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The Challenge

The London  2012  Olympic  and  Paralympic  Games  saw  Sports  Technology     responsible  for  the  design,  management  and  opera?onal  delivery  of  audio     visual  systems  at  47  venues  throughout    London  and  the  UK.   With  a  workforce  of  several  hundred  permanent  and  temporary  staff,  the     principal  logis?cal  challenge  involved  ensuring  staff  were  present  at  the  right     site,  at  the  right  ?me  and  with  the  specific  details  needed  to  deliver  the  event.  

The Solution The Get  Scheduled  solu?on  provided  the  ability  to  communicate  key  job  details  quickly  and  easily  via   email   and   SMS.     Scheduled   system   reminders   were   sent   to   personnel   daily,   with   details   of   shiNs,   contact  informa?on  and  even  GPS  coordinates  of  venues.    Dynamic  ‘staff  selec?ons’  were  set  up  to   allow   administrators   to   communicate   quickly   and   simply   with   an   ever   changing   workforce   group,   ensuring  only  the  relevant  personnel  received  the  messages.      Staff  could  also  log  into  their  own  user   portal  to  check  their  own  schedules.  

Controlled access   to   the   Get   Scheduled   system   was   provided   to   Project   Manager   level,   for   local     administra?on  of  team  working  paUerns,  staff  hours  and  shiN  changes.        All  workforce  used  the  SMS   ‘check-­‐in’  system  to  log  their  arrival  on-­‐site  through  a  simple  reply  to  a  SMS  text  message,  enabling   management  to  track  aUendance  and  be  immediately  aware  of  issues.  

Key Benefits

Sports Technology   saw   a   significant   reduc?on   in   administra?on   manpower   because   of:   speed   of   scheduling   changes,   massive   reduc?on   of   queries   related   to   shiN   changes,   job   details/contacts,   check-­‐in/out.       Automated  daily  reports  meant  management  kept  a  close  watch  on  working  ?me  informa?on  and   issue  logs,  helping  to  manage  costs  and  avoid  SLA  penal?es.   “  Not  only  have  we  have  managed   to  reduce  the  number  of  calls  from   our  remote  workforce  from   several  hundred  a  day,  to  almost   single  figures,  but  my  job  has  been   made  so  much  easier  because   when  I  need  to,  I  can  talk  to  the   right  people,  instantly..“   Natasha  Bonner,  Administra?on   Manager,  Sports  Technology  Ltd.  

For more  informa@on  on  how  Get   Scheduled  can  help  your  business,   contact:  Jane  Webber     Tel:  +44  (0)  845  2993459    


Strict Games-­‐?me   Service   Level   Agreements   were   managed   through   the   Get   Scheduled   SLA   management  func?on,  allowing  equipment  problems  to  be  logged,  automa?cally  escalated,  tracked   and  resolved  within  agreed  service  parameters.  

Case Study - Sports Technology  
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