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How to get rid of hives introduction: Is there a cure for chronic idiopathic urticaria? See also: How to get rid of hives Chronic idiopathic urticaria is a term used to correctly identify a chronic skin condition which to many simply looks like the common skin allergy known as hives (urticaria). Hives or urticaria is a condition which most people at some time in their lifetime will experience at least once. A hives outbreak is normally associated with an allergic reaction to a specific or number of stimuli. Although the symptoms of chronic idiopathic urticaria are the same and are noticeable as swollen wheals or rings the actual cause is much different. Chronic idiopathic urticaria is categorised as being chronic if the condition persists for longer than six weeks. However this categorisation is often misleading as many people assume that they must suffer with the condition consistently for the six weeks to be classed as having the chronic type of urticaria. This is a misconception; chronic idiopathic urticaria is classified as such if the suffer experiences repeated urticaria outbreaks over the six week period. This could mean that you may experience an outbreak which then dissipates only to return a few days later. The time in-between bout of urticaria is unimportant, the fact that one may suffer with several intermittent urticaria outbreaks over a six week period is sufficient to be classified as being chronic. So what does chronic idiopathic urticaria (CIU) actually mean?

As discussed above chronic is the classification of the condition attributed to cases of urticaria which have lasted for six week or more (either consistently or intermittently). Idiopathic is a term used to describe a condition which has no known or obvious cause or reason.

Most cases of chronic urticaria are actually ‘chronic idiopathic urticaria’ and CIU treatments do not exist in the traditional sense of the term. So is there a cure for chronic idiopathic urticaria? Well not if speak to a doctor. I hate to say it but speaking from experience there really is little your doctor can do or prescribe as a chronic urticaria treatment. Most of what is available and often misrepresented as being a cure for chronic idiopathic urticaria has only a short term symptomatic effect. The aim of my blog is not to bash or discredit anyone and that includes doctors and specialists. But I have to say, that in my case the help offered to me from skin specialists was poor hence my writing this blog. I will be sharing what worked for me over the coming days and weeks so please stop by and take a look at my new blog. How to get rid of hives

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