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Jonnie Dice: “I’m a believer!”


By: Mickey Money


Why betting against Tim Tebow is a BAD IDEA.



Please BELIEVE! In today’s age, where religion is becoming more irrelevant, and more Americans are becoming less religious (read the ABC News article to see what I’m talking about, I believe God is trying to send a message. Tim Tebow has done the unthinkable– he has turned the Denver Broncos into a winning team. The more I watch these mutts on ESPN hate on the guy, the more I like him. Nothing about him makes sense. He can’t throw the ball, he makes poor decisions, and he doesn’t show up until the fourth quarter, but the guy WINS GAMES. More importantly, he COVERS SPREADS. He’s 5-1 ATS in his last 6 games, and he’s undefeated against the spread in the fourth quarter. There’s only one explanation I can think of for these late minute heroics: God is on Tebow’s side. He is sending a message to the world, and he is using Tebow to make his point. Think about how many people all around the WORLD are watching this man and his uncanny ability to win games. He’s got everybody talking, and I am no exception. Is Tebow the child of God? Probably not, but you could certainly make a point that his faith is a factor in the Broncos winning streak. I am not the most religious person in the world, but I have tremendous respect for the people who are. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that betting against God is a bad idea. If God is on Tebow’s side, then so am I. I’ll be riding the Broncos ATS for the rest of the season, and if you were a SMART bettor, you would too. Tim Tebow – I AM a believer.


CONTRIBUTORS Mickey Money College Football Expert

Mickey Money, also known as "The Mouth of The South," is a seasoned college football expert with years of experience under his championship belt. Born and raised in the Southern Division, Mickey opted out of student loans, utilizing his bookie to cover his tuition by taking him to the cleaners week after week. Mickey isn't focused on percentages, units, or value bets-- he's only concerned with WINNING. You can view his picks, by following him on twitter @MikkeyMoney.

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Week 4

Week 8

Week 12

Vikings -3 (L) Redskins -3 (W) Packers -13 (W) Chargers -7 (W)

Rams +14.5 (W) Titans -8 (W) Bills -5 (W) Steelers +3 (W) Eagles -3 (W)

Jets -9.5 (L) Panthers -4 (W) Browns +7 (W) Chiefs +10.5 (W)

Week 5 Panthers +6.5 (W) Bills +3 (W) Patriots -7.5 (W) Chargers -3.5 (W)

Week 6

Week 9 Texans -11 (W) Broncos +7.5 (W)

Panthers -2 (W) Colts +21.5 (W) Cardinals +4.5 (W)

Week 10

Week 14

Packers -13 (W) Steelers -12.5 (L) Ravens -7 (W) Patriots -6 (L)

Raiders +7.5 (W) Broncos +3.5 (W) Titans +3.5 (W) Cardinals +14 (W) Jets -1 (L)

Week 7

Week 11

Seahawks +3 (NA) Falcons +5 (W) Bears -1.5 (W) Cowboys -14 (W) Jaguars +11 (W)

Week 13

Patriots -9 (L) Jets -10.5 (W) Lions -10 (L) Eagles +3 (W) Panthers -3 (L) Giants +3 (W)

Broncos +7 (W) Detroit -7 (W) Cowboys -8 (L) Bengals +7 (NA) Seahawks +3 (W) 5

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