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Dell cloud client computing for Citrix Dell Wyse can help you get more out of your Citrix XenDesktop installation with Dell Wyse cloud client devices and software. Dell Wyse Citrix Ready cloud clients – including a wide range of thin clients as well as the purpose-built Dell Wyse Xenith 2 and Xenith Pro zero clients for XenDesktop – offer built-in support for the Citrix HDX protocol in Dell Wyse ThinOS, Windows Embedded Standard and SUSE Linux-based models for easy integration with your existing network and application environment.

Dell Wyse Citrix Ready cloud clients help you:

Solution components

• C  reate a more secure environment that minimizes or virtually eliminates exposure to data loss, viruses and malware

• D  ell Wyse thin clients, and Dell Wyse Xenith 2 and Xenith Pro zero clients for XenDesktop

• Centralize  management for easy, powerful insight and control over all endpoints

• Citrix XenDesktop

• E  liminate high failure rate components, providing lower costs and much higher reliability than PCs

• L  ower the overall cost of computing and improve scalability with virtual desktop infrastructure from Citrix and Dell Wyse

At a glance

Dell Wyse cloud clients deliver vastly superior security, management, compliance, reliability and energy usage than a traditional PC. In addition to a truly rich user experience, Dell Wyse Citrix Ready cloud clients provide integrated support for self-service capabilities and roaming desktops, and compatibility with the complete Citrix offering.

IT pain points

• Improve data security and minimize desktop vulnerability to viruses and malware

Dell Wyse and Citrix XenDesktop solution benefits

• Easily meet regulatory compliance mandates

• R  educe costs and increase IT efficiencies; eliminate strain on IT resources

• S  harply reduce the time required to manage and maintain user desktops

• Maintain a high quality user experience

• Meet disaster recovery and green IT initiatives

• Keep data and applications secure and available

• Ensure a superior user experience

• Meet increasingly strict compliance mandates • R  educe energy consumption and costs to meet green IT initiatives

The ultimate Citrix user experience on a cloud client Dell Wyse and Citrix have partnered for more than 15 years to develop innovative solutions that enable or enhance Citrix desktop virtualization, application virtualization, server virtualization, application networking, cloud computing and SaaS offerings. Together, Dell Wyse and Citrix have radically simplified networked computing, delivering applications as an on-demand service to any user, in any location, on any device.

Zero clients Dell Wyse Xenith 2

Dell Wyse Device Manager

Citrix XenDesktop


Thin clients R class Z class

XenServer Virtualization Infrastucture Servers

Get more out of your Citrix virtual desktop environment

Dell Wyse Xenith Pro

Repurposed PCs

C class

D class

T class

Dell Wyse PC Extender Repurpose PC solutions.

V class

X class

Product Spotlight Dell Wyse Xenith 2 and Xenith Pro zero clients for XenDesktop Dell Wyse Xenith 2 is the next-generation zero client for XenDesktop with built-in HDX capabilities, delivering ultimate performance, security and simplicity. This zero client fundamentally changes the economics of endpoint ownership by sharply reducing device management and security costs, and delivering a visually rich, no-compromise user experience. The only zero client with built-in support for the high-definition HDX user experience of XenDesktop, Xenith 2 and Xenith Pro zero clients deliver out-of-the-box connectivity to Citrix XenDestop environments, allowing you to easily transform your Windows desktop environment into an on-demand service to any user or device. The Dell Wyse next-generation zero clients eliminate problems associated with hardware-only type zero clients that can have a negative impact on user experience and scalability. Xenith 2 includes a powerful, efficient ARM System-on-Chip (SoC) processor and can deliver a true HDX 3D user experience. Xenith Pro, also HDX 3D capable, includes a powerful AMD G-series processor that delivers the speed required for all types of users across a broad range of applications, including demanding HD multimedia. Additionally, the industry first, built-in media decoder delivers clean HD video, without overtaxing your server or network.

“We are 100% happy with the combination of Citrix and Dell Wyse! The Xenith is exactly the thin client we were looking for. It’s optimized for XenDesktop Infrastructure and easy to handle.” Jasmin Khorshed, Infrastructure Management & Technical Leader Logica Managed Services for ebase Bank, Munich, Germany.

Dell Wyse zero clients support a large array of devices, including multiple monitors, smart cards, thumb drives, CD/DVD, USB headsets, mice, keyboards, cameras, smart phones, printers and even iPads – giving users ultimate flexibility.

Purpose-built for Citrix environments

Dell Wyse Xenith 2 With its compact footprint Dell Wyse Xenith 2 is the ideal companion device for Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix HDX technology.

Dell Wyse Xenith 2 is a single-purpose device that has no operating system, requires no local configuration or management, has no attack surface for viruses and malware, and keeps up with advances in Citrix HDX by updating its Citrix Receiver engine automatically.

Dell Wyse Xenith Pro It’s all about delivering a high-performance, high-connectivity zero client: going beyond anything ever offered before in ‘zero’.

Key features include: • zero attack surface: Immune to dangerous viruses and malware; all data stored in the data center, where it belongs • z  ero configuration and management: Citrix XenDesktop server configures Xenith out-of-the-box to your preferences for plug-and-play speed and ease of use • z  ero-compromise user experience: Delivers outstanding performance and a built-in media decoder for superior HD video; HDX 3D capable

Dell Wyse Z class Single and Dual-core cloud client ideal for high performance HD video and CAD workstations.

Dell Wyse D class

• E  xtremely flexible: Choose from Linux, Windows Embedded or Dell Wyse zero desktop and mobile thin or zero clients

Dual-core mid-range cloud client for a wide range of environments and applications.

• E  nergy efficient: Draws under 7 watts of power; saves up to $150 in energy costs per desktop each year For Citrix environments in which local desktop-based browsers or an OS is required for executing specific applications locally, Dell Wyse also offers a wide range of Linux or Windows Embedded-based thin clients designed to fit your environmental, application mix and budgetary needs.

Dell Wyse X class High performance mobile thin client featuring AMD G-series dual-core processors, with Dell Wyse-enhanced SUSE Linux or Windows Embedded Standard.

Learn more: For immediate assistance in North America, contact Dell Wyse at or call 1-800-438-9973

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Dell cloud client computing for Citrix  
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