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The Challenge

The  European  Archery  Fes5val  2014  held  at  Telford’s  Interna5onal  Centre   combined  Stage  3  of  the  4  stage  Indoor  World  Cup,  with  an  archery  trade   show  and  tournament.    The  fes5val  was  Britain's  biggest  ever  indoor  archery   event,  with  900  compe5tors  from  41  countries  compe5ng  for  part  of  a   £20,000  prize  fund.   The  workforce  was  rela5vely  small,  with  a  5ght  organising  commiFee   including  key  Sport:80®,  all  who  work  as  part  of  the  LOCOG  team  at  London   2012.    To  enable  the  event  to  succeed,  a  volunteer  workforce    was  required   which  is  where  Get  Scheduled  got  involved.  

The Solution

Get  Scheduled  was  selected  as  the  volunteer  management  so4ware  solu5on  to  schedule  and   communicate  with  ALL  volunteers  at  the  European  Archery  Fes5val  2014,  including  pre-­‐event,  event  and   post  event.  

Get  Scheduled’s  online  portal,  was  the  place  for  volunteers  to  view  their  personal  schedule  the  latest   news  and  any  shared  documents.    By  crea5ng  a  profile  for  each  volunteer,  Get  Scheduled  allowed   volunteers  to  take  control  of  their  role  and  feel  a  bigger  part  of  the  event.   “Get  Scheduled  was  so  easy  to  use,  a2er  half  an  hour  training  we  were  all  up  and  running.              Scheduling  and   Communica<ng  was  simple.  We  would  have  needed  a    much  larger  administra<on  team  without  the  use  of   Get  Scheduled”    Chris  Wells  -­‐  Services  Manager,  European  Archery  Fes5val  2014      

Key Benefits of Use With  advanced  file  sharing  op5ons  and  automa5c  communica5ons   Get  Scheduled  was  able  to  greatly  minimise  administra:on  :me  and   ensure  a  clear  delivery  of  informa:on.   Most  importantly    (key  to  Sport  80  ®  philosophy),  Get  Scheduled  is  a     cloud  based  solu5on,  which  acted  as  a  single  central  data  base  of   informa5on,  with  defined  users  able  to  edit  informa5on  as  required,   ensuring  complete  accuracy.     Accountability  is  crucial  but  o2en  difficult  to  achieve  when  dealing   remotely  with  individuals  and  volunteers,  Get  Scheduled  provided  a   plaCorm  to  enable  Sport:80®  to    record  and  keep  a  track  of  how  our   organisa<on  communicated  with  and  responded  to  workforce  -­‐  crea<ng   a  dynamic  and  easily  accessible  ‘paper  trail’  at  different  levels  of  the   administra<on  process”  Gary  Hargraves  -­‐  Managing  Director,  Sport:80®   “Being  able  to  easily  export  the  data  gained  from  the  EAF  will  be  invaluable  for  us,  we  will  now  be  offering   more  events  to  our  volunteer  base,  and  look  to  build  on  a  group  of  engaged  and  enthusias<c  volunteers  -­‐   something  that  is  not  easily  achieved!  We  feel  the  members  portal  is  also  a  very  unique  and  useful  op<on,   once  we  increase  our  porColio  of  events,  we  would  be  very  interested  in  using  it  to  ensure  our  volunteers  stay   engaged”  Jonny  Turner  -­‐  Director  of  Sales  &  Marke5ng,  Sport:80®     For  more  informa+on  on  how  Get  Scheduled  can  help  your  business,  contact:     Jane  Webber    Tel:  +44  (0)  845  2993459  


A  total  of  222  shi&s  were  scheduled  over  4  days,  with  60  volunteers  deployed  in  a  variety  of  roles  ranging   from  car  park  aFendants  to  compe55on  scoring.      With  only  a  small  administra5on  team,  an  easy  way  to   deliver  informa5on  to  volunteers  was  paramount.      Automa5c  email  and  SMS  alerts  kept  volunteers   informed  of  their  scheduled  shi4s  and  of  any  changes  made.    This  considerably  reduced  the  number  of   phone  calls  and  emails  that  were  required  and  queries  the  team  received.  Emails  and  SMS    could  also  be   sent  on  demand  to  specific  volunteers  when  required.  

Case Study: European Archery Festival 2014