KLV SODFH LV D OLWWOH more expensive than a hostel, but the beauty and comfort in combination with the impeccable service makes it a great value for money. A good nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rest is guaranteed in one of the old style, beautifully decorated private rooms: 3 twin rooms and 1 triple with a matrimonial and single bed, all with private bathroom, or in the junior room with a bunk bed and shared bathroom. Towels are included and a delicious breakfast variety is served with eggs, pancakes, fruits, jams, cheese, ham, cereals and more! +RVWDO/D*ULQJD&DULRFD)XWDOHXIX

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Sector Noroeste n/n FUTALEUFĂ&#x161; Cell: 61416305 - 96311330

The super friendly bilingual owner 1DWKDQLHOPDGHKLVGUHDPFRPHWUXHDQG built a real backpackerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hostel, located in a quiet spot just a 7 to 10 minute walk IURPWKHSOD]DLQ)XWDOHXI~7KHJRUJHRXV hostel has a spacious kitchen and living room to hang out, relax and make friends from all over the world. The location is amazing with spectacular views DQGWKHSODFHLVVRVHUHQH/DV1DWDOLDVKDVGRUPVZLWKORFNHUVRQRIIHU and 3 private rooms (1 with ensuite bathroom). Enjoy the natural climbing ZDOO QH[W WR WKH KRVWHO WDNH ZKLWHZDWHU ND\DN OHVVRQV ZLWK 1DWKDQLHO DQG ask him, or his ever popular mom, for more info about local culture, rafting, FDQ\RQLQJWUHNNLQJKRUVHEDFNULGLQJ²VKLQJDQG much more.Clothes dirty from doing all those fun activities? The hostel has a space for doing your ODXQGU\\RXUVHOI1RUPDOO\RSHQHGIURPWKHVWRI 1RYHPEHUWLOOWKHWKRI$SULO 132




Lautaro 259 FUTALEUFĂ&#x161; Located just one block from the main plaza + 56 9 94495273 LQ )XWDOHXI~ 7XULVPR )RUWLXV GHOLYHUV WRXULVWV unforgettable memories of this gorgeous DUHD5LGHDPRXQWDLQELNHWKURXJKPDUYHORXV sceneries, hike through the green forests and up the mountains for fantastic views, do a kayak trip on the crystal clear lakes and rivers, or OHDUQ DERXW WKH IDUPHUV OLIHVW\OH LQ 3DWDJRQLD 3URJUDPVDYDLODEOHIURPKDOIGD\WRPXOWLGD\WULSVDQGDOZD\VLQVPDOOJURXSVWR make it a personal experience. Full day and multi day trips have meals included and the expert guides are masters of the English language. Choose Turismo Fortius and enjoy their passion for tourism and nature! Tours organized in 10% off spring and summer. Contact them in with advance for tours out of season.

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Turismo Fortius


PUYUHUAPI Puyuhuapi is a quiet and peaceful village located at the far end of a fjord (220km from Coyhaique), surrounded by hills and mountains covered with thick green vegetation. Four young German immigrants founded it in 1935 and their influence can still be noticed in the local architecture and cuisine. Stroll through this tiny village and admire the local houses, the church, the beautyy of the fjord j with the clouds drifting over the water in the morning and the colourful fishing boats moored on the water. Four species of dolphins play in the waters of Puyuhuapi and locals take tourists on their little boats to observe the wonderful fjord and these amazing creatures. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss out on the Queulat National Park (entrance 24km south of Puyuhuapi) with rivers winding through its fairy tale lush wilderness. The most popular route is the 3,2km hike to the famous hanging glacier or â&#x20AC;&#x153;Ventisquero Colganteâ&#x20AC;? where you can see and hear the ice crashing down on the rocks. In summer you can take it easy and hop on one of the small boats that navigate you across the Laguna TĂŠmpanos to the glacier. Tired from being overwhelmed by the enchanting assets of Mother Nature? Soak your bones in the hotsprings â&#x20AC;&#x153;Termas del Ventisqueroâ&#x20AC;? or the more luxurious â&#x20AC;&#x153;Termas de Puyuhuapiâ&#x20AC;?. This is pure pampering, with fantastic views as a bonus! NO ATM AT THIS VILLAGE! 133



H0STEL Y CABAÑAS AUGUST0 GR0SSE This is one of the only hostels with dorms Camilo Henríquez 4 on the Carretera Austral; a gorgeous PUYUHUAPI building located in the village, completely (067) 2325150 – Cell: 9 88260638 constructed in wood and wonderfully GHFRUDWHG 1R ELJ RYHUFURZGHG GRUPV here, but a very comfortable one with 4 beds with duvet covers and lockers. Also 2 private rooms are available: 1 matrimonial room and 1 with a bunk bed. Despite its small size, there are 2 bathrooms and towels are always included. There is also a new cabin for up to 5 people with a matrimonial and a triple room; a fairytale place to have an unforgettable stay. The hostel, as well as the cabin, has a cozy living room with a wooden stove to heat you up and in both a fully equipped kitchen is at your disposal. Don’t miss out on the many activities in the area; the owners will gladly help you with recommendations and reservations. Laundry service available. Open all year round.

