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** Volunteering ** Interested in making a societal impact? South America offers a number of charitable organizations that need YOUR help! A few hours a week can enrich your experience abroad and can make a world of difference!

Here are only a few of many organizations operating: ARGENTINA • Fundación Argentina de Etoecología ( raises environmental awareness through direct action such as forestation, ground imporvement, water purification and education on environmental issues. You can also volunteer with them to help children and women on the street. • Hogar Amparo Maternal ( works with young mothers and their children to create a place to stay and organize their daily tasks. • Banco de Alimentos ( fights hunger and malnutrition by providing soup kitchens and raising awareness. • Voluntario Global ( runs educational projects in Buenos Aires, northern Argentina, Bariloche and Iguazu. • South American Explorers ( has a good database of volunteer opportunities across South America for eager travellers.

CHILE • Voluntarios de la Esperanza ( works to provide shelters, orphanages and schools in Santiago. • Agrupacion Medio Ambiental Torres del Paine (www.amatorresdelpaine. org) does conservation work and environmental education in the national park. • Verde Mar ( works in Ancud on forestation and conservation projects with the penguins. • Un Techo para Chile ( works on reconstruction of homes for those in Southern Chile whose homes were devastated by earthquakes.

URUGUAY • Karumbe ( is a volunteer project that monitors and conserves sea turtles in coastal Uruguay.


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