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getsix principles ®

THE getsix® ‘PRINCIPLES’ SIT AT THE HEART OF OUR BUSINESS AND HELP US TO DELIVER OUR CORE PURPOSE - TO CREATE A ‘FIRST CLASS’ SERVICE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS TO EARN THEIR TRUST AND LOYALTY. NO ONE T RIE OUR CUST S HARDER FOR OMERS What ma tters for our custo mers? • Offeri ng every th in g they n made be eed, tter and easier • Deliv ering ou tstandin g value fo • Help r everyo ing with ne a d v ic e possible , in s p ir ation an , a smile d where • Crea ting an e asy, sea mless ex • Sayin perience g thank you with great se rvice Item Cod e: E0016 (Dec.13)

HOW WE E N O Y R E V E T A WE TRE EATED LIKE TO BE TR s? for colleague What matters what we do ing proud of be s ay lw A • work: happy, great place to a g in at re C • spiring honest and in be at our best es for us all to iti un rt po op • Providing sed on shared lationships ba re g in ld ui B • spect values and re re we can all ronment whe vi en ves an in and be oursel • Working e a difference ak m e, ut rib cont



What matters for comm unities? • Creating new oppo rtunities for young educated people •

Colleagues volunteerin g in local communitie s

getsix Principles [EN]  
getsix Principles [EN]