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COYHAIQUE & PUERTO AYSEN Coyhaique is the capital of the region and the only city you’re going to encounter on the Carretera Austral, so get all the Chilean pesos you are going to need (as there won’t be many options) or buy the equipment you’re missing. Outdoor stores, supermarkets, restaurants, banks, souvenir shops, and even some pubs. Do you plan to rent a car? Make your deal here! Visit the Coyhaique National Reserve (about 5km from the city) where you can do a wonderful day hike up to the top of the Cerro Cinchao with its moonlike landscape and a magnificent 360 degree view. The National Reserve Río Simpson is located along the road to Puerto Aysén and Puerto Chacabuco. The river is flanked by dramatic rock formations and is known for kayak descents, summer bathing and top-class fishing. 66km from Coyhaique to the west you’ll reach the second biggest place of the area, Puerto Aysén. Spend some time here; you’ll be surprised of the beauty of the surrounding area with its picturesque rivers and lakes, virgin green forest and stunning fjords. Kayaking on the Aysén River and the Los Palos Lake, and boating the fjords are definitely highlights of the trip and there are many trails to tackle by mountain bike or on foot, like at the Aiken Park, a 220-hectare reserve on the shores of Riesco Lake. 14km away is Puerto Chacabuco where the ferry arrives from Puerto Montt ( 134



H0STAL ESPAĂ&#x2018;0L

Sargento Aldea 343 COYHAIQUE (067) 2242580 www.hostalespaĂą

:DQW WR UHFRYHU IURP \RXU WUDYHOV RU have a good nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sleep before doing an adventurous hike? Located just a few EORFNVDZD\IURPWKH3OD]DGH$UPDVWKH KHDUWRI&R\KDLTXH+RVWDO(VSDxROLVYHU\ good value for money for the high standard of comfort they offer! The lovely rooms, with two single beds or a double bed, have a private bathroom, TV and heating. Yummy breakfast with yoghurt, eggs, cereals, cheese and hamâ&#x20AC;Ś is all included! 3UHSDULQJ\RXURZQKRPHFRRNHGPHDOV"2SWIRUDZHOOHTXLSSHGDSDUWPHQWIRU up to 4 people, with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and a cozy living room ZLWK²UHSODFHDQGXQOLPLWHGZRRG Towels are provided and free parking is available! The owners can help you with any reservations for transport and trips. Open all year round!

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CristĂłbal ColĂłn 203 COYHAIQUE (067) 2232522

If sleeping in a comfortable room and having a private bathroom is vital IRU \RX WKHQ GH²QLWHO\ JR WR +RWHO Austral. They have a wide selection of ensuite single, double and triple rooms, all with cable TV, heating and towels included. Your breakfast also includes cheese and ham and is VHUYHGLQWKHSOHDVDQWFRPPXQDODUHDGRZQVWDLUVZKHUH\RXDOVR²QGD chill out corner with a TV. 5un by its owners and a helpful staff, they will gladly inform you about the UHJLRQDQGKHOSZLWKERRNLQJ\RXUH[FXUVLRQVRUWUDQVSRUW+RWHO$XVWUDOLV a wooden building opened 365 days a year and is only a three block walk from the main plaza of Coyhaique 3OD]D GH $UPDV  UHDOO\ 10% off close to all the shops and with restaurants. Laundry service Get South! available. 135



VAR0NA RENT A CAR 5HQWLQJDFDULVWKHEHVWZD\WRH[SORUH the extreme beauty the Carretera Austral has to offer. It gives you the freedom to decide when you want to leave and where you want to stop to take that perfect postcard picture!

Carrera 297 COYHAIQUE (067) 2216674 / Cell: 94409933

A car gives you easy access to remote areas to see the most exceptional natural wonders and to experience unforgettable adventurous activities. And who doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to have the opportunity to spend the night at a serene spot under a starry sky! +LUHDFDUZLWK\RXUWUDYHOEXGGLHVRUJDWKHU some travellers together, and renting a car LV GH²QLWHO\ DIIRUGDEOH ZKHWKHU \RX WDNH LW for just a day trip or for one or more weeks. Choose a small urban car to do a comfortable YLVLWDURXQG&R\KDLTXH DVSKDOWZHVWWR3XHUWR Chacabuco, south to Cerro Castillo, north to 3XHUWR&LVQHV RURQHRIWKHSLFNXSVMHHSV or vans to tackle the Carreteraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s gravel roads in the spirit of pure and true adventure! A car is by far the quickest and most stylish manner to discover this area of extraordinary natural art. Varona is the leading and most WUXVWZRUWK\ 5HQW D &DU FRPSDQ\ on the Carretera Austral and also WKH0LWVXELVKLDQG1LVVDQFDUGHDOHULQWKHDUHDVRDOOWKHLUYHKLFOHVUHJXODUO\ undergo extensive inspection and maintenance in their own workshop. 7KH\DUHORFDWHGRQWKHPDLQHQWUDQFHH[LWRI&R\KDLTXHDWWKHLU6KHOO3HWURO Station. Inquire about the possibility of different pick-up and drop-off points. Insurance and unlimited km. Open all year round! 5HQWLQJDFDUPHDQV)5(('206LWGRZQ buckle up and enjoy some world class road tripping! 136

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HernĂĄn MuĂąoz Torres 655 PUERTO AYSEN Cell: 95990468 - 98988549

/RFDWHG QHDU WKH 5tR $\VpQ LQ D TXLHW quarter of the village and close to a bus VWRS &DEDxDV $\HOpQ RIIHUV PXOWLSOH comfortable and functional cabins for 1 up to 8 people. All cabins are constructed in wood and are equipped with a bathroom, satellite TV, kitchen, wood stove for heating and a terrace (towels included). You can prepare a delicious asado* at the communal BBQ DUHD DQG ZRUN RQ \RXU UH³H[HV SOD\LQJ SLQJ SRQJ Ask to heat up the sauna (free of charge) and chill out in the outdoor hot tub (additional charge). Inquire with the owner about the dazzling kayak or boat tours he organizes, WKHUHJLRQKDVQªWJRWDQ\VHFUHWVIURPKLP$QGGH²QLWHO\IROORZKLV advice about walking and bicycle tours in the area. Open all year!

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VILLA CERRO CASTILLO Located 95km south of Coyhaique, Villa Cerro Castillo feels more like a small settlement than a village, with only a few small streets and shops. But this little town is dominated by the impressive basalt spires and glaciers of its namesake, the Cerro Castillo National Reserve, a huge wild mountainous area with glaciers and spectacular views. Cerro Castillo has the ingredients to become â&#x20AC;&#x153;the new Torres del Paineâ&#x20AC;? with the main difference that you will hardly find anyone there! Villa Cerro Castillo, at the south end of the park, is the perfect base to explore it. The people of the village are horseback riding specialists, and the IbaĂąez valley is a wonderful spot to go for a walk or ride. But the main attraction is going up into the park to the Cerro Castillo Lagoon at 1600m with jaw-dropping views of the lagoon, a hanging glacier and the valley. Go on horseback for the first half up and continue on foot, a really unforgettable and recommendable experience, or do the whole ascent with your own pure body strength. Hardcore hikers will definitely go for the 4-5 day hike starting from Las Horquetas Grandes at the northern entrance of the park, a spectacular high route via glaciers, rivers and lakes, ending in Villa Cerro Castillo. If you have all the equipment you can do the hike on your own, otherwise you can rent it or hire a local guide in the village (we recommend to hire a guide). NO ATM OR PETROL! 137


Villa Cerro Castillo

RESIDENCIAL & RESTAURANTE JANIT0 5HVLGHQFLDO 5HVWDXUDQWH-DQLWRLVDYHU\ Carretera Austral 207 affordable place to spend the night and VILLA CERRO CASTILLO to taste delicious food. It has a perfect Cell: 73773110 location in front of the Carretera Austral, next to the bus stop, and with amazing views of the Cerro Castillo mountain peaks! Get your rest in one of the private rooms upstairs: ranging from single to quadruple. One double and a triple have a private bathroom, in the others youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll share it. Downstairs there is a very convenient kitchen with a dining room and a living room with cable TV. Buffet breakfast includes cheese and ham, and Margarita, the owner, can also cook you a delicious lunch or dinner, or prepare you a sandwich or snack (non guests are also welcome). She will gladly help you with extra info or reservations for hikes or horseback riding. Laundry service is possible and in her little shop you can stock up 10% off your supplies. Open all year round!


Get South!

EXCURSI0NES RUTA M.A.S - H0rsebaCk riding ([FXUVLRQHV5XWD0$6LQWKHKDQGV Carretera Austral 107 RI H[SHULHQFHG RZQHU VHxRU 0DQXHO VILLA CERRO CASTILLO RIIHUVDPDJQL²FHQWIXOOGD\KRUVHEDFN Cell: 66595392 ride up to the Cerro Castillo lagoon to enjoy breathtaking views at the hanging glaciers and the mountain peaks that make this area famous! Condors, huemuls and other fauna may be seen. Grilled meat, salads, potatoes, soup, and even wine are included in lunch, all prepared with passion by his wife 5RVD,I\RXKDYHOLPLWHGWLPHWKH\DOVRRIIHUVKRUWHUSHUKRXUKRUVHEDFNWULSV WRWKHLPSUHVVLYHYDOOH\RI&HUUR&DVWLOOR1RWDKRUVHIDQ" Ask them about the trekking tours to discover the region ZLWKLWVPDJQL²FHQWPRXQWDLQVDQGULYHUV7KHRI²FHLV conveniently located on the main road, at 10% off their minimarket and tourist information at with the entrance of the village. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss this Get South! amazing adventure! Manuel Aguilar Silva



Puerto RĂ­o Tranquilo

PUERTO RIO TRANQUILO Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just a small village on the shores of the magestic Lago General Carrera, but a place where every tourist has to stop. Why? The answer is simple... this place has loads of extraordinary activities on offer. A must for everybody is a boat or kayak tour to the Capillas de MarmĂłl or Marble Chapels. Thousands of years of erosion by wind and water have resulted in a masterpiece of natural art. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be imposed by the game of light and colour in the caverns and tunnels, and the lakeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s transparent water. The recently constructed 77km long Camino a Exploradores, a fantastic scenic road which departs in town and goes to the Exploradores Bay, has opened up a lot of possibilities in the area. This windy road packed with glaciers, rivers and lakes is absolutely impressive and is the gateway to visit the mighty Exploradores Glacier, where amazing ice walks are possible. Due to this road Puerto RĂ­o Tranquilo has become the new hub to visit the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve San Rafael National Park and its famous San Rafael Lagoon and Glacier. The combination of driving the Camino a Exploradores, admiring the spectacular scenery, boating from the end of the road to the Laguna* San Rafael, gazing at this mind blowing glacier and experiencing the thundering noise and the tsunami-like waves when the ice falls down, makes it a very special experience. NO ATM BUT PETROL AVAILABLE!


Carretera Austral s/n PUERTO RĂ?O TRANQUILO Cell: +569 87520735 / 66479614

Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t skip the Capillas de MĂĄrmol (Marble Chapels), a top highlight of the Carretera Austral and very affordable to YLVLW/RFDWHGRQ3XHUWR5tR7UDQTXLOR:DWHUIURQW([FXUVLRQHV0DUDQ$WKDLQWKH hands of Mr. Lenin Soto as the general manager, is the pioneer organizing boat trips to this natural wonder and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s your best pick. They offer boat tours on the General Carrera Lake to visit the caverns, cathedral and marble chapels, as well DVWULSVWR3XHUWR6iQFKH]FDYHUQV3XHUWR&ULVWDODQGVSRUW²VKLQJWRXUV7KHLU informative and experienced guides know the best places, take care of your safety and will explain about these unique structures formed as glacier water eroded an enormous block of marble over thousands of years. Get dazzled by tropical blue water and spectacular and amazing shapes and colours; your camera 10% off with is going to do overtime here to Get South! capture all this beauty! Open year round. 139


Puerto RĂ­o Tranquilo


Pedro Lagos 18 PUERTO RIO TRANQUILO Cell: 62073709 El Puesto

Experience the greatness of a glacier: walk on it, feel it and be overwhelmed by its FU\VWDOEOXHFRORXU(O3XHVWR([SHGLFLRQHV organizes quality glacier activities using modern well maintained equipment and professional guides so your safety is always guaranteed.

10% off on glacier El Puesto Expediciones activities: walks & on kayak - Amazing visits and walks on Exploradores Glacier. tours to the Capillas! - Glacier/Ice climbing amongst the spectacular ice walls. - Spend a night camping on a glacier. - Kayak tour to Capillas de Mårmol to appreciate in depth these beautiful natural formations. TKHLURI²FHLVORFDWHGDWWKHKHDUWRI3XHUWR5tR7UDQTXLOR (O3XHVWRDOVRKDVKLJKTXDOLW\DFFRPPRGDWLRQ LQ3XHUWR5tR7UDQTXLORZLWKH[FHOOHQWIDFLOLWLHV

DESTIN0 PATAG0NIA - San Rafael Glacier Tours $81(6&2%LRVSKHUH5HVHUYHWKH6DQ Gilberta Flores 208 PUERTO RĂ?O TRANQUILO 5DIDHO JODFLHU KDV D UHPRWH ORFDWLRQ Cell: 91586044 ZLWKQRFURZGVDWDOO'HVWLQR3DWDJRQLD LV EDVHG LQ 3XHUWR 5tR 7UDQTXLOR EXW the tour starts at the end of the Camino a Exploradores, a recently built 77km long spectacular road. Two local and IULHQGO\JXLGHVZLOOWDNH\RXRQDKUVDGYHQWXURXVERDWULGHDFURVVWKH5LR Exploradores delta through a picture perfect landscape until you reach the San 5DIDHOJODFLHU7KH\RIIHUIXOOGD\WULSVZKHUH\RXFDQVLSDIUHHZKLVNH\SUHSDUHG with glacier ice while being stunned by the view and the thundering noise of the glacier. They also have a 2 or 3 day tour with trekking possibilities and/or kayak trip if you like to be one of the few SHRSOHWRVSHQGWKHQLJKWLQWKH1DWLRQDO3DUN 0HDOVLQFOXGHG LQDOOWULSV 'HVWLQR3DWDJRQLDRSHUDWHVIURP6HSWHPEHUWR$SULO English speaking Free transfer from Puerto Tranquilo to guides available.

km. 77 with Get South! (max. 4 people)




PUERTO GUADAL & CHILE CHICO Puerto Guadal is a sleepy village located in a beautiful bay at the southwest end of the Lago General Carrera, 13km east of the Carretera Austral. The micro-climate protects them from the cold in winter time, and the view of the lake and the snowcapped mountains at the northwestern side is absolutely mind blowing. This is an oasis of rest, to enjoy peace and quietness while relaxing at the beach or admiring the gorgeous views from a kayak. The nearby waterfalls are really nice to visit, and the area offers very interesting fossil hikes. The rafting village Puerto Bertrand at the ultra blue Rio Baker is just 25km away. NO ATM! Chile Chico is located at the southern banks of the Lago General Carrera only 6km from the Argentinean border. Many travellers cross the nearby boarder coming from Ruta 40 in Argentina to enter the Carretera Austral region. Nature lovers and hikers should definitely visit the spectacular Jeinemeni National Reserve 65km from town, with steppe, rock formations, cave paintings and turquoise lagoons with a flamingo population. Moving on from Chile Chico is possible by ferry-crossing to Puerto Iba単ez to go to Cerro Castillo or north. Taking a bus over the windy and narrow road westwards to Puerto Guadal is a gorgeous and exciting option, with stunning views over the Lago General Carrera. ATM & PETROL AVAILABLE!


Km 1,5 on way to Mallin Grande PUERTO GUADAL +569 84491092 / (067) 2431263

Indulge yourself with a stay at this beautiful estate with the most breathtaking views of the lake and mountains, and 400 metres of beach! The cozy cabins are equipped with a kitchen, living room and bathroom(s). The smaller 2 person ones are very affordable, and there is a selection of more luxurious cabins for up to 6 people. Also rooms and apartments for up to 5 people are available (without kitchen). Terra Luna Lodge has everything on the site to keep you busy: hot tub, sauna, massages, restaurant, kayaks, canoes, water bikes and an original canopy not only made of tirolesas but of many different games including an helicopter, plane, etc (all with extra charge) and a pool table, games, cinema, football pitch, etc (for no extra charge). You can also experience the thrill of going 10% off with by jet boat up the river to one of the glaciers Get South! LQWKHDUHD &DPSRGH+LHOR1RUWH  Open all year round. 141




Pedro Burgos 3 CHILE CHICO (067) 2411598

Kon-Aiken is located in the center of Chile Chico in the heart of Chilean 3DWDJRQLD ,W LV D SRSXODU EXGJHW option in town and a place where you’ll meet a bunch of international travellers. A big property with 4 fully equipped cabins, a double room with private bathroom and some rooms of different sizes with shared bathrooms. Towels are included and breakfast is served. Kon-Aiken is also a place to camp. There is lots of space to pitch a tent and the high trees protect you from the strong winds. A kitchen and BBQ-grill are available for all guests and there is a separate shower block for the campers. Book your trips with the owner Juan like kayaking on the General Carrera Lake or DYLVLWWRWKH-HLQLPHQL1DWLRQDO5HVHUYHLQKLV 10% off with own minivan. Get South! Open year round!

COCHRANE & CALETA TORTEL Cochrane is the major village and hub of the south of the Carretera Austral. It’s a perfect springboard for a lot of cool activities in the area. Try to spot the endangered huemul deer while doing a trek at Tamango National Reserve, at 6km northeast of Cochrane. The largest population in Chile of these shy creatures is found here. 18km north of Cochrane, the wildlife paradise Valle Chacabuco (part of the future and immense Patagonia NP) is home to flamingos, foxes and herds of guanacos too. The Cochrane area also invites you to hit the water: kayaking on Lake Cochrane or Esmeralda, or the mighty Río Baker. The Monte San Lorenzo, 55km south, is a heaven for trekking. Attention, Cochrane has the last gas station going south! ATM & PETROL! Caleta Tortel is an amazing isolated village at the mouth of the Río Baker, built up with boardwalks and staircases instead of roads. Leg power brings you around the village, or you can take a water taxi. The scenery is beautiful; it’s surrounded by milky glacier water and breathtaking hills and mountains. Jumping on a boat or kayak is a must in Tortel, f.e. to Isla Los Muertos. The glaciers Steffens & Montt are spectacular and remote, and can only be reached by boat. Enjoy this extraordinary and unique village! NO ATM! Adventurers can continue their voyage to Villa O’Higgins, the southernmost point of the Carretera Austral, and the end of the road, to cross to El Chaltén, Argentina: a combination of boating, trekking and bussing (November – March). NO ATM! 142




Dr. Steffens 451 COCHRANE (067) 2522377

Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll not expect a garden this size and this nice, at MXVWRQHEORFNIURPWKHPDLQSOD]D3LWFK\RXUWHQW under one of the trees and enjoy the hot water in RQHRIWKHPDQ\VKRZHUV7KHJXHVWERRNLV²OOHGZLWKQDPHVIURPSHRSOHIURP all over the globe; the perfect place to meet up with fellow travellers. Craving for a real bed? They also have a small house opened all year round, ZLWKVLQJOHRUWZLQURRPVDFR]\OLYLQJURRPZLWKD²UHSODFHDQG797KH bathroom is shared and towels are included. During camping season (September to April), a cooking area is provided in DQRXWGRRUVSDFHZLWKURRI3DWULFLD\RXUKRVWHVVEUHDWKVSDVVLRQIRUKHU job and pampers her guests. She will inform you in detail on how to discover the most special places around Cochrane! +RVSHGDMH\&DPSLQJ&RFKUDQH


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Sector Playa Ancha n/n CALETA TORTEL Cell: 82367697 / 56882723

:DNHXSDQGVWDUW\RXUGD\ZLWKDQ amazing view of the beautiful waters VXUURXQGLQJ5HVLGHQFLDO%ULVDVGHO0DU This wooden house is located in the southern peaceful part of the village. A beautiful walk will get you there, or pamper yourself going by water taxi. You can choose from single, double (with two singles or a double), or triple rooms with shared bathrooms, and lovebirds can opt for a double matrimonial room with private bathroom. Towels are provided and laundry service is available. During ZLQWHUWLPHDQGFKLOO\GD\VFHQWUDOKHDWLQJZLWK²UHZRRGZLOONHHS\RXZDUP :ould you like to do a boat or kayak trip, or explore one of the glaciers in the area? Just ask 10% off Valeria, your friendly hostess! with Open all year round.

Get South!




PUERTO NATALES - TORRES DEL PAINE Puerto Natales is the point of entry to Torres del Paine National Park. It’s a very pleasant town with beautiful views of the surrounding water and mountains. Most travellers spend some nights here before and after they go to the park. It’s the place to organize your park visit whether that means booking a tour or your park accommodation, signing up for a thrilling activity, stocking up your food supplies or renting/buying the equipment you’re missing. While you’re based in Puerto Natales, plan an excursion to the Milodón Cave, an archaeological site named after the milodón, a now extinct animal whose remains were found in the cave. Climb to the summit of Dorotea Sierra, to get a great panorama of the town as well as the fjords and mountains in the area. Visit Bernardo O’Higgins National Park and take a boat trip to feel tiny next to the Balmaceda and Serrano glaciers. The renowned Torres del Paine National Park, located 147km from Puerto Natales, is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 1978 and it recently got chosen as the 8th Wonder of the World. This park will simply knock your socks off with its natural beauty, a landscape filled with lakes, rivers, waterfalls, glaciers, mountains and of course the famous granite towers that gave the park its name. It’s also home of an impressive range of animals like guanacos, ñandus*, foxes, pumas, skunks, condors, eagles, flamingos, etc. The possibilities to discover the park are endless. Get those boots dirty at this trekking paradise at one of the several day hikes, the popular 4 to 5 day W-Circuit or the 7 to 8 day O-Circuit. Put on those crampons and enter the massive Grey Glacier, hit the water with a paddle and kayak the lakes, rivers or in between gigantic icebergs, pump up those muscles and climb a challenging wall, mount a horse and gallop around like a pro, launch that bait in the water and catch a huge fish, cruise the lakes on a ship and admire the scenery or imagine being an 18th century explorer and do a multiday expedition to the most remote corners of the park. A lot of people opt to sleep in a tent or in a refugio dorm bed in the park. Keep in mind that camping spots and refugio beds often are booked up quickly in high season, making a reservation in advance essential. The weather can be very harsh and changeable, dress in layers and take a good waterproof wind stopper and hiking boots. There are daily buses from Puerto Natales, stopping at different spots in the park. Inform where to get off depending of what your plans are. 144



FANTรSTIC0 SUR - Treks & L0dging Fantรกstico Sur has several mountain Esmeralda 661 refugios, campsites or cabins in the Puerto Natales (061) 2614184 famous Torres del Paine NP. They offer full packages, self-guided or with a guide, to tackle the W-Circuit with everything included, like accommodation, transport & food, so you have nothing to worry about! Their professional staff and clear website will help you plan and book your park visit and accommodation, whether you want to sleep in a refugio dorm bed, a cozy cabin, a domo or want to pitch your tent in the great outdoors. As well as booking a full package you can just secure your place to sleep (often necessary due to the popularity of the park). Seperate options like meals, sheets (in a made up bed), sleeping bags, camping equipment, ready pitched tents, and transport are also possible. Accommodation opened from mid September to the end of April. English spoken. fantasticosur.circuito.w

PATAG0NIA ADVENTURE H0STEL & ORBIT PATAG0NIA :LWK D KRVWHO DQG D WRXULVP DJHQF\ DW WKH Tomas Rogers 179 same place, you can sort out your rest and (061) 2411028 SOD\ERWKDWRQFH3DWDJRQLD$GYHQWXUH+RVWHO in a traditional style wooden house, has dorms, doubles, twins and triple rooms (all w/shared bath and heating) with an ideal location as the only hostel on the main plaza. Guests can use the full kitchen, luggage storage and there is an indoor climbing wall! 7KHLUWUDYHODJHQF\25%,73DWDJRQLDLVORFDWHGLQWKHKRVWHODQGWKHELOLQJXDO VWDIIFDQRUJDQL]HYLVLWVWR7RUUHVGHO3DLQH3HULWR0RUHQR&XHYDGHO0LORGRQ glacier boat trips, visits to the penguins on Magdalena and Marta islands, horse ULGLQJ ND\DNLQJ URFN FOLPELQJ DQG WUHNNLQJ WKH : FLUFXLW DQG 10% off the larger O. The professional service uses all with their own transport and guides, and you can Get South! also hire all your outdoors equipment and tents with them. 3DWDJRQLD$GYHQWXUH+RVWHO 145




0LUDÂłRUHV (061) 2614201

This cozy and intimate house-style hostel is a great place to stay before and after leaving for an excursion LQ 7RUUHV GHO 3DLQH :LWK RQO\ WKUHH bedrooms (two doubles, and one with two bunk beds - all with heating and shared bathrooms) and completely managed and run by its owners, this is certainly a place where you can hang up your coat and boots, and chill out. Enjoy the comfy commodities, your own kitchen and the unique tin and wood structure in this 50â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s built house (recently refurbished in 2010) right in the centre of town. 7LQ +RXVH 3DWDJRQLD KDV WKHLU RZQ WUDYHO DJHQF\ so you can get the best advice and reserve for top tours around the area for trekking, 10% off horseback riding, kayaking, visiting the with glaciers and more. Get South! Closed June - August

CARFRAN PATAG0NIA & BACKPACKERS ARKYA $JRRGSODFHWR²QGHYHU\WKLQJLQRQHVSRWMXVW Prat 367 1,5 block from the main plaza. The basic but (061) 2413600 also cheap backpackers comprises of dorms (with lockers) and double or triple rooms, all Carfran Patagonia with shared bathroom. Kitchen at your disposal and breakfast provided. Backpackers closed July & August. TKH DJHQF\ RIIHUV VHYHUDO WULSV  WLFNHWV 7RUUHV GHO 3DLQH 3HULWR Moreno glacier, horse riding, bus tickets, glacier boat tours, kayak trips), and rents out quality camping/trekking gear to tackle the UHQRZQHG :FLUFXLW RU ELF\FOHV WR H[SORUH 3XHUWR 1DWDOHV 6SDQLVK English & German spoken. Open all year.

10% off on accommodation and agencyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s services!






Phillipi 383 (061) 2411553

+RVWDO )UDQFLV 'UDNH KDV DQ LGHDO location right only being two block from the sea front, the main plaza and centre of town with all the restaurants, bars and shopping within walking distance. A comfortable and clean colonial style house, the 20 rooms (single, double and triple) each have a private bathroom, FHQWUDOKHDWLQJWRZHOVLQFOXGHGDQGFDEOH79DQGIURPWKHVHFRQG³RRUOLYLQJ URRP \RX FDQ DSSUHFLDWH PDJQL²FHQW YLHZV RI WKH VHDIURQW DQG WKH QHDUE\ mountain peaks. A hearty breakfast of coffee, tea, milk, serial, yoghurt, cheese, ham, bread, juice, pastries and hot chocolate will set you up well for the day. 7KHVWDIIFDQKHOS\RXERRN\RXURZQWRXUWRVHH7RUUHVGHO3DLQHPRXQWDLQ UDQJH 3HULWR 0RUHQR JODFLHU DQG RWKHU QHDUE\ glaciers whether you want to visit them by boat or in their own private vehicles. 10% off Closed June to August.


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Bulnes 769 (061) 2410734

3DWDJRQLDLVDPDJLFDOP\VWLFDODQGVRPHWLPHV DGLI²FXOWSODFHWRJHWDURXQG<RXFDQXQFRYHU some real world treasures here but you need to have a bit of know how and Tour Express can help you with that. Located in 3XHUWR1DWDOHVWKHFRPSDQ\KDVPRUHWKDQ\HDUVH[SHULHQFHDQGWKH³HHW of modern, specially equipped vehicles are driven with care and constantly UHQHZHG :LWK WKHLU H[SHUWLVH DQG NQRZOHGJH WKH\ ZLOO VKRZ \RX VRPH KLJKOLJKWVRI&KLOHDQDQG$UJHQWLQHDQ3DWDJRQLDLQFOXGLQJ -5HJXODUVHUYLFHVWRTorres del Paine National Park all year around. 3ULYDWHVHUYLFHVIRUJURXSVDQGLQGLYLGXDOVWR7RUUHVGHO3DLQH 0LORGRQ FDYH 3XQWD$UHQDV 3HQJXLQ FRORQ\ &KLOH  (O &DODIDWH 3HULWR0RUHQR*ODFLHU(O&KDOWpQ8VKXDLDLQ$UJHQWLQHDQ3DWDJRQLD - Trekking programs. Tour Express offers a quality service thanks to the combination of experience and knowledge of their territory with the sole aim RIOLYLQJWKHEHVWH[SHULHQFHLQ3DWDJRQLD 147

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Get South!




Pedro Montt 161 (061) 2414611

)RXQGHGLQWKH\DUH²UVWUDWHH[SHUWV LQ DGYHQWXUH WRXULVP 3URIHVVLRQDO DQG FHUWL²HGDGYHQWXUHJXLGHVIURPDOOFRUQHUV of the world take care of your safety during \RXU PXOWLGD\ WUHNNLQJWKH:FLUFXLWLFHKLNHRUND\DNWULS Antares has a fully equipped Big Foot base camp and exclusivity to operate LFHKLNLQJDQGND\DNLQJDWWKHIDPRXV*UH\*ODFLHULQWKH7RUUHVGHO3DLQH 1DWLRQDO3DUN3XWRQWKRVHFUDPSRQVIRUZRUOGFODVVLFHKLNLQJ\RXÂŞOOEH overwhelmed by the crystal-clear blue ice and the enormous crevasses and caves. Another amazing activity is kayaking in between the huge ice blocks that have broken off the glacier, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll feel miniature alongside them. This is an experience youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be bragging about for years! 7KHRI²FHLVORFDWHGDWWKHEHDXWLIXO ZDWHUVLGHLQ3XHUWR1DWDOHV $QWDUHV3DWDJRQLD$GYHQWXUH antarespatagonia


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PUERTO NATALES: Terminal Rodoviario Av. EspaĂąa 1455, off. 11 Tel: (061) 2412011 PUNTA ARENAS: Jose Menendez 552 Tel: (061) 2614224 /




PUNTA ARENAS Punta Arenas is the southernmost (continental) city in America located on the shores of the Magellan Strait. Despite its remoteness, it has the most developed urban centre in Chilean Patagonia. Wander around downtown Plaza de Armas or the new coastal boulevard, dig your camera out to get a panoramic shot of the city from the Mirador del Cerro* de la Cruz, sip a cocktail in the casinoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sky Bar with amazing views over the strait, take advantage of their tax-free shopping centre (Zona Franca) for buying trekking equipment, buy a souvenir and eat a typical dish at the Mercado Municipal, contemplate the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s history in the gorgeous ornate municipal cemetery, and check out the monument to Magellan or the interesting museums (Maggiorino Borgatello, Regional, Armada de Chile, Militar Palacio Sara Braun and Instituto de la Patagonia). Venturing out of town, pretend your name is Ferdinand and kayak on the strait, travel to Isla Magdalena or Seno Otway and waddle like a penguin amongst thousands (October-March), take the ferry for a day trip to Porvenir in Tierra del Fuego, visit the mighty Fort Bulnes with its ocean views, put on your boots and do the 4 day trekking to Cape Froward, hike around Reserva Forestal Magallanes and discover Pali-Aike National Park or what the native Patagones used to call â&#x20AC;&#x153;Devilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Countryâ&#x20AC;?.

PATAG0NIA H0USE - H0stel & Travel Av. Independencia 416 An experienced crew welcomes you at PUNTA ARENAS 3DWDJRQLD +RXVH +RVWHO  7UDYHO LQ WKH (061) 2242618 FHQWUH RI 3XQWD$UHQDV DW D  PLQ ZDON from the main plaza and just a few blocks from the sea, city market and supermarket. Double rooms or dorms with ensuite or shared bathroom (all with brekkie), they have it all, and the large kitchen is at your disposal. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a typical travellers place, ideal to meet people, basic but with a nice atmosphere, and cheap! Free SLFNXSIURPWKHEXVVWDWLRQ ODXQGU\VHUYLFHSRVVLEOH+RVWHORSHQDOO\HDU Book your outings at their in-house travel agency. Tours with bilingual guides, RSHUDWHG IURP PLG 2FWREHU WR$SULO 3HQJXLQ FRORQ\ ,VOD 0DJGDOHQD  6HQR Otway, Sea lion colony of Isla Marta, Fort Bulnes, Cape Froward & Cruz de los Mares, Torres del 3DLQH&LW\7RXUV5HQWD&DU%XVWLFNHWV

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ADEL - RENT A CAR Y TURISM0 7KHEHVWZD\WRJHWDURXQG3XQWD$UHQDVDQG explore the area is through the luxury of your RZQFDUÂĽJRZKHUH\RXOLNHGLFWDWH\RXURZQ time schedule and feel free!

Pedro Montt 962 (061) 2224819

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with A'(/5HQWD&DULVORFDWHGRQWKHVDPHEORFNDVWKH Get South! WRXULVWRI²FHDQGZLOOKHOS\RX²QG\RXULGHDOWUDQVSRUW ¼IURPVPDOOHFRQRPLFDOFDUVULJKWXSWR:'DQG689V The bilingual staff will give you advice and information about driving around the area and if you hire a car for 3 days or more there is no PLOHDJHOLPLW6RJHW\RXUGULYLQJJORYHVRQDQGOHWORRVHLQ3DWDJRQLD

KAYAK & H0RSEBACK RIDING AGUA FRESCA They organize breathtaking kayak trips with common sightings of sea lions & albatrosses Kayak Agua Fresca kaf and dolphins popping up next to you in the gorgeous setting of the Strait of Magellan and exciting & entertaining horseback rides through the coastâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s beautiful area. The possibilities are ample: 1/2 day, full day or multi day kayak tours & expeditions and adventurous LQÂłDWDEOH]RGLDFERDWWULSV GHVWLQDWLRQV GHWDLOHGLQIRRQWKHZHEVLWH

Or gallop on a horse through an environment that includes steppe and beech forest with amazing views of the Strait of Magellan. Tours last between 1,5 and 2 hours. (also combinable with a 1/2 kayak tour) The transferIURP3XQWD$UHQDVDOOHTXLSPHQW Contact them via email mentioning and snacks/meals are included! Get South and Operating all year round!

get 10% off!


** Glossary ** •Adobe: mud brick construction •Albergue/Hostal: hostel •Amigo: friend •Asado: barbeque •Barco: boat/ship •Barrio: neighbourhood •Bodegas: wineries •Boliche: clubs, discos •Bosque: forest •Buceo: scuba diving •Buena onda: good vibe •Cabaña: cabin, cottage •Cabildo: old town hall •Cancha: fútbol stadium •Cañón: canyon •Cardón: giant cactus •Cascada: waterfall •Castillo: castle •Cerro: hill •Ciudad: city •Che: hey •Chicas: girls •Choripán: sausage in a bun •Cordillera: mountain range •Desayuno: breakfast •Desierto: desert •Dulce de leche: caramel •Estancia: ranches •Estero: marshal •Fogón: bonfire •Fútbol: soccer, football •Gauchos: Argentinean cowboys, in Chile called “huasos” •Guanaco: small llama •Hospedaje: budget accommodation •Iglesia: church •Isla: island


•Lago: lake •Laguna: lagoon •Locro: an Andean stew dish •Lomito: a tasty sandwich made with beef, chicken or pork •Mariscos: shellfish •Mate: traditional tea drunk from a gourd with a metal straw •Micro: local bus (Chile) •Milanesas: deep fried or oven baked breaded veal or chicken •Mina: mine, chick (girl) •Mochilero: backpacker •Montaña: mountain •Novio/a: boy/girlfriend •Ñandú: South American ostrich •Palacio: palace •Parque: park •Parrilla: grill •Peña: places to enjoy traditional music, dances and local food •Picada: local nibbles platter •Playa: beach •Plaza: square •Pololo/a: boy/girlfriend (Chile) •Porteño: Buenos Aires or Valparaíso native •Posada: inn •Pueblo: town •Puerto: port •Quebrada: gorge •Río: river •Salar/Salinas: salt flats •Teatro: theatre •Tren: train •Valle: valley •Vino: wine

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4. Chile & final pages 2014 - 17° edition  

Chile: Map. Useful Information. Distance Chart. Arica. Iquique. San Pedro de Atacama. La Serena. Elqui Valley. Valparaiso. Santiago. Pichile...

4. Chile & final pages 2014 - 17° edition  

Chile: Map. Useful Information. Distance Chart. Arica. Iquique. San Pedro de Atacama. La Serena. Elqui Valley. Valparaiso. Santiago. Pichile